Best Laminate Floor Cleaning Machine Reviews

Most get very intimidated at the thought of cleaning a laminate floor.

They believe that cleaning a laminate floor is so different from cleaning other hard flooring that it requires a completely different process or operation than cleaning other kinds of floors.

While this is not entirely wrong, cleaning a laminate floor is not nearly as complicated as what is led on.

If you have the right equipment and do the right things, cleaning a laminate floor is just as easy as cleaning any other floor.

Top Picks : 5 Best Laminate Floor Cleaning Machine

The following pieces of equipment will ensure that you have a much easier time cleaning a laminate floor.

9 Featured Laminate Cleaning Machines and Mops

#1 “Spinwave” hardwood floor mop and cleaner by Bissell

Cleaning machines that can also vacuum floors are typically too powerful and can often scratch floors. And using a mop to clean laminate floors can be time consuming. It’s very rare to find a cleaning machine that can quickly clean floors as well as not negatively affect any floors.

The Spinwave by Bissell solves these issues by containing two spinning mop pads on the end of the mop. These pads oscillate, which makes cleaning a laminate floor effortless. These mops are designed for the fragile surface of a laminate floor as well, making cleaning a laminate floor much safer for the floor than other cleaning machines.

You will not need a bucket of cleaning solution for the Spinwave, either. It contains a spray trigger at the handle that lets you decide how much cleaning solution needs to be dispensed before cleaning. This makes cleaning a small area laminate floor much faster than using a traditional mop.

If you are looking for a floor cleaner for a large area laminate floor, you might want to look to other cleaning machines, however. You’ll need to replace or wash the spin pads and refill the solution tank a lot if you are cleaning a large area with it.

#2 “Braava” advanced wet mopping and dry sweeping robot by iRobot

Are you tired of physically using a mop or cleaning machine to clean your laminate floor?

Do you not have the time to clean your laminate floor?

If your answers to these questions is “yes,” then you’ll want to pay attention to what iRobot’s Braava cleaning robot can do.

Being completely programmable and automated, the Braava has changed how floors are cleaned. And it doesn’t just go over your laminate floor just once; it uses something called a “pro-clean” system which passes through the area you want it to clean three times to ensure that your floor is cleaned to perfection.

Mops and cleaning machines have a tough time getting under furniture and getting around objects. None of this is an issue with the Braava. Its design is so compact that it can fit under anything.

The only real issue with the Braava is that unlike other cleaning machines of its kind, it can only be operated manually. It does not utilize an app on your smartphone like others of its kind do.

Another issue has to do with the cleaning pads the Braava uses. While it is compatible with almost any pad, it can wear these pads out because of how intense the Braava cleans its floors.

#3 Floor steam mop with automatic steam control by Light n’ Easy

The majority of mops and cleaning machines tend to have a tough time cleaning underneath furniture or cleaning around corners. It can take a lot of time to do this with common mops and cleaning machines.

Light n’ Easy’s steam mop makes this much easier with its design. Resembling a stick design with a square head, you’ll be able to clean underneath furniture and clean corners much easier with it. This is especially useful for laminate floors, which can get very dirty around the corners.

Another thing that Light n’ Easy’s steam mop does very well is accomplish perfect steam release controls. Most other steam mops do not let you control how much steam gets released when using it. Light n’ Easy’s steam mop contains a sensor that releases more steam the faster you push it, putting you in complete control of how much steam comes out.

Expect a bit of trouble if you intend to use Light n’ Easy’s steam mop for longer cleaning sessions. You refill the steam solution by pouring the solution into the bottom, where it needs to heat up a little bit before going back to your cleaning session. This, combined with the fact that it runs out of steam solution pretty quickly might give you trouble during longer cleaning sessions.

#4 “Bona Stone” tile and laminate spray mop by Bona

One of the biggest inconveniences that anybody faces when cleaning laminate floors are cords. Cords can get in the way of cleaning almost any floor, and it can get particularly inconvenient when you need to get into corners and underneath furniture.

This is true for both cleaning machines as well as a good amount of floor mops. Fortunately, the Bona Stone from Bona does not share this issue. Being completely cordless as well as having a very flexible head, it is perfect for cleaning floors that contain a lot of furniture, tough corners, and other things that most other mops and machines struggle to clean around.

The cordless feature of the Bona Stone also means that you can literally take it anywhere and clean all around any room without any worrying about the mop reaching certain areas. You’ll be able to literally clean an entire room in one sitting with the Bona Stone no matter how large the room is.

All of this convenience comes at a couple of prices. The first thing that is sacrificed is power. Cleaning machines are very good at removing even the deepest stains on any hard surface floor. The Bona Stone is not this powerful, and it will take more time to clean a floor with it.

Because the Bona Stone is very light and easy to carry around, it is also prone to having some of its components fall apart. This is especially true when it comes to the tank that holds the water and cleaning solution. If it is too full and if you go over the floor too fast, there is a good chance that this tank will fall off or leak.

#5 Hardwood dust microfiber floor mop with 4 reusable pads by Happinex

Cleaning machines and mops that dispense all kinds of cleaning solution can be pretty complicated to use, and if all you really want to do is clean a small area of laminate floor, you will not find too much use for such contraptions.

If you want something that is simple but can still do a very good job of cleaning a laminate floor, you’ll want Happinex’s microfiber floor mop. It is optimized for long term cleaning efforts as well, arriving with four reusable pads that can be washed. This is a laminate cleaning device to watch if you do not want to deal with solution tanks and cords that accompany cleaning machines and solution dispensing mops.

Because it resembles nothing more than a mop, Happinex’s microfiber mop is also much easier to carry around than almost any other laminate floor cleaning device. If you need to clean different floors, different rooms, or even different locations, you’ll get a lot out of it.

However, Happinex’s microfiber mop is not really practical for anybody who needs a laminate floor cleaning device for tougher stains. You will struggle a lot with these tougher stains if you use Happinex’s microfiber mop. While these tougher stains are not impossible to remove, they are certainly require a little more effort.

#6 “Genius” hard floor cleaning system pocket steam mop by Shark

Steam mops are very efficient in that you do not need to wring out solution like you need to with a traditional mop, but they also tend to not let you determine how much steam you can dispense before cleaning with it. This results in either too much or too little steam being dispensed.

The Genius, by Shark, solves this issue by containing a smart steam system that contains three different steam settings. This is very nice for cleaning floors that contain different types of stains that require different levels of cleaning power.

Something else that is nice about the Genius is its pad. The Genius’s pad is not only much more absorbent than the pads of other steam mops, but it is also easier to remove than the pads of other steam mops. The handle contains a pad release clip which easily removes the double sided pad when you need to wash it. The Genius’s pad is also reusable.

The only real issue with the Genius is that it is not really designed for cleaning a large area. This is because of its cord length, which is significantly shorter than most. While the cords of most steam mops are around 20 to 25 feet long, the Genius has a cord that only extends 18 feet. This cord is not retractable, either.

#7 Multifunctional floor cleaning machine by SKG

Cleaning machines and steam mops have one issue in common: They don’t contain any kind of overload protection when it comes to the solution in their capacity or the steam that they dispense. 

This can be troublesome in situations where you are taking on a lengthy cleaning session, as too much is very much enough when it comes to applying steam based solution to a floor when cleaning it.

SKG’s steam mop fixes confronts this issue by containing an overload protection system. This ensures that not too much solution goes into its tanks and will also alert you if you are putting out too much steam when cleaning. It also prevents leaks, which is very useful since a lot of cleaning machines and steam mops have trouble with leaks.

The triangular head design of SKG’s steam mop also makes it very easy to clean in between corners as well as underneath furniture. Most other steam mops contain the traditional horizontal design that can be difficult to reach certain corners.

Expect to refill the solution tank a lot when using SKG’s steam mop, especially if you are taking on a long cleaning session. The tank only has a capacity of 15 or so ounces, which does not lend itself well to long lasting cleaning sessions.

#8 1 qt wood and laminate floor cleaner spray by Black Diamond Stoneworks

Steam mops and floor cleaning machines can be very complicated contraptions that are not always necessary for cleaning floors. Sometimes it is just as effective to use a standard or microfiber mop to clean floors, especially if the floor has already been swept or vacuumed.

Black Diamond Stoneworks’ floor cleaner spray makes it possible for anybody with any kind of mop to clean a floor. Being more powerful than most steam solutions used in steam mops and cleaning machines, all you need to do to clean with it is spray it on whatever area of the floor that is dirty or stained and mop the area.

You’ll get a lot out of the Black Diamond Stoneworks’ floor cleaner spray if all you need to do is clean certain spots on the floor and do not have access to a cleaning machine or a steam mop. The Black Diamond Stoneworks spray is also perfect for cleaning very small floor areas. All you need to do is spray down most of the floor, mop right after, and wait for it to dry or wipe it dry.

The one thing about Black Diamond Stoneworks’ floor cleaner spray is that it is extremely powerful and takes a very long time to dry. If you spray too much of it on the floor you want to clean, you’ll need to take some time to dry it yourself.

#9 “SmartSelect” steam mop by Black+Decker

It can be rare to find a mop and cleaning machine combination that can take on different kinds of floors. This can be troublesome if you need to clean two different kinds of hard surface floors.

Black+Decker’s SmartSelect makes this task much easier. With it, you can select the type of floor that you need to clean with it. This makes things much easier if you need to clean different kinds of hard surface floors and don’t want to change cleaning machines or revert to using a traditional broom and mop.

The SmartSelect is also designed for cleaning sessions that may take a lot longer than desired. Its tank has enough capacity to allow for nearly a half hour of uninterrupted cleaning, which is very useful if you need to clean the floor of a large living room, basement, or other kind of room with a very large area.

It is also very easy to carry the SmartSelect around. Weighing only about 5 pounds, you’ll be able to easily take it anywhere you need it. If you need to clean many rooms on different floors, you’ll enjoy the SmartSelect.

Pay careful attention to the water tank when using the SmartSelect. Because it is so light, the water tank can come off if you go over your floor too fast with it.

How to clean laminate floors

Laminate floors are different from other hard surface flooring in that the surface itself is a lot more “sensitive” than the common tile or ceramic floor.

In this case, “sensitive” means less resistant to scuffing and streaking. If you try to clean laminate flooring like you would ceramic tile or even linoleum, you will encounter a lot of streaking. Fail to wait for laminate flooring to dry completely, and you’ll leave scuff marks.

How, then, can a laminate floor be cleaned to perfection where it will not scuff or streak?

The first thing you need to understand is that you need to take your time when cleaning laminate flooring. Use softer brushes when vacuuming or sweeping, and use softer pads and mop heads when mopping or using a cleaning machine. 

This cannot be stressed enough. The surfaces of laminate floors are really sensitive, and they will scratch if the brushes you use to clean them are too abrasive.

Because of the sensitive nature of laminate floors, you will also need to work slowly and predictably when cleaning them. Go over areas of the floor exactly once. If you go over them more than once with your mop or machine, you’ll run the risk of the floor streaking.

Cleaning a laminate floor is not a complicated process. It just requires you to do things a little bit differently compared to cleaning other kinds of hard surface floors.


There is only one truly optimized method to cleaning laminate floors, and that is to use materials that are as less abrasive as possible.

However, the devices that you can use to accomplish this are numerous and there are many types of laminate cleaning machines and steam mops available at your disposal.

Whether you want to use a full-scale cleaning machine or a steam mop is up to you. Both devices specialize in different areas of laminate floors and they both specialize in cleaning different kinds of stains on said laminate floors.

In order to choose a laminate cleaning device that is perfect for you, you’ll want to determine the area of the floor that you need to clean, what kinds of traffic the floor encounters, and what kinds of stains develop.

After exploring these aspects, you’ll be able to select a floor cleaner that is perfect for you.

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