Here’s the List of Free Icons Offered by Linea

Linea Icons :20+ Best Sites for Free Icons

What are line icons?

A line icon is a shape vector outline that consists of fonts designed in CSS. You can use line icons in place of using jpeg or actual images to show what message a developer is passing across. Folders and pictures can be bulky, heavy, and outdated, but you can make your work look more appealing, consume less space and have a sleek modern aesthetic when using icons.

Free Basic Icons

Free Basic Icons
Free Basic Icons (Download Linea Basic)

Download Linea Basic

Free Music Icons

Free Music Icons
Free Icons for Music

Download Linea Music

Free E-Commerce Icons

Free E-Commerce Icons
Free Icons for E-Commerce

Linea E-Commerce

Free Software Icons

Free Software Icons
Free Icons for Software

Linea Software

Free Icons for Basic Elaborations

Version: 1.0

Total: 145 icons

Format: SVG, PNG 64, Iconfont

Free Icons for Basic Elaborations
Free Icons for Basic Elaborations

Linea Elaborations

Free Arrow Icons

Free Arrow Icons
Free Icons for Arrows

Download Linea Arrows

Free Weather Icons

Free Weather Icons
Free Icons for Weather

Linea Weather

Linea Icons :20+ Best Sites for Free Icons

Personalizing the icons of your PC or your website is a fun way to spruce up the appeal. You can use better Icons instead of the regular boring folders. However, you need to know where to find the best icons. Here are several sites where you can safely find beautiful icons.

Where to find free icons

Today, you can find free icons everywhere. Icons are highly advantageous since they help people to understand your communication. Creating icons from scratch consumes a lot of time, so looking for one that is ideal for your needs. We have assembled a list of the best websites to free icons download and reduce your searching stress.

23 Best Sites for Free Icons

Freepick - Link

Freepick free icons

Freepik is among the best infographic software that provides you with a search engine to look for free vector designs. Freepik assures you of designs of the best quality. The designs have graphic resources and exclusive illustrations.

With Freepik, you are assured of a platform that allows you to add content that you can use for either commercial or personal tasks.

Iconmonstr - Link

Iconmonstr free icons

Looking for software that guarantees you icredible resources? Or you want a platform that has thousands of free icons that you can edit if you wish to? iconmonstr is the software that will offer exactly that. iconmonstr is legit software that allows you to access various icons that will surely turn your dream project into a reality.

Icon8 - Link

Icon8 free icons

With Icon 8, you are assured of more than 140,000 icons with the perfect pixels. The icons come in 33 styles. You can select any icon that you prefer from the thousands of options you have. Afterward, you drag and drop it in the designing tool. This website enables you to customize your icon to match your designed preferences.

FlatIcon - Link


With Flight Icon, you are guaranteed a wide catalogue that contains free icons. When you are searching for an icon on this site, you can filter your search. With the filter, you can customize your search to search only the free icons by selecting “free”. You can also look for premium icons by choosing “premium” on the filters. To access premium icons, you should purchase the premium package.

Vecteezy - Link


Vecteezy is among the leading digital imagery providers. Vecteezy was developed by EezyInc, an American company in Bowling Green, KY. This service allows users to license images sourced directly from artists.

Since its launch in 2007, Veteezy has continuously served its users with great and unique icons. You can access improved licensing alternatives and a wider selection of the icons after paying for a premium package.


Download Car Icon Set

This is one of the three icon sets provided by MicroGreenFilter's Car Care Center. this icon set is all about car repair & maintenance. It available in Vector format or JPG. Feel free to get them for your graphic design but don't foget to attribute.

IcoFonts - Link


Since web fonts are on the rise and CSS fonts have become embeddable, it is easier to develop unique websites from scratch.

IcoFonts is among the newest trends. IcoFonts have smaller sizes as compared to images. It is, therefore, easy to scale icon fonts. Icon fonts are clear despite the size of the screen.

Iconstore - Link


Icon store provides free SVG icons that highly skilled designers developed. You can use these vectors for commercial purposes.

The goal of Iconstore is to offer objective and simple solutions when looking for a new service that will boost your business.

IconArchive - Link

IconArchive is one of the favourite icon sources. Icon Archive has more than 600,000 icons. Most of these icons are irresistible; furthermore, you can use them for commercial business without spending any money.

The site also has different icons in different categories. The same category has icons that have the same style.

Print some Fonts? Don’t worry. Just download from here and print with your printer.

Iconmoon - Link


This icon library from Digilabs Pro has nothing but the very best icons you can ever find out there. All the icons in this library have been made on a special pixel grid. With Icon moon, you can build your icon packs in different formats like PDF, CSH, SVG, Polymer, XAML, or using the PNG/CSS sprites.

With this site, you can also change icon positions, design TTF fonts, and customize ligatures.

Boxicons - Link


Boxicons provides vector icons carefully crafted for developers and designers to use in their projects. With Boxicons, you do not need to attribute the original creator of the icon like it’s the case with some of the other sites. Boxicons is unique since it is able to use official Google Material Design guidelines. You can find different types of icons there for your food & kitchen project.

Swifticons - Link


Swiftcons is a noteworthy icon library that provides 24 categories of icons that come in 6 styles. Swifticons includes a total of 268 stylish icons giving you a variety of options. Although its total number of icons is low compared to other icon libraries, you are guaranteed to find unique icons on this site.

StreamlineIcon - Link


Streamline is home to more than 30,000 icons. Streamline encompasses more than ten thousand five hundred icons that come in 3 categories of weights. The icons are under 53 categories. The categories are further split into 720 different sub-categories.

The organization that this icon library has enables you to refine your search more easily to find your ideal icon faster. Learn more how to make digital icons like these.

Iconscout - Link


At iconcscout, you will find a wide array of styles to choose from. The styles vary from flat to solid, hand-drawn lines and colored outlines. The icons incorporated in this platform are great for mobile apps, landing pages, brochures, graphic designing projects, and posters, to mention a few.

Motor Bike icons are available in Line, Flat, Solid, Colored outline, and other styles here.

The above icon is taken from the site:

The icons are available in Bases 64, AI, SVG, and PNG formats, and they are all royalty-free.

Behance - Link

Behance is a platform that offers well-organized and well-established icons. Behance has sophisticated icons where you can access countless icon varieties at only $9.99 per month. However, you can also add a portfolio for free to access some icons, although this way, you will access fewer icons and designs.

Behance started as a scrapbook but developed to incorporate creative tools and job listings. On this platform, you can showcase your photography, fashion, illustrations and more portfolio.

Dribble - Link

Dribble is a showcasing platform for designers. Here designers can display their work. It is also an interactive platform where the showcased work can get constructive criticism.

You cannot use the designs posted on this site for either commercial or personal projects unless the creator of the icon deems otherwise. Behance offers you tips on how to do a great project aside from simply showcasing your work.

Iconfinder - Link

The team that owns Iconfinder is in Copenhagen, Denmark. Iconfinder houses more than 4.2 million icons. The site also has more than 25000 icon sets that you can select from.

This icon library continues to achieve new milestones since the owners keep adding more ions from time to time. You have more than 59 categories to search from; therefore, you can find right about everything that you are looking for.

Graphicburger - Link

Spoil yourself with an amazing collection of icons of different patterns and use them whenever you have any upcoming projects.

The downloadable icons have the list of icons used in making them, five pattern tiles for illustrator, and some wallpapers you can use on your desktop or phone.

Dryicons - Link

Dry icon has a broad number of themes, offering you a wide array of choices. However, you can easily narrow down your preferences while searching for accessing your ideal theme.

While browsing through this icon finder, be sure to go for icons under a free or extended licensing agreement.

Fontello - Link

Incorporating Fontello in your project will see to it that the weight of your page reduces drastically. When you use Font Awesome version 4.7, the browser’s font file will be about 75kb. However, Fontello will give you a font file with only 10kb.

When you need to load multiple font files, you do not need to load different icons for each Font because that will add a lot of weight to your work. You can instead use Fontello to combine multiple icons in one file.

Tilda - Link

With the Tilda icon, be sure that you will save money by using free icons instead of purchasing icons from illustrators. The icons in Tilda have a uniform flat design, and you can easily modify them.

When creating a website, it is great to use icons with the same design to achieve a more appealing look. So, with Tilda, you will make cool and awesome projects.

Lineicons - Link


Lineicons is a platform that provides more than 2000 line icons for use by developers and designers. The icons have been organized into more than 20 different categories. The categories are further split into two major weights.

Looking for slick design, different variations, and highly legible icons, you should try Lineicons, and you will love it. - Link

Simple icons carry more than 1500 free SVG icons. These icons are mainly used for popular brands. To make any corrections on Simpleicons, you can visit GitHub and add any contributions, corrections. From GitHub, you can also make any corrections.

You can download icons in SVG format directly from your website. To do so, you should click on the icon of your choice, and the download will kick off automatically.

Feathericons - Link


Feather offers a collection of beautiful open source icons. The icons are on a 24 by 24 grid. The icons on this site are famous for simplicity, flexibility, and consistency. Feather has an MIT license, and it has SVG icons; therefore, you can use Feather icons the same way you use SVG. Feather is a collection of simply beautiful open-source icons. Each icon is designed on a 24×24 grid with an emphasis on simplicity, consistency, and flexibility.

How to use icons

  • Pick an ideal icon font.
  • Go to the desired site and load up the font.
  • Select the icons you prefer.
  • Customize the icons if you wish to
  • Map the icons on the characters of your choice.
  • Download the demo.


Like emojis and ancient hieroglyphics, Icons provide a means for effective communication without having to use too many words. Reducing words is paramount, especially in the current world of short attention spans.

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