5 Best Vinyl Floor Cleaning Machines Reviews

Cleaning a vinyl floor can be a little bit different than cleaning other kinds of solid floors, and yet the process is also very similar. The trick to cleaning a vinyl floor properly is to be able to embrace the similarities and be well aware of the differences.
Possessing a cleaning machine that is similar to the one that you use for your other kinds of floors but that can also be used for vinyl floors is the best way to do this.
While there do not really exist cleaning machines that specialize in vinyl floors, there do exist cleaning machines that make cleaning vinyl floors much easier.

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The following cleaning machines are effective for most floors, but are especially useful when used on vinyl floors.

5 Vinyl Tiles Cleaning Machines

1. “Windtunnel Rewind Plus” bagless corded upright vacuum by Hoover

A common issue with a lot of cleaning machines that can clean vinyl floors is that it can be troublesome to empty out the bag that they come with. Dust and dirt can get stuck to the bag, making it a little less efficient than desired.

Hoover’s Windtunnel Rewind Plus solves this by having a bagless design. The bag is replaced with a plastic type container that is much easier to empty and clean than the bags that are common with multiple floor cleaners.

Something else that makes the Windtunnel Rewind Plus very useful for vinyl floors in particular is the fact that it contains a no-scuff bumper. This is incredibly useful for cleaning around furniture, especially when this furniture is around vinyl type flooring. 

The Windtunnel Rewind Plus’s no-scuff bumper combines very well with the floor settings on the bottom of the vacuum to make sure nothing happens to your vinyl floor when you go over it with the Windtunnel Rewind Plus.

Although it is lightweight and easy to carry, the Windtunnel Rewind Plus is still bound by a cord. This can be a detriment if you are using it on a vinyl floor, because most areas that utilize vinyl floors are very large and are suitable for cordless vacuums.

2. “Floormate” deluxe hard floor cleaner by Hoover

While it is possible to somewhat clean vinyl floors by sweeping or vacuuming and mopping afterwards, sometimes situations call for something that is a little more advanced that can save time. Not to mention that most mops can streak when used on a vinyl floor.

The Floormate by Hoover solves this by functioning not as a vacuum but as a hard floor cleaner. Its spin scrub brushes will do a much better job at cleaning a vinyl floor than sweeping/vacuuming and mopping can accomplish.

Another thing that the Floormate possesses that makes cleaning vinyl floors much easier is the inclusion of a “dry” mode. When you put the Floormate in dry mode after going over the floor in wash mode, it will clean while also suctioning up excess water that may have been used in the other mode.

The Floormate is also useful if you need to clean multiple floors. It only weighs 14 pounds when loaded with cleaning solution, making it easy to carry around.

The only real issue with the Floormate is that it does not have the highest clean water capacity. It can only hold 1.5 quarts of clean water and solution in each of its tanks. While this is fine for smaller areas of vinyl flooring, you’ll need to refill these tanks constantly when cleaning a larger area.

3. “Bona Stone” tile and laminate floor spray mop by Bona

The problem with most vinyl cleaning machines that resemble a vacuum cleaner is that they require power to operate and most are bound by a cord. Whether they are corded or cordless, you’ll need to be concerned with how long the cord is or how much more battery life they have.

And a lot of times, all you really need to clean a vinyl floor is a quality mop that does not streak. In this case, the Bona Stone by Bona is perfect. Being a mop, you will not need to worry about any of the problems that can arise with machine type floor cleaners.

Using the Bona Stone is pretty easy as well. The handle contains a trigger that dispenses your cleaning solution of choice in mist form. It doesn’t dispense too much to where the floor will streak, either. The amount of solution that you can dispense is completely up to you. This is great for cleaning high traffic areas where there are many different spots and stains that need to be cleaned.

There are two issues with the Bona Stone. First, the cartridge that attaches to it can leak if it is overfilled or not attached properly. This can be problematic if you intend to clean a large area with it, as the cartridge can shake, causing these leaks.

Also, the Bona Stone only functions as a mop. If you want something that can both vacuum as well as clean a floor, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

4. “Powerfresh” steam mop, floor steamer and tile cleaner by Bissell

A big issue with floor cleaning machines is that they do not offer a lot of options when it comes to how they clean floors. They often just have one cleaning setting. This is problematic because most floors can be cleaned much more effectively with different cleaning settings.

Utilizing a steam system, Bissell’s Powerfresh mop contains three different steam “levels.” This will give you everything you need to clean your vinyl floor to perfection. These different levels will let you be in complete control over how intensely you need to clean your floor.

Because it uses microfiber scrub pads, you will also not need to worry about your vinyl floor being affected when using the Powerfresh steam mop. And unlike other mops, it will not cause any streaks or anything even on its highest steam setting.

Unlike other vinyl cleaning machines, you will need to purchase separate materials for the Powerfresh steam mop. You’ll need to replace the microfiber scrub pads eventually, and if you intend to use the Powerfresh steam mop regularly, you’ll need scrub pads on hand.

You’ll also want to pay careful attention to the steam levels as well. There can be consistency issues with the steam levels and the highest steam setting can get out of hand at times.

5. “Spinwave” powered hardwood floor mop and cleaner by Bissell

Mopping a floor on its own can be tedious. Even using certain cleaning machines can be inconvenient for a lot of reasons. If you go over your vinyl floor too quickly or with a cleaning machine that has brushes that are too rough, you can risk damaging the very floor you are trying to clean.

The Spinwave by Bissell addresses this in a number of ways. First, it uses a pair of scrubbing pads that are much softer than the brushes that most other cleaning machines use. This means you can use it for longer periods of time without any risk of damaging the floor.

Another feature that makes the Spinwave better than a lot of other floor cleaning machines is that it contains an on-demand type of spray that lets you be in complete control of how much cleaning solution you want to use.

Different than floor cleaners that operate similar to vacuum cleaners, you’ll need to replace the scrub pads on the Spinwave when they start getting dirty. Putting them in a washing machine is an option, but if you have a large area to clean, you’ll probably want to have scrub pads in reserve just in case.

Although the water and solution tank of the Spinwave is easy to remove, refill, and clean, you’ll probably need to refill it a lot if you have a large area to clean. It only has a capacity of 28 ounces, and it will run out very quickly.

How to clean a vinyl floor

Vinyl floors fall into the category of “solid flooring,” but they are not as solid as concrete, tile, hardwood, or even linoleum.

This means you will need to take extra care to not damage the floor while cleaning it.

Vinyl floors are a little more sensitive than their counterparts, and you’ll want to prepare accordingly.

Remove dust and dirt first

The first thing you want to do is remove dust and dirt. You can do this by simply sweeping the floor or you can do this with a vacuum cleaner.

If you use a vacuum cleaner, you should understand that most common vacuum cleaners that are designed for carpets are not really designed for a vinyl floor. The brushes will run against the floor, potentially damaging it.

If you absolutely need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt, use one that is designed for hard flooring.

Should you mop or use a cleaning machine?

Cleaning the floor itself takes place after clearing most of the dirt and dust.

There are also two decisions you need to make here.

First, you can use a mop. While traditional mops can cause streaks to develop, there also exist mops that are specifically designed for hard flooring. If your vinyl floor comprises a small area, you should use a mop.

The second option is to use a cleaning machine that is designed to clean hard flooring. This is ideal when your vinyl floor comprises a very large area.

No matter what you do, give the floor ample time to dry after cleaning it. If you or others walk on it when it is still wet, your footprints will track and it will effectively undo all the cleaning work you did.


Cleaning vinyl floors does not need to be a complicated task.
The only reason why it is considered complicated is because there is a lot of confusion as to how to effectively clean the floor. To add to this, there are a lot of options that can be considered when cleaning a vinyl floor.
The truth is that cleaning a vinyl floor is no different than cleaning any other floor in that there are just a few things that you need to consider when cleaning it.

If you have a good idea of the area the floor covers and know what kind of area your vinyl floor covers. If the area is small enough, a cleaning machine may not be necessary.

There also exist cleaning machines that can not only clean your vinyl floor effectively, but other floors in your home as well.

Keep the ones that were previously covered in mind while you search for a cleaning machine that is right for your vinyl floor.

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