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In recent times, technology has evolved. Many inventions have come to solve various problems. Fire is dangerous and can cause severe destruction. However, with a combustion analyzer, you can know the hue, temperature, and amount of gas leaked from the combustion.

Therefore, having the best combustion analyzer is an ideal choice for you. It will be able to read the measurements, allowing you to act accordingly accurately. Please do not take any chance as anything wrong can happen if the readings are not correct.

What is a combustion Analyzer?

What is a combustion Analyzer?
What is a combustion Analyzer?

The device is used to quantify and interpret gas levels, flue pressure, and stack temperature. The machine can also measure other parameters such as carbon monoxide, oxygen, surplus air, draft, combustion efficiency, and inlet temperature. The readings obtained are used to assess the efficiency of different furnaces, heaters, and boilers.

7 Best Combustion Analyzer Review

The main objective of having a combustion analyzer is to ensure high combustion efficiency is maintained. It helps to optimize fuel consumption and save energy. It is used in residential, commercial, industrial, and any other place where detection levels are needed.

There are many types of combustion analyzers in the market. We have provided you with the best combustion analyzer that will give you the most accurate readings.

1. Testo 310 I Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit I Flue Gas Detector

Testo 310 I Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit I Flue Gas Detector Set For Heating Systems
Testo 310 I Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit I Flue Gas Detector Set For Heating Systems

It is the best flue gas tester that makes your safety checks and residential combustion tuning complete. The unit will also make it easy to install a new combustion unit. The testo combustion analyzer offers the high flexibility you require for various applications such as water heater checks, boiler tuning, and furnace efficiency. It can detect multiple fuel types, including propane, natural gas, wood 20%, biomass 5%, and fuel oil 2. The analyzer allows you to test oxygen, carbon dioxide, undiluted CO, ambient CO, pressure, draft, temperature, and combustion efficiency.

Testo 310 has a kink-resistant hose integrated into the rugged housing to help eliminate leaks. It is equipped with a quick-start, magnet, and backlit display that allows hands-free reading. The condensate trap enables easy and fast emptying. The unit has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that lasts up to ten hours of continuous use.

Key Features:

  • Small, compact, and leakproof : The combustion analyzer kit comes with a kink-resistant hose to ensure no leakage and a condensate trap to aiding discharging the accumulated water. The small and compact design makes it portable.
  • The model features a backlit display to enhance easy viewing. The two lines on the screen make the numbers appear in an organized manner for you to understand what they mean.
  • The combustion analyzer kit has logic analyzers : Another good thing is the logic analyzers which calculate and figure the meaning of different numbers.
  • It also has a hand-free feature to allow you to stick the unit and the wires to any magnetic surface and take the readings comfortably. A flat surface also ensures the analyzer doesn't shake while using it.


  • Hands-free readings
  • It is durable
  • Easy to operate


  • Not durable as advertised

2. Testo 300 I Residential and Commercial Combustion Analyzer Kit

Testo 300 I Residential And Commercial Combustion Analyzer Kit With Optional Bluetooth Printer I CO Meter For Flue Gas, Draft, Differential Pressure And Ambient CO Levels Of Heating Systems
Testo 300 I Residential And Commercial Combustion Analyzer Kit With Optional Bluetooth Printer I CO Meter For Flue Gas, Draft, Differential Pressure And Ambient CO Levels Of Heating Systems

The analyzer provides reliable carbon dioxide measurements, oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, draft, temperature, flue gas, and differential heating systems pressure. It offers consistent and dependable performance, thanks to the rugged housing and high-quality detectors. The large HD display with a smart touch provides an incredible intuitive operation. The combustion analyzer allows you to start measuring right away with a touch of the button. Testo 300 is ideal for contractors and job sites who want to get more testing and tuning various furnaces, heaters, and boilers.

The unit allows you to view data and reports sent through email. It has extra-strong magnets integrated into the rugged housing to enable hands-free operation. The automatic sensor protection ensures that the detector gives you a long service life. You can use the accessories and probes to measure gas pipe testing, gas flow pressure measurement, ambient CO measurement, and differential temperature.

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Key Features:

  • Smart touch HD display : The display allows you to get all the system's measurements to result faster or navigate through the measurement menus.
  • Fast 30-second start-up : The model is ready to measure by pressing a button. You can use it straight away to get testing quickly because of no need for warming up.
  • Hand-free operation: The extra strong magnet is integrated into the rugged housing to allow you to get to hard-to-reach areas and ensure a safe measuring process.
  • Additional accessories: The kit comes with O2 and CO sensors (4,000pm) calibration certificate, USB, soft case, probe & hose, easyHeat software and extra spare part dirt filter 10 off.


  • Easy application
  • It is durable as it can last up to six years
  • A 10-hour rechargeable battery life
  • Integrated fine pressure
  • A very responsive smart-touch display
  • It has versatile probes
  • Emailing of reports


  • It is expensive

3. Fieldpiece SOX3 Combustion Check New with Hard Case

Fieldpiece SOX3 Combustion Check New With Hard Case
Fieldpiece SOX3 Combustion Check New With Hard Case

It is a great tool to tune furnaces easily when you don't need a complete combustion analysis. The device is designed for HVACR pros since it offers all essential measurements required to adjust different combustion equipment. It measures and calculates flue temperature, excess air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and combustion efficiency. The unit offers various tuning jobs, from field-replaceable oxygen sensors to custom fuels.

The automatic electric pump with a pause allows you to stop the pump water anytime to preserve battery life. You will determine the furnace's health easily as it quickly measures, calculates, and displays the measurements on the screen. Fieldpiece SOX3 is equipped with a strong magnet on the back to help hold the unit solidly on the flue side. You can use the custom fuels and program the device such that it can test any fuel type. You can trust the unit to quantify any furnace tuning job.

Key Features:

  • A beginner-friendly analyzing unit: This model is easy to understand and affordable compared to other kits. The combustion analyzer is also a great low maintenance model and comes equipped with necessary attachments.
  • Digital monitor: With the touch screen, you can measure the O2, CO2, and other gas levels even if they do not run complete analyses. The screen at the front will quickly show the results in a readable manner.
  • Fine-tuning combustion tools require only a cable and a long sensor that comes with the kit to run the tests. Plus, the long sensor will help you in fine-tuning combustion tools.


  • Hands-free testing
  • Custom fuels
  • Automatic electric pump with pause
  • Field-replaceable oxygen sensors
  • Saves battery life


  • It does not measure monoxide

4. Bacharach Fyrite InTech 0024-8523 Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit

Bacharach Fyrite InTech 0024-8523 Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit With O2 Sensor, CO Sensor, Probe, 4 AA Batteries, Rubber Boot And Hard-Carry Case
Bacharach Fyrite InTech 0024-8523 Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit With O2 Sensor, CO Sensor, Probe, 4 AA Batteries, Rubber Boot And Hard-Carry Case

The kit is one of the best residential combustion analyzers that gives a fast and accurate measurement of carbon monoxide, oxygen, ambient temperature, and stack temperature. It calculates the combustion appliances and residential furnaces' efficiency by quantifying the oxygen level percent and the fuel gas stream's stack temperature. The decreases service call times by giving reliable, electronic test readings immediately through push-button operation and six choosable fuel types.

Bacharach combustion analyzer has a high-contrast LCD graphic display with backlighting that allows you to read the results anytime in any environment. You can output the unit through an optional wireless printer and reporting kit. The Smart Sensor technology allows easy, in-the-field pre-calibrated sensor substitution, which reduces the device downtime and offers a low cost of ownership.

Key Features:

  • Accurate operation: The analyzer comes with a high contrast LCD with a backlight to enable you to see the results well. Plus, the push button and selectable fuel types menu guarantee you that you have keyed the appropriate key.
  • It comes equipped with internal memory: The product has an internal memory that can store about 10 complete records and be downloaded or printed out with a printer.
  • Ergonomic design : the Bacharach 0024-8523 combustion analyzer is lightweight and can easily fit the palm. Its ergonomic design makes it portable and convenient for storage.
  • The produc t uses B-Smart sensor technology to eliminate the need to send your model in for calibrations in case of in-field pre-calibrated sensor replacements, hence reducing unit downtime and lowering the cost of ownership.


  • Easy to read
  • The device is durable, thanks to the rugged, dependable, handheld unit.
  • It has an internal data storage of up to ten complete records
  • Low-cost combustion analyzer
  • It comes with a hard-carry case


  • The oil burner performance is not pleasant

5. Residential Combustion Analyzer by Forensics

Basic Combustion Analyzer By Forensics | Flue Gas Analyzer | CO And O2 Sensor | COAF & EA | Water Trap, Particle And NOx Filters | USB Recharge | USA NIST Calibration |
Basic Combustion Analyzer By Forensics | Flue Gas Analyzer | CO And O2 Sensor | COAF & EA | Water Trap, Particle And NOx Filters | USB Recharge | USA NIST Calibration |

You are planning to buy a combustion analyzer that is not tough to work with? Forensics came out with a well-rounded kit with the essentials you would need for analyzing tests in your house. Interestingly, anyone can use the set to come with a digital reader, long antenna, and easy plugging. Besides, the model is made from sturdy and waterproof material, making it last longer.

Moreover, the combustion analyzer kit is equipped with features to allow you to get a complete analysis. Furthermore, you can use it to measure Carbon dioxide and Oxygen levels. Plus, the touch screen helps you to calculate various numbers for a complete report. Thanks to the particle and NOx filters, which help minimize calculation errors and work for air with humidity, it is equipped with a trapping system.

Key Features:

  • It is constructed from sturdy design : The model is made of ABS and Anti-slip grip rubber, waterproof, dust-proof, and explosion-proof. Besides, it comes with a magnet mounting the unit. It is ideal for analyzing samples in contaminated areas.
  • Sensors : The analyzer is designed with O2 and CO sensors to calculate CO air free and excess air. It has zero and span calibration options to allow you complete control.
  • Additional accessories: The combustion analyzer is equipped with a water trap, particle and NOx filters, minimizing calculation errors. It also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • It is equipped with sensors
  • It comes integrated with a strong magnet
  • The analyzer has a robust design
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Additional accessories including quality water trap, particle, and NOx filters.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • It doesn't display CO2
  • Not accurate as stated

6. Testo 310 Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit with Printer

Testo - 0563 3110 01 310 Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit With Printer
Testo - 0563 3110 01 310 Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit With Printer

The device is one of the best gas analyzer out there. Make your safety checks and residential combustion tuning complete with this combustion analyzer. The unit features a simple design, advanced sensor technology, and rugged housing. Have an all-day operation, thanks to the 10-hour rechargeable battery. The five fuel types offer various applications like boiler tuning, assessing furnace efficiency, and heater checks. Furthermore, it takes only 30 seconds to test Testo 310 Residential Combustion Analyzer.

The wireless printer allows you to print all professional documents on the job site. It has powerful magnets on the rugged housing that enable hands-free operation. The kink-resistant hose helps to prevent leakages. It measures oxygen, carbon dioxide, undiluted CO, ambient CO, excess air, pressure, draft, temperature, and combustion efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Wireless printer : the combustion analyzer comes with a wireless printer with integrated magnets. This feature provides convenience for you to complete all documentation right on site.
  • It is designed with a kink-resistant house : It has a kink-resistant hose integrated into the rugged housing to prevent leakage, leading to calculation errors.
  • The model is ready for use after 30 seconds. The 5-line display shows more measurements to give accurate results, while the rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows you to operate all day.


  • It has a fast start-up
  • Easy to operate
  • The unit is durable
  • It comes with a wireless printer
  • A long-lasting battery


  • The device is expensive

7. Uei C161 Residential Combustion Analyzer

Combustion Analyzer,Residential,LCD
Combustion Analyzer,Residential,LCD

The fantastic combustion analyzer is equipped with EOS technology that helps eliminate the HVAC hassle, downtime, and cost of CO sensor replacement. It accurately measures carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ambient, and flue temperature. The unit efficiently calculates oxygen, excess air, carbon dioxide, differential temperature, and carbon dioxide ratio. It has a 6-line display that enables you to see all the results on the screen.

The NOx filter helps to give better accuracy to avoid cross-contamination. You will be alerted when the water gets full, thanks to the water trap indication. It is equipped with a high altitude compensation that automatically requires results for altitude. The eight programmed fuels help to improve the functionality and performance of the device for a service technician. The rubber boot with built-in magnets allows hands-free running tests. Results are sent to an optional thermal infrared printer or kept in one of the thirty memory places.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and portable design: The C161 model is lightweight and portable for ease of use and convenience. You enjoy working with it out in the field.
  • It is equipped with a long-lasting CO sensor : working with this analyzer is easy since you don't need to worry about repairing it. Plus, the ownership costs are cut down to a minimum.
  • Additional accessories : the residential combustion analyzer comes with AA rechargeable batteries, cone and hose, USB charging cable, flue probe, hard carrying case, and 1-year warranty


  • It comes with a USB charging cable and hard carrying case
  • A quick start guide
  • A long-lasting 3AA rechargeable battery
  • It is durable
  • The unit has a thermal infrared printer


  • Any contact between O2 sensors and flue gases leads to sensors' wear down, forcing you to replace them.

How to use a combustion analyzer

Though using a combustion analyzer may seem more straightforward, it can be challenging if you are n't familiar with it. Here are steps to follow when using a combustion analyzer;

Step 1: First, start the combustion analyzer with fresh air. Press the power button until it is on.

Step 2: Insert the probe into the gas stream for about 2 minutes or until the testing machine locks the reading.

Step 3: Check the reading on the screen. If you find incomplete information, you can use the navigation button to see other information, including Carbon monoxide, efficiency, nitrogen, excess air, oxygen, pressure, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and draft pressure.

Step 4: Take off the sample line and wait until the oxygen readings increase up to 20.0% and other readings decrease to 15 ppm for you to turn off the combustion analyzer.

Factor to Consider when Purchasing Combustion Analyzer

Before buying a combustion analyzer, you need to keep in mind these factors. They include;

Gas Detection

You need to choose a combustion analyzer that can detect more than one type of gas. They also show the level of excess air present so you can adjust other tools. For better analysis, ensure you purchase a unit that can detect different gas compounds.

Interchangeable batteries

Unlike the older units, which used either lithium-ion or disposable batteries, the modern ones can run on both types of batteries. You just need to replace it with a disposable AA battery and resume working immediately.

Magnetic Boot

The modern units are equipped with magnetic boots to allow you to connect to the analyzer to the back of the boiler. It means you will not need to hold it manually hence making your work easy, and you can do other jobs while testing.

Hose and probe connections

A combustion analyzer like Testo 310 comes with an integrated hose and probe that you can connect in a second. The cord acts as a larger modular plug making your task easier.

USB features

Some combustion analyzers come with USB features for easy connectivity, while others have Wi-Fi connectivity options. Interestingly, some products are also compatible with printers and print the results on the screen.

Touch screen

The modern combustion analyzers come equipped with an LCD touch screen display, making you understand the results quickly. Plus, you can read effortlessly and efficiently at a distance of 4 feet. You also customize the data.


You should also consider combustion analyzers with sensors as they enable you to access hard-to-reach areas without sticking your hand too far. You will even realize some units are equipped with a magnetic back to allow you to go hand-free.


Consider a unit with a screen or button board to give you precise readings. If you choose a model with many numbers, it will be a challenge to calculate to get the correct answer.

Analyzer calibrations

With the new models, all you need is to tap in a sensor, and the analyzer will give you the calibration code. The calibration process is faster and helps you get accurate results.


How do you use a combustion analyzer?

A combustion analyzer is a technical device, and its usage depends on the specific model. Therefore, it is not possible to use a similar technique to operate all brands of combustion analyzers. The following are some of the tips you can apply to use the device:

Familiarize yourself with all the buttons under the display. Check out the primary keys like backlight keys, start key, scroll buttons, and stop key. Each brand comes with instructions; ensure you read them carefully to know the function of these buttons.

Set the device according to your locality. The unit will ask you various questions such as your location codes, time, date, and anything associated with the place you live.

Set the units for multiple readings such as pressure, temperature, and oxygen. After these settings, the device will be ready for use. In case your analyzer comes with probing devices or sensors, ensure you choose that mode on the device to enable its functioning.

While measuring, ensure you are somewhere outside so that you can get as near a zero count. Failure to do so, your gadget will not reset appropriately for new analysis, hence inaccurate results.

How do you use a Testo 310 combustion analyzer?

To use the Testo 310 combustion analyzer, you need to charge the battery first and then connect the device to the main socket. Switch the device on and do all the necessary settings such as time, date, and temperature unit. Then set the configuration menu that enables you to make basic settings about the measurements.

You have to select the area version to activate various measurement parameters and calculation formulas. From there, you are good to go. Follow the instructions to measure different parameters such as differential pressure, draught, ambient CO, flue gas, air temperature, among others.

How do you measure combustion efficiency?

Combustion efficiency involves the measurement of how your device burns a particular fuel. It is usually expressed in percentage form. It is essential to note that 100% combustion efficiency is hard to attain. All fuels have combustion efficiencies starting from 0% to 95+%. When calculating the combustion efficiency, three factors are considered. These are:

The fuel chemistry

The stack gases' net temperature

The oxygen or carbon dioxide's percentage by volume after burning

If you find out that your device is losing a heat content of 15% of the fuel via stack losses, then your device is operating at 85% efficiency.

When calculating combustion efficiency, measure both carbon dioxide and oxygen concentration together with temperature. The device does all calculations and measurements. All you need to do is type determine combustion efficiency, and the results will be displayed on the screen.

Why is excess air needed for combustion?

Excess air is required for combustion since it helps to increase oxygen levels to the combustion fuel. This helps to increase combustion efficiency. As a result, more efficient combustion is achieved as the excess air is more than the heat loss.

How do I toggle between the numbers on display to change the result?

Your gadget has arrow buttons that help you to scroll between numbers. However, this is possible if your display is a touch-screen.

Final Verdict

Getting the best combustion analyzer is not easy because they are flooded in the market. It is through better guidance and consultation you get the product that meets your requirements. The above are some of the best analyzers.

According to the top combustion analyzer review, if you don't use the flue gas analyser frequently and you are short of money, the Testo 310 is an ideal choice for you. When you get a suitable device, ensure you maintain it properly to increase its service life. Also, it is essential to recalibrate your combustion analyzer between 6 months to one year to maintain accurate readings.

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