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Best Long Throw Flashlight Reviews

Anyone who does spends significant amounts of time outside at night knows that they need a powerful flashlight to help them see things from really far distances. They know that they need to consider many, many things when selecting a throw flashlight for the things they are doing in the pitch black area, whether it is outside at night or in buildings with no lighting. The intensity of the light is obviously one factor, but there are also other factors.

Consider, for example, what kind of batteries certain throw flashlights operate on, and how long they last. This is important to know because if you have a good idea of this, you’ll know exactly what you need for what task. Ignoring this, or having only limited knowledge of this can lead to some trouble later on. Other things to note is if it is waterproof or not. This is especially useful if you are using throw flashlights outside when it is dark and you are around bodies of water.

Top Picks : 5 Best Throw Flashlight

Top 5 Best Throw Flashlights Reviews- 2021

1. Best Overall: ThorFire Powerful Flashlight

ThorFire Powerful Flashlight, 3960 Lumens XHP70 Led Tactical Searchlight Long Throw Waterproof Floodlight(S70S) Perfect for Hunting Emergency Rescure, S70 Upgraded Version

Power is not an issue when it comes to the Thorfire flashlight. And for that matter, neither is versatility. It has the potential to produce a massive amount of light, up to a staggering 3960 lumens. To put this in perspective, it is bright enough to cover well over 750 yards. Another fantastic thing about the Thorfire flashlight is the settings it has and the diversity of said settings. It has a setting called “hidden strobe, which produces a very wide light beam that is still bright. This is what sets the Thorfire flashlight apart from many others. It also comes with lots of spare parts, a replacement lens being one of them. Another very interesting and handy thing about the Thorfire flashlight is that it has a standby mode that essentially puts the flashlight to sleep. When it is in this mode, it will show the remaining power of the battery.

Power and versatility aside, there are still a few things that are concerning when it comes to the Thorfire flashlight. It produces a lot of light and that is a very good thing. Even the fact that it you can use rechargeable batteries to operate it is a redeeming quality. However, there is no indication of how long the battery lasts. When set on its most powerful setting, it is doubtful that the battery would last long. And speaking of batteries, the Thorfire flashlight does not include them, meaning you will need to make a decision on which kind of batteries to get and include them in your expenses as well.

2. Best Long Throw Light: ThorFire C8s Flashlight

ThorFire C8s Flashlight 900 Lumens XM-L2 Led Long Throw Waterproof Light with Variable Output for Camping Fishing Cycling, Runs off 18650 Battery Not Included

Many throw flashlights tend to be massive, some of them being as big as a lead pipe that can be quite difficult to carry. The Thorfire C8s throw flashlight defies this stereotype, and still provides much of the power that the usual throw flashlight would provide. The average throw flashlight can light up to an average of 700 yards in length. The Thorfire C8s does not necessarily reach that far, but still lights up about 650 yards at 900 lumens of output, which is impressive for its size. Another good quality about the Thorfire C8s throw flashlight is that it has multiple settings, including a hidden strobe mode that can widen the flashlight beam significantly. The settings on the Thorfire C8s are also easy to use, as turning the lens on the flashlight will change the settings. This makes it much easier to use than a throw flashlight with switch-like settings.

The Thorfire C8s misses the mark on a number of things. For example, nearly any kind of modern flashlight that isn’t made of plastic likely has onboard USB charging. While the Thorfire C8s can operate on rechargeable batteries, it does not have onboard USB charging, which is something that one would expect many throw flashlights to have. The buttons on the Thorfire C8s can be difficult to press with gloves on. The button to operate it is located on the end of it, and is rather small.

3. Best Emergency Flashlights: PeakPlus Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

PeakPlus Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight LFX1000 (18650 Battery and Charger Included) - High Lumens LED, Super Bright, Zoomable, 5 Modes, Water Resistant - Best Camping, Emergency Flashlights

The phrase “good things come in small packages” could not be any more true when it comes to the PeakPlus tactical flashlight. Small enough to fit into the palm of a hand, it is capable of producing a surprisingly large amount of light. While it falls under the average brightness level of most throw flashlight, the PeakPlus tactical flashlight is still impressive, being capable of producing up to 1000 lumens of brightness. It is made of aluminum, which is standard for most throw flashlights, but unlike most flashlights of its small size, it still has plenty of settings which is very surprising. It also has a zoom function, making it act as a spotlight or as a floodlight. It comes with its own rechargeable battery, which comes with its own sleeve, which is not as typical for the common tactical flashlight as many would think. It also comes with its own charger.Because of this, users will never need to worry about the flashlight running out of power.

The zooming mechanism in the PeakPlus flashlight could use a little work. Perhaps on a bigger flashlight it wouldn’t be such an issue, but there really is not a lot of room to work with when it comes to the light zoom on the PeakPlus. The adjustments are alright, but there is not a lot of space between the settings, meaning that the possibility of accidentally switching between settings is pretty high. Again, this is due to the size of the flashlight itself. It is very small for the power it has, but that comes at a price. That price is how easy the settings are to adjust it seems.

4. Best Led Light with Rechargeable: ThorFire C8s Flashlight

ThorFire C8s Flashlight 900 Lumens XML2 Led Light with Rechargeable 18650 Battery, USB Charger, Bike Light Mount for Cycling Camping Hiking Emergency

Thorfire is known for making flashlights that are small enough to carry around easily, but also powerful enough to make sure that all surroundings are lit. A major improvement over the C8s, the Thorfire C8s bundle takes all of the things that were appealing about the original C8s and makes them a little bit better. For example, the original C8s did not come with a rechargeable battery or any kind of device that would be able to charge such a battery. The C8s bundle comes with both, making it a go-to flashlight whereas the original C8s was a flashlight that seemed to have a more utility type of use. The C8s also has a bike light mount, making it almost essential if you want to ride your bike when it is dark outside. Additionally, the C8s bundle has made no changes to the features of the light itself when compared against the original. It still has all the settings and power necessary to make an effective tactical flashlight.

The battery itself as well as the charging pack may be something to watch out for. The battery, which can be recharged, looks like any other battery. This is fine, but the charging station for the battery is a contraption that you just place the battery in. It’s a simple design, but to a fault. The minuscule size of it could lend itself to getting lost quite a bit. Additionally, the battery cannot charge inside of the flashlight; it must be taken out. While this would probably be negligible to most, it may cause trouble for some.

5. Best Led Ultra Bright: Thorfire 18650 Flashlight

Thorfire 18650 Flashlight with Battery and Charger, 1070 Lumen Led Ultra Bright EDC Pocket Light(VG15S) with 5 Modes for Camping, Hiking,Cycling

One thing that is common among many ThorFire flashlights is that while they are small, they can be just as powerful as any larger flashlight that is designed to produce a lot of light. The one thing that makes this particular Thorfire flashlight different than others is that it is even easier to carry than other Thorfire flashlights. Not only can it fit in the palm of your hand, it also has a clip built in that can attach to nearly anything. This clip is also removable. Like many Thorfire flashlights, this particular one also comes with a rechargeable battery that has its own charger and charge cable. But different than the other chargers, this one has overcharging protection as well as short circuit protection. Additionally, it has a heat indicator right on the attack head.

The Thorfire flashlight has modes just like any other, but the way these modes are toggled is questionable as it is complicated. Pressing the tail switch will turn the flashlight on, which is standard. To change the modes, you will need to half press the same button to get to the mode you want. With some other flashlights, the settings can be switched from turning the head of the flashlight. The problem with switching the settings on the Thorfire flashlight being toggled by half pressing the tail switch is that not only could it accidentally turn the flashlight off, to get the setting you want, you’ll have to cycle through each setting. It can get annoying.


There are three major things that one should look for in a throw flashlight. First, you need to know if it is powerful enough for whatever situation you may find yourself in. Whether you are doing work in an attic or out camping in a forest, you need to determine if the throw flashlight will do what it needs to do in these situations. Secondly, you should determine if you need a big or a small flashlight. While the smaller ones that can fit in the palm of a hand can produce a lot of light, the bigger ones can produce even more light, light you may need in certain situations. Third, you need to determine if it is important for the flashlight to have rechargeable batteries or not. Some flashlights do have rechargeable batteries, but others do not. It is up to you to determine if you need those kinds of batteries or not.

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