How Have Public Service Campaigns Changed Over Time?

by Liz Gonzales

In the 20th century, public service campaigns were all about educating people on how to prevent themselves from contracting a disease. Nowadays, public service campaigns are still trying to educate people on how they can stay healthy but also focus more on what you can do for others and society as a whole. This is because in today's world we're faced with many societal problems such as poverty and racism that we need to address head-on in order for us to create positive change in our communities.

In this blog post I will be exploring three different examples of the changes in public service campaigns over time: The Surgeon General Report (1960), Smokey Bear (1944) and "I Am A Man" (1968).

Historically, public service campaigns have been used to inform the public about important issues. Recently, the advertising industry has started using them for commercial purposes.

How Have Public Service Campaigns Changed Over Time?
How Have Public Service Campaigns Changed Over Time?

Which is the main difference between these two public service ads?

The two public service ads shown in this article are from the UK and show a stark contrast in attitudes towards men. The UK has been slow to catch up with other countries in terms of gender equality, but it is slowly improving. In recent years there have been more male teachers, nurses and care workers than before, as well as more female CEOs. However, negative views on masculinity still persist in some areas of society today- such as when fathers take time off work after childbirth or for mental health issues. This needs to change because it's important that men feel supported by their families and wider society when they need it most.

  • The two public service ads shown here exemplify the difference between how our society views men versus women today: one ad.
  • In the first public service ad, a woman is trying to get her child away from a man who is wielding a knife
  • In the second public service ad, two children are playing with toy guns and one of them shoots his friend in the face
  • The main difference between these two ads is that in the first one, there's an immediate threat to life or limb whereas in the second one, there's no imminent danger
  • The first public service ad was created by the American Academy of Pediatrics as part of their campaign against gun violence while this second video was produced by Mothers Against Drunk Driving as part of their campaign against drunk driving
  • The message being conveyed by each organization through its respective public service advert reflects those organizations' missions - AAP wants to protect kids from violent crimes whereas MADD wants to prevent drunk drivers from harming innocent people on our roads
  • It would be difficult for someone watching either of these videos not to take action and change their behavior after seeing it - both videos drive home key messages about how we can improve society and make it safer for everyone else around us.

The first is more focused on the character, and on communicating an idea about healthcare. The second ad seems to be trying too hard to make a point about price, and comes across as less engaging as a result.

What are the purposes of a public service campaign select three options?

Public service campaigns are a tool used by governments, NGOs and other organizations to spread awareness about an issue that is currently ongoing. They often use a catchy slogan or catchphrase in order to get their message across. In this blog post we will explore the three purposes of public service campaigns, which are:

  • To raise awareness of an issue
  • To motivate people to take action related to the particular issue
  • To persuade people on an opinion-related topic

Which statement best describes the public service campaign?

What are the purpose of a public service campaign?

Public service campaigns are a great way to get your message out there and make people aware of the consequences of not following a certain set of rules. One example is if you have a child who may be prone to putting things in their mouth, it's important for them not to put anything dangerous in their mouths or they could choke.

A public service campaign would tell parents how to keep their kids safe from choking by making sure they don't eat any unsafe items. Public Service Campaigns can also help with awareness on topics such as texting while driving, drugs, alcohol abuse and more! Do you know about any public service campaigns that have been successful? Share your thoughts below!

What is the main difference between these two public service ads?

In the video, Alcohol vs. Marijuana: Which is Worse? we see two public service announcements with a similar message of staying away from drugs and alcohol. The only difference is that one features marijuana while the other features alcohol. In both cases, there are people who have suffered because of substance abuse but in these videos, they represent different substances which will lead to different consequences for the person abusing them. I'm going to explain what each ad talks about and then give my opinion on how effective it would be at deterring someone from using that substance.


Public service campaigns have changed a lot over the past few decades. In 1938, President Roosevelt used radio to warn Americans about the dangers of falling for cons and other scams in times of economic hardship. The campaign was one that would be unheard today due to its lack of personalization or focus on how it will affect you personally--a stark contrast from more recent campaigns like "Be Nice" focused on ending bullying. This is just one example of how public service campaigns have evolved with each new generation's priorities and challenges. If you want help creating an effective PSA campaign tailored to your business goals, contact us today!

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