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Best Spotlight for Long Distance- Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Are you using the spotlight to do construction at night?

Are you trying to find a pet that ran away from your home?

Do you just need something to provide light if you are working at a public park or a golf course at night?

These are just a few situations that make handheld spotlights a little more complicated than they appear. You certainly need to consider more than one thing when choosing a handheld spotlight.

Smart spotlights are an extraordinary way to transform the lighting in your home and give a 360 ° turn to the modernity of your spaces.

One of the best parts of having smart lights on your hand is that you can create personalized lighting scenes adapted for every occasion.

We have prepared the selection of the best Spotlight for long distance, evaluating the popularity of each brand, the quality of the lighting, its compatibility with other smart devices and the price.

Top Picks : 5 Best Handheld Spotlights


9 Handheld Spotlights Reviews

1. Rechargeable LED searchlight by Buysight

BUYSIGHT Bright Rechargeable Searchlight handheld LED Flashlight Tactical Flashlight with Handle CREE L2 Spotlight 6000 Lumens Ultra-long Standby Electric Torch with USB OUTPUT as a Power Bank (Black)

If you need a handheld spotlight that will help you when you work outside in the dark, you will want to consider Buysight’s handheld spotlight. Being able to produce 6000 lumens of brightness, you will be able to find almost anything in the dark with it.

A lot of handheld spotlights are not really designed for the rain, and this can be very troublesome for anyone who works outside in the dark. Fortunately, Buysight’s handheld spotlight is rated IPX6 which means you can use it in any kind of weather. This makes it invaluable for those who do construction at night.

Another fantastic thing about Buysight’s handheld spotlight is that it can last a very long time when running on its battery. It can last for nearly 20 hours on a full battery, making it last significantly longer than other lights of its kind. Again, this is perfect for doing construction or housework at night.

However, something that makes Buysight’s spotlight worse than others of its kind is that it only has two light settings: 6000 lumens and 2500 lumens. With so many other handheld spotlights containing more diverse settings, having only two settings is the one thing that makes Buysight’s searchlight less than perfect.

2. High lumen rechargeable spotlight by Geprosma

GEPROSMA High 6000 Lumen Powerful Rechargeable Flashlight Handheld Spotlight CREE LED Super Bright Large 4 Batteries 10000mah Ultra Long Lasting Portable Searchlight for Emergency Camping

The majority of handheld spotlights only shine one white light in one direction. While many just accept this fact without having many questions, some are looking for something additional for when they are camping or on a boat at night where an emergency may occur.

For these types, Geprosma’s spotlight is ideal and has a lot to offer. One of its best features that make it necessary for campers or boaters at night are the side flood light lanterns on the side of the spotlight. This contains a red/blue strobe light mode that will show others around you that there is an emergency.

Something else that contributes quite a bit to the versatility of Geprosma’s spotlight is that it can be mounted onto a tripod. While this seems negligible, it proves very useful if you need the light to be stationary and do not want to hold it. This is what makes it versatile, since it is very difficult for other spotlights to connect to a tripod.

There are two things that could be improved with Geprosma’s spotlight: The battery and the power of the light. The battery only lasts about ten hours on a full charge, which is a lot shorter than the battery life of other handheld spotlights. The highest light setting of Geprosma’s spotlight shines for 800 yards. This is also below average when compared to other spotlights.

3. “Waypoint” by Streamlight

Streamlight 44910 Waypoint 1000-Lumens Spotlight with 120-Volt AC Charger, Yellow

A good amount of handheld spotlights are actually not designed too comfortably. With most designs, you press the switch on the top of the handle to turn the light on and off. While this is somewhat comfortable, it can be improved upon.

The Waypoint, by Streamlight, does improve upon this, and contains a pistol grip like design. This is really useful if you need to walk around with it. The Waypoint is very user-friendly if you are trying to navigate darkness.

Something else that is very nice about the Waypoint’s design is that it’s petite size makes it easy to carry around. You do not need to deal with overarching straps, massive battery packs, or anything like that. If you are looking for a small spotlight that is somewhat powerful, you will like the Waypoint.

There are a couple of things about the Waypoint that do not measure up. The first is its light power. The Waypoint produces only 1000 lumens of light on its highest setting. This means it is not ideal for any large scale night navigation at all. It also has a surprisingly short battery life, lasting only 3 hours on its most powerful setting.


4. “Fatmax” by Stanley

STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Rechargeable 2200 Lumen Lithium Ion Ultra Bright LED Spotlight Flashlight with USB Power Charger

Something that is not common to most handheld spotlights is that they are not hands-free. You need to press a button or hold down a trigger to turn most of these on and while this is negligible for most, it can be a minor inconvenience for some who desire a handheld spotlight that is hands-free.

Something that sets the Fatmax by Stanley apart from other handheld spotlights is that it is indeed hands-free. This feature seems negligible but you would be surprised to find that very few handheld spotlights possess this and that’s what makes it a little better than others.

The pistol grip design of the Fatmax also makes it better than other handheld spotlights. The design of the typical handheld spotlight doesn’t usually lend itself to being too comfortable when you need to hold it and shine it on something for long periods of time. The Fatmax’s design makes it easy to use if you need a handheld spotlight for something like fixing something in the dark.

Battery life is something that the Fatmax struggles with. While it is a lot brighter than other spotlights of its kind, this comes at the expense of its battery life, only being able to be on for 7 hours on its maximum setting on a full charge.


5. Waterproof rechargeable spotlight by NoCry

18 watt rechargeable flashlight by NoCry

Handheld spotlights that utilize a trigger design can be a little less convenient to use than their counterparts that follow a searchlight design. Most of them are not waterproof and most of them do not contain filters that display other light colors, even though they are easy to use.

NoCry’s handheld spotlight is different from other spotlights of its kind in that it is impact resistant, waterproof, and it does not sink if you were to drop it in water. This is extremely valuable seeing that other spotlights of its kind generally do not contain these features.

Most other spotlights that are designed like NoCry’s spotlight aren’t as easy to carry around as they could be. Fortunately, NoCry’s spotlight is very lightweight and compact, more than most other spotlights that follow its pistol grip design. It weighs about a pound, which is a lot lighter than the majority of handheld spotlights.

A lot of handheld spotlights contain only two light settings, but NoCry’s spotlight contains three settings. While this does seem negligible, you will notice a difference when you are able to switch from 1000 lumens to 500 lumens to 100 lumens instead of going straight from 1000 lumens to 100 lumens.

Speaking of light levels, this is the only thing that NoCry’s spotlight somewhat struggles with. Is light levels. It maxes out at 1000 lumens, which is a little less than the average spotlight of its kind.


6. “Max Million” spotlight by Brinkmann

Brinkmann 800-2301-0 Q-Beam Max Million III 12V DC Spotlight

A lot of portable spotlights tend to possess very wide beams and for smaller handheld spotlights, this can be pretty troublesome especially if you are working outside at night or in some other situation where you need to move around with a light. This can make it difficult to see certain things that you need to see.

The Max Million, by Brinkmann, solves this issue by containing a light beam that is much more narrow than its counterparts. This makes it much more effective if you are working outside at night and need a portable spotlight to guide you.

Different than other handheld spotlights that use either a button or trigger to operate, the Max Million uses a sliding switch to operate. The switch will stay in place, keeping the light on if you need it to stay on and this is extremely useful if you are walking around at night.

There are a few things that are not very impressive with the Max Million, however. First, it has a glass lens and this can get extremely hot if the light stays on for too long. The fact that the beam is narrow also makes the beam itself very hot, and if you shine the Max Million on a surface for too long, you will actually burn the surface.


7. “SL5HS” spotlight flashlight by Stanley

STANLEY SL5HS Rechargeable 1200 Lumen Lithium Ion Ultra Bright LED Spotlight Flashlight

Most handheld spotlights leave a lot to be desired when it comes to light settings. If you are lucky, they will contain three settings, but most of them only contain two settings. This can be troublesome for anybody who needs a handheld spotlight for multiple uses.

Fortunately, the SL5HS by Stanley solves this issue decisively by containing five modes of lighting to help you micromanage the light levels so that you can do different things. One of these settings produces a halo effect, which can be useful if you want the beam to be wide.

Like most handheld spotlights that contain a pistol grip, the SL5HS can be mounted to provide a hands-free experience. This is incredibly useful if you need it to be stationary while you work on things in the dark in greater detail.

The SL5HS also contains a powerful and versatile battery as well. It lasts 10 hours on a full charge and it contains both AC and DC charging adapters, meaning it can be charged practically anywhere.

The only thing that could be improved with the SL5HS is that it is a little bigger than most other spotlights that use a pistol grip. The lens itself is quite wide and there is no real way to narrow the beam. 


8. Rechargeable 6000 lumen spotlight by Yierblue

YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight, Super Bright 6000 Lumen LED Flashlight Handheld spotlight 10000mAh Long Lasting Large Flashlight Searchlight and Flood Camping Flashlight with Foldable Tripod (Black)

Most handheld spotlights that use a pistol grip design do not have a lot to offer when it comes to lighting compared to their searchlight designs. Many of them max out at 1000 lumens or so and looking for a pistol grip designed spotlight can be very difficult.

Yierblue’s handheld spotlight has solved this problem once and for all. It is one of very, very few pistol grip designed spotlights that yields upwards of 6000 lumens of brightness, a brightness level that is usually reserved for the searchlight designs.

Another fantastic thing about Yierblue’s spotlight is its impressive battery life. While most pistol grip spotlights only last about 7 hours on a full battery, Yierblue’s light will last upwards of 20 hours, which is very impressive. This combined with the pistol grip design makes Yierblue’s portable spotlight perfect for camping or any other outdoor adventure at night.

There are a couple of things that Yierblue’s spotlight could improve on. The first thing is the settings. There are only three settings on Yierblue’s handheld light, which is only an average amount of settings. It also does not have a hands-free option either, which is a slight inconvenience.


9. “HC-600” LED spotlight by Energizer

ENERGIZER HC-600 LED Spot light, IPX4 Water Resistant, Super Bright LED Spotlight Flashlight, Impact-Resistant, Heavy Duty Durability, Batteries Included , Black , AA

If you are looking for a pistol grip design spotlight that is waterproof, durable, and easy to carry around, look no further than the HC-600 by Energizer. Perhaps the one thing about it that stands out the most is its durability: The HC-600 can survive drops of nearly two stories, making it more durable than most other handheld spotlights.

Most handheld spotlights claim to be waterproof but most of them are only slightly waterproof. The chances of a handheld spotlight being decisively waterproof are pretty small. You will not need to worry about any kind of water damage when it comes to the HC-600 as it is protected by IPX4 water resistance.

Unfortunately, you will need to look elsewhere if you are looking for a handheld spotlight that can perform in terms of light. The most amount of light that the HC-600 can produce is 600 lumens. This is worse than even their pistol grip counterparts which usually yield 1000 or so lumens.

Although most pistol grip designed spotlights have at least three light settings, the HC-600 only has two, which is another thing that lowers its value somewhat. And while the HC-600 is indeed hands-free, it is only hands free by virtue of placing it somewhere while letting the light shine onto something, which is a little sloppy. 


Handheld spotlights: A buying guide

best handheld spotlights

The concept of the handheld spotlight seems very simple:

  • What could be so complicated about something you carry around that provides light to things around you?
  • It turns out that handheld spotlights are not as simple as they may seem and there are a few reasons why this is.
  • There are many situations that call for a different form of lighting, and this is what makes the concept of a handheld spotlight so complicated.

Buying what seems to be the most popular handheld spotlight sight unseen is probably not a good idea, since you are likely going to be using it for many different situations where you need the significant amount of light that a handheld spotlight provides.

Here are a few things that you should probably consider when purchasing a handheld spotlight.

Do you work outdoors at night?

This is one thing that you should consider when buying a handheld spotlight.

When you work outdoors at night, you will need a different kind of light from a handheld spotlight than you would in a different situation.

Working outdoors at night requires you to be mobile, and you’ll need a handheld spotlight that is easy to carry as well.

Do you need a handheld spotlight for the home?

Sometimes you need a handheld spotlight for your home, especially if you live in a neighborhood where the homes are far away from each other and there is not a light.

These situations call for different kinds of handheld spotlights, especially if you need a handheld spotlight to do things around the house that you would rather do at night, such as yardwork.

Do you work with the public at night?

There is a difference between doing yardwork or construction type work at night and working in the dark when there are crowds.

Working with crowds at night can warrant a handheld spotlight especially if you are trying to direct the traffic.

Something like this will require you to possess a certain handheld spotlight.

Have you been assigned to search for things in the dark?

Another thing that is related to working at night is obviously looking for certain things in the dark.

This often requires your handheld spotlight to view things in greater detail..

Searching for things in the dead of night can be extremely dangerous if you do not have the right handheld spotlight in your hand.

As you can see, there are a handful of situations that call for different handheld spotlights.

The following are ten featured spotlights that are ideal for most situations.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the brightest handheld spotlight?

A: The brightest handheld spotlights are usually 6000 lumens. To put this in perspective, 6000 lumens is bright enough to cover around 40 football fields. While there are lights that are even brighter than this, 6000 lumens is usually the brightest that a handheld spotlight can get. 6000 lumens of brightness is ideal for if you are on a body of water and it is dark, since you will be able to see really far with that kind of brightness level.

Q: How many lumens is a good spotlight?

A: The answer to this question really depends on what you need the spotlight for. If you need a spotlight for camping at night or being on the water at night where there are no surrounding lights, you might want to consider 6000 lumens. However, the standard amount of lumens, 1000 is usually ideal for most situations.

Q: What makes a good spotlight?

A: There are three things that make a good spotlight. First, it should be easy to charge. This prevents complications. It should also have varying light levels. If you possess a spotlight that yields 6000 lumens and only 6000 lumens, you will have a tough time. It should also be easy to carry around, since you will probably be using it a lot.

Q: Is 6000 lumens too bright?

A: In most cases, 6000 lumens is going to be too bright for what you are trying to accomplish. The only real situations that truly warrant a spotlight that yields 6000 lumens is if you are out on the water. You will definitely need a significant amount of light in these cases. In other cases, you do not need 6000 lumens at all and can get by with 1000 or so.

Q: What should I look for when buying spotlights?

A: The answer to this really depends on what you need the spotlight for. But generally, you should look for a spotlight that is easy to use, is easy to carry around, and has different light levels. These are the things that make an effective spotlight regardless of what you need it for.


There are many handheld spotlights for all kinds of situations.

Fortunately, it is very easy to detect what handheld spotlight you might need.

If you need a handheld spotlight for sea travel at night, go for a spotlight that yields up to 6000 lumens of light. The light will guide you anywhere.

If you are looking for a handheld spotlight for camping trips, you could probably go with a spotlight that yields 1000 lumens. This will allow you to get a good idea of your surroundings.

Handheld spotlights for other situations do not even need to yield 1000 lumens. Keep in mind that most handheld spotlights are extremely powerful and you will see that you do not need a lot of light to see ahead of you when using one.

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