How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

by Linea Lorenzo

Vacuum cleaner employed to clean up the mess. It devoted to clean your home or workspace. When cleaning with it, you don’t need to spend the whole day long. It’s like a family member as well as helping hand that helps you to minimize your hassle of a daily chore.

But what about its cleanliness? Continuous using of the cleaner can cause of breed germ inside that you get suffered. Also, the dirty device can cause of stink that makes you uncomfortable to use or keep it at home.

The other thing is you spend on this, and obviously, you don’t want to ruin it soon. If you need to get better workability and keep it running smoothly for years from this, you have to be taken care of the device adequately.

You’re here that means vacuum cleaner means a lot for you. And you exactly come to the right place. We have shared step by step how to clean the vacuum cleaner. If you follow our guidance, surely your vac will perform like new.

The ultimate guide for cleaning vacuum cleaner

The ultimate guide for cleaning vacuum cleaner
The ultimate guide for cleaning vacuum cleaner

Step 1: Unplug your vacuum cleaner

Before you go for the cleaning, don’t forget to make sure that it is unplugged or powered off. Otherwise any step of below, you can’t do since it can be dangerous to use water to the vacuum while it is plugged in.

Step 2: take apart the vacuum cleaner

First, a startup with the take apart of the vacuum as you need to reach every part of it to clean up. Detach the canister and take out the filter. Now, separate all the moveable parts that can be taken out.

One more thing, try to do this gently and if you don’t know how to distinct, then read the maneuver which comes with the vacuum.

Step 3: empty the canister or garbage bag

Once you have detached the parts, then empty the canister or the bag that contain garbage or any debris. All you need to shake the bag to help shove of the dust out of it.

Try to do this step outside of your house. Else there is a chance of spreading dust or dirt around inside. Then replace the vacuum bag.

Step 4: wipe the vacuum cleaner

Now, take a wet microfiber cloth. Then place vinegar or all-purpose cleaner into a bowl, dipped the cloth into it. And squeegee to extract all excess moisture.

Apply the wet cloth to cleanse down of the inside and outside of the canister. Rub down whole vacuum cleaner including of detachable parts such as the outside of the hose, cord, and others.

Moreover, you can apply alcohol to rub and disinfected the full body of the vacuum. It moves all over f the home for cleaning- that’s why it essential to destroy the germ of the bottom of the vacuum. So to keep your family safe, don’t forget to do it.

Step 5: cleaning of the filter

The filter is a crucial part of the vacuum. So be conscious while you are cleaning it. This part usually places on the top of the canister.

Remember, don’t apply any soap to clean it. All you just need to rinse it thoroughly with the cold water; get out all dirt and debris. Removing these particles from the filter assures to enhance the ability for air to pass through that make your vacuuming better than previous.

Else it will help to get out the filters odor, but still, you want the house smell really nice next time you’re cleaning, add a few drops essential oils like tea tree oil, peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus are just some of the fragrance that contains antibacterial agents too.

By the way, we mention here how to clean the foam filter. If you have cartridge filter then merely tap it lightly to loosen the dirt from it and continuously do it until the sediment falls into the garbage.

Further, if your filter is the HEPA type, then don’t wash or scrub it. If you see, it turns into dusty and doesn’t act as much as past to collect dirt, then invest in a store-bought new one.

Step 6: cleaning of the hose

Next up! Cleaning of the hose. To ensure the peak efficiency during operating, you must clean this part. Also, keep it flexible in picking up dust particles. Whereas, clogged hose spoils the activity as the suction of the vacuum depends on air movement.

First, you need to clean the clog of the hose. To do this, place it straight on the tile. Let in a broom handle from one side to the other end of the tube. Push it through the full length. Try to force out all clogged stuff like paper, tissue, or tiny dust particle that lodged in the hose.

Alternative, you can use a wire hanger (have to straighten out it and keep one slight side curve) to eliminate clogs but carefully, as you don’t want to poke a hole in it!

Now, it’s time to sanitize the hose with the help of vinegar. Trap four inches of hot water in a sink and add 3-tablespoon of vinegar or dish soap; mix these to make a solution. Then submerge the hose in the solution.

Rotate it around to pass the water through the inner side. Then rinse out it to destroy the bacteria and remove the stink.

Step 7: cleaning of the beater

You almost near to end of the cleaning the device! The last part that has remained is the beater bar. It is also known as the roller or bristle bar; that placed on the bottom of the vacuum. It is rotating to collect hair from the carpet or rug.

This step may require a bit of time, be patient, you get the prize of worth. Try to wear a pair of gloves as it seems to be unsanitary.

Before clean, it, cover your work surface with a cloth or paper to keep away the tiles from the hair, dust, and debris, and it can be easily cleaned up. Now, apply scissor to cut the hair. And use your fingers to pull the hair off and away from the bristle. Repeat doing this till the bristle is free from hair and debris.

Once your brush is hair-free, take rubbing alcohol to a cotton pad and with the help of it wipe the beater bar to disinfect it. You need to spin the beater when rubbing it.

Step 8: dry all the parts

After cleaning all the parts, you need to dry them as much as you can. Excessive moisture is the cause of rust. So if you skip this segment, the vacuum cleaner will be rusted soon.

So the better is dry them in the sunlight or keep in a warm place for a minimum of 24 hours. Make sure all the parts get dried well before assembling.

End up

Step 8- dry all the parts
Step 8- dry all the parts

Last thing i must say, after cleaning you see the difference of performance- you would realize the vacuum work like a dream now!

So, clean your vacuum inside and outside for maximum cleaning capacity. And ensure the longevity of your vacuum cleaner.

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