How to Spring Clean: 15 Actionable Tips

by Liz Gonzales

Spring has already come that tells you it’s time for a thorough cleaning!

Traditionally people in this season clean their home entirely. This time is the best time for cleaning as it is middle in the winter and summer.

It gives you a new fresh-start feeling that promotes you to do anything with a new rhythm.

Though there are multiple ways to clean up all are not so easy. So for we decide to share with you some helpful cleaning tips that make your task fast and effective.

As a result, you don’t feel monotonous to do the cleanup and get the enjoyable side of the spring cleaning too!

15 Amazing Actionable Tips for Spring Cleaning

Tips For Spring Cleaning And Organizing
Tips For Spring Cleaning And Organizing

Make a Schedule

The first and most essential tips make a cleaning schedule.

Make your clean schedule on the base of which place you need to clean fast or which one is latter. Works with a plan or chart provides more focus on the particular task.

If you follow the sequence, then your task becomes easy and ensure better cleaning too.

On the other hand, random cleansing brings more hassle, killing your time, and you get puzzled also.


Clutter hurts both the physical and mental. It can interrupt your focus. Studies have revealed that home clutter increases the stress level of people

That’s why you need to de-clutter your home before starting your spring cleaning. de-clutter makes your task more organized and drives you to decide what’s actually relevant to you.

Besides, it’s crucial to eliminate the unnecessary things from your house to make your chore easier.

After getting away from this clutter, you can feel fresh and better than previous and gives you more space in your living zone.

Use HEPA Vacuum

Hepa Vacuum Cleaner Filters
Hepa Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Which type of vacuum cleaner is using in cleaning is most important. As there are multiple models of vacuum cleaner is finding on the market. So pick wisely to get the best cleaning.

We recommend high-quality HEPA vacuum as it kills 99.9% dust particle and traps pet hair, allergen particles in your home.

So that the indoor air quality remains healthy and safe for your child and who prone to allergy.

Whereas, poor quality vacuum through back the tiny dust into the air and won’t let you offer a clean environment after cleaning.

Clean Top to Bottom

Well, this is a smart way to start cleaning up from the ceiling down as it saves your valuable time.

Clean top to bottom means it will push all the dust particles on the downward. That’s why you can eliminate the dust and debris from the space conveniently.

In case of using an extension hose of vacuum cleaner, try to apply it to pick up cobwebs and dirt from the ceilings and fans first.

After then vacuum or clean up all of your furniture and carpet or floor. Thus it gives you a better cleaning.

If you clean the space randomly and don’t start from the top, then you won’t be able to remove the dust properly. These particles come again, and it looks dirty soon.

Clean Carpet and Upholstery

Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning
Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning

Whenever you think about spring clean of your home, you need to clean carpet and upholstery thoroughly. Without clean these your cleaning remain incomplete.

In winter fabrics have already absorbed body oil, germs, and dust particles. Thus your carpet, and upholstery get dirty and scruffy. Spring is the proper time to furnish them and get back their fresh appearance.

During cleaning the fabrics try to follow the tips in below-

  • Clean, unobtrusive areas first
  • While you moving the furniture avoid conflict with wall
  • Use mild shampoo to clean or professional cleaner that suits on your carpet or upholstery
  • After shampooing, put the small wax paper under each lag of the furniture to protect your carpet
  • To finish the cleaning use a carpet vacuum cleaner.

Use Pillowcase to Clean Ceiling Fan

Cleaning of ceiling fan with pillowslip is a nice trick since it not allow to fall dust. So that your cleaning get easy and fast.

To clean your ceiling fan first cover the blades with a pillowcase one by one and make sure all the dust be placed within the pillowcase. Then pull out it from the fan.

Once you have done with pillow cover, you would never go with the other tips, we guarantee!

Apply White Vinegar with Baking Soda

When you don’t want to go with a commercial cleaning product, then these ingredients are the superhero for you!

Vinegar and baking soda is an active cleaning agent. They work better than applying single.

Make a mixer of these ingredients with water to get a homemade cleaner. You can use this cleaner almost everywhere to clean such as floor, carpet, kitchen, bathroom and so many.

Most importantly this homemade solution has no adverse effect on your health and skin. It’s a money saver too!

Use a Steam Cleaner

Steam Vacuum Cleaner Uses
Steam Vacuum Cleaner Uses

If you dislike chemical product as these ingredients are a toxin to use. Then use a steam cleaner for your safety.

This is totally a green cleaner, 100% natural and chemical-free cleaning solution as it contains hot water vapor.

Though it is a green product, you can’t use for everything. It can be applied to clean kitchen, carpet or fabric, hard floor, tile, bathroom, microwave, and other outdoor places.

Use Newspaper to Clean Window

Most of the people try to ignore this chore! The truth is your spring cleaning will be incomplete without the clean window.

Since during winter moist are gathered on the glasses, and that makes it opaque to see the outside from the indoor. That’s why in spring cleaning you must clean the glasses

To clean window, make a home cleaner with vinegar, liquid soap and water into a spray bottle.

Now spray the solution onto the glass and rub with a  microfiber newspaper. Apply the paper in S pattern for a streak-free window.

Alternatively, you can use coffee filters as they don’t leave streak or lint onto the glass or mirror.

Don’t Forget About Faucets

You want to start a new move with a clean home, so don’t overlook your faucet.

Trust me after cleaning faucet; you feel the difference that make you happier than previous.

Wash your faucet when you clean any bathroom fixer to use a scrubber that soaked in cleaning soap.  After that, if you want a shiny look, you can use wax paper on these faucets.

Your Kitchen Needs Deep Clean

Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Tips
Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Tips

Another remarkable sight is your kitchen that should clean while you’re thinking about spring cleaning. Maintain these below things while cleaning the kitchen.

  • Start with dust onto the top of fridge, cabinets, oven, microwave
  • Steam clean microwave
  • Give steam cleaning to grout and appliances
  • Clean inside of the cabinets and drawers
  • Don’t forget to clean the inside of the fridge
  • Clean shelves or around trash
  • Eliminate the overdated spices and food
  • Don’t overlook the kitchen floor

Don’t Afraid to Clean the Bathroom

Though it’s quite awkward to hear the truth most of the people are scared to clean their bathroom. They just give a random clean which is not worthy for health.

You want a fresh begin then you have to clean your bathroom. So to clean it you can follow these tips.

  • Get rid of any expired cosmetics
  • Give steam clean to the mirror, sink, and countertops
  • Don’t forget to change the shower curtain
  • Clean the showerhead with the vinegar ( keep the vinegar in a bag and let it secure over the head with the help of elastic rubber. Leave it for overnight to soak and in the morning remove the bag)
  • Clean the toilet with baking soda and liquid soap
  • Clean in, around and behind the toilet
  • Lastly, steam clean the bathtub and floor.

Don’t Lazy to Pick up Pet Hair

If you have pets, then it’s essential to clean pet hair using a vacuum cleaner. Don’t lazy or overcome to pick their hair if you want a neat and clean home after winter.

In winter most of the pet owner doesn’t trim their pets. That’s why spring is the best time to give them trim.

Also, when you clean your entire home don’t forget or be lazy to pick up this tiny hair. You can use wet gloves or fur remover brush to pick up all the tiny pet hair.

Clean Your Washer

Clean Your Washer Naturally
Clean Your Washer Naturally

It sounds like unusual things for most people to cleaning something that cleans other things. But it’s essential, and we must clean it for getting excellent performance.

Washer cleaning is not as much as hard as we think. Just fill-up the machine with distilled vinegar and hot water. Next, press the start button to run its cycle.

Clean Your Sponge

This may in last but not less important. Frankly, we recommend cleaning your sponge before you use it in your cleaning chore.

The dirty sponge doesn’t let you get the better cleaning whereas clean sponge ensures the best cleaning.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict
Final Verdict

After winter if you clean your home correctly, it means you will get out all the dust and germ that accumulate during winter. Likewise, it makes sure a healthy comfy life of you and your family members.

Try to follow these above instructions and if you have used another way in spring cleaning don’t forget to share with us. We are willingly want to know your amazing tricks.

Give spring clean to your home, move on, and leads a happy life!

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