Best Carpet Shampooers for Pets

As wonderful as pets can be, it can be very troublesome to clean up after them.

Nowhere is this more true than in homes with carpets, which can get extremely dirty because of pet stains.

No matter what kind of pet you have, they will wreak havoc of all kinds on carpets, and if you do not clean up after them regularly, the carpet can not only end up looking unattractive but can also be unsanitary.

Cleaning carpets if you have pets is not just limited to vacuuming and nothing else. It also goes beyond using common carpet shampoo, as these can be unsafe for pets.

In order to have properly cleaned carpets if you have pets, you’ll need a carpet shampoo that is pet friendly.

While you may think that something like carpet shampooers for pets are all the same because of how specific they are in description alone, different carpet shampooers have different properties and features.

Top Picks : 5 Best Carpet Shampooers for Pets

Carpet shampooers for pets: A Buying Guide

Buying a carpet shampoo sight unseen is never a good idea.

Different shampooers are better for different pets, and you’ll want to be able to distinguish which ones are optimal for your carpet.

Because there are also different pets that can be kept in a home, you’ll also need to know what kinds of carpet shampooers are best for these pets as well. You cannot just think about yourself here.

Here are some things that you should look for when selecting a carpet shampooer that is pet friendly.

What kind of pets do you have?

The kind of pet you have can have a pretty solid effect on your floor, much less how you want to clean said floor.

Some pets are kept in cages and do not really interfere with your carpet at all. If they are let out of their cage, they are usually too small to create any serious dirt tracks or stains.

But then you have pets that roam around your carpet all day, sometimes even defecating on it. They also track dirt when taken outside, and can even bring in pests such as fleas or even ticks after being taken outside.

For these types of pets, you will need to know what kinds of carpet shampooers are not only pet friendly but are also very powerful in their cleaning efforts.

Knowing what kinds of pets you have is the very first thing you need to consider when selecting a pet friendly carpet shampoo. In fact, the other considerations are more or less centered around this consideration.

How often do you need to clean your carpet?

This is somewhat related to what kinds of pets you own, but you need to determine how many times you need to clean your carpet assuming your pets only do things out of the ordinary to affect the carpet.

This means you’ll need to account for how much dirt your pets track while walking over the carpet, and how this can affect your carpets demands for being cleaned.

It may also mean that you’ll need to clean the carpet much more frequently than you previously did. For example, if you cleaned your carpet four times a year before owning pets, you might need to now clean your carpet eight times a year to account for what your pets will do to the carpet.

Something that you need to know is if you have pets who walk on the carpet, track dirt into it, and occasionally defecate onto it, you’ll likely have no choice but to regularly clean the carpet.

How many pets do you own?

Different pet owning situations will affect what kind of carpet shampooer you should get as well.

If you just have one or two pets who are well behaved enough to where you know that they will not affect your carpet too much, you probably do not need a very powerful carpet shampooer.

You probably also will not need a terribly powerful carpet shampooer if you own a few pets who are very well behaved and who you know will not track a lot of dirt onto your carpet.

It’s pets who are not well behaved that are a cause for concern, and the more of these pets you own, the more powerful you are going to want your carpet shampooer to be.

If you have one or two pets who are not well behaved, you might be able to get away with a carpet shampooer of average strength. But that is only if you are willing to clean the carpets regularly.

If you own many pets who are not well behaved, you have no real choice. Go for the most powerful carpet shampooer possible.

Armed with this kind of knowledge, check out the following featured carpet shampooers and make your decision from there.

Top 5 Best Carpet Shampooers for Pets

“Power Scrub Elite” upright lightweight carpet cleaner and shampooer by Hoover

One of the biggest concerns anybody who shampoos carpets is drying time. This concern is even more pronounced when pets are involved, as they will need to be kept in another room while waiting for the carpet to dry. This can be a very painful process, especially when it takes a significantly long time for the carpet to dry.

The Power Scrub Elite by Hoover addresses this issue very well. While it can take most carpet shampooers several hours to dry, it only takes floors shampooed and cleaned by the Power Scrub Elite 45 or so minutes to dry. This reduction in wait time makes things much more convenient for pet owners who need to shampoo their carpets.

Mixing the proper detergents is also another challenge that those who shampoo carpets face, and again, this is especially true when it comes to pet owners. Fortunately, the Power Scrub Elite is equipped with automatic detergent mixing technology that will detect perfect combinations of water and detergent. This is very useful when shampooing a carpet while being pet friendly at the same time, which often entails very complicated combinations.

Unfortunately, there is a catch to how long carpets shampooed by the Power Scrub Elite take to dry. It indeed only takes 45 minutes to dry, but that is when it is in its quick clean mode. The cleaning power of this quick clean mode is heavily compromised, meaning you’ll only really be able to take advantage of it if your pets do not really track a lot of dirt into your carpets or create a lot of stains.

“ProHeat 2x Revolution” pet pro full size carpet cleaner by Bissell

Power and variety are the two most in-demand qualities when it comes to carpet shampooers for pets.

Very few of these shampooers offer both. They usually offer one or the other, or if they offer both, they usually do not deliver too well in either.

The ProHeat 2x Revolution by Bissell has this problem solved. It contains two modes, the max clean mode and the express clean mode. If you own a lot of pets that wreak havoc on your carpets, you’ll want to use the max clean mode. The max clean mode applies pretreater to its 12 rows of brushes that will remove any carpet stain and most importantly, the odors associated with those stains.

Naturally, it will take a very long time for carpets shampooed and cleaned by the max clean mode to dry. If you do not need so much power and instead want to shampoo your carpets to dry quicker, use the express clean mode. The express clean mode will still shampoo the carpets, but will only take about 30 minutes for them to dry. This is perfect if you own pets that do not track a lot of dirt or do not cause too many stains.

If you want to use the ProHeat 2x Revolution on its max clean mode, you will need additional supplies. You’ll need pretreater as well as specific formulas, and you’ll need to know exactly how to combine both of them. Both are sold separately, as well.

Portable spot cleaner machine by Rug Doctor

It can be difficult to carry the common upright carpet shampooer. While this is negligible when it comes to homes with only one floor, it can be troublesome when it comes to homes with multiple floors. 

This is especially true when there are pets present. Carrying an upright carpet shampooer from floor to floor can lead to some of the solution and other fluids that it uses to clean a carpet spilling.

Rug Doctor’s carpet shampooer solves this issue in a creative way. Being a canister design similar to most hard floor steam cleaners, it is much easier to carry around than its upright counterparts while still being able to clean carpets just as effectively as any other shampooer.

You will get a lot out of Rug Doctor’s carpet shampooer if all you need to do is clean specific pet stains and nothing more. Containing a hose like contraption with a motorized suction brush at the end, it functions as a vacuum as well as a cleaner. It is perfect for cleaning small pet stains all over the home, no matter how many floors the home has.

If you do need to shampoo entire floors, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Rug Doctor’s carpet shampooer is only truly designed for cleaning small scale pet stains and nothing more. Because of the small area and diameter of the suction brush at the end of the hose, it is literally impossible to clean entire carpets with it.

“SpotBot” hands free spot and stain cleaner with deep reach technology by Bissell

Shampooing a carpet can take a very, very long time, even if all you need to do is clean certain pet stains and spots and not the entire carpet itself.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of this could be done completely hands free, by doing nothing but programming a machine to do it? Of course it would.

Something like this is completely possible with the SpotBot, Bissell’s state of the art pet friendly carpet cleaner. Containing the same kind of brushes and suctioning technology that most other pet friendly spot cleaning devices contain, all you need to do to use it to clean a pet stain on the carpet is to choose a cleaning cycle, assign where you want the SpotBot to clean, and the machine will go over the assigned area.

While it is possible to clean entire carpets with the SpotBot, it is really only designed for cleaning small areas and spots. It is not cordless like you think it would be: The SpotBot’s cord only yields about 15 feet in length, restricting it to solitary carpet areas near an outlet. If you are looking for an automatic carpet cleaner that can clean stains around the entire house, you will need to carry the SpotBot around to do this.

Cleaning the SpotBot’s fluid holding tanks is much more difficult to do than it is for its counterparts that are operated manually. This can lead to buildup developing in the tanks, which can also lead to calcium and even mold to develop. You’ll need to take a lot more time and effort to clean the holding tanks than you would other carpet shampooers.

“DeepClean Premier” pet carpet cleaner by Bissell

You’ll want Bissell’s DeepClean Premier If you own a lot of pets that create a lot of dirt and stains on your carpet. It contains everything you need to make sure that your carpet looks perfect for a very long time, even if you deal with a lot of pets in the home.

Among these are Bissell’s signature heatwave technology, which maintains consistent water temperature as you clean your carpet with it. This is very, very useful if you have different kinds of pets in the home, which can demand consistent water temperatures while their stains are cleaned.

The power brushes at the end of the DeepClean Premier are extremely powerful, and will dig very deep into any carpet to clean out pet stains from the foundation. Again, this is very useful if you are dealing with many pets who can track a lot of dirt and cause a lot of stains. Combined with the heatwave technology, you will not need to worry about new stains developing afterwards.

The DeepClean Premier is much better at cleaning large carpeted areas than it is cleaning certain spots. Because it is so massive, it is extremely difficult to carry around and you’ll need to clear out a substantial amount of space to store it.

Types of carpet cleaners for pets

Just like there are all kinds of pets that you can keep in your home, so too exist different kinds of carpet cleaners that are pet friendly.

All of these types play different roles and have their own specific place when cleaning up after your pet.

The first type of pet friendly carpet cleaner is the spot remover. 

These are typically very small and easy to carry around. If you already possess a traditional carpet cleaner and just need something that can remove pet stains where your traditional carpet cleaner cannot, consider getting a spot remover.

Spot cleaners are also very useful if you need to target an isolated pet stain, such as urine. A lot of the time, spot cleaners are so concentrated in their function that it can actually be preferable to clean substantial stains with them instead of using large scale carpet shampooers.

On the subject of pet friendly carpet shampooers, these represent the second type of pet friendly carpet cleaner.

Usually resembling very large and intimidating machines, pet friendly carpet shampooers are what you will need to have if you have a lot of pets in the home. A lot of the time, the dirt that pets (as well as people) track into the carpet can work its way into the foundation of the carpet.

And because of the continuous amount of traffic that multiple pets can provide, you’ll need to regularly clean the carpet. Using a pet friendly carpet shampooer will help greatly with this.

While these are the two main types of carpet cleaners for pets, variations of these also exist. There are automatic spot cleaners, which are the same as spot cleaners except they can be programmed to clean certain stains, which can save a lot of time and effort.

Pet friendly steam cleaners also exist. Steam cleaners are typically designed for hard floor surfaces, and even hard floor surfaces can contain pet stains that can be difficult to eliminate. A pet friendly steam cleaner can do a really good job of eliminating these.

How to eliminate pet urine odors in carpets

Pet urine is easily one of the most difficult stains to remove in a carpet.

Not only is pet urine difficult to eliminate, but eliminating the odor can be impossible.

If you wait too late to remove the stain, it can work its way into the foundation underneath the carpet and not only will the stain last forever, but the odor will never go away.

Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate pet urine odors in carpets.

Do not forget that pet urine is no different than any other kind of urine in that it contains a lot of acid and other substances and chemicals that can work its way underneath a carpet very quickly.

Because of this, the first thing that should be done is to cover the urine stain with a substance that produces the opposite effect: A kind of substance that will cause chemicals to rise. Covering the urine with a tiny bit of baking soda before cleaning the stain will allow you to remove it easier.

As far as the odor goes, you’ll need to counteract the odor with something that will not only mask the odor but replace it with something that smells equally as strong.

Vinegar can help with this process. White vinegar in particular will often cancel out pet urine odors, absorbing the former odor of the pet urine into its own aroma. But different than pet urine, white vinegar odors can easily be removed with a pet cleaner.

Therefore, the following should be your action plan when you need to remove a pet stain in the carpet as well as remove the odor.

  • First, cover the stain from the urine with a little bit of baking soda and wait a few minutes. This will draw out the stain from the foundation to the surface of the carpet.
  • After that, vacuum the stain intensely. Go over the stain numerous times. If this does not eliminate the stain outright, it will at the very least make the stain less pronounced.
  • Now, the odor of the stain must be removed. To do this, you’ll need white vinegar and some sort of pet friendly carpet cleaner.
  • Put some white vinegar inside of a spray bottle and spray down the stain. Give the vinegar a few minutes to absorb the odor.
  • After that, use your pet friendly carpet shampooer to either clean the exact spot where the stain was, or clean the entire carpet. There is a good chance that your carpet will be wet. Allow no traffic to encounter it while it dries.

That is how to eliminate pet odors and stains. It is not terribly difficult to do this. All it takes is a little bit of innovation and resourcefulness.


Owning pets is a wonderful experience that anybody should be blessed with.

And contrary to popular belief, it does not take a lot of time or effort to properly clean a carpet that encounters a lot of traffic by pets.

All it takes to clean up after your pet perfectly is to know what kind of carpet cleaner you’ll need. The truth is that using a pet friendly carpet cleaner is very simple. It’s just that people typically don’t know which ones they need.

If you only have one or two pets that are not very dirty, get a spot remover. You will not need a full-scale carpet cleaner that is designed for cleaning up after your pet.

However, you will need a full-scale carpet shampooer if you have multiple pets that cause a lot of traffic. In this case, spot removers will not be practical to use. There is too much to clean.

Cleaning up after your pet does not need to be a stressful experience if you are informed. Get informed and then make a good decision on a pet friendly carpet cleaner. 

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