Best Mop for Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors come in a range of colors and designs and are universally loved for their durability, cost-effectiveness, and waterproof quality. These floors usually are radiant and have an attractive sheen when clean and dust-free that makes it a joy to walk on, especially without shoes. Due to their surface continuity and no breaks or interlocking from the material itself, cleaning vinyl floors is relatively easy. The cleaning equipment highly commended for this job is a vinyl floor mop that generally features a handle that will help you reach remote areas during cleaning when called for, and has a mop pad to collect dirt and debris from your vinyl floor. Mops are considered to be safe for use when cleaning vinyl floors as they do not have stiff bristles, and so cannot scratch the floor finishing.

How to Choose Mop for Vinyl Floor Cleaning? 

Operating a mop is usually easy, as it involves running the mop on the surface intended to be cleaned so that you can collect the debris and particles with the mop pad. With this mechanism in mind, the first factor to consider when selecting a mop is its weight. While for the most part weight is usually an indication of the sturdiness and durability of a product, it can also be a downside when you need to clean large surfaces, and could hurt your arms and back. On the other hand, keep in mind that a mop that is too light could be a possible indication of a frail build.

  • Length of pole

Mopping is usually done while standing up, and a mop with an adequate pole length will help keep a stable posture while cleaning. You may also need to reach inaccessible areas occasionally, and this is where the mop needs to be dynamic enough to fulfill such needs. In the market, you shall find mops that have extensible wands that may be up your alley if you need that extra inch of coverage to help you clean effectively. Be sure to compare sizes and identify the length you feel you will be comfortable working with.

  • Powered or not

With the dynamic nature of mops, you can clean both wet and dry surfaces effectively. Some models offer powered solutions while cleaning such as a spinning mop head or powered mop release mechanism. Powering may be through batteries, plugging into a power plug or sometimes mechanical and operated by hand. If a mop is powered through a plug, consider checking the method of power cord storage, as it plays a role when storing and securing the mop after use.

  • Mop pad build

The mop pad is the part that is directly in contact with the floor and conducting the cleaning process. It is crucial to note its size, shape, and material it is made of. Microfiber is usually preferred when making mop pads as it is highly effective at dislodging and collecting particles from vinyl flooring. Some mop heads are triangular shaped to easily clean corners with more confidence. Other mop models also available in the market have bigger heads for wider reach during cleaning, and may pose some difficulty when cleaning tight spaces.

  • Accessories/extra features –bucket, hanging hook, spinning head

The primary goal of a mop is to wipe your floors clean, but with the already available and currently on sale variations as to how you can get this done can make choosing a right fit a daunting task. Some mops offer a bucket as an accessory, just in case you may need to lug water as you clean. Some models even go as far as offering stainless steel wringing sections to reinforce its sturdiness. After using a mop can be stored by hanging on a tool rack, and some models have a hook for hanging conveniently. Other models sport a loop that can be used to hang it on a nail or pre-installed hook.

Suppose you are cleaning a dry surface with a dry mop and notice a stubborn stain that requires some moisture to get rid of. Some models come in handy and propose a water-squirting nozzle at the base of the handle for such needs. You can acquire such a model if aiming to exclusively or mostly use a mop for dry vinyl. A spinning mop head is another extra feature that some mops pack and may be useful especially when cleaning wet vinyl floors with stuck-on dirt and stains. Such mop types are essential if intending to clean dirt that has dried on floors, which may require extra effort to extract effectively.

5 Vinyl Floor Cleaning Mops Reviews

  1. Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop

This vinyl microfiber mop is very light and easy to use  floor cleaning solution. The handle extends to 60” to cover as much surface as you like without moving too much. Also, the mop head is cleverly designed to help you reach those remote areas and ensure thorough cleaning. The mop pad is made from microfiber, which helps maintain that original shine on your vinyl floor after cleaning, free from any streaks. To further cement its utility and low maintenance, the unit’s fitted mop pads can be replaced and washed after use, ready for use during the next cleaning session. This mop is suitable for both wet and dry surfaces which may include vinyl, linoleum and hardwood floors, with the pads proving to be durable and highly absorbent.





  • A long handle that can extend to 60” proves useful in widening the cleaning expanse coverage and reducing bending too much which could hurt your back.
  • The mop head is designed with a form factor that helps in reaching remote areas for cleaning and dusting surfaces to achieve the original surface sheen.
  • Fitted mop pads are durable and highly absorbent, in addition to being washable after use and easy to replace on the mop head for the next round of cleaning.
  • This mop can be used on both dry and wet surfaces which may range from vinyl to hardwood floors, shortening the time taken to clean any area.


  • Applying to much pressure on the mop handle during cleaning may bend or even break the unit’s wand.
  • The bottom part of the mop pad is blue and maybe a little difficult to tell how much dirt has accumulated and if ready for swapping the mop pad for another.
  • Its mop head maybe is a little larger than conventional ones, which may prove a boon when cleaning tight spaces.
  1. e-cloth deep microfiber mop

Clean your surfaces naturally without using any chemical detergents with this mop, which is standalone and does not require a mop bucket. The mop head can be easily removed to machine-wash it after use in readiness for the next time you need it. It features a light handle made from aluminum that is usually 3 feet when retracted but can extend to 5 feet long. This mop works on hard floors such as hardwood, vinyl and laminate surfaces, removing dirt and grease with relative ease. Again, the mop head itself is easy to attach or remove as it attaches with Velcro. For more stubborn stains and spots, you can also use water with this mop to make the cleaning task a little easier and more effective, without necessarily having to resolve to use detergent. The mop pad is made from a microfiber material that not only offers a supreme cleaning experience but is also easy to clean after using the mop.


  • This mop is relatively light, and makes cleaning large areas a breeze, reducing the time taken to clean large expanses of vinyl floor.
  • The mop head can easily be removed or attached by Velcro for washing or quick storage after using the mop.
  • An extensible handle made from aluminum can extend the mop’s length from 3 to 5 feet for that extra reach you need to get to that remote area.
  • It can be used to clean a range of surfaces such as hardwood and laminate floors easily to remove dirt, grease, and stains.
  • Microfiber material covers the mop head in contact with the surface, providing excellent cleaning and absorbent qualities, whether cleaning dry or wet surfaces.


  • The handle may need a little work to get it to stay extended, as the screw that is supposed to tighten and lock the selected length may be a little loose for vigorous activity.
  • The mop head may not be highly suitable for trapping bigger particles from the surface being cleaned, and you may need to remove these first before applying the mop.
  • The microfiber cloth covering the mop head may shrink with subsequent washings.
  1.  Valuebox 360° Spin Mop

This mop is a good choice if you are looking to purchase a mop that uses a bucket system when cleaning with water. With a mop head made from 100% polyester, it is hard to go wrong with this model. The mop works by manually spinning it on surfaces to clean and easily wringing out excess water from the mop head from the bucket’s spinner section, which is made of stainless steel. What’s more, the mop head has internal spinning mechanism that can be activated with a flip button on the handle to activate it during cleaning or wringing the mop. The mop head can also tilt and rotate for 360° giving you extra coverage and reach, in addition to being wash-friendly after use. The mop handle which is usually 33” can extend up to 49” to help you get to those areas that are inaccessible and often left out during cleaning.


  • An inbuilt spinning mechanism in the mop head through a flip button giving you more bang for your buck on this model, as it eases the process of cleaning and wringing during use.
  • The mop head also rotates 360° from its handle, making it easy to reach under furniture and around objects in your living space quite easily.
  • An accompanying bucket that features a stainless steel wringing section is handy when you need to clean large areas with water, without having to use hands for drying the mop pad.
  • Its mop pads are made of microfiber which is highly effective in removing grime and stains from vinyl, tile and hardwood floors.
  • The mop handle can extend from 33” to 49”, adding that extra length needed to reach those remote surfaces for cleaning.


  • Handle fitted in this model may be a little fragile, and require handling with care to avoid breaking the arm.
  • With time and sparse use, the spinning mechanism in the mop head may rust and cease to function. Wearing down of the fitting ends may make the head-handle connection a loose fit over time.
  1. O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Mop

This specific mop bundle offers an extra 4 refills of cleaning solution and makes its purchase an outright steal on your side. It features a mop head that is dual-sided to facilitate cleaning larger areas without having to resort to replacing the mop pad. The water/detergent bottle can be refilled with water and mixed with any cleaning solution of your choice for a custom cleaning experience. The fitted mop pad is made from a microfiber material that proves excellent at cleaning dirt and dust debris from floors and can be additionally used to clean both wet and dry surfaces. A handy quick-release mechanism for the water bottle makes it snappy to change or remove it from the main unit. The mop pad is washable and can be reused severally. The unit is not powered and uses a simple physics spray-trigger mechanism to control the intensity of the spray as required. Its handle is comfortable to grip and use even during long cleaning sessions.


  • A double-sided mop head increases the surface area you can clean with a single mop pad before having to change it.
  • The spray bottle features a quick-release mechanism for refill and replacement, and additionally, you can add water and any detergent of your choice to use when cleaning.
  • The unit does not require powering by batteries or electricity, and instead uses a simple manual spray creating mechanism that is hand operated through a trigger located at the handle.
  • The fitted handle has a comfortable grip and enables the hand to rest comfortably while using the unit, even for extended periods.
  • Microfiber material covers the mop head, and is effective at cleaning dust and debris when cleaning floors, when both dry and wet.


  • The trigger handle may not be comfortable for everyone, as it features squared and pointy edges.
  • It also requires constant triggering for it to squirt water and may be uncomfortable in the long run.
  1. Bona Spray Mop

Specifically conceived with sealed hard floors such as stone, laminate, and ceramic in mind, this superb mop comes highly recommended for its efficiency.  Its mop head is a little larger than conventional size and provides an extra reach when cleaning large expanses, and shortening the time for cleaning your vinyl floor. The unit ships with a ready-to-use special cleaner that is highly effective at removing stains and debris from stone laminate and tile floors. The fitted mop pad is made of microfiber, and can be removed for washing safely after use, ready for the next round of cleaning. The unit itself is very light, and features two grip positions on its arm for sturdier grip, and rubber corners that protect both the mop and objects that it may collide with during cleaning. You can easily store away the mop after use through a retractable hook located on the back of the unit’s handle.


  • It is specially designed for users with tile, stone and laminate floors, bundling a liquid cleaning solution specifically targeting these surfaces.
  • The mop head is larger than regular mops, providing a wide reach during cleaning and cutting down the time needed to clean any area.
  • This mop is light and yet sturdy enough to handle even arduous cleaning tasks around your home, featuring two padded grip locations along with the handle for a strong grip.
  • The spray cartridge is easy to refill with your favorite cleaning solution after exhausting the supplied detergent.
  • Flexible corners made of rubber make this mop ideal for minimizing object wear by collision during cleaning.


  • Take care when refilling the spray bottle with water, as adding unfiltered water or having undissolved detergent will block the spouts and cause the spray to stop working.
  • Handle the bottle-releasing trigger lightly, as it is prone to jam due to its mechanical nature.
  • It is likely to leave streaks and debris particles on some types of laminate floors. Be sure to confirm your floor surface type before the purchase of the model.

Benefits of using a mop for vinyl floors

Vinyl floors are known to be durable, stain, and water-resistant, making them an ideal flooring alternative for your home. As with any other flor, vinyl floors are bound to get dirty and require regular cleaning to remove dirt, allergens, and dust that settles on it with time. While it may be possible to maintain hygiene using other methods, we present some reasons as to why cleaning with mops may prove to be a better idea overall.

  1. First and foremost, for fresh and attractive looking vinyl floors, mopping provides the best solution.
  2. For further sanitization of vinyl floors, you can use a steam mop to clean your space, but remember to use the right mop head and regular steam to avoid damage to floor finishing.
  3. Mops for cleaning vinyl floors are considerately priced and turn out to last long enough for you to get the most out of their shelf life.
  4. The build quality of mops makes them durable and coupled with handy form factors, make these devices last long.
  5. Mops are usually light and can be used to clean vast expanses and maintaining the original sheen of your vinyl floors.
  6. Buying a mop will save you from much agony later when you’d like to clean up a mess quickly or remote areas without exerting too much effort.
  7. Mopping is the best way to keep high foot traffic zones around your home clean and free from dust, particles, or stains.
  8. For work areas that have vinyl flooring, mopping helps to keep the finishing clean and radiant, which is highly appealing to both clients and employees.
  9. Sweeping may not provide the best solution to keeping some surfaces clean and dust-free, hence why mopping is considered more superior as a way of keeping clean floors, especially vinyl.


Your vinyl floors deserve to be clean and radiant at all times, and this should not make you stop enjoying doing other stuff to make this happen. After all, we need to have clean floors with minimal effort involved. Mops provide a convenient solution and can also be used to tackle the occasional mess quite effectively. Consider the object population in the area you wish to use the mop on and get one that will serve you as needed. Options such as manual operation versus battery-powered and extensible versus static handle length should also be taken into consideration while assessing suitability to personal needs. Now that you have learned what you need to consider before buying a suitable mop for vinyl floors, it is time to make a decision and maintain and show off the radiance and beauty of your floors.