How To Make A Shop Vac Stronger

by Linea Lorenzo

Shop vacs are famous for their ability to work with any material. Starting with solid dirt, debris, fine particles to every liquid item, a shop vac can vacuum it up. This unique feature is what differentiates them from the regular vacuum machines.

Like every electric machine, a shop vac will perform suboptimally at times and not be as powerful as a new one. The good thing is that this happens for reasons and with some care, you can change your shop vac performing in its best again.

How To Make A Shop Vac Stronger

How To Make A Shop Vac Stronger
How To Make A Shop Vac Stronger

Caring for a shop vac isn't that complicated and if it seems there's something wrong with your machine then there's high chances that the problem lies in the filter, the air intel or the hose. But whatever it is, fixing a vac is quite simple.

In this guide we'll talk about 5 techniques you can follow to get your shop vac performing its best again -

1. Cleaning The Filter

Cleaning The Filter
Cleaning The Filter

Filters in a shop vac have an expected lifespan. Depending on brands and type of filter, some will last longer or shorter but all of them will wear out with time. Paper made filters are not made to last a long time.

As filter paper gets frayed and torn out, their life expectancy reduces. An worn out filter will create a lot of noise and this is a sign you can look for to know when a filter needs to be changed.

But the best idea would be to check the packaging of your filter and see for its expected life expectancy. Don't hold onto that, rather change it to higher or lower depending on your usage levels.

The filter gets worn out the most when you use the vacuum for fine particles. As the minute particles go through the filter, the papers start to get frayed and torn out. But large particles won't do much damage like this and usually go to the dust basket.

One good idea to increase a filter's lifespan is to open the vacuum up after every use and clean the dust off from the filter. You can use a slow powered vacuum or high pressured air to do that. Or use water if the filter's waterproof.

Taking regular care and time to clean the filter off after each use will not only save your filters in the long run but also increase the life expectancy of your shop vac by letting it perform optimally.

However, even if you take good care and clean after every use, your filters will get worn out eventually. And you should replace that. Letting a damaged filter work will make things harder for the shop vac and allow it to work suboptimally.

2. Cleaning The Vacuum

A vacuum will accumulate lots of dust on and inside of it. Although the powerful motors will try to take all the dust in the dust box, some of the debris will get stuck inside the air inlet and motors, letting the machine slow down permanently.

Cleaning the vacuum occasionally can be quite beneficial for it. If the dust remains on the surface for a prolonged period, this can result in a permanent dust layer on the machine which won't go away even with water.

If you cannot open the machine then at least try to clean the air inlet. Air inlets can accumulate large dirt or chunks of solid. As a result, the vacuum cannot take in enough air without putting the machine to work harder. This results in a weaker suction.

3. Checking Hose Pipe Regularly

Hose pipes can and will get chunks of grit and debris inside and that normal. This won't cause any issue if you shake it off after each use. But letting the debris stay inside can cause blockage in air intake and as a result, lessen suction power.

Occasionally check for uneven shapes or leakages on your hose pipe. A leaked hose pipe won't create a good suction and should be replaced. Applying tapes can work temporarily.

4. Replacing Hose Brush

Without the hose brush a shop vac cannot produce enough suction that it can with the brush. The bristles of the brush holds onto the surface with a strong grip that allows the vac to get more dust inside.

A vac won't work with the same power with a damaged brush than with a new one. As the brush bristles starts to get frayed, it creates more room for air to escape and as a consequence, the cleaning quality is diminished.

5. Keeping An Eye Open While Working

A shop vac can last a lifetime if you can use it well. Check what you're cleaning before vacuuming it up through your shop vac. Your machine will you thank in the end.

Although it's possible to clean everything with a shop vac and you can do whatever you wish to do with your machine, it's a better idea not to use your shop vac as an universal cleaning machine.

Things such as water, oil, garden dirt can be cleaned with a vac but the filters inside the machines, for the most part, are designed to clean up dry dust. Exposing the filter to liquids regularly will reduce its lifespan and will make the machine weaker.

You can clean the liquids with a wiping cloth first and then use the vac. The less liquids you allow inside the machine, the higher the filter's lifespan will be. Clean the hose pipe with pressured air after using the vac for liquid cleaning each time.

Concluson on Ways to To Make A Shop Vac Stronger

Shop vacs, if taken well care of, can live without problems for a long time. They don't need much care except some occasional filter and machine cleaning. The machines are built well and if you take little time regularly, it can be a good cleaning companion for years.

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