How to Remove Pet Hair From Car

by Liz Gonzales

Sure thing you enjoy the ride with your pets or occasionally you need to transport with your pet into your car.

But after the ride, you see the pet hair all over the seats and carpeting of the car which quite normal as pets sheds everywhere.

How much hair gets attached to the car is depends on the type of pet you have. In the case of the Huskies, our deepest sympathy for you.

However, you love your car as well as your pet. You care about your car too. So you have to be aware of the cleaning of pet hair from your vehicle. You may fail to get rid of pet hair out of the vehicle. And of course, excluding them from the car isn't the best solution.

That's why you're in here to find out the better way. So no worry, you come to the right place.

We've got some smart and easiest ways to remove pet hair from the car. Hope you get to benefit from these below tips.

The easiest way to remove pet hair from the car

 The easiest way to remove pet hair from the car
The easiest way to remove pet hair from the car

1. Using rubber gloves

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Using rubber gloves is one of the most common ways to get out pet hair from the upholstery and carpet. So you can use this trick in the car as well as the carpet of your home.

To apply this, you need to put in hand and wet the gloves or the seats. Then just wipe top to bottom in one direction of the seats to accumulate the fur. The hair clumped because of the moisture.

You can use latex or household glove. If you have allergies or sensitivity to latex then you can use nitrile gloves. Some gloves are found in the market that specially designed to pick up pet hair.

Alternatively, you can apply a wet washcloth or sponge in the same way if you don't have rubber gloves or don't like to use the gloves.

2. Give a thorough vacuuming

Vacuuming For Car
Vacuuming For Car

Vacuuming is getting popular because of its versatile application! And there are many vacuums out there with rubber bristle brush attachments specially made for pull or loosen the hair.

These vacuums are helpful for those who are in corporate life or don't have enough time to clean up the mess in the traditional way. In the case of picking a vacuum, try to purchase a handheld pet vacuum cleaner that is user-friendly and convenient

A specialized vacuum for the car has enough suction power to suck up hair from the carpet, upholstery, car and so more. Most of these vacuums have featured a crevice tool that helps you to reach every nook and cranny.

Besides a thorough vacuuming is not only pick up pet hair but also clean all the messes of seats or carpet. Else if you want a hassle-free cleaning then a handheld pet vacuum cleaner is a great option.

3. Collect hair with tape

This is another simple way that you can apply to pick up all pet hair. All you need to do this with the help of duct tape or packaging tape.

First, wrap a piece of duct tape around your hands with the sticky side facing outwards. Then press firmly the place where the hair is covered with the pet hair. The stickiness of the tape can make the hair attached with the wrapped hand.

Once your tape is fully covered with hair, it will lose its stickiness. So for you should change the tape to continue the tusk. Repeat this till the car is completely free from the hair.

After doing that you will be amazed to see how much quicker the tape collects the pet hair.

4. Collect hair with lint rollers

We recommend lint rollers if you don't like to go with the tape . The lint rollers are classic, handy, and inexpensive too. It covers with adhesive and simply roll to catch the pet hair.

To use it first remove the protective layer, then roll them along the area of the car that is covered with the pet hair. The hair attached with the sticky roll and you can easily get out the pet hair.

So, stock on a lint roller from the nearest shop and get an effective result in your rush time.

Alternatively, you can you velcro curlers which is a tool to curl the hair. Rolling the tool on the seat or carpeting of the car to collect the pet hair.

5. Water and fabric softener solution

This process is needed if you can't eliminate pet hair in single steps or one device. It requires a little bit of time but the result is amazing.

First, you need to make a solution of equal parts of fabric softener and water. Keep the solution in a spray bottle. Then spray on the desired area. This solution can loosen the hair from the seats and carpet of the car.

Don't forget to wear a pair of rubber gloves during spray. Once you complete spraying on the area then take a scrubber to scrub the wet seat. Because of scrubbing, you can see the hair become loosen then leave it dry.

After drying give a complete vacuum over the area to collect all the loose pet hair. To get the best result use vacuum brush roller attachments.

6. Rub with the pumice stone

This method is an alternative to the scrubber. Pumice stone with fabric softener solution is to make the process more effective.

Applying the solution you can use a pumice stone to break the static bond between fabric and the pet hair. And after rubbing with the pumice stone you can see how nicely it accumulate the pet hair.

Finally to remove the hair from the stone simply spray it with the fabric softener solution or just deep into a water bucket for a quick wash.

7. Use a fur remover brush

This is another easy way to clean up the pet hair from your vehicle. If you don't want to invest in a vacuum cleaner then this is a good option for you. It's an affordable and effective method too.

Take the fur remover brush and comb the car seat or carpet. The rubber bristle can dislodge the deep-rooted hair though it gentle on the upholstery.

8. Grooming your pet

Don't be short of pet grooming! This is one of the preventive tips that help you to keep away from pet hair. Else, it's essential to manage pet hair. It helps to reduce the fall down of hair from the pet.

All you need a de-shedding glove that is made for pet grooming or you can use a fur remover brush to groom your pet.

If you do it regularly then the shed becomes less that makes your task easy when you clean the car. With a little amount of fur or shed you can clean the car within less time that saves valuable time of yours!

9. Use a blanket on the seat

If you don't want to like any shed on your car then this trick will benefit you. Before the car ride with your pet, take a blanket and cover the seat with it. So that all hair falls into the blanket without harming your seat.

After the finish, the ride, just put it out from the seat and wash it properly to dispose of all the hair or debris.

10.Use crate or pet cover to pet transit

A pet crate or pet cover is like a seat for your pet. We recommend it as its safe, inexpensive and it doesn't let fall any pet hair and mess in your car.

If possible then you can purchase it to make your pet's journey safe. For safety, first put your pet in the crate then secure him/her with a safety belt or latch system.

Another good side of this, after the trip, you can wash it and store it for the next use.

The crate or pet cover is not only beneficial for the pet hair exposure in the car but also good to keep your pet safe from other nasty things.

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Final thoughts on How to Remove Pet Hair From Car

There is no doubt about the loyalty and baby nature of the pet but it doesn't mean we overlook their shed.

Overall we hope our tips make it easier to have a trip with your adorable pets. And lastly, don't forget to share with us any tips that you have ever apply to clean up pet hair in the comment box below.

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