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Best Sponge Mops Every House Needs in 2021

Despite what you may think, there is a lot more to a mop than something that just cleans floors. Thanks to newer technologies that brought the best sponge mops to the market.

These types of mops can now be used for a lot of other things except cleaning floors.

Sponge mops in particular are much more useful than they appear to be. The heads are easier (and cheaper) to replace than standard mops, and they are much easier to carry than most standard mops.

Sponge mops can also be used to clean more than just floors. They can be used to clean walls and even ceilings. This is something that standard mops just cannot do.

Top Picks : 5 Sponge Mops

Sponge mops: A buying guide

Nearly every household is likely to own a roller mop, whether it is a standard mop or a sponge mop. Whether you need a best sponge mop for vinyl floors or laminate floors there are myriad op options.

While sponge mops are very useful cleaning tools, there are still some things that you should know before buying one or upgrading the one you currently own.

First, you should know what you are cleaning. Some sponge mops are designed specifically for cleaning floors, but some sponge mops can clean a lot of other things other than floors. You should know which one would be proper for your home.

Another thing you should know is if the sponge mop is bare like a standard mop is, or if the sponge mop has compartments that dispenses solution and other things. The former is typically used for simple cleaning tasks while more complicated tasks might demand the latter.

The size of the sponge mop is the final thing you should pay attention to. While many sponge mops are easy to store and carry, some of them can take up more space than they need to take.

There is also the issue of taking them with you. If you need to take a sponge mop with you somewhere, you should pay attention to how big the sponge mop is.

5 Sponge Mop Reviews

1. Steel original mop by Casabella

A lot of sponge mops come with complicated features and have so many detachable add on components that they can be confusing to use. While these sponge mops have their place, they don’t offer much if all you want is a sponge mop and nothing else.

Casabella’s sponge mop is just that: A sponge mop. There are no gimmicks, no solution dispensers, just a steel rod with a sponge mop head at the end of it and a lever that wrings it.

One thing that does stand out with Casabella’s sponge mop is that the shaft is made of steel. Unlike most other sponge mops that have plastic shafts, Casabella’s won’t be as breakable.

In many cases, this is all you need in a sponge mop, especially if you do not really encounter a lot of dirt or spills and just need a sponge mop to periodically clean certain things. There are no complications when it comes to Casabella’s sponge mop and this is a good thing.

However, what you see is all you get with Casabella’s sponge mop. Because there are no gimmicks, no attachments, and no real additional features, Casabella’s sponge mop promises virtually nothing and you are completely left to your own devices when cleaning with it.


2. Commercial PVA sponge mop with handle by Rubbermaid

When you buy a sponge mop, you should expect it to last a very long time. Most sponge mops do not last a long time, since they are made from materials that do not really last long when exposed to the chemicals and elements that most mop heads are exposed to.

Rubbermaid’s sponge mop head is made from PVA materials, which are resistant to all kinds of chemicals and elements. This makes said mop heads last much longer, and you will not need to replace them as much as you would any other sponge mop head.

Another good thing about Rubbermaid’s sponge mop is that it is very easy to carry and simple in its design. If you need a sponge mop for a small establishment or an office, you’ll get a lot out of Rubbermaid’s sponge mop.

However, if you are looking for a sponge mop that can do a little more than clean small spills off of the floor, you’ll need to look elsewhere. What you see is what you get when it comes to Rubbermaid’s sponge mop, as it does not have any significant features that make it more effective.


3. Super squeeze sponge mop by Quickie

Something that many do not really like about sponge mops is that the mop heads are not very absorbent, causing you to replace said mop heads more than you would like. This is annoying and inconvenient.

Quickie’s squeeze mop is made from an extra absorbent sponge that is made of cellulose, meaning it not only absorbs a lot, but is also easy to wring out, making the mop head that much better than most other sponge mop heads.

The mop head is also not very abrasive, meaning it is possible to mop any kind of surface with it. If you want to, it is possible to clean walls and even countertops with Quickie’s sponge mop.

The handle on Quickie’s sponge mop is made of steel and is 48 inches long. This makes it easier to reach certain areas than most other sponge mops. It also contains a built in spot scrubber which can come in handy in some situations.

Because of how absorbent Quickie’s sponge mop head is, it can be difficult to completely wring it out. If you want to wring it out to where it is completely dry, you will probably struggle. Quickie’s sponge mop also does not have any other capabilities other than the spot scrubber.


4. Standard 11 Inch double roller PVA sponge mop set by The Super

PVA materials are becoming more and more popular when it comes to sponge mops because of how durable they are and how resistant they are to certain things. This is one thing that makes The Super’s sponge mop so effective.

The mop head is made from PVA materials which means it can clean nearly any kind of spill, stain, or collection of dirt. There are very few things that will fall from The Super’s sponge mop head, and this makes The Super’s sponge mop perfect for anybody who cleans professionally.

Even better, two double rolling PVA mop heads come with this set. The backup mop head is very nice, especially if you want to use The Super’s sponge mop a lot.

The grip on The Super’s sponge mop is also made of PVA, which is very nice. Most other sponge mops do not the most effective grips on their handles, as this is overlooked.Aside from the lever that wrings the mop head, there is nothing additional about The Super’s sponge mop. There are no scrubbers attached and there is no device that pumps solution and dispenses it in front of the mop. You will be left to your own devices when it comes to how you want to clean with The Super’s sponge mop.


5. Wayclean microfiber butterfly squeeze mop by Casabella

When microfiber is used in a mop head, it makes cleaning a lot easier than cleaning using other kinds of materials. Casabella’s butterfly squeeze mop head is made of microfiber, which can attract and hold dust if you are using this particular squeeze mop for dusting.

The microfiber head in Casabella’s butterfly squeeze mop is also machine washable, which is much different and better than most other sponge mop heads which are often not able to be washed. And if they are washable, they can come apart really quickly, forcing you to refill said mop head anyway.

Another good feature of Casabella’s microfiber mop head is that it can velcro onto the end of the mop, making it easy to attach. All these things make Casabella’s butterfly mop very useful for anybody who uses it to clean a lot.

Other than its impressive microfiber mop head, there is nothing else that is really special about Casabella’s butterfly squeeze mop. There are no enhanced grips, no convenient scrubbers attached, and there is nothing too impressive about the handle.


Sponge mops are very useful for a number of things. While most of them do not contain the features, attachments, and other kinds of additional compartments that specialty mops have, they do have their place in a home, office, or establishment.

This is because sponge mops are easy to set up and are easy to maintain. They are also very easy to carry if you need to transport it.

You never know when you will encounter a spill, stain, or other such mess that could require a sponge mop. This is why you should own one for your home, office, or establishment.