How to Vacuum a Carpet & Rug

by Liz Gonzales

Clean carpets and rugs both are essential for the appearance and people's health who live in the house. So it's important to keep clean these things to ensure you live in a hygienic environment.

The vacuum cleaner is the most common device that is used to clean carpets, rugs, upholstery, and overall the home. But the thing is most people get confused that which one is the best and how to choose. It's quite normal as a variety of vacuum cleaners out there!

If you have a huge amount of carpeted and rugs rooms then it's better to go with a vacuum cleaner which is specially made to match these things, but don't know which factor should consider then this article is only for your concern. Hope you get benefited and worth your money too!

Here we explain some crucial factors that you should know before you buy a vacuum cleaner for the carpets and rugs.

Let's delve into the discussion.

How to Vacuum a Carpet & Rug
How to Vacuum a Carpet & Rug

Type of Vacuums Best for Cleaning both Carpets and Rugs

Best Vacuums For Cleaning Both Carpets And Rugs
Best Vacuums For Cleaning Both Carpets And Rugs

Pick up the right types

Generally, mass-market has different types of vacuum cleaner which made to clean the home and office. So, the first and most important factor is you have to consider the right type of vacuum cleaner which you want to prefer most.

By the way, from the research and review, we found that upright vacuum cleaners are very common in the deep cleaning of carpets and rugs. These are not much pricy, simple to maneuver, and easy to store.

Else you can go with the robot vacuum cleaner which is good for carpets and rugs and also effective for pet hair. If you have a busy lifestyle then it would be your best friend to keep clean dust, hair, and other messes of your home. This vacuum comes with a smartphone so that you can run it even you're not at the home.

Suction and performance

Surely you have to aware of the suction and performance of the vacuum cleaner because for some reason.

Firstly, carpets and rugs pile has prone to attract dust particle more than other things. Secondly, carpet and rug piles are much thicker and longer to hide and hold the pollen, hair, and dust particle.

That's why to give a deep clean, make sure you purchase a vacuum cleaner that has featured strong suction and great performance.

Remember one thing, suction power is not the same as its power usage (motor). A lower amp motor may have good suction than a higher amp. It's all about how efficiently the vacuum cleaner is designed.

More clearly, watts and amp tell you how much electric power the vacuum cleaner motors use. The suction power relies on the airflow and water lift. For example, on canister vacuum cleaners airflow of 100 CFM or more is good to vacuum carpet and rugs.

Quality of Filtration

Filtration is a crucial factor that you should keep your mind when you buy a vacuum cleaner.

If you overlooked it then your purchased vacuum cleaner may not able to catch fine dust particles. Without high levels of filtration, there is a chance to come back of fine particles into the room air and settle down as dust.

Most of the quality vacuum cleaner has a good filtration system that can filter the air the leaves the device. But in case of asthma, allergic problem, or any other health disease that is caused by fine particles in the indoor air, a high filtration or HEPA filtration is a must.

HEPA is ensured high purification technology of air that can catch almost 99.9% of dust particles. Particles suspended in the air, not only ones your home. There are a lot of finding in rugs, carpets, bedding, and drapes. So try to go with a HEPA vacuum cleaner as rugs and carpets are the most favorite area for the dust particle.

Ergonomic use

A vacuum cleaner is like a family member as it has a great effort to keep your home dust-free. It may use twice a day or once a week. So no matter how great a vacuum cleaner if it's not ergonomic to use.

The weight of the device, wheels or rollers (upright model), handle construction, cords length, cordless and maneuverability are all together have to yield the decision for either a vacuum cleaner uses easy or not.

A vacuum cleaner's weight is about 20-40 pounds. So if your current vacuum is bulkier and makes fatigue then the good idea is to pick a lightweight device. Consider ergonomic use to get a feel good in your hand and not be fatiguing to use.

Overall, before you pick the new device find out which features you face troubles with the old device and ensure these problems are not in your new one.


If your home is decorated with one type of carpet, that's one thing, but if you have multiple types of carpets and rugs( low or high pile, different fabric ), you need a vacuum cleaner that boasts of versatility.

Besides if you have pets then you have to notice, does the vacuum has a brush roll to pick up the pet hair from the carpet and rugs. All we know dealing with pet hair is not easy at all. Check out some of the hand vacuums for cleaning pet hair

Frankly speaking, longer carpet and rugs fiber often get stuck in the roller brush of some vacuum cleaners. But if it comes with height adjustment then everything gets easier.

Versatility added efficiency to use and offer adjustment to the different purposes like matching of the suction power speed for a particular task. Some offer handheld and upright vacuum cleaners for making your task convenient.

Quality and stability

Quality means a lot for a vacuum cleaner as well as every product. This factor ensures will determine whether your vacuum cleaner will be changed in a year or two years or will go for many years and even decades.

Don't forget to check out the quality of the construction if you want a long lifespan vacuum cleaner. Consider solid materials, not the flimsy or brittle appearing components. Also, consider a vacuum cleaner that has a well fit and finish without roughness.

The seals must be heavy-duty and components that open and close should do so with a better hand feel.

Usually, on the market, low-cost products are not featured for long term use. If you notice then you can see the expensive products are specialized with high quality and ensure the stability of the device.

Else, most of the time quality products ensure a good service. So don't skip to look at the warranty of the device, especially on the motor.

The capacity of the dust bag

Best Type Of Vacuum
Best Type Of Vacuum

The capacity of the vacuum cleaner relies on the size of the dust bag or cup. Else it indicates better filtration and quality cleaning.

If your living space is larger or you have children or pets it means you have to clean up the larger mess; then you should look for a bigger capacity of the dust bag.

A bigger dust bag then you need less cleaning or changing. Also, it will save your time as you won't have to empty or clean soon the collected dust from a bagged or bagless one. In that way, you don't require much maintenance of the device which a hassle for everyone.

Remember suction capacity is depends on the capacity of the dust container. The more dust and debris gathered inside the container, the slower the suction of air. So don't let it full to keep it well managed.


If your apartment is small; must be a larger size of vacuum cleaner is not suitable. You consider a slim, handy, and compactable vacuum cleaner that is easy to storage.

On the other side for a larger home, there have enough space to store, then you can purchase a bigger vacuum cleaner.

So think about storage capacity before having a new one and think will it fit your storeroom or not, after all, it's a smart way to overcome the trouble; otherwise if you don't think then it will bring hassle for you if you don't have enough space to store it.


You may think why attachments are needed in the case of carpets and rugs. Then let me tell you one thing attachments improves your vacuum cleaner performance and usability. Also, attachments offer you to pick dust and fine dust from every nook and cranny, upholstery, carpeted stairs, ceiling area, and many more.

Plenty of the vacuum cleaner comes with the attachments that cover most of the places of your home. Also, there is some individual task that needs special tools to pick up dust particles.

For instance, there is some area of carpet that is covered with furniture and upholstery. In such areas, you need a crevice tool as it's flexible and it can be made to reach hard areas ( like the corner, behind or below the appliances). A quality vacuum offers a standard crevice tool that has a longer nozzle to pick up hidden dust.

Also, the mini-turbo brush is an essential attachment that can pick up pet hair from the carpet and rugs.

So it's been clear to you how important is the attachments for vacuuming.

Corded or cordless

It's everyone's individual choice that either they go with the corded or cordless. Because each of the features has a different advantage. All you need to know which one is better for you.

If you have enough plugins in every room and you want a continuous supply of power then you can pick a corded vacuum cleaner. But if you have to vacuum on stairs or outside and you don't have the switch in every place then cordless is the idle choice for you.

Cordless comes with the battery and offers you any place to vacuum whereas corded gives you much power and longtime usability.


Another thing you should consider is the noise level of the vacuum cleaner. If you overlook the loudness then you may be disappointed with the performance of its.

So before you buy don't forget to check the noise level of the vacuum cleaner. Noise levels can measure in decibel. For upright or canister, the ideal noise level is 75- 77 decibels.

However, if you want a noiseless device then you can go with the ones operating below 66 decibels. The device with the 80 decibels is seemed to be loud and cause harm to the ear.

Another thing is the different modes has different loud level. A low setting produces less noise whereas high speed is the cause of much noise.

Final word

Lastly, we want to say that don't pick up any vacuum cleaner randomly as it ruins your money and valuable time. Before you purchase check the reviews and other guidelines to get sufficient knowledge about the product. Thus you will get your desired device.

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