Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips For The Holiday

The last Monday of May is fast approaching and like most homeowners around the country, we’ve been preparing our spring cleaning checklists.

Whether it’s time for this year’s ‘big clean’ or just a quick tidy-up, these seven spring cleaning tips will help you freshen up your home for the rest of the year.

Prepare a cleaning checklist before you start

cleaning checklist for spring

From moldy bathroom floors to dirty carpets, some cleaning issues pop in and out of your vision during the year. Make sure you don’t forget anything like bathroom cleaning, or carpet on the May bank holiday by preparing a spring cleaning checklist before you get started.

Make a short to-do list with your cleaning goals and stock up towels, sprays, disinfectants and steam cleaner to disinfect your house. This way, you’ll skip the spring cleaning queues at your local supermarket.

Pack and store infrequently used items

manage infrequently used items

From musical instruments to gaming consoles, certain items sit out all year doing nothing but collecting dust. Make the most of your spring cleaning day and pack all your infrequently used items into your closet for safe storage.

Seize the day and reorganize your bookshelves and wardrobe for a more clutter-free spring and summer. Clear plastic containers and vacuum storage bags are excellent for organizing rarely used household items.

Fold and store your clothes in vacuum bags

use vacuum bags to store cloths

Are your winter clothes taking up valuable wardrobe space? Store coats, gloves, and undergarments in vacuum bags to minimize their storage space and get the most out of your wardrobe.

Vacuum storage is good for more than just bulky winter clothes. Stack your t-shirts, shorts, and other clothing in a vacuum bag and suck out the air for a compact, mold-free storage solution.

Knock out kitchen odors with coffee beans

use coffee beans to remove odors

Are you planning to clean your kitchen sink and cooker hood? Use coffee beans to knock out nasty odors from your trash can, kitchen sink, or range hood. Heat up a handful of coffee beans in a frying pan to neutralize any kitchen odor in minutes.

Smelly bathroom? Neutralize the smell of dirty plumbing or bathroom cleaners by lighting a match in your bathroom. After five seconds, moisten it under the tap and throw it away for a fresh, odor-free bathroom.

De-moldify your shower and bathtub

remove mold from your shower and bathtub

Bathroom mold can slowly creep up on you. Make your bathroom look brand new by mixing a cup of chlorine bleach with a gallon of warm water and scouring away at moldy surfaces. After five minutes, wash away the solution with warm water.

Is your shower curtain showing signs of age? Wash it in warm water with a little bit of chlorine bleach (you can use your laundry machine) and let it dry naturally before rehanging it in the bathroom.

Tiled floors? Wipe away dirty tile grout

clean dirty tile grout

Is your kitchen or bathroom tiling looking a little worse for wear? Use a mixture of oxygen bleach and warm water to wash away unsightly grout and make your tiled floors look brand new.

Gently pout the bleach and water solution over the floor and let it soak for at least 30 minutes. Once it’s soaked in, scrub the stains out using a nylon brush and rinse your tiles with warm water, and clean the floor with a steam cleaner.

Don’t forget to de-dust PCs and electronics

Cleaning PCs and electronics

The static cling produced by electronic equipment can make computers, TVs, and entertainment systems a magnet for dust. Unplug your DVD player and clean the fans and plugs using your vacuum cleaner to eliminate living room dust.

Do you have a desktop computer? The fans in old computers can collect dust and spread it throughout your home office. Unscrew your computer’s rear panel and carefully clean away excess dust for a cleaner, healthier home office.

What’s your bank holiday cleaning tip? Let us know in our comment section.