How to Stop Tile Floor from Sweating

by Liz Gonzales

Sweating floor is not only irritating but also very risky! You’ll slip and may break your body parts like hands, legs. Especially for children and old member of your family.

You may walk carefully on the sweating floor but your children can’t. Children’s are always in a playful mood. They love to run on the floor and you can’t stop them! That’s why you need to conscious about your floor.

Even the sweating floor provides the favorable condition for mold and mildew that causes musty odor with a health problem like the allergy. Carpets and rugs will get the dump.

However, the tile flooring help to enhance the beauty of our home. It gives a warm feeling to your mind too!

Reasons of Tile Sweating

Basement Tile Floor Sweating
Basement Tile Floor Sweating


Before you go for the solution it’s better to know why the tile is sweating. Then you can take the proper step to remove this problem. Otherwise, the tusk seems to be difficult for you. Here is the short list of the reason of tile sweating….

Condensation-  it is the main culprit behind the tile sweating!

When large quantities of water vapor in the air are inter into your house and contact with cold tile condensation is occurring. Cold tiles change the state of water vapors to liquid.

Poorly Ventilated Home- this one is another reason of the floor sweating. If the air can not flow properly through your home then condensation occurs.

If there is a lack of the fan for air circulation or fireplace are sealed then your home is poorly ventilated.

Activities of House Residents- the daily activities of the resident of the home may affect the humidity level. High humidity level can increase the water quantity and build-up water stain on the surface of the floor.

If air can not flow during showering, washing, cooking, and drying of clothes then moisture level will increase.

5 Ways to Remove the Tile Sweating

5 Ways to Remove the Tile Sweating
5 Ways to Remove the Tile Sweating

If you have faced that problem then this article will be the solution for you. Trust me these are the very effective way. Now, read the article carefully and apply in your tile to say bye to the sweating floor.

1. Improving Ventilation

How To Improve Ventilation In A House
How To Improve Ventilation In A House

Usually, poorly ventilated home can produce sweating on the floor tile. If you has poor ventilation process then you need to improve it as soon as possible.

For better ventilation, you have to regulate indoor temperature and improve air quality inside the home.

  • Operate ceiling and window fan to keep circulating the air
  • Bathroom and kitchen is the place where the moisture level is very high. Turn on exhaust fans when showering on bathroom and cooking.
  • Open the windows so air can pass properly after bathing or washing clothes
  • An attic fan or attic vent helps to blows heated air out of the attic of a building.

2. Removes Water Stain

Make sure your slab is free from any dump or watermarks. Usually, minerals are present in the water and these are the cause of water spots. Water spots prone to mold and mildew.

  • You can remove water spots by using commercial cleaning agents.
  • After cleaning, wipe with a dry mop or towel your floor on a regular basis.
  • Clean your house with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Mixed ¼ cup vinegar with one gallon of water. Apply this solution on the water spots.

3. Repairing Cracks and Leakages

You need to inquire properly why the water is dripping and where from. Creaks on wall and leakages in water pipe are one of the main cause of sweating. In that case, you should repair these things immediately to stop with the help of a repairman.

4.Using a Dehumidifier

Using A Fan With A Dehumidifier
Using A Fan With A Dehumidifier

If your tile is extremely sweating then go for a dehumidifier. It can reduce the condensation which causes sweating. This device has strong power to absorb the moisture from the atmosphere around the house.

It also stops the growth of mold and mildew as well as removes the musty odor!

When you purchase a new dehumidifier some information you have to know about this device like The appropriate size and capacity of the machine that you required.

5. Use HVLS Ceiling Fans to Reduce Ceiling-to-Floor Temperature Differential

This is the inexpensive way to remove the excessive moisture. Even stop the build-up of moisture. It can increase the evaporation rate of surface and also keeps your tile structure cool.

Final Verdict

I want to say that don’t be lazy yourself and take a proper step to remove the tile sweating. As it has a bad impact on your home as well as your family members. So, removes the sweating problem from tile and live in a safe home happily!

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