Mistakes You Should Avoid While Cleaning Your Home

by Liz Gonzales

Having a clean home means more than appearance! It’s essential for your health and brings mental peace with a lot of advantage.

But the bitter truth, cleaning of the home is like a worrisome task, especially when you don’t do it in the right way. Mistakes make your job more difficult than usual. You fail to achieve the best result as well as consuming your valuable time.

Also, you make these mistakes unknowingly, which in turn will bring more trouble and discomfort to your chore.

So to avoid the mistakes, first of all, you have to know them. I am here with some common mistake that you may do. Trust me if you overcome these mistakes, your daily cleaning chore will not seem too tedious.

Let’s seeking the mistake.

Home Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Home Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid
Home Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Not Using the Right Tools

One of the biggest mistakes is using the wrong tool for cleaning. Or the cleaning method is not efficient as much you think. So try to know and find out which apparatus or method will actually useful. Otherwise, you will have nothing but zero results.

For instance, your vacuum cleaner may come with a bunch of attachments. These are aimed for individual purpose, and each one has different uses, but you don’t properly use them. The crevice tool is for nook and cranny while you are using it for the cleanup entire floor surface.

Else don’t use a hard scrubber to remove any stain from the vinyl, laminate or hardwood floor. It can leave marks on the surface. And do not use a dishwasher to clean car since it can leave a lot of soap residue.

Another thing is, you may directly spray onto the carpet stain, which is absolutely wrong since there is a chance of damage and discoloration of the carpet fabric. Better, first, spray the cleaner onto a cloth then apply it.

To avoid these mistakes, read the instruction that comes before whatever tools or cleaning agent you will going to use. You can also read our guide about DIY Cleaning Hacks

2. Not Getting Your Family Involved

A common mistake is you working alone whereas other members should take part in the daily chore. You know why? Because what is difficult for one person, become more manageable when all do it together.

So, the smart way is dividing some of the tasks among your family member. For example, you may let them make their beds or say to keep their cloth into the wardrobe. Further, teach them how to take their dishes and clean these into the kitchen sink.

Also, teach them how to keep tidy themselves and their home. It’s really essential for not only you but also for their future since they become used to it.

3. Making the Chores Pile up

Do you have a bad habit of keeping the dishes in your sink to pile up? If your answer is yes, think about it though!

Temporising the daily chore isn’t worth you since the dry grimy cutlery is more troublesome to remove, and it can start to stink in the meantime. These ever-growing pile of drossy food residue can cause of accumulating thousands of germs.

Even, the dry messy and odorous plates, bowls, and glass need more soap and water, that causes of water bill will go up exponentially. So, not to mention, the longer you keep, the worse the suffering will get.

The wise step is not to let the dishes in your sink pile up. Wash the plates immediately after eating food or using them for the kitchen; so that you can save time, energy, and money.

4. Keeping Windows Closed

Are you pondering where all the indoor air pollution comes from even though you have closed close all the window?

The mistake is yours to not opening the windows to pass your air out. Don’t get surprised since studies have already proved ventilation is essential to boost your immune system as well as reducing pollutants.

Further, closing home gets stinky, no matter how many fragrance candles or air freshener you have applied. You can’t win with the fresh outer air for clearing out the odor of home. So keep the window open, let the fresh air circulate, have fresh breathing, and smell better.

Else, for facing summer or winter season try to have an HVAC air purifier and a dehumidifier in case of living in an immensely moist area.

5. Cleaning Windows on a Scorching Day

Although it sounds like weird, indeed the intense sunny days are not perfect for cleaning windows. This sentence is not mine, most of the window washing professionals recommend it. They always suggest cleaning the windows on a cloudy day.

Because strong heat can dry the cleaning solution soon, that will hard to remove, leaving firm streaks and marks even after you’ve rubbed and dried the windows. On the other side, on a cloudy day, you get a little bit more time before the lather gets dry.

6. Vacuuming in One Direction

This is another common mistake that most of the people do it. If you’re one of them, stop right now. Because, when you only vacuum in one direction, you fail to eliminate all the dust particle.

If you notice the carpet nearly, you’ll see the fibers are twisted loops, and these become dirty all the way around. That’s why you need to vacuum in both directions. In high-traffic areas, repeat this process twice or thrice to get better clean.

7. Not Cleaning the Vacuum Cleaner

Another crucial thing that you may skip to clean up the vacuum cleaner. We just think it is intended for cleaning and forget its need to clean up.

When you overlook it, you let the vacuum performance become dull. Besides, it may be stuck with dust or hair, which can cause a decrease in the motor suction. But if you clean it after using some days, it will run well and enhance the lifespan too!

8. Don’t Empty the Bag Until it Gets Full

Most of you procrastinate on the empty the bag, which really makes your task harder. Also, a whole bag of garbage can lower the suction power of your vacuum cleaner. In result, you will not find the best output from it.

You will get the best result up to the bag half-full after that the suction get start to decrease. So you can replace or clean the dust bag when it is 2/3 full. Keep checking the dust container after 2 or 3times of using to see the bag condition.

Recently, some newer vacuum comes with an indicator to let you know when the bag needs to clean. If you don’t want to check then these new model are a better option.

9. Dusting with a Dry Cloth

It sounds strange but true! Dusting with a dry cloth is not the right decision at all. Why? Let me tell you one thing- dry cloth cant traps the dust and dirt. When you’re using a dry cloth on the furniture, the dust just flies over the air and after sometime dust particle fall and re-sit on the surface.

So what to do?

The right way is either you have to use a dump cloth or spray some water with a spray bottle to wet the surface which you want to wipe. Remember, do not use much water, use a few amounts. Most importantly, you can use a microfiber cloth as it can catch the dust particle nicely.

10. Using a Dirty Cleaning Cloth

Many of you are using a dirty rag to clean up, which is absolutely wrong. Cleaning with unclean things will not give you best result since these are already messed up.

Moreover, the dirty cloth can spread germs bacteria and cause of allergy or other diseases. Even when you’re using the stained fabric, it can stink that make you uncomfortable breath.

So the wise idea does not forget to clean the cloth that you used for cleaning or wiping the floor, furniture, or any other gadgets.

11. Using a Chemical Spray on Electronic Gadgets

Using a Chemical Spray on Electronic Gadgets
Using a Chemical Spray on Electronic Gadgets

Yeah, using chemical spray on electronic devices is a great mistake. Though many of advertisement shows us that a usual cleaner can clean your television or your fridge. But it actually a wrong conception which nothing good at all.

Because electronic devices are sensitive and can easily spoiled if you used a chemical cleaner to clean these, many people think glass cleaner can be used but also harmful to the television, laptop, mobile, and washing machine.

12. Not Cleaning the Tile Around the Floor

Last but not less important! Maybe it’s your most hated chore that you don’t do easily. But honestly, without keeping clean the floor edge and corner, you’ll never get a real clean bathroom. Because hundreds of lurking germs and bacteria can cause many disease and odor.

Else its look dirty and incomplete of cleaning. So do not leave the bathroom without clean it every edge and corner as well as all stuff of it ( basket, personal things).

End up

Above are just a few of mistake. There is much more mistake which varies from person to person. And if you are doing these above mistakes or any one of these, try not to repeat! I hope you can overcome these mistake as all of are manageable.

From my personal experience, I feel less clutter means less effort! Actually, you need to be proactive in cleaning.

Happy cleaning!!

About Liz Gonzales

Liz lives in a suburb in New York city.
Both of her parents are the art professors at Sate University of New York.
As such, Liz grew up with all kinds of art objects, portraits, and books laying around the home.
Liz met up with Linea through another friend in some kind of online art forum. There great minds sparkled to take their passions onto the next level @ linea.io.

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