Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner No Scrubbing In The Market 2021

by Liz Gonzales

Vinyl sidings cover most of the exterior of any household. And therefore, prone to outside dust, and other natural forces the entire year. Consequently, mold, mildew, algae, and such begin to steal the charm away from your loved place. And there the best vinyl siding cleaner no scrubbing can come in handy.

Depending on their professional and domestic use, the quantity and quality of these cleaners vary. So, if you're puzzled amidst all those brands featuring different benefits and their promises to clean all sorts of grime and stains, stay with us! Because in this article, we would be discussing what you need to consider before purchasing the vinyl siding cleaner along with the reviews of the 10 best brands you can choose from.

Top 10 Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner No Scrubbing Reviews

You'll find the 10 best Vinyl Siding Cleaner no scrubbing reviews below which are specially lined up for best clean. Stay tight as you're gonna have an amazing quest for some versatile and multitasking cleaning solutions.

Best Surface Cleaning Spray
Best Surface Cleaning Spray

Best Surface Cleaning Spray: 303 UV Protectant Spray

Brand 303 Store
Spray Rubber, Finished Leather, Plastic
Grease 100% Free
Item Weight ‎5.6 ounces

The 303 (30307) is ideal for vinyl siding cleaning because of its combination of UV protectiveness and nontoxic features. By using this formula on a regular basis, it's possible to keep your things new for years to come. And almost no restriction on its application over various surfaces (including plastic, rubber, PVC, finished leather, gel coat, vinyl, Eisen & fiberglass) means you're getting a one-stop solution.

This USA product saves your products from dangerous UV rays while protecting them from cracking, discoloration and fading. Another thing that sets it apart from the other models is its capacity to provide you with odorless, non-greasy wiping. This water-based spray also assures a dry matte finish to the surface applied.

Safe to say, it doesn't contain petroleum distillates & silicone oils that produce grease. Using this 16 fl. oz. bottle demands zero learning curve to bring out an effective result, thanks to its trigger spraying system!

For car owners, this item is a must-have kit if they want to keep their loved vehicles shiny both inside and out. Spraying it every 30- 45 days on the dashboard you can easily keep your car ahead in the game of protection from UV rays than other accessories. As for glares on tires, this cleaner can bring out a grease-free look right away, an absolute charm you may miss otherwise.

Best Algae Stain Remover: Wet and Forget 800003

Brand Wet & Forget
Item Form Spray
Color ‎Blue liquid
Item Weight ‎1 Pound

Wet and Forget matches up to its reputation as one of the manufacturers of the best vinyl siding cleaners no scrubbing with this powerful cleaning solution. The 800003, in fact, offers more than the company name can indicate. It works with mother nature (wind and rain, especially) to gently clean the surfaces over time. Therefore, you won't need to do scrubbing, rinsing, or power washing to see your backyard free from mold, moss, algae, and mildew.

While spraying around the house and plants, the peace of mind is it contains no acid, phosphates or bleach to pollute the environment. In other words, your plants and pets will remain safe when you'll be busy keeping your surroundings clean. Besides, this Stain Remover can perform its action on any type of outdoor surface without failure.

Needless to say, users who are looking for a truly versatile vinyl sliding cleaner will also find solace in the Wet and Forget 800003. From roofs, decks, and RVs to driveways, brick, boats & walkways, everything can easily be cleaned with this compound.

Downsides? The description shown on the online advertisement is incomplete regarding safety. The actual product specs include warnings against its burning impact on the eyes and skin. Also mentioned, it would be risky if the solution reaches inside the sewerage line.

Best Wood & Composite Deck Cleaner: MOLD ARMOR E-Z Deck

Quantity 1
Color ‎Plain
Item Weight ‎4 pounds

While a lot of vinyl siding cleaners require them to be poured and get mixed in a separate container before applied in your chosen spots, the FG51164 E-Z by Mold Armor is ready to serve out of the box. Manufactured in the USA, this 64 oz can wipe up to more than a thousand square feet on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

And the way its hose-end throws the mixture in any direction you set in, no molds grown even on the rooftops (unreachable with ladders) will go untreated. Simply attach a garden hose with the end and bang! Ten minutes is the maximum duration the

best house siding cleaner

takes to make your place stain-free.

Safe to say, no scrubbing would be mandatory to renew the beauty of your house. Both professionals and amateurs are getting obsessed with how diligently it works. DIYers are appreciating its easy-to-use system while renovating their boats, walkways, vinyl, or treehouse.

In terms of safety issues though, this formula can be a bit hit or miss. It means without proper preparation (wearing masks, gloves, and eye protectors) while applying, one can easily risk his life. Some users opined it to be a combination of dish soap & chlorine bleach, both of which can mess up with our respiratory system if recklessly applied.

Best Free Cleaning for Granite, Marble: Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray

Brand Granite Gold
Item Form Spray
Features Biodegradable, No-Rinse,
Item Weight 5.6 pounds

If the previous model's toxic effects discourage you from purchasing the same, this Granite Gold formula would definitely suit your eco-friendly cleaning choice. By adding this nontoxic as well as a non-acidic unit to your collection, you're simply contributing to your family's health. And no ammonia or phosphates in the cleaner means you can use it near food preparation areas. As an added safety, the manufacturers have kept the best vinyl siding cleaner pH at a balanced level.

Biodegradable, this stone surface cleaner actively works on different types of floors and tabletops made of porcelain, marble, tile, granite, quartz, or travertine. To shine your household corners and outdoor areas, this spray bottle arrives at a very appropriate amount of 24 ounces. And surprisingly enough, leaving no visible smudges behind to mar the beauty of your place, this USA product is sure to earn you complements from your guests.

Using it is straightforward. Firstly, spray on the areas containing spots or streaks. Leave for a few moments and then rub with lint-free fabrics and bingo! You can opt for a paper towel for a vibrant look. And once you're done with cleaning, the astounding and lively citrus scent will fill you with a sprightly vibe.

Best Buffered Bleach Technology Cleaner: Star brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

Brand Star brite
Works on Fiberglass, wood, concrete
Ingredients Mildew Stain Remover
Item Weight 9.18 Pounds

This stain remover's quick wiping action takes your comfort in cleaning to a second level - literally! Its capacity to make your vinyl free from the spots of algae, mildew, mold and moss without needing them to scrub consistently has made it one of the most loved items by lots of homeowners. Besides, its usage is versatile and ranges from boat tops, tile and mats to vinyl cushions, chairs, canopies and awnings.

What makes the best cleaner for vinyl siding our favorite is its buffered-bleach technology that takes special care of thread and stitching when applied on acrylic fabrics kept outside. The same feature comes in handy in cleaning upholstery belonged to marine or some other outdoor furniture. Suffice to say, you can rely on this professional-grade mildew cleaner for commercial use as well. And its 128 Oz Gallon size is perfect for mopping your entire house wash, roof, or siding.

Certain things to keep in mind though - it's better not to apply on fabrics directly. Additionally, if you're using it on some colorful things, make sure you check its impact beforehand by using in an inconspicuous area. Also, long-term use of Star Brite on porcelain or metal may defect their functionality. Be alert with wooden and painted products as well.

Best Disinfectant & Cleaner For Household Bacteria: RMR-141 RTU Mold Killer

Brand RMR Brands
Item Form Liquid
Scent Citrus
Sanitation 99.99%
Item Weight 34.39 Pounds

Preventing mold and mildew from your vinyl siding was never so easier! With this RMR Brands product, you can sweep away any sort of obstinate grime or grease marks in not more than 15 seconds. Surprisingly, such fast action won't demand sanding, scrubbing, or brushing with wire, meaning that, it's a spray and forget solution!

You can enjoy its benefits on both hard and porous surfaces. And interestingly, the package includes RMR 86 and RMR-141 RTU, the former being the actual cleaner and the latter, an EPA registered fungicide, disinfect and sanitizer.

Broadly speaking, if only we focus on its impact on the wood, the extraordinary outcome will make your jaw dropped. Because no more constant replacing of the wood upon their getting infected with molds will exist in your life. Simply by cleaning it with RMR 86 followed by RMR-141 RTU, you can see it restored to its original condition without much hassle.

During indoor use, you should ensure a good ventilation system, though. Otherwise, it's chlorine like smell may remain stuck in the house. A few users shared their experience of how overwhelming the atmosphere of their bathroom became when they applied the cleaner on the shower stand. True, they're satisfied with the outcome, still, a cautious airing out of the odor is recommended to seal the deal.

Best Cleaner, Degreaser, Deodorizer for Meta Surface: Simple Green Heavy Duty Cleaner

Brand Simple Green
Item Form Liquid
Color Purple
Item Weight 9.38 Pounds

For cleaning vinyl sidings that remain exposed to constant dirt and grime, this Pro HD Heavy Duty Cleaner by Simple Green is second to none. It's professional grade and non-corrosive in nature - two of the most important qualities that are sure to offer slightly better value compared to other models.

While dealing with tough grease, this versatile item carries no side effect like corroding the metals or degrading the plastics. You can rely on this degreaser for getting a meticulous wiping of your machinery, engines, floors, walls or the exteriors of your car.

This cost effective concentrate alone can be used in a number of cleaning equipment including floor scrubbers, pressure washers, ultrasonic, dip tanks, carpet cleaners and so on. Thankfully, the biodegradable cleaner won't do any harmful impact on grass, veggies or fruit garden if you have any. Your lawn will also remain safe as it's free from rigorous chemical components that typical cleaning solvents own.

What we liked most about it? The way it works on carpets! It never destroys their color or texture. Also, for auto shop parts cleaning, nothing can beat its simple washing feature. Just soak the parts in the solution, then scrub a little bit and ta-da… They will instantly start looking like new ones.

Best Concentrate Exterior Mold Stain Remover: Spray & Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaner

Brand Spray & Forget
Features Biodegradable
Ingredients Bleach and Chlorine
Item Weight ‎8.3 pounds

Like us, if you also own a big roof measuring about 2000 square ft., we understand your trouble with cleaning it. We mean, who wants to scrub those mold or algae stains for hours under the scorching sun? Spray & Forget realizes the situation and have come up with this revolutionary roof cleaner concentrate. Its 1 gallon bottle is enough to make 20 gallons of cleaning solution that can easily cover 1000- 2000 sq. ft.

Its working style is also unique. You don't need to do hard scrubbing on the rooftops. Just spray over the lichen or moss and the rest will be deliberately done by nature. Its application is versatile and can work on almost all types of exterior surfaces - asphalt, wood, slate shingles, clay, and tile.

The revolutionary roof cleaner ensures the safe cleaning of decks, siding, shutters, fences and such. By safe, we mean the lack of harmful agents like bleach and chlorine in this formula. Also, it doesn't contain sodium hydroxide or any other caustic substance. Still, we recommend you to do a test over a small area prior to spreading on the entire surface.

Spray & Forget Outdoor Cleaner doesn't promise of changing a grayed wood into something absolutely fresh and new, however, it will help get rid of those black and green smudges that gather over time.

Best Powerful Formula cleaner for Stains, Dirt: Mold Armor FG503 E-Z

  • Mold Armor FG503 E-Z House Wash, 1-Gallon

    Mold Armor FG503 E-Z House Wash, 1-Gallon

    • Cost effective
    • Covers 2,000 sq. ft.
    • Can fight against both regular and time-worn spots
    • Works on wood, vinyl, aluminum, concrete, stucco, brick etc.
    • A versatile, no scrub cleaning solution

Brand Mold Armor
Item Form Liquid
Ingredients Sodium Hypochlorite
Item Weight 9.3 pounds

The Mold Armor FG503 is hands down one of the most well-rounded siding cleaners we've ever tried. It's amazingly powerful and has touched the peak of excellence in nearly every metric. No matter which components are used on your rooftop, sidings, fences or walls, it'll go on rescuing them from both causal stains and age old grimes.

No items made of aluminum, vinyl, and wood will remain soiled any more when you have this formula at your collection. It'll also take care of brick, concrete, stucco, or any other painted decks without losing sight of their final look and durability. And like the previous item we reviewed, it also covers 2,000 square feet. Hence, ideally economic!

As instructed, the formula needs to mix with water maintaining the 3:1 (water: formula) proportion for typical stains. However, for dealing with stubborn blotches, a neat solution is best recommended. And depending on the area you want to clean, you can apply the compound with a roller, garden or tank sprayer, sponge etc.

Backed by its reputation of relentless serving for over 60 years, the best E-Z House Wash is ideal for both professional and household uses. A master combination of biology & technology, this product is safe to spread around plants. Overall, for a scrub free cleaning throughout the season, it's a matchless choice!

Best Spray Scrub Free Formula for Bathroom Floor: RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew

Brand RMR Brands
Scent Fresh
Item Form Spray
Item Weight 2 Pounds

Versatile in application, the RMR-86 is an ideal option to clean any type of surfaces - be it concrete, vinyl, wood, fiberglass, tile & grout, drywall or siding. Its rapid action takes not more than 15 seconds to make your place stain free. It's a low cost solution while being a great saver of time at the same time.

In terms of power against the mold stains, this sprayer is five times stronger than usual contractor brands. And with no pre work (such as scrubbing or sanding or mixing) required, this Mildew Stain Remover is ready to act out of the box.

The manufacturers have appreciated both indoor and outdoor uses with it. From bathroom floor to garden fountain and boats, you can use it to get rid of green algae within the shortest time possible. As for the coverage, each gallon can be spread 200- 400 square feet when applied correctly.

However, it requires a pretty much safety distance to maintain while applying on your siding. During the session, make sure you've put on the cloth you don't care about its maintenance later. Also, a pair of hand gloves and safety mask are recommended. Because its overwhelming odor may get on your nerves. And yes, don't forget to keep your children and pets away from it.

Things to Consider For Buying Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner
Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner

Differentiating between good and best vinyl siding cleaner for pressure washer takes a few things to notice. Below are given the main points you should not avoid while making the purchase.


Cleaning the vinyl siding is a task of once or twice a year. And by choosing the right cleaner, you can see the magic of self cleaning within 15 seconds or less. Some models may require a little bit of brushing or scrubbing for removing stubborn stains, still looking for the fast acting product would be a rewarding idea.

Ease of Use

Among a lot of brands of siding cleaners, those that work with the "spray and forget" or "mix and apply" formula are the most favorite ones. Besides, the package itself should contain the chemicals that can work alone and need no additional substances to come into action. Liquid chemicals are better options though!


While picking up the vinyl siding cleaner, it's important to keep in mind that your careless selection can pose serious harm to the environs. So, ensure the safety of yourself and others around you with the eco friendly units only.

Stain free or not

Not all the cleaning solutions you see out there come with the conviction of wiping your vinyl spotlessly. Some leaves stains or blotches behind marring the final look of the surfaces. To avoid such"from frying pan to fire"moments, it's better to experiment with the outcome before you actually put the chemical in your boat seats, kitchen top, sink or anywhere you desire to clean.

Types of Surface to be Cleaned

Before you collect any cleaner for your tabletop or kitchen floor, the rule of thumb is educating yourself about its components and how they work at first. Otherwise, you may end up wasting some pricey cleaners over the obstinate stains where cheap yet tough chemical formula would have worked better.


We don't purchase a cleaner only to wipe the vinyl siding. A lot of other objects can easily be done with the same product. So, it's mandatory you choose the model that comes with the most versatile usage options. And in case you're planning a single investment for both indoor and outdoor cleaning, it's advised that you select an eco friendly cleaning solution for the tasks in order to maintain health.

Siding Types

Since siding can be made of different materials, cleaning them also require specific chemicals depending on the situation prevailing. For example, to get rid of the dirt or mold from wood or plastic, it's important you choose the solution only after examining its ingredients labeled on the product description. Besides, different roof, patio furniture or shutters also ask for a certain type of mopping formula. In other words, materials count.


You're paying for cleaning your vinyl siding. So, if your bought unit can't do it in an effective manner, there's no need to bring it home in the first place. The thing is - your every penny deserves a worthy product that will fulfill your need. And to match the duration of its performance with the price is something that requires your conscious thought as well. For instance, a larger gallon will go longer if the quality is also up to mark. Then spending on it would make sense. In addition, opting for the cheapest model can lead to waste of time and energy. So, consider wisely!


Since most of the best vinyl siding cleaners no scrubbing is versatile in application. It may seem overwhelming to choose the right one for your household or commercial use. However, the rule of thumb is - you evaluate the arena you want to clean, safety concerns related to it, then your budget, and finally their ease of use and lasting effect. And only when you're done with calculating your requirements and convinced with the qualities of any of the above-mentioned models we reviewed above, you can collect it to get the upshot you yearned for.

Keep cleaning and stay safe!

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