Best Satellite Finder: Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs 2022

by Linea Lorenzo

The world is rapidly evolving, and modern technology is taking over the job of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness in various industries. Having said that, the digital world is slowly migrating from old ways of obtaining signals to the use of satellites. That is where satellite finders come in. Gone are the days when monitoring satellite TV location involved only a standalone FTA satellite finder.

If you are wondering what the heck is a Satellite signal finder, then it is simply a portable device that lets you search for satellite signals with zero inconveniences.

These devices normally come in handy when troubleshooting dishes and decoders, something I am probably sure you do quite often.

Getting the best satellite finder could therefore be a daunting task for you, However, we have prepared a review of 5 best satellite finders alongside their benefits, features and disadvantages to guide you.

Top 5 Best Satellite Finder Reviews 2022

Top 5 Best Satellite Finders Reviews- 2022
Top 5 Best Satellite Finders Reviews- 2022

1. AGPtek Good For Campers Digital Satellite Finder

AGPtek Good For Campers Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder Meter For Dish Network Directv FTA LCD Graphic Display Backlight Compass Buzzer Control
AGPtek Good For Campers Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder Meter For Dish Network Directv FTA LCD Graphic Display Backlight Compass Buzzer Control

Are you on the lookout for a Digital signal finder that can easily locate signals within no time?AGPtek satellite finder is the automated satellite finder to use. What is more interesting is the fact that it has two lithium batteries that last for a very long time. It is for such a reason that these finders are ideal for campers.. If you like to camp, this gadget is perfect because it is operated by the receiver.

Unlike other types of satellite finders which can give a headache to beginners, this is pretty easy to set up and operate. Besides, it is compact and small enough to be carried around when travelling. To enhance its performance, it has an inherent amplifier to cater for insertion loss.


  • High quality component - Nothing is disappointing than to have a digital satellite that is of low quality and hardly does the job it is supposed to do. This device is however different. Created with anti-corrosion connectors, you can use it for a long time without any difficulty.
  • Easy to use - Fine tuning this finder is a breeze. As soon as you boot it up, it is a matter of seconds and you get the results.. You should be able to see your signal reading within minutes of changing it to position if you set it up correctly.
  • Built-in amplifier - For you to maximize on the full potential of the signal finder, it ought to have the ability to make up for any insertion loss. This is the work of a builtin amplifier. It makes up for the loss of signal power resulting from the insertion of a device in a transmission line.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Durable.
  • Suitable for those wishing to camp..
  • Amazing quality
  • Can work pretty well together with directv hd swim signal.
  • It is created with anti-corrosion connectors


  • The compass doesn't work at all.

2. GT MEDIA V8 Satellite Finder

GT MEDIA V8 Satellite Finder Meter TV DVB-S/S2/S2X Signal Receiver H.264 Sat Detector, HD 1080P FTA 3.5' LCD Built-in 3000mAh Battery For Adjusting Sat Dish
GT MEDIA V8 Satellite Finder Meter TV DVB-S/S2/S2X Signal Receiver H.264 Sat Detector, HD 1080P FTA 3.5' LCD Built-in 3000mAh Battery For Adjusting Sat Dish

Display of satellite signals is something that most finders lack.Without such you cannot easily tell if you have obtained the right signals. That where GT MEDIA V8 Satellite Finder comes ready in handy. With it you can easily use it to display satellite signals. That way, it becomes convenient for you to watch satellite channels in real time by using the 3.5-inch LCD color projector. Besides, it also supports digital media Broadcast Satellite, a common way of transmitting digital TV broadcasts (DVB-S).

Interestingly, it enables you to quickly scan for all the satellites and make selection from the list of all retrieved satellites. In addition to that, you can manually pass satellite lists to quickly search for satellites that you wish to locate. The lithium battery is durable enough to power the device continuously for more or less than 4 hours. The fact that it has LNB short-circuit protection makes it safe and secure to use.


  • High performance Batteries- Unlike others which come along with non-rechargeable batteries, this comes along with powerful batteries that last long before it is recharged.
  • Easy to use for Beginners - It is one of the easy to use outdoor signal detectors for TV antennas. Any beginner can have an easy time installing and fine-tuning it.
  • Nice 3/5-inch LCD screen - Such LCD screens make it a breeze to watch the channels in real time.Besides, the LCD comes in handy when you also want to configure satellite antennas.


  • It is suitable for beginners.
  • It is much simpler to install and set up.
  • It comes with professional after-sale services.
  • It is highly effective in its performance.
  • More secure and safe to use.
  • It allows users to manually add satellite lists.


  • It is not Swim compatible.

3. GT MEDIA V8 Satellite Finder

Winegard SF-1000 Satellite Finder Meter, 7.25' X 4.25' X 1.75'
Winegard SF-1000 Satellite Finder Meter, 7.25' X 4.25' X 1.75'

If you are in need of a satellite finder that can easily aid you to easily tune the satellite dish to your favorite satellite station, then this is the one to go for. But for those of who love TV and Directv, this finder can sort you out in maintaining excellent connectivity to your satellite TV.

Besides, It allows you to precisely predict the strength of the signal when trying to search for a signal. When it comes to ease of use, it goes without saying that setting it up is fast and simple. This makes it a great satellite finder for traveling. It has a built-in audio tone that will warn you if you are focusing on a satellite. Moreover, you don't need to keep looking at the TV screen whenever you are aiming. This is because the LCD monitor would allow you to see the satellite's searches in real time.


  • Easy to use - Using this device, it is pretty much easier especially for beginners to quickly install and find their satellite tv stations within no time.
  • Portable - For people who love travelling, getting a compact, portable, and pocket-size satellite finder is a priority. Regardless of where you carry this device to, you can easily locate the satellite signal without any challenge.
  • Built in Sound audio - The audio is intended to show you whether you are zeroing in on a satellite dish.


  • It precisely predicts signals.
  • It is compact and small enough to be carried around.
  • Installing and utilizing it is easy and simple.
  • It has excellent connectivity.
  • High quality.


  • It's not completely isolated from interference.

4. STEREN Satellite Finder

Satellite Finder - Surveyors Compass - Surveyor Compass - Clinometer Forestry - Survey Compass - Inclinometer Compass - Compass Inclinometer - Compass Clinometer Offroad - Survey Tools - STEREN
Satellite Finder - Surveyors Compass - Surveyor Compass - Clinometer Forestry - Survey Compass - Inclinometer Compass - Compass Inclinometer - Compass Clinometer Offroad - Survey Tools - STEREN

Have you been searching for a TV signal finder that will provide you with an excellent and optimal signal? Then STEREN Satellite Finder should be the way you are looking for. If you often miss satellite signals, the STEREN compass satellite angle finder will assist you in avoiding those technological issues. Aside from that, this finder is excellent at providing you with extremely accurate dight surveys, and satellite antenna installs.

They come along with amazing features such as azimuth readings with reverse scale to prevent errors, protective punch, clinometer in both degrees and percentages for evaluations, heights and slopes, and adjustable eyepieces. And for cinematographers, this finder can come in handy when predicting the position of the sun whenever you are doing your shoots.


  • Accuracy - The reverse scale for azimuth readings,make this finder drastically reduce the probability of errors occurring. That way you can be guaranteed of nothing short of precise and accurate survey readings within seconds.
  • Durable - To make it strong enough to withstand harsh conditions and possible damages, the signal finder is designed with aluminum housing which protects it making it not easily freeze.
  • Clarity - On top of quality, this finder saw it good to come ready with adjustable alignment lenses to help you get maximum clarity.
  • Strong signal - If you are trying to avoid situations where your signal keeps going back and forth, then you need to get yourself this amazing satellite finder that makes your satellite dish deliver extremely quality sound.


  • Very strong satellite signal.
  • Created with adjustable alignment lenses.
  • Comes with Aluminum housing for protection.
  • Precise readings.
  • Compass with reverse scale to prevent error.
  • Great quality and decent price.


  • Sometimes they come with defects hence you will have to return.

5. Skywalker-Signature-Series-Satellite-Finder.

Satellite Finder
Satellite Finder

Tuning C-band and Ku-band is never easy without an appropriate finder.Skywalker-Signature-Series-Satellite-Finder was created to carry such a burden on your behalf making it easier for even beginners to get started with tuning it.As long as you correctly align your dish, you can be rest assured that your receiver will be able to get the signals that are ever strong and accurate. How do you know that the signal is strong? Well, listen to the tone changes for its builtin sensitive tone function. The stronger the signal the higher the tone.

Besides, this finder is quite small in size and pocket size and therefore you can carry yi along with you wherever you are going. You may assume that setting it up is complicated just by looking at it. However, you'll be shocked by how simple it is to specifically position your dish in order to transmit the best signals to your receiver. Surprisingly, no external batteries are needed to power this satellite finder thanks to its satellite receiver.


  • Pocket sized finder- To enable you to carry around if you love travelling a lot, this satellite finder is created to be lightweight and compact enough to fit your small backpack.
  • Simple to use - For beginners installing this device and tuning channels is a breeze needless to mention the time it takes to search satellites. It is pretty effective to the extent that you can do a lot in a matter of minutes.
  • Fairly priced - If you have been wondering where to get a cheap satellite finder, then look no further for this offers you relatively low prices compared to types of finders.


  • Small and Portable.
  • Features a tone that changes with change in signal strength,
  • Directly powered by a satellite receiver hence no need for batteries.
  • Relatively Affordable.
  • Quality signal strength.


  • It does not work well unless the receiver is very close to the satellite

Buying Guide for the Best Satellite Finder

Despite the fact that we have saved you some time by analyzing the top 5 satellite finders. Without these critical parts, the information is incomplete. In this segment, we'll go over the factors you can think about before purchasing a satellite finder. So, what precisely are these criteria?


How quality the signal is can be told by the level of its accuracy.Quality finders are designed to have better and more consistent signals. As a result, these are the ones to go for. Aside from that, a quality finder should last for a very long time.


Even though quality and price go hand in hand, there is no question that not all expensive goods are of intended quality. On the other hand, certain reasonably priced finders are of high quality, so you do not need to over-stretch your budget for a mere satellite finder.

Ease of use

While some best finders can be difficult to use, others have been designed to be beginner-agnostic, making them easier to use.. So, if you're still a beginner in these things or just don't want to deal with distracting finders, then there are pretty much simpler satellites to go for.

The Benefits of Using a Satellite Finder

As technology advances, more and more people are turning to satellite finders to help them locate the best satellite TV providers in their area. A satellite finder is a small, hand-held device that uses a built-in GPS system to pinpoint the location of satellites in the sky. By inputting your address and zip code into the satellite finder, you can quickly and easily find out which providers offer service in your area.

In addition to helping you locate the best provider, a satellite finder can also help you troubleshoot problems with your current service. If you're having trouble receiving a signal from your provider, a satellite finder can help you identify where the problem lies. This can be extremely helpful if you're trying to determine whether the issue is with your satellite dish or with the provider's signal.

If you're considering switching to satellite TV, a satellite finder can be an invaluable tool. By helping you locate the best providers in your area and troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your current service, a satellite finder can save you time and money.

Types of Satellite Finders

There are two types of satellite finders: active and passive.

Active satellite finders use a signal generator to send out a signal that is received by the satellite dish. The dish then reflects the signal back to the satellite finder, which measures the strength of the signal. Passive satellite finders do not use a signal generator; instead, they rely on the signals already being emitted by the satellites. These signals are typically much weaker than those emitted by active satellite finders, so passive satellite finders may not be as accurate.

Active satellite finders are more expensive than passive satellite finders, but they are also more accurate. Passive satellite finders can be used in areas where there is a lot of interference from other electronic devices, such as televisions and radios. Active satellite finders are best used in areas with a clear view of the sky, such as on a rooftop or in an open field.

If you are having trouble finding a satellite signal, it is worth trying both types of satellite finders to see which one works better for your location. Experimenting with different types of satellite finders is the best way to find the perfect one for your needs.

How to Use Satellite Finder ?

A satellite signal finder is a device that links with a satellite dish. Whenever you move the shift around, the gauge on the other hand registers the satellite's signal strength. The unit will display both the strength and the direction of that particular signal. That way, you can easily adjust a residential satellite dish.

For people who love travelling as campers, they understand how challenging it is to maintain a signal when the car is moving, and the dish will need to be repositioned. Without a signal finder, it might take you a great deal of time before you obtain a signal again.

Determining the signal strength and location boosts the ability of the satellite dish to receive a signal whenever you are working around an area.

FAQs about Satellite Finders

How do I find a satellite signal?

Using your signal finder, select the 'menu' button, press 'settings and help' on the left hand menu,on the left hand menu press settings, select 'view signal strength' to view the satellite signals.

What direction do you face a satellite dish?

Your dish needs to point either to the west or east, that is solely dependent on the direction you want to receive the signal.

What is a digital satellite finder?

This is a handheld device that is designed to help you locate television satellites in order to position satellite dishes,

How do I get satellite signals on my phone?

Using Dishpointer Augmented reality android or iphone application, you can easily locate television satellites nearest to your area with your phone. The application alone can help you find the strongest signal while installing your own satellite dish.

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Lazmin Satellite Finder Satellite Signal Meter, Digital V8 Satellite Signal Finder HD - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

TOZTVXU iBRAVEBOX V9 Satellite Detector Finder HD Satellite Finder DVB-S2 V8 Finder - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Conclusion for Satellite Finder Buyers

On a last note, the list above is the decent starting point for you in the event that you want to buy one of the satellite finders. Having gotten some idea on each product's features, advantages and their disadvantages, we have no doubt that you can pick the best and quality finder.

Each of the above products have what it is necessary to be worth your investment. Apart from being quality, they convey strong signals, are easy to use and are fairly priced. Having done all that, it is now up to you to make use of the information and get the best finder that suits you.

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