Cleaning Hardwood floors

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

The hardwood floors are really visually attractive and give a unique touch to each room, especially if the decoration and ornamentation go hand in hand. However, if the wooden floor is dirty, dull or worn, the room or house will literally lose its shine.

To have wooden floors you have to know how to keep them bright and shiny to get the most out of the beauty of the wood. For this reason, we will deliver a series of tips and advices to keep the wooden floor clean and bright.

Before getting to it it is necessary to know how to clean the wooden floor and what we have to use. For this reason, then, we are going to tell you how to clean hardwood floors through a series of very simple tricks and techniques.

Different floors must be cleaned differently ie some floors are easily cleaned while others take more time and effort to scrape off the dirt.

Factors to  Look Before Cleaning Your Floor

When heading to cleaning home floor, you may ask yourself-

  • What contaminated the surface you are interested in cleaning?
  • Have you ever treated your surface?
  • Are there other crucial materials adjoining the floor that will be affected by the cleaning process?
  • Are there any issues either environmental or safety that will be affected by the cleaning process?
  • The expected results?
  • The kind of substrate that you are cleaning?

Importance of Cleaning the Floors
The first stride for the purchaser and Constructor is to deduce the importance of the cleaning project. Standard essences for the cleaning process are as follows:

  1. Aesthetics: One of the greatest prevailing reasons is to get rid of contaminants, dirt, unwanted stains and coatings. Nonetheless, the query to ask our inner selves is, what is the degree of spotlessness that we are expecting?
  2. Removal of disastrous or unwanted Materials: Washing or confiscation of ivy, algae impermeable layer, vapor impermeable or additional disastrous materials can lead to health risks to the individual living there or greatly affecting the floor.
  3. Uncovering key Substrate Damage: make use of the specified cleaning techniques to uncover the floor’s state, such as rubbing out of paints, layers or laminate to uncover the floor for deeper evaluation.
  4. Color blending: When restoring mortars, mending concrete, renovating the exterior insulation finishing system, returning or mending the stonework choosing blend techniques can be hard. Cleaning of the floor will be must in order to match with the items recently replaced in the house of the individual.

Pilot the proposed cleaning technique
You wouldn’t want to start cleaning your floor, then later realise that the method you used messed it up. Before using any cleaning method, the selected method can be used in a low profiled location to evaluate before continuing with the cleaning process.

A clear cleaning sample or an illustration will guide the individual and constructor and give them an approach of a common assumption and comprehension of the techniques, procedures and the expected results.

How to Clean Hardwood Flooring: All the Ways

Choosing the most suitable methods to clean begins with examining by use of the gentlest techniques first,  then cautiously intensifying until the wanted and genuine outcomes are achieved. Consistently there are various types of methods used to clean the floor.

Use of water Methods: This is the lenient and most secure method of cleaning. Ideal varieties of water-based cleaning techniques:

  •  Light pressure
  • Rinsing,
  • Steam cleaning
  • water blasting
  • Neutral cleaning  also commonly known as[water bar]
  • Hot water washing
  • light pressure
  • water blasting

Cleaning using abrasives: This technique as, its name sounds, is the utilisation of different abrasives to clean floors can be disastrous to the substrate what matters is the contaminator being used to cleaned and the kind of mechanism used. Customary sand-blasting techniques are quite harsh. Nevertheless, the utilisation of corn, slag and baking soda under micro-managed situations may be effective.

Cleaning using chemicals: Chemical cleaning is the ideal method in maintaining cleanliness. Many producers have exclusive regulations to handle the numerous circumstances that the company might be experiencing.

Moreover, it is extremely crucial to comprehend the constitute substances that are going to be applied before choosing the cleaning chemical detergent. The floor might act negatively with elements from certain detergents causing, irreversible impacts. These elements might affect people getting into close or physical contact with them.

Given that some agents are used to clean constitute various concentrations and forms of acids, it is crucial to choose floors that are acidic non-compliant and ones that are not.

These constitutes can cause disastrous effects that cannot be reversible. Utilising acidic-based cleaners and soluble-based ones can lead to long-lasting damages. Various calcareous equipment which includes:

  • Limestone,
  • Marble,
  • Travertine,
  • Calcareous sandstones, and
  • Lime based mortars

Acid-based cleaners mess up floors. Siliceous which include:

  • Brick,
  • Terra cotta,
  • Granite, and
  • Ceramic tile

They are resistant to acids.

Before using any strong acids and alkaline to clean, less gentle techniques should be implemented. Finally, take a glance at your environment and contemplate on the surrounding; such as rivers and plants

After taking into consideration the given information stated above, the proper method for cleaning can be chosen to attain the desired results

Tools required

  • Plastic toilet brush
  • Cleaning brush scrub
  • Abrasive brush

The essence of keeping our floors clean 

Keeping your floor clean may look like less of a deal. This is because the life of always working and involving ourselves in other activities limits us from getting time to perform the cleaning activity. Who minds if there are a few spots on the surface? Or, if your woody floor isn’t as clean or shiny as it originally was?

Nevertheless, come what may, if your surfaces are vinyl, carpet, hardwood, linoleum or a different floor, it is advisable to have your surfaces always sparkling. It is because of the many advantages ofcleaning your floors can give your house.

you cannot find time to clean your floors or they require a lot of attention, you can always call different agencies that deal with cleaning activities to do the cleaning process for you.

Reason for cleaning our floors

Most of us wonder why we need to clean our floors. If there is no time to do it, that doesn’t necessarily mean you leave it dirty. There are several reasons why it is essential. They include:

First Impressions

Every time you visit a new place, the most crucial thing is making the first impression, and this determines how people are going to treat you after that or the judgment they will have on about you.

An impression is mostly made based on basic things like how you walk, the types of clothes you have on, how you talk or, how you smell. If you walk in a certain building or business and you find that the floor is dirty or there is dirty laundry lying everywhere, you will not want to walk into that building again, but alternatively if you walk into a similar building and find that things organized clothes are clean and, the floor is clean you will be interested in inquiring more about the place.

Floors need care

If you have ever owned a hardwood floor, then you would know that surfaces require special care. First, contemplate about this; floors requires handling with a lot of care and attentiveness.

There are different manners in which individuals can mess a perfect surface. It is paramount to wash your floors frequently. Besides, do not use hard soaps or expose them to a lot of sunlight and tough chemicals as it can ruin the surface.

Make sure that you clean your floor frequently so to make sure that stains and coatings don’t form on your floor and making it easy for you the next time you clean.

Taking care of floors is important because it increases your floor’s durability. Algae and other microorganisms form on the surface of the floor, therefore, making it crack and last for a short period forcing you to replace your floor.

Our homes as investments

Homes bought or built so that we can create memories in those spaces, that’s why they should be treated as an important investment since a lot of money was spent on either building or buying the house.

Homes should be protected to make sure that nothing ruins it. A home should be treated just like a car or a business.

Floors should be treated like small children i.e giving them a lot of attention, especially the hardwood floors if you drag heavy furniture along the woody floor cleaning, will be tedious.

Cleaning a Hardwood Floor

Hardwood flooring –Many people, adore hardwood flooring prefer hardwood flooring since it appears appealing and it improves the reselling worth of a house. Hardwood flooring can give a house that homely or modern appearance. This type of floor has a beautiful and rustic feel. It give a house that friendly feel and can cause a homely touch required in homes. What can beat having the feeling of nature around your house all the time?

Nonetheless, that bothersome factor hinders the installation of the hardwood floor is that it is expensive, thus reducing the number of people who will still retain its look of nature and having that extra shine in it.

This type of flooring has two types of finishes which include; wax and Polyurethane.

You can tell if your floor is waxed by simply rubbing your fingers against it if there is a smudge, then it is likely waxed.

Most people wax their floors to make them slip-resistant.

Sealed wood floors comprise of

  • Urethane coating
  • polyurethane coating
  • polyacrylic coating

This types of coatings prevent the floor from getting damaged by stains and spots. To clean hardwood flooring, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. Use a bucket to mix mild soap and water.
  2. Use a damp mop to clean.
  • Clean moisture left on the surface.
  1. Clean once a month in areas that you rarely use.
  2. Do not use vinegar as it damages the floor over-time.

Other Types of floor Cleaning

1. Carpet flooring – What is the meaning of carpet flooring? Carpet flooring placed from wall to wall in a hallway or room. This type of floor has stopped gaining its admiration with every day that is passing because there are other upcoming cost-effective, upgraded and versatile options. The good thing is that this type of flooring flatters the house, especially if installed in the bedroom. It makes the house look more attractive, cos,  inviting and comfortable.

Several qualities and designs of this type of flooring are affordable than ceramic and wood flooring. It is susceptible to odour, stains, scratches and dust which later leads to health risks to an individual living in the space. There are various types of wood flooring:

  • Level loop flooring
  • Sax tony flooring
  • Twist flooring
  • Frieze flooring
  • velvet flooring

2. Tile flooring –This is another type of flooring you can choose. Tiles come in distinct designs, styles, variations and patterns. Any pattern can be adorned on tiles and make it look better.  This make you add a little shine in your house, making it look better than before.

Tile flooring improves the reselling worth of a house in the long haul. But one major key thing is that owners of these homes need to be informed about is that floors tiled are perfect thermal insulators. And therefore suitable during winter or cold seasons, this making the floor warm.

It is very hard for you to install the flooring yourself, as particular tools are required to perform the task. Moreover, tile flooring is one of the best options because of its long lastingness and the flexibility it gives.

3. Laminate flooring – These flooring options can mimic various other flooring varieties  like ceramic, hardwood or carpet flooring, making it one of the perfect option  for individuals who do not want to spend that much money which is required to put marble, hardwood or ceramic flooring

. Laminate floors are flexible and effectual, can be put swiftly

They are long-lasting this making it improve the worth of houses.

Nevertheless, nearly everyone can tell the difference between laminate flooring and hardwood flooring, and they have discerning features that help individuals choose to floor without any hassle.

4. Marble flooring – This type of floor is listed as one of the most esteemed. In olden days this type of floor was installed in high places,for example, houses of rich people, kings or presidents, and places of worship. They are a little more costly than other  types of flooring options,

The look they attach to any room they are being placed is beyond comparison. This variety is made up of a natural stone derived from quarries all around the world.

The fact that they are made up of ancient natural stones give them a distinctive feature that lets water ooze into the floor.This being an advantage indisquise as the ancient natural stone is translucent,solitary and unique.Your home will possess a decorative and radiating look.

Nevertheless, never forget that marble is gentle and soft. This is making it susceptible to spots, stains and scratches and many other damages. Ensure that you purchase numerous slabs so that they can be used to refinish using the textured ones in case any damages happen in the future.

5. Vinyl flooring – This type of flooring has several interesting features; they are flexible, easy to maintain and install,have ridges to reduce the surface’s slipperiness to water, best for noise reduction and cost-effective.

Vinyl flooring designed in sheets and tiles. One factor that owners and constructors need to always have in mind is that vinyl flooring of good quality is long-lasting and resistant to both scratches, water, spots, and stains.

How to clean a Porcelain Floor or  Ceramic floor

Porcelain or ceramic tiles easy to maintain and clean. If any substance has poured over the ceramic or porcelain surface or there are spots, then all that is needed to be done is wiping it down with a clean wet mob.

Another alternative is the usage of a floor cleaner that is specifically a neutral floor cleaner from time to time. All cleaning mops can effectively be used but the old string works best.

The individual doing the cleaning needs to make sure that grout in the middle of the floor has no dirt stuck in it to make sure that the floor is in its best appearance and looking as good as new.

In addition, ensure that abrasives cleaners are not used in the cleaning process as the glaze will end up scratched.

How to Clean Vinyl Floor

This type of flooring is readily available in a variety of options nowadays. The most common between them is the vinyl tiles and vinyl planks. These types of flooring are easy to clean and at the same time, maintain.

The cleaning methodology of this type of flooring is not time-consuming

In case you spill any substance on the floor all you need to do is, just like the procedure of cleaning the porcelain and ceramic tiles, dirt using clean water to avoid staining if you use dirty water.floor,

As priory mentioned, when cleaning the surface, ensure that a neutral cleaner is used not abrasives to avoid damage.

So as for one to make sure that the surface does not get ruined even after finishing your moping, there are streaks on the brim, mop it a few more times using a mixture of water and white vinegar.

How to clean wood

Just like other types of flooring, hardwood flooring is not easy to maintain, but if the cleaning is done frequently, no harm will affect the wooden surface as it sustains its new look for a very long time.

If you desire for your floor to have that shining feature and a polish feel use liquid cleaners after vacuuming the surface then later apply dry wax. It will make your floor sustain that decorative and new look.

Make sure to clean your floor properly to intact the beauty of your house.

Here are guidelines on different methods to use so that you can the cleaning process can be effective

Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring may at times look similar to natural-stone Your laminate look similar to tike or hard-wood planks or tile processed from natural stone. This type of flooring requires a lot of care, but the good part about it is that the number of things that might ruin it is few, they include: light and heat, but they are installed using heat and light-resistant materials to make them look new every day for years.

Water must be kept from seeping under the planks getting underneath the plank as it causes irreversible damages. The following are methods of cleaning:

  • dry mopping
  • vacuum cleaning[ensure that the machine is on tile mode
  • spot cleaning using a damp mop

if laminating flooring damages, it is advisable to replace it rather than resurfacing it.

Cleaning a Cork Floor

A similar kind that ensures this natural substance so decorative is its porosity gives it the feature of being prone to water  Because it’s highly absorbent, many cork floorings are sealed. Nonetheless you still need to be precautious when handling the cork floor.

Use the vacuum method of cleaning to makes sure there is no scratching. Spills wiped immediately and, cleaning should be done once a are guidelines to be followed:

  1. Use a quarter cup of vinegar as it breaks dirt down and sanities the floor
  2. Put it in a spray bottle
  • Add drops of dish detergents
  1. Finally, add some warm water.
  2. After the procedure is complete, do not shake the mixture as it can form lumps
  3. Clean the floor in sections by spraying then wiping it down with a mop

If your floors are waxed, then this doesn’t affect you, since this type of flooring can be ruined by small amounts of water, keeping mobs that are wet. This floor should be swept vacuumed and cleaned using a dust mop.