LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop Review

by Linea Lorenzo


As the name summons, Light 'N' Easy steam mop is the all in one grout cleaning solution for your home ambiance. Thus, it surpasses other cleaners and took the number 1 place.

It comes with a nugget full of advanced specifications. This multi-purpose steam cleaner is not only used for cleaning tile's grout but also you can get rid of greasy garments, sofas, kitchen sink, and faucets as well.

With this handheld steamer, you can do the cleaning without any wrist ache or back pain.

The reason to organize it as a handheld steamer is to ensure user comfort and elasticity.

Moreover, this steam mop has advanced steam settings which can intimidate any steam cleaners out there. And, being a magnificent multitasker it excels on smart sensor configuration and diverse cleaning purpose.

Hence, it's time to say goodbye to the gross garbage, grits and grimes forever.

LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop
LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop

Key features of LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop


Smart Configuration

The unique design and smart settings are bound to impress you in no time. Let's talk about the smart on/off configuration.

You can easily turn it on or off through pushing the glide upright.

Moreover, the steam temperature and unit control are just on your hand as well.

A specific slant and glide movement can release the powerful steam in the blink of your eyes.

Anyways you can't ask for more because it has finally granted your demands into consideration by assessing a high-medium-low steam setting. And, it's just another cookie to be on the business!

Hence, without any abruption, you're obtaining maximum productivity along with super-fast mobility.

Multi-purpose Cleaning

As I said earlier, the core aspect of introducing this workhorse to you is the diverse cleaning capabilities.

With a detachable handheld setting, you can alter this into a garment wrinkle remover, a pet hair remover, an upholstery refresher, and a deep bathroom cleaner. Even you can clean cigarette smoke from walls with this versatile cleaning machine easily.

Oh, sofas, kitchen sinks, and faucets as well.

Well, what about surface cleaning? Isn't it messy yet? What if I tell you that with Light and Easy steam you can wreck the grime from the deepest and darkest corners of your house.

Not only for grout and tiles, but you can also utilize the supremely advanced settings for various surfaces such as marble tile, vinyl, ceramic, stone, sealed wood flooring, and laminate as well.

Now you know why I named it as a multi-tasker workhorse.

Make sure you read the instruction manual properly before tightening your pants to work.

Smart Sensor

To dissolve the risk of possible accidents, this steam mop provides smart sensor options. When you hold the sensor, it automatically starts steaming. And, as you leave the censor the steaming immediately stops.

Now we're talking smart. Aren't we?

100% chemical Free

Well, chemicals are highly effective in cleaning purposes but you can't deny the fact that chemical intensity is not only sensitive for the atmosphere but also requires abundant safety precautions to follow.

But what if I tell you that just with distilled water you can clean the mess from every goofy place of your house.

Some chemicals react faster than regular adhesives. And it's highly recommended not to apply strong chemical detergents if you have any toddler in your house. Hence, chemical-free grout cleaners are universally cherished.

Creates 110°C Steam!

Are you tired of old stains and sticky mess? Rejoice! This all in one steam cleaner can utilize 110 degrees C steam which works tremendously on gross gunk.

What about drying? Come on! With that steaming power can absorb all the damp surfaces within minutes.

Fast wash and dry cleaning solution now in your hands!

  • Perfect for a home with kids and pets.
  • One year quality assurance.
  • 1 year 24 years free servicing.
  • Weighs only 6.3 pounds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Slightly inconsistent. Though it's a rare scenario.
  • A bit pricy.
  • Vague instruction manual.



Does it come with any attachments or it's solely equipped?

- yes, it comes with approximately 6 attachments. You'll have a mop, cloth pad, a hose, tiny handheld pad, a jet stream nozzle and lastly a water cup.

Does Light 'N' Easy offer any servicing policy?

- yes. it offers a 1 year 24 years servicing policy. You can contact them if you come to across any inconvenience within this time.

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