What Types of Pool Cleaners are Suitable for Above the Ground Pools?

by Liz Gonzales

Cleaning your pool can pose a daunting task for many. Especially if it's an above the ground pool which usually has thin edges.

Moreover, if you are a guy who opts for manually vacuuming the pool, it can be even tougher for you.

Good for you though, because gone are the days when automatic pool cleaners used to be very expensive investments. If you are tired of cleaning your pool the old-fashioned way for your above the ground pool, you should consider investing in automatic cleaners.

Today we will look at some of the best pool cleaners available in the market which also happens to be suitable for above the ground pools.

Types of Pool Cleaners Suitable for Above the Ground Pools

Types of Pool Cleaners Suitable for Above the Ground Pools
Types of Pool Cleaners Suitable for Above the Ground Pools

Here we are going to talk about the types of pool cleaners that you can use to clean above the ground pools.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

What Is The Robotic Pool Cleaners
What Is The Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you don't have any budget issues, then I strongly recommend that you go with a robotic pool cleaner. Yes, they can be a bit expensive, but they are worth every penny.

The technology that these pool cleaners use is top-notch and make the chore of cleaning a lot easier. You'll be glad to know that; they no longer use pool circulation pump for cleaning.

Instead, they come with a relatively smaller internal pump. It helps you to cut down the cost of maintenance.

Also, you'll get a collection bag and filter with them.

Suction Side Pool Cleaners

What Is The Suction Side Pool Cleaners
What Is The Suction Side Pool Cleaners

If you are against departing with too much money and want something basic, then suction side pool cleaners are the best option for you.

They do their job quite well and is the most common type of pool cleaners. You'll get a filtration pump with the unit. It propels the cleaner around the pool.

What holds back many people from buying this thing is its issue with large objects. If some large debris or hard thing gets stuck in the machine it stops working.

Also, if your pool doesn't have a powerful motor, then it will be difficult for the cleaner to be 100% effective.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners
What Is The Pressure Side Pool Cleaners
What Is The Pressure Side Pool Cleaners
What Is The Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

If you are looking for something more advanced than the suction ones, but not as expensive as the robotic pool cleaners, then pressure side pool cleaner is your guy.

They make use of the outlet that sends filtered water to your pool.

Now, they need a powerful pump to work properly. Without that, they are not going to be very efficient.

Options That You Can Look At

Here are some of the options that you can look at for your above the ground pool.

  • Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40

What Is The Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40
What Is The Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40

This is a very impressive robotic pool cleaner that works for pools both above the ground and in the ground. For a robot it's really affordable that is able to clean pools very efficiently. This robot comes at a price point of $319 only. The advanced design of this robot also helps save energy.

This robot is engineered with the finest filtration in the industry (down to as little as 2 microns nominal). This makes the robot capable of removing more debris, keeping the pool physically clean and adds fewer chemicals resulting in a healthier clean.

This robot also happens to feature the Aquabot pump which has the capability of pumping 80 gallons per minute giving it the superior suction power. The sleek design on this robot allows for easy maneuvering through the pool making it capable of cleaning pool floor, cove and partial walls even.

  • Polaris 65

    What Is The Polaris 65
    What Is The Polaris 65

The Polaris 65 is a fast and efficient pool cleaner that makes the whole process very easy. This is a

pressure side pool cleaner and designed specifically for above the ground pool cleaners. Taking only minutes to install, this cleaner is able to sweep and clean the sides and floor of the swimming pool.

This cleaner feature the powerful jet sweep assembly. This helps the Polaris 65 to effectively loosen and remove dirt and debris even from the hard to reach places.

This cleaner is designed to work even in pools with uneven bottoms up to 5 feet depth. The detachable debris bag on this cleaner trail behind and is capable of trapping large debris such as leaves and pebble seven before clogging the filter.

One more nice feature of this cleaner is that it usually operates with all the pumps and filtrations you would normally find in an above the ground pool cleaner and is able to efficiently and effectively finish cleaning your pool in about 3 hours. All of these features come at the price point of $145 only.

  • Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac

What Is The Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac
What Is The Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac

This suction side pool cleaner is one of the top tiers above the ground pool cleaners that the current market has to offer. This cleaner is well renowned for its superior cleaning power and remarkable convenience.

This cleaner is capable of cleaning your pool with next to no effort on your part by removing the dirt and debris. Such convenience ultimately results in you having to spend less time in maintenance.

The cleaner comes with 32 ft. of the hose. The superior hydraulic design on the cleaner enables optimum vacuuming power. There is a free skimming valve on this cleaner which happens to automatically regulate the water flow to maintain the proper cleaning speed all the while skimming of surface debris while vacuuming.

  • Aquabot Pool Rover Jr

What Is The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr
What Is The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr

This is an excellent robotic pool cleaner. Capable of cleaning pools of any size in less than 3 hours, this cleaner can even clean 18'x36' pools. The cleaner also comes with a 40' cord with floating buoys.

The reusable filter bag is capable of removing debris down to 2 microns with a 4 sq. ft. capacity. The cleaner has 2 intake valves for the filtration intake with each being 1×4.5 in. each. The cleaning pattern on this cleaner happens to be adjustable with precision scanning via Hydro Jet Directional Guidance System. What is more convenient about this cleaner is that it runs on 24 volts and plugs into standard outlets.

  • Zodiac Ranger

What Is The Zodiac Ranger
What Is The Zodiac Ranger

the Zodiac Ranger pool cleaner packs with it some impressive features that will straight away make you consider getting it. This is a suction side pool cleaner and is capable of effectively and quickly clean any above the ground pool.

Given the fact that the Zodiac Ranger has only one moving part, this cleaner is remarkably quiet and has very easy maintenance.

The cleaner also has a very unique deflector wheel which prevents the cleaner from getting caught in steps or ladders. The body of this body is usually pre-assembled and can be installed in a matter of a few minutes only. The water flow is also regulated automatically ensuring peak performance.

All in all, this excellent cleaner was built with all the features required to make it one of the most effective, efficient and quiet cleaners out there in the market.

  • Hayward AquaBug

Set to make manual cleaning of pools among users obsolete with its easy, trouble-free operation, the Hayward Aqua Bug is one of the best above ground pool cleaners available in the market now.

The Aqua Bug acts as a moving drain, pulling water from the bottom of the pool as it moves thereby improving the water circulation. This cleaner also comes with a rather unique gearing system providing constant balanced water flow. In addition, this also allows more gentle movement across the pool floor.

The fact that it installs in less than 10 minutes also adds to the convenience factor of the Hayward Aqua Bug. In its operation, this bug makes sure there is no overuse of chemical sanitizers.

The fact that the Hayward AquaBug is so economical and effective at the same time means you can enjoy a clean pool without it being at the cost of a hefty portion of your spending.


It's safe to say that above the ground pools can be trickier to clean. That being the case, automatic pool cleaners serve best for cleaning such pools. Hopefully, this article provided you with some insight as to which automatic cleaner you should get for your above ground pool.

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