How to Use PS4 Camera

by Linea Lorenzo

Are you a game lover? Would you like to instruct your console to acknowledge your face or live chat with your relatives or friends? Nowadays, game streaming, video calls, and web chats have been made more incredible than before. You can stream the latest video games on Twitch directly from your PC using a PS4 compatible camera or webcam. You can also record the gameplay and then stream it live.

What is a PS4 Camera?

What is a PS4 Camera?
What is a PS4 Camera?

The initials PS4 represent PlayStation-4. The PlayStation-4 camera was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and was released in 2013 February and officially launched in 2013 November. It has a dual camera, allowing it to function at various modes depending on your area of focus. One camera has an f/2.0 lens used for recording, and the other lens is ideal for motion tracking.

PS4 camera is compatible with Mac OS X, PS4, Xbox One, different Freeware apps, and most Windows 10 streaming/gaming software. The camera has a built-in 4-channel array of microphones that help decrease background noise and understand most basic voice commands. You can use this camera to record videos in YUV

or RAW formats and then play them on your console through specified ports.

Accessories needed to set up the PS4 camera on your PC

You will require the following items:

  • PS4 VR move controller and camera bundle
  • Privacy shield for PS4 camera v2.0
  • Four gamers that are legally licensed clip camera mount PlayStation-4 PS4
  • Collective minds PSVR showcase rapid AC PlayStation-4 VR charge and display stand

Step-to-Step Guide on How to Use a PS4 Camera on your PC

You can use PC webcams for recording video chats. It can also be a crucial gameplay part with other programs such as XSplit Broadcaster and StreamLabs. Using the PS4 camera on your PC is very easy, as discussed below:

  • Check the USB 3.0 port on your PC, and connect the PlayStation-4 camera using the USB Adapter. You will notice that the device has been secured through an audio notification on your Windows PC.
  • Click the Start Menu on your PC and open the Device Manager. Under other devices, click USB Boot.
  • Now open a new folder and rename it. Ensure the new folder you are renaming is related to your PS4 camera.

Download all installation files. In case you want you're a personal package, you can download libusbK using this link: you are not interested in having your package, continue to download the following file OrbisEyeCam USB_Boot Driver using this link:

  • Here you need to install Driver by either libusbK or OrbisEyeCam Driver.
  • In this step, you must load Firmware and then run OrbisEyeCameraFirmwareLoader.exe.
  • You can test if the PS4 camera runs correctly on Windows 10 Camera App or other related apps.
  • If the camera is running well, it means your set up was successful. If not, seek assistance from a professional or a well conversant with the PS4 Camera Subreddit Group.

PS4 Camera Driver for PC

Connecting your PlayStation VR to your PC

It is easy to connect your PSVR to your PC using third-party software such as Trinus PSVR, which helps communicate between your PSVR and PC, something that was not possible before. Trinus PSVR will help you to play all Steam games on your PC regardless if they are VR or not. This software will also help you watch TV in VR or movies via a PSVR head-mounted display.

PlayStation 4 Move Controller & Camera Bundle (Bulk Packaging)
PlayStation 4 Move Controller & Camera Bundle (Bulk Packaging)


  • Access to Steam VR Games: Steam VR
  • Steam Account, which membership is free
  • Trinus PSVR, which cost $14 at Trinus. However, there is a free trial that you can use before enrolling in the payable option.

Before you connect PRVR to your PC, you first need to install software like Trinus PCVR to your computer.

Installing Trinus PSVR in your Computer

  • On your web browser, enter this link:, and click download. You will get into a third-party website; hence ensure you run a virus and malware scan after downloading to ensure your computer is safe.
  • When the download is complete, click the command Run, and then Click I Accept the Agreement.
  • Click Next followed by another Next after you have decided the folder to which your file will download.
  • You can Click Next if you have decided where the program shortcut will stay on your PC. And then click Next if you have decided if you want to have a desktop shortcut or not.
  • Click Install. A driver installs Windows and will automatically open when the installation has finished.
  • Click Next and then click Finish.

Now you have successfully installed Trinus PCVR to your PC. The next thing is to set up the PCVR so that you can use it.

Setting up Trinus PCVR in your PC

Before you start to enjoy watching videos and playing games, you must set up PSVR with your computer. Follow these steps:

  • Insert the HDMI cable into the PS4 HDMI port on the processing unit, and then insert the HDMI cable's other end into your PC's HDMI port.
  • In the processing unit, plug in the USB to the Micro-USB cable, and insert the USB to Micro-USB cable's other end into your computer's USB port. It's recommended you use USB 3.0.
  • You then need to insert the PSVR head-mounted display into the processing unit.
  • Connect the processing unit power cable into power and switch on your PSVR.
  • You have successfully installed and set up PSVR into your PC, and now you can watch movies and play games in the comfort of your home.

Does PS5 camera work on PC

Yes! PS5 camera works better on PCs with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac. The PS5 allows you to stream gameplay videos and playthroughs incredibly. It also has other built-in background removal tools that will enable you to get rid of your background or crop it, giving you funky backgrounds.

The PS5 camera is equipped with stereo wide-angle lenses, which can capture up to 1080p. However, the PS5 camera is not congruent with PlayStation VR, but you can use the old camera.

Ps4 Camera on PC with Ps5 Adapter

You can use the PS5 adapter to connect the PS4 camera to the PS5 console. The adapter will allow you to play all PlayStation VR games for the PS4 on the new console.

You can get the PS5 adapter for free using this link:

You will then be required to key in the serial number of your PSVR, which is found on the processing unit's back near the cable ports.

You will then give your information details such as name, email address, and other information. You will then get a notification email from Sony once your PS5 adapter is shipped.

How to Use PS4 Remote Play

For you to use PS4 remote play on your PC, you need first to set it up. After setting up, you can now use the PS4 Remote Play on your Mac or PC. Follow these steps:

  • From the Sony Website, download and install the PS4 Remote Play for Mac and Pc.
  • Switch on your PS4. Using Bluetooth or Micro-USB cable, connect your Mac or PC to your Dualshock 4 controller.
  • On your Mac or PC, launch the PS4 Remote Play and click Start.
  • You now need to sign in using your PlayStation Network account. Remember, this account should be the same account that you signed in on your PS4.
  • The two machines will be connected after the app has searched for your PS4.

As soon as your Mac/PC and PS4 have been connected, you will use Bluetooth or Micro-USB cable to link your Dualshock 4 PC to your Mac/PC and then open the PS4 Remote Play app. This app is supposed to connect to your PS4 automatically. And there you go; you can start to play the latest games.

How to use PS4 Controller on Xbox One

To connect the PS4 controller to the Xbox One, you need to use an adapter such as CronusMAX PLUS, which we will use in this case.

  • In your internet-connected PC, insert CronusMAX PLUS, and it will install all the drivers.
  • Load the Cronus PRO app, and then click Tools-Options-Device.
  • In the output protocol, choose XB1, and check the Enable Dualshock 4 controller.
  • Now you need to unplug the CronusMAX PLUS from your PC and insert it into the Xbox One using the USB cable. You will notice the CronusMAX PLUS's LED display indicates "AU" for Authentication.
  • From your Xbox One controller, remove the batteries. As soon as the numbers are displayed on the CronusMAX PLUS, instantly disconnect the Xbox One controller, and search for standby animation.
  • The USB cable links the CronusMAX PLUS to your Xbox One controller. You will note that the adapter display changes from AU to 0.
  • Now link the CronusMAX PLUS with the Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter.
  • On your PS4 controller, long-press the SHARE and PS buttons until it flashes white, which means it is in search of a connection. It will then find the CronusMAX PLUS, and after an elapse of a few seconds, the light bar will have a solid color.
  • After a while, the number on the CronusMAX PLUS will turn again to 0. When this happens, the controller is well connected and ready for use.

Final Verdict for Camera Buyers

Now you have a good mastery of using a PS4 camera on your PC for more friendly use. As you have seen, the setting process is easy to follow, provided you have all the accessories ready, and your streaming will never be the same. The fortunate thing is that nowadays, the PS4 camera is affordable, and you can use it to play many PS4 games.
However, while gaming, you need to be very careful since it listens to your voice commands since your opponent can hear whatever you are saying. It has two dual cameras with high resolutions; hence you are guaranteed better and stunning pictures and videos. You can use the PS4 camera on any modest computer and ensure that it's not simultaneously running so many programs because this might result in a terrible streaming experience.

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