Best Microfiber Mop for Laminate Floors in 2022

by Linea Lorenzo

Laminate floors need proper care in order to look persistently stylish. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate tools like best mop for laminate floors to clean them.

Now, what is the Best mop for laminate floors? Well, there are quite a few mops out there that qualify for the best spot. Each one of them has some unique features. We have researched about them and tried to find out what they are about. In this article, we will try to give you a clear idea about these products. After you are done with reading, you will know what you want. So, if we may…

Editor's Recommendation: Top Microfiber Mops for Laminate Floors in 2022

6 Best Laminate Floor Mop Reviews

6 Best Laminate Floor Mop Reviews
6 Best Laminate Floor Mop Reviews

Let's check out our recommended products. They are among the best available out there. Getting familiar with these kits will make the decision making easier. After that, you can choose the best mop to use for laminate floors.

1. Best Choices: BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop

BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop
BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop

This product does the floor cleaning quite impressively. And in doing that, doesn't require much of bucks from your pocket. It wipes out basically any mess that is stuck on the floor. Among the worth mentioning features this guy comes with are adjustable steam levels and a removable tank. You will love the fact that it takes little time to heat up.

One of the reasons that qualify it to be a top class competitor is that it gives rise to the perfect amount of steam. Thus, your floor will be neither slippery nor left with any stuck-on. If you have stuff like sticky and difficult to remove dried mustard on the floor, this little thing will clean it effortlessly.

What makes it a quality mop is that it has a very high average temperature. With higher temperature, mops work better cutting through stuff and eliminating germs. In addition, this mop has a 13 inches wide surface for cleaning.

Nevertheless, it gets under any mess easily and also into difficult to reach corners. And what's more, there is a removable tank. For all these reasons, we think, this might be the best steam mop for laminate floors .

  • Provides super suction to pick pet hair
  • Comes with attachments like a crevice tool, combination tool, stiff bristle brush
  • Cordless design for hassle-free use
  • Offers to clean the car, upholstery and other surfaces
  • A mini motorized roll brush can reach every nook and cranny to pick up pet hair
  • Easy to maneuver with lightweight
  • Fewer accessories

2. Best Washable Pads: Microfiber 18″ Professional Reusable Dry & Wet Mop

Microfiber Wholesale 18
Microfiber Wholesale 18
Microfiber Wholesale 18" Professional Microfiber Mop

This mop weighs only 3 pounds and thus it is one of the lightest kits out there. This is the best microfiber mop for laminate floors. It's very impressive and makes the work convenient. There is an aluminum mop frame, wet mop pads and dust mop pad. So, you can say goodbyes to grin, dirt and dust on your floor with this mop.

When you have a stainless steel handle in your hand, you can extend it with no damage at all. You have a 28 inches length adjustment to protect yourself from any physical harm. For working with a mop causes back pain at times. Adjusting the length is quite simple with the compression ring you will find in the middle of the handle.

The 18 inches mop head of this tool offers you access to tight room corners as well as makes the cleaning faster. It rotates 360 degrees to reach those hard to reach spaces. You can wash the pads with a machine. Just make sure that you have gone through the washing instructions first. Also, assembly instruction is in place to know how to use the mop the right way.

  • Cost-effective
  • Rust free mop due to the stainless steel handle
  • Comes with both dust pad and wet pad
  • Uncomfortable length, according to some users

3. Best electric hard floor mop: O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop
O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

This is the respective brand's first ever steam mop production since their first launch in 1960. They say that it kills practically 100 percent bacteria. And, truth is what they say. For it has been tested on Escherichia coli bacteria and the device just nailed it.

When we look at this fine production, the triangular head gets our attention the foremost. For we know how precious little feature it is when it comes to corner moping. Then there are the microfiber pads. They are 'super absorbent'. Therefore, there won't be any slipping business for the floor will dry in a blink.

The pads are quite gentle with the floor leaving no marks. What's more, they come as reusable and washable. When they wear off after about 25 uses, you can always get replacement pads from O-Cedar. Now, about the steam settings, it heats up fast and comes with two different options. The minimum volume suits the delicate surfaces like laminate floors whereas the maximum one is for hard floors.

When the machine goes low in terms of water, you will have to refill it instantly. But, rest assured, for there is a self-protective mode in place. Also, there's a carpet glider to refresh the carpets.

  • Easy to use
  • Quick generation of steam
  • Has a swiveling mop head
  • Small footprint

4. Best Multipurpose Use for Home: MOPNADO Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop
Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop
Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

Convenience is what this mop will provide for you in all the mopping sessions. The thing I liked the most about it is the mop bucket it comes with. You have two compartments of it to dry the pads and rinse. Also, you will like the cleaning solution dispenser that mixes quickly with water.

One more thing you might like is that the mop pads are very frequently squeezable. When you move the handle fast, you will find the mop head spinning speedily. That's how your mop pad gets dried in no time. For laminate floors, it is important that they get dried fast. Then there is the 180-degree rotating mop head.

By virtue of its Snap-on mechanism, switching between mop pads becomes swift. Another thing worth mentioning is that the whole mopping process takes lesser time with this mop. What's more, you are going to have a scrub brush and a couple of soft mop pads. You can use the mop for all sorts of floors including concrete, stone, vinyl, tile, hardwood, and laminate.

  • Useful mop buckets
  • Cleaning solution dispenser
  • Fast cleaning
  • The bottom neck may break after sometime

5. Best Spinwave Cleaner: BISSELL Powered Hardwood Floor Mop

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop And Cleaner, 2039A
BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop And Cleaner, 2039A
BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop And Cleaner, 2039A

This product is very suitable for delicate surfaces like vinyl, laminate, hardwoods, etc. With the pair of spinning pads it provides, you can scrub the floor and mop the narrow spaces as well. How it uses a tank to spray the water solution instead of steam, is also fascinating.

Among the features, first, you have the power spin pads. Two of these are there to scrub and another couple for soft sponging. When you need to deal with the stuck on, sticky messes, the scrubby ones will be at your service. For delicate floors like hardwood, the soft pads will be quite handy. You will find the pads spinning together once you turn the machine on. And, there are replacement pads available, too.

Another worth mentioning feature is the spray it comes with. With a push of a button, you can use it to make your floor look neater. There is a 20 feet long electric cord in place to allow you flexibility in using it. This mop weighs 9.5 pounds.

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't produce back pain during use
  • Scrubbing pads leave marks at times

6. Best Multi-Surface Pads: Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop
Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop
Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

This mop kit is one of the best among the spray mops. To apply a mopping solution on the floor, all you have to do is pull the trigger. There won't be any need for you to bend down repeatedly when you want your laminate floor to shine. A 22 ounces bottle fits the spray mop which you will be able to fill with any type of cleaning solution.

What users like about this product are that it provides convenience as the steam mops do. Nevertheless, it respects one's style of mopping floors in the old school way. That's why you are able to use custom solutions with this mop. As for the refilling, you can remove the bottle anytime and fill it with the cleaning solution you like.

Another worth mentioning feature is the scrubber that doesn't cause any scratch. You can deal with stubborn messes with this thing easily. It is attached with the cleaning head. What's more, you get three microfiber pads that are washable and a couple of refillable bottles. For long uses, you can fill both the bottles.

  • Solution dispenser
  • Scrubber for hard to swipe messes
  • Three microfiber pads and two refillable bottles
  • The spray doesn't come out sometimes

Laminate Mop Buying Guide

There are some features you should look for before buying your mop. Then you can choose the best mop for cleaning laminate floors from all the products out there.


We are dealing with a tool that you need to use day in and day out. Needless to say, if it is too complicated to use them, then you might end up not using it to start with. Therefore, convenience would be the first thing you want your mop to offer you. Not only for simplicity in use, but also to perform smoothly, is this criterion important.

Manufacturers take this fact into account very seriously. We might not be able to talk about all the features they include to add convenience to their products. But, let's get familiar with a few of them.

Handle Height Adjustability

Not every user would need this, but to have the feature in your mop is quite comforting. Be it a short-statured person or a tall one, everybody benefits from this feature. You would be in hassle if the handle turns out to be too short or too long. Besides, height adjustability lets you reach distant places like underneath furniture.

Rotating Cleaning Head

Mops these days almost invariably come with this feature. These fully revolving cleaning heads let you maneuver easily when you are working. You might wanna make sure that this incredible feature doesn't go missing in your mop.

Size of The Cleaning Head

If your laminate floored room has some low furniture, then you should buy a mop with a cleaning head that is compact. Keep this in mind especially when you are looking for a steam mop. They tend to be bigger than others.

The Shape of The Cleaning Head

Triangular and rectangular cleaning heads are perfect for having access to corners. As for the round heads, they aren't really capable of doing those narrow spaces. Therefore, better avoid them if you have a whole lot of corners to mop.


To find out about the durability of the products you must go through the online user's review. That's the only way to know if the manufacturers had big mouths only or their products really delivered.


Your mop shouldn't give you a hard time by weighing too much. Especially, if there are any mobility issues involved for you, then it's a no-no. The dry mops weigh really light as well as the spray ones. Spin and steam mops are on the heavier side. So, watch out buying them if you are looking for lightness.

Mop Pads

Usually, mop pads come with any quality product these days. But, there are a few things to note. Firstly, make sure that you easily get new ones whenever the old pad gets worn out. The wise decision would be buying a mop that features a minimum of two mop pads. That would save time during the long working sessions. It would be better if the product features different types of pads, both dry and wet ones.

Tips for Cleaning Laminate Floors

There are certain ways to have your laminate floor cleaned. We are gonna talk about them in brief.

The Usual Cleaning

You need to swipe the floor regularly with the mop. If there are any spills, clean them up immediately. You might need mild detergent to clean perfectly.

The Classic Style of Using Hot Water

Fill the bucket, soak, wring out, mop; simple. Use lukewarm water instead of too hot. The mop should be mildly damp. Then mop thoroughly across the floor. Once you are done with cleaning, dry the floor with a microfiber cloth.

Using vinegar

Mix the vinegar with water. Spray it on the floor little by little. Wipe it out the floor using a damp cloth or mop. Then dry the floor with a cloth. You can also use a mild detergent. Mix them with a lukewarm water-filled bucket. Then soak, mop, wipe the floor and dry it with a fabric.


If there are any stubborn stains, you can use a window cleaner to wipe them out. Plastic knives do well with the chewing gum. And if there's any grease, freeze them away by applying an ice pack. Using Vacuums is also a great way to clean laminate floors.

Types of Mops

The right floor mop for laminate floors is the one that allows you to finish the job without needing too much water. An excessive amount of water is likely to ruin the floor. That would be really unpleasing. On the other hand, deficiency of water also leaves the floor improperly cleaned. Therefore, you want something in between.

There are various types of mops out there that will interest you. All your needs for cleaning your floors will be fulfilled by the quality products the market is packed with. So, be content and read on.

Dust Mops

If you need to clean the floors from dust only, then you should get the best dust mops for laminate floors you can find in the market. They come as tailor-made since there is no wetting involved. In terms of styles, there are quite a few options. If I may suggest, you will be better off with the electrically charged ones. These are single-use cloths.

If you happen to have household pets, then the dander they leave behind are easily picked by these mops. Also, they pick hair, dirt, dust, etc. There always are tiny pieces of messes the traditional brooms miss. You will find these mops helpful in this case. Needless to say how easy they are to use. So, yeah, a good option for anyone who loves their stuff simple.

Spray Mops

There is another option if you want to go beyond only dust cleaning. These mops fit conditions where one needs to clean surfaces but doesn't have to do the scrubbing yet. You will find a similarity between the dust mops and this particular type, and that is they both come as single-use cloths. Then there are some that come with microfiber cloths. These clothes are removable, washable and repeatedly reusable. These mops are known as microfiber mops for laminate floors.

What's really good about them is the ease of using. Once you have attached the cloth to the mop head and pressed the handle to get the cleaning solution, you are all set to mop. The spray's role is to remove the sticky messes on the surfaces.

Spin Mops

Spin mops are also the good option for cleaning your house floors. Whenever you feel like giving your floors a good mopping, you should grab this useful buddy and get right to work. The best thing about these sorts of mops is that they do not require much water. In fact, they demand a very insignificant amount when we compare with other traditional mops.

What these mops do is, they remove all the extra solution not leaving the floor wet. And if they didn't do so, your floors would have been ruined.

Steam Mops

If you happen to be a parent or own any pets, then the steam mops are perfect for you. These mops leave the floor super clean and perfectly sensitized. What is outstanding about them is that they do the cleaning job with perfection and are easy to use at the same time.

First, you need to fill the water reservoir. Then you plug the mop in. It will heat up in a short time. After that, you can get to mopping. These products come with mopping pads. You can remove the steam cleaning tool, wash and reuse them. All the steam mop requires is heated water. They do not need any harmful or toxic chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the laminate floor mops capable of cleaning other types of floors?

Yes. They clean floors including stone, tile, hardwood, etc. But you might need to change the cleaning cloth or pad sometimes.
Is it alright to use a string or sponge mop?
No. They leave marks on the floor. Also, they might ruin the floor by holding too much water.

Does the water require frequent changing?

Not really. Only when they get dirty, then you should refill.

Does the mop head need cleaning after mopping the laminate floor?

Yeah, you should wash them every time. Otherwise, they might give rise to odor.

Should I vacuum first before using the mop?

Yes, you should. Dust is attracted to the mop. Vacuuming first will prevent that occurrence.

How is a laminate floor made?

Five materials are used to make them form different unique layers to serve different purposes.

Final Words

We have tried to bring up everything that you should know before you purchase a mop. Hope our article will help you find the best mop for laminate floors . And let me know your thoughts about my recommendations in the comments section.

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