15 Places I Bet You Are Forgetting to Clean

by Liz Gonzales

We all clean our homes every day, or at least once a week ( if we're lazy :)). But did you know that there might be some places that you probably forgot to clean or never noticed were dirty. Or maybe you thought those aren't places that need cleaning or people won't notice when they visit your home.

That's why in this article we're going to show you places that you leave unclean but don't know about it. But you'll understand these are also important places that need cleaning. So, let's get right to it!

Places I Bet You Forget to Clean

 Places I Bet You Forget to Clean
Places I Bet You Forget to Clean

Well, when it comes to cleaning, at least every person has overlooked the below places:

Washing Machine

Usually, we use washing machines to clean our clothes, right? But have you ever wondered if that very washing machine needs cleaning itself? No one would've guessed so.

You may have noticed your clothes losing that fresh, clean scent after a wash. That's when you know that it's because your washing machine is dirty itself and isn't cleaning as efficiently as it used to when it was brand new.

At least cleaning your washing machine won't be so hard. All you need to do is pour some white vinegar and baking soda into the washer with hot water. It'll be clean with only one wash!


Many of us skip out on cleaning our curtains, especially the ones which aren't machine washable or dryable. For example, blinds or drapes, etc.

These need specific instructions and care to be cleaned. But it's important to clean your curtains because most of the dust, dirt, pollen, or mold form well on them. You can either use a damp cloth or a small vacuum cleaner to clean your curtains or blinds.

Door Frames

Because doors are very thin pieces of wood, they usually go unnoticed the most. But did you know that the top of the doors has the most dust on them? We don't usually put anything there or touch that place so there's no way we could know.

But cleaning it won't be that hard. Just get a feather duster and reach the top and dust it off. You can dust the side as well while you're at it.


The coffee pot from your coffee maker is used daily. And you usually keep it filled with the caffeine all day and night and clean it once in a while. But rinsing it won't be enough. Even if it's with warm water and soap.

What you really need to do is rinse it with equal parts of white vinegar and water. And afterward, rinse that off with only water to get rid of the smell of vinegar. This will get rid of salts forming inside and prevents any mold from growing.

Large Appliances

Cleaning behind refrigerators, under the stove, or around your oven, is scary and exhausting to many. But you can't avoid it for the rest of your life. We know it's risky, but it needs to be done at least once a year.

You need to unplug your refrigerator and slide it around so you can reach behind. Make sure to clean the coils with a brush and vacuum. Wipe down the walls on all sides of the refrigerator with a damp rag and soap. Often these cleaning mistakes happen when cleaning large appliances.

Same with the stove. If it's an electric stove, then unplug and move it aside. If it's a gas stove, then turn the gas pipeline off and disconnect it from the stove and move it aside. Then go ahead and scrub the area clean.

For an installable oven, unplug and move it aside and clean the spot and clean all over the oven's body with a damp rag. If it's a wall-installed oven, then clean the walls of the oven, especially the glass.


Trash cans usually have foul smells and moisture forms molds at the bottom. Just removing the trash bag doesn't mean your bin is clean. Sometimes it's necessary to scrub and rinse the inside of the trash can too. You can always spray a disinfectant or keep an old newspaper at the bottom of the can before placing the trash bag in. It keeps it cleans and gets rid of the awful stench.


The baseboards of your home collect the most dust and dirt particles all day long. It's tough work, but it shouldn't be considered optional and ignored. Imagine all the furniture dust and dirt from foot traffic from you, your pets, or other people.

You can clean the baseboards by vacuum cleaning them. You could also wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fan rotates in one direction for a long time and therefore, the blade edges catch dirt and harden on edge. And when your ceiling fan isn't running, the top side of the blade starts to catch dust as well.

Of course, we can't see since the side of the blade we view usually stays clean. Instead of using a long stick duster and messing up the rest of the house, there's an easier trick you can use.

All you have to do is cover the fan blade with a pillow cover and then rub and pat the dirt off the blade. All those dust bunnies gather inside the pillow cover. You can later overturn the pillow cover and shake the dust off. So, it's pretty simple.

Light Switches, Knobs, And Handles

The very light switches, knobs, and handles you and everyone touch have plenty of germs and stains that you never notice. You can use an anti-bacterial agent or vinegar. It disinfects them and also removes any stains that dried up on the switches and handles.

Toothbrush Holder

We know it's important to clean your toothbrush. But have you thought about your toothbrush holder before? You probably overlooked that.

All the water droplets trail down from the toothbrush and gather at the bottom of the holder where it grows mold, bacteria, and fungus. From this your toothbrush will also catch those, and you will most likely get sick.

To protect your own hygiene, you should at least clean it once a week, so you don't catch these germs. You can rinse and dry it, or wipe it with a damp cloth, or you could throw the toothbrush holder into your dishwasher and let the washer do its work.

Shower Curtain

Shower curtains usually collect dew that becomes slippery. It also catches dirt and stains over the dew or catches soap scum. But shower curtains are washing machine friendly.

So, you can just take them off and put them in your washing machine along with your towels, etc. Add detergent, a cup of baking soda to the washer and your curtains will start sparkling again.


Your dishwasher, as like your washing machine, is also neglected. We seem to think since it always cleans other things, that means it also cleans itself with every wash. But that's not true. Sometimes it gets clogged or moldy.

To clean your dishwasher, start with cleaning out your dishwasher filter. Then run a wash cycle with hot water and add a cup of white vinegar. This will remove hard-water deposit stains, soap scum, and clogged food anywhere.

Throw Pillows

Some people have throw pillows on their bed or living room couches. These attract dust, dirt, food, dead skin, etc. very easily. Most throw pillows are machine washable.

But for the pillows that aren't, they need to be cleaned a bit differently. You can vacuum the dust and dirt out through suction. And for stains, you can take a sponge or cloth and dab the pillow with baking soda. You can also add an odor eliminating product so they can smell fresh.


Television, air conditioning, etc. remotes are things we never bother to clean. But they have plenty of germs. It's not like any of us think of washing our hands before or after touching a remote. So, it's very obvious for it to have germs of different people.

The remote's body is usually oily, so you can use rubbing alcohol or vinegar for that. And don't forget to clean the place where you place the batteries. Take the batteries out and wipe that cavity of the remote with an anti-bacterial disinfectant to keep germs or mold from forming and destroying the batteries along with it.

Cleaning Supplies

Holikme 5 Pack Kitchen Cleaning Brush Set, Dish Brush for Cleaning, Kitchen Scrub Brush&Bendable Clean Brush&Groove Gap Brush&Scouring Pad for Pot and Pan, Kitchen Sink, Green
Holikme 5 Pack Kitchen Cleaning Brush Set, Dish Brush for Cleaning, Kitchen Scrub Brush&Bendable Clean Brush&Groove Gap Brush&Scouring Pad for Pot and Pan, Kitchen Sink, Green

Well, we've come to those objects we don't bother to turn out attention to for cleaning. We use these cleaning accessories to clean with, but never stop to think if they need cleaning themselves.

Most people just buy new cleaning materials. But what if we could keep our cleaning supplies clean and let them last longer? You can do the following:

  • Scrub your toilet brushes and scrubbing brushes clean.
  • Dust out your brooms and dusters.
  • Soak your sponges in disinfecting liquid agents and hot water.
  • Wash your cleaning rags in your washing machine.

Do the above weekly, and you won't have to keep buying new cleaning supplies.


Of course, cleaning is boring and always takes up lots of energy and time. So, it's expected that you'd want to do as little work as possible and clean only what is visibly dirty or smells.

But these overlooked spots might create a larger problem in the long run. So, don't forget to clean the overlooked spots of the house.

About Liz Gonzales

Liz lives in a suburb in New York city.
Both of her parents are the art professors at Sate University of New York.
As such, Liz grew up with all kinds of art objects, portraits, and books laying around the home.
Liz met up with Linea through another friend in some kind of online art forum. There great minds sparkled to take their passions onto the next level @ linea.io.

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