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It is possible to have a printing process that is easy and effortless if you are using the required devices. The trick to achieving this is through using a top-quality wireless print server or using a print server that is of high quality.

The idea in this case is that the print server connects our computers and printers using wireless connections from anywhere within your network. If you are searching for the best USB print server, you too have landed the best place that will tell you that print server.

Top Print Server by Editors in 2022

We have taken our time to compile this list of 10 best print servers that will be a considerable investment in your business if you are going to use them. Most of our list print servers have superior features that are customized to meet the broad spectrum of the printing process.

Top 10 Best Print Server Reviews in 2022

Top 10 Best Print Server Reviews- 2022
Top 10 Best Print Server Reviews- 2022

1. IOGEAR 1-Port USB 2.0 Print Server, GPSU21

IOGEAR 1-Port USB 2.0 Print Server, GPSU21
IOGEAR 1-Port USB 2.0 Print Server, GPSU21

The Iogear GPSU21 is a USB connectable device that is compact and easy to set up and use in offices or homes. The machine costs less, and it allows you to spend less but do much on your printing. It uses a standard A.C. to power it, while the USB 2.0 connects to the printer.

The USBs provide a variety of speed, print faster and in a stable connection. The GPSU21 system provides room for remote printing and also prints from any computer within the network. The automatic sense technology makes the printer automatic.


Easily connects USB 2- The device's USB 2.0 connects with printers on the network easily. It allows multiple computer connections through the use of 1 USB on the network with the included cat five cables.
The GPSU21 SYSTEM- The print device features the system allows to print from any computer on the network by using the USB cable, internet, and ethernet cable by the use of the connection.
The auto-sense technology - The print server has a 10Baset-t 100baset-t auto-sensing ethernet port that makes the printer to be automatic on how it works.
Supports DHCP and multiple networks- The support of DHCP provides a high-security level on the networks and, more significantly, on MAC products.


  • USB connection
  • It is easy to set it up and use
  • It has a handful of excellent features


  • It is not compatible with windows 10
  • It requires a connection through the use of a USB cable
TP-LINK Tl-Ps110U Single Usb2.0 Port Fast Ethernet Print Server
TP-LINK Tl-Ps110U Single Usb2.0 Port Fast Ethernet Print Server

Do you want to take your internetwork connectivity to the next level, and you are unsure which print server to use? Worry not; TP-LINK TL-Ps110U is the best solution for you. It comes with excellent features like a USB 2.0 compliant port and a fast Ethernet rj-45 port that makes printing more accessible.

The Server uses USB 2.0 technology making it have faster communication between the device and the targeted printer. There are several lights on the Server's body, making it active in connection.


Secure connection - The device can assign I.P. addresses both dynamic or static to the print server. With it, you can set your passwords to protect the settings and configurations. This makes it able to control the print server through WEB-interface with the use of unique utility included.

Supports multiprotocol and multi- OS-This feature makes it easy to set up the print server in most network environments. It also makes it easy to manage and operate.

SNMP Trap support : The SNMP sends notifications about the print server's status to the specific I.P. address. There is also Samba protocol support it allows the printer to share for Microsoft Windows networks.

A high-speed 2.0 USB port and high-speed microprocessor- This allows the device to connect with the printer through the use of USB. The compliant port makes the process of printing faster.

The auto-sense ethernet port: The port works up to 100Mbps, allowing a high-speed transfer into the print station. It supports multiple printers with copiers and scanners, even standard printers.


  • It has a faster print process.
  • It is compact, making it easy to set up and easy store
  • It prints remotely by the use of IPP
  • It is affordable
  • Allows you to link various computers within your network


  • May disconnect from the Server, which might require a restart
  • It does not support parallel printers connected

3. 1-Port 10/100 Mbps Parallel Network Print Server 1-Port 10/100 Mbps Parallel Network Print Server - Fast Centronics Ethernet Printer Server Adapter - Windows 10 (PM1115P2),Beige 1-Port 10/100 Mbps Parallel Network Print Server - Fast Centronics Ethernet Printer Server Adapter - Windows 10 (PM1115P2),Beige

Are you still stuck on an old printer? If yes, you need to move from that with the use of the StarTech PM115P2s. The device quickly connects parallel port printers in homes and offices. It features a reliable wired connection that can't be connected via Wi-Fi. It also provides a 10/100Mbps transfer rate hence quick prints.

You shouldn't worry if you have no USB printer because StarTech does not support USB printers. If you aren't aware of how the print server works, the documentation process will be complex. The device doesn't also support Windows 10.


Web-based management tool: This system helps to monitor the print server's functionalities and show you what is being printed at a given time. The software allows you to remotely queue your work that is handy when you're not in your office.

The 10Base-t/100Base-TX- Features an ethernet parallel to a network print server that allows you to convert the standard parallel printer to a shared network printer with a good speed of 10/100Mbps network.

Easy installation - With the parallel printer server, you have a few minutes to install it either through the use of either a window-based installation wizard or a web-based interface.

The broad and wide compatibility- The Server can work with Mac and windows, including windows 10. The printer server adapter supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for remote monitoring.


  • It supports parallel port printing
  • It is small and compact
  • Has a faster data transfer process


  • It does not support USB
  • Its documentation is hard to understand

4. HP Jet Direct 620n Print Server

HP JetDirect 620n Print Server (J7934A#UUS)
HP JetDirect 620n Print Server (J7934A#UUS)

Hp Jet Direct 620n printer is a uniquely designed print server that is different from others and works as the internal print server. This means that it can be directly installed on any compatible Hp device. The device uses an EIO slot that comes with Hp machines and can work on parallel connections.

Choose the device if you need a printer server with advanced security, and that provides fast ethernet connectivity. The Hp Jet Direct 620n supports a broad spectrum of networks as it is O.S. user convenience.


Works on broad networks: The Hp Jet direct 620 is made to support a broad rate of protocols and operating systems. This makes it worthwhile for you to use it for the various networks you are operating on.

Unique modular design- It features an internal modular design in that it slides into the EIO slot that is compatible with Hp devices. You can install it on any device that is H.P. compatible.

Advanced security: H.P. Jet direct 620n print server has the leading advanced security. It also has excellent performance as it has a fast ethernet internal print server that lets you do your work efficiently.
Compatible with Windows 10- Hp Jet direct 620n is compatible with windows 10 and other previous operating systems that support Hp products.


  • Easy to install on Hp products
  • Compatible with many operating systems
  • High-performance rate
  • Has advanced security


  • Requires configuring
  • It does not support wireless networks

5. HP J3113A Jet Direct 600n Print Server Jet Direct Card

HP J3113A JetDirect 600n Print Server JetDirect Card
HP J3113A JetDirect 600n Print Server JetDirect Card

Do you love Hp compatible print server, and are you worried about which print server to buy? Do not worry, and there is a solution here for you; HP J3113A Jet Direct 600n is the solution.

The Hp J311A print server is another excellent server installed into the EIO slot for easy ethernet connection.


Multiprotocol support - Hp J3113A Jet Direct provides you with a multiprotocol support to increase the printing result and ensure that there is convenience at each time.

Compatibility - The print server comes with Hp Devices gives optimal performance to any HP EIO slot for easy installation and connection to your ethernet network.

Internal print servers - For the token ring- the print server the internal print servers that provides you with the simplest way of sharing the Hp EIO printer on the software.


  • Supported by all H.P. printers and multifunction peripheral devices
  • Has an easy connection to an Ethernet network
  • Compatible with the most modern operating system
  • Installed directly to the existing H.P. products


  • It is only compatible with H.P. printer products only

6. X-MEDIA 1-Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Parallel Print Server

X-MEDIA 1-Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Parallel Print Server, Parallel Port Network Print Server [XM-PS110P]
X-MEDIA 1-Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Parallel Print Server, Parallel Port Network Print Server [XM-PS110P]

Do you have an old parallel printer that is unable to connect with your network on its own? Then worry not, the X-Media PS110P is the perfect solution for that. The print server is a straightforward installation that requires plugging to the back of the device and running the ethernet cable on the router.


Compatible with several printers- The print server is compatible with so many printer models of up to 230 printer models that are in the market today.

Multiple support- It supports multi-OS and multi protocols, which makes it easy to set up in almost all network environments. It also promotes power-on self-test and email alerts. This keeps your printer in check to know when there is a problem to address.

Set up it is simple to set it up and manage: The operation is also simple, and you can use the application guide provided to know the various printers it is compatible with.


  • Easy to install and manage
  • The Power-On Self-Test alerts you when there is a problem with the printer.
  • Compatible with many printers
  • Works best in old parallel printers


  • It doesn't support USB
D-Link DP-301P+ 10/100TX 1-Centronic Port Print Server
D-Link DP-301P+ 10/100TX 1-Centronic Port Print Server

If you need a print server that can allow you to connect with your printer without necessarily using a printer cable, you are in the right place. DP-Link-301P is a top server that takes your printing capability to the next level through a direct connection without using a printer cable.


Supports major networking- D-Link DP-301P is a print server that supports the major network protocols using a simple configuration web browser. This makes it to have an excellent alternative in software-based printer sharing.

Great design - The Server has an excellent design that makes it compatible with various networking protocols and operating systems. Despite that it doesn't work on Windows 10, its manual guide [provides you with the number of windows and printers it works best.

Fast and easy printing : The print server has revolutionized printing in that it has become simple by the use of D-Link DP-301P.


  • Provides direct connections without using print cable
  • Extensive support to various printers
  • It is durable


  • · It is not compatible with windows 10

8. TRENDnet 1-Port Parallel Print Server TE100-P1P

TRENDnet 1-Port Parallel Print Server TE100-P1P
TRENDnet 1-Port Parallel Print Server TE100-P1P

In recent years, Trendnet has become one of the best network devices that you can rely on. The TRENDnet 1-Port TE100-P1P is one of their top devices that is compliant with bi-directional parallel port printing. It allows you to have a fast print within a short period.


The in-built Flash Memory - The device comes with a built-in Flash Memory that easily upgrades Firmware.

The One RJ-45 10/100Mbps Auto-MDXI - These features are helpful in having a fast ethernet port. This ensures that you have fast print within your printers.

Classic print server design- The device comes with a classic design that is durable and that allows you to have extended print functionality for an extended period.

Supports multiple networks - Trendnet print server provides you with the support of various network operating system protocols to have an excellent printing result. It supports IPP printing on windows XP/200 as it has a second HTTP port used for remote web configuration.


  • Supports multiple network operating system and networks
  • Classic design that is durable and extended printing
  • Compliant to parallel printing port
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install and use


  • Not compatible with windows 10

9. Monoprice Networking USB 2.0 Print Server (5342)

Monoprice Networking USB 2.0 Print Server (5342)
Monoprice Networking USB 2.0 Print Server (5342)

Are you in need of a palm-sized print server that has the best print experience? If yes, Monoprice is the ideal solution for you. It is a palm-sized 1-port USB 2.0 print server that allows all networked computers to have shared via a USB printer.

It combines various techniques like USB 2.0 specifications and an auto-sense ethernet port to ensure you have the best experience.


Auto-sense ethernet port - The device provides the users with the auto-sensing ethernet port that perfectly works on either 100Base-T networks or 10Base-T networks. This helps to avoid placing the printer next to your computer for it to work.

Compatibility -The Monoprice print server works perfectly with multiple windows like XP, VISTA, 2000, and Windows 7. It is also able to support various operating systems and protocols.

The built-in web management - This feature provides additional convenience as it allows you to configure, monitor, and even reset your print server through a web browser. This is useful in eliminating the necessity of having your printer near your computer.

Easy to connect USB - It features an easy-to-connect USB to your printer. It also allows various computers to share one USB printer in the network from any computer on the DHCP network and many network protocols.


  • It allows any connected computer to share the USB printer
  • More convenient in configuring monitor or reset it through a web browser
  • Easy to connect a USB printer
  • Compatible with the various operating system and windows


  • It doesn't support printers that are not networked.

10. DYMO 1750630 LabelWriter Print Server

DYMO 1750630 LabelWriter Print Server
DYMO 1750630 LabelWriter Print Server

What makes DYMO Labelwriter 1750630 unique is it's easy to set it up with your network to have wireless printing. This makes it easy for anyone to print directly with their computers, provided that they are within the wireless network. Other than that, it is also compatible with both Mac and Windows networks.


Easy to install- DYMO print server always comes with a guide with easy-to-follow steps to install it. The instructions are straightforward and simple to follow. With the master of the steps, you can easily connect through an ethernet cable or USB.

Compatibility - DYMO print server is compatible with multiple Mac and Windows networks. So, you can use it on any of the networks you are planning to work with.

Package- The print server comes with various tools like installation CD and A/C adapter to ensure that you have the best connection. It also has a 1-year limited warranty for you.


  • It is easy to set up as it comes with a setup guide that is simple to follow.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac networks
  • One can easily print from their computer if they are connected to the wireless network.
  • Ensures there is a straightforward and simple installation process.


  • The website and connection of it isn't simple

Buying Guide

With the high number of print servers in the market, it isn't easy to know which of the print servers in the market is best. However, it would be best if you check on some of the factors to consider so that you can buy the best print server. The factors include

The USB Support

Not all computers that you have in your network can access Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Buying a print server that uses a USB connection will be the best alternative in this case. Such USB-supported devices can have a drive-sized USB dongle that attaches to your computer via a standard USB port.
A successful dongle connection allows quick communication between the printer and the computer and, therefore, fast printing. Some top print server has auto-sensing that will enable you to print even without installing any software on your computer automatically.

Multi-device support

All-in-one printers are the most sought printers in the market be it for offices and home use. These printers are ideal as you can copy, print, scan and fax your work with the same device.
However, if you don't have one, there are print servers that have similar features. With the support of multiple devices with various functionalities, you can connect to fax machines, copiers, and scanners.

Compatibility with old printers

The print server that uses the older printers in the modern environment shows a sign of a good and complete print server. A good server should have the capability of handling old printers and connect them to the USB port and parallel printer ports, which can't be connected to Bluetooth or wi-fi.
The best print server should also support internet printing at the same time, print locally, and begin the printing process from remote areas. This can be achieved if the print server has IPP or Line Remote protocols.

Internal vs. external

There are two types of print servers you will have to choose from whenever you are going to the market, an external or internal print server. The internal print server is installed in computers directly to the motherboard. This makes it unnoticeable, and the print server can be used on a standard computer.
On the other hand, the external devices are easy to set, and no installation is required, and hence it's faster. With them, they require you to store it in a secure area. The product you choose here depends on the need to have an efficient, streamlined printing process.

How do I set up a print server?

Setting up a new print server and getting ready to work requires some steps to be followed. Successful follow of the steps in what makes the printing process happen. The steps include

  1. Plugin the printer's power cable and turn it on.
  2. Connect the cables included with the print server, like a USB cable, from the printer to your computer. This process will be different if you are using a wireless printer.
  3. Locate your printer setting on your computer; with windows, you can search it from the control panel.
  4. On the option provided, click on add printer; on the result provided, follow the instructions carefully. Add the printer that you are about to use from the Server.
  5. Try to print something by clicking on the link or select the file and click, and you can also Ctrl + P on your keyboard.
  6. On the dialog provided, locate and choose the new printer from the list provided and click print. By doing this, the item will have been printed.

How do Install a print server?

Installing the attached printer or network printer to any network system, the printer is accessible to the remote or local system. To set up a printer server has various processes that you need to follow. There are multiple ways you can do this; for us, we will look at how you can set up the printer using Solari's print manager.

  1. Choose the system that is going to be the printer server
  2. Connect your printer with the print server and turn on the printer
  3. Once you have connected, start the Solaris print manager within the print server, where you can connect it with the printer
  4. From the printer, menu choose the new attached printer
  5. Fill in the information on the window to make it complete and click ok
  6. Double-check on the new printer that has been installed before you exit.

How to manage a print server

This is a process of managing the print servers installed to handle printing work on a distributed network. This is mainly used in networks that provide the remote print option. The management process is vital in keeping your print server at the bar. To successfully manage your print server, follow the following steps.

  1. Install the print management on your computer
  2. Open the print management after a successful installation
  3. Add and remove print servers
  4. View the printer once added
  5. Save the custom view
  6. Manage your printers

By doing this, you will track and manage the printing process for all the computers within your network. You can also install print management software that will allow you to monitor all the functions and activities and how the printing is going on within your organization.


What are the types of print servers?

Mainly there are two main types of print servers. The internal and external print servers. The main difference with them is that the internal print server is internally stored on your computer, while external, they are set up with your computer and don't require installation.

How do print servers work?

The use of wireless or internet-enabled printers with your computers seems to be new to some people. Print servers use work or home networks for them to deliver the printing work to your printers. There are those print servers that are manually connected, while others use a wireless connection to transfer data to our printers.

Do you need a print server?

Printer servers are networked or connected devices that help to direct printing work to non-networked printers. The main purpose of using printer servers is to get printing where printers are and not where the print servers are. If you do not want people to interfere with your servers, you need to use the print servers.

How do I find my print server?

The process of finding your print server is just easy. Click on Windows key and R and hold it. On the UNC provided, type the word Server's and press the Enter key. On the option provided, click view remote printer, select the file and click server properties. Press on the 'drivers' tab and choose your printer and click add.

How do wireless print servers work?

The wi-fi enabled print server device features a wireless module that can be used in sharing the device via the network without using wires. You only need a standard USB cable to attach with the printer and a feed cable that will power the print server. Once you attach, all these wireless devices will be ready for use.

Final Words

The best print server is that device that helps you to save your cash or modifies the use of older printers. All the products that we have reviewed in this article provide the ability to keep your printing work at a bar and for an extended period.
There is a lot of value that all these dedicated print servers can offer to you as they are installed with the latest technology. With the factors we have highlighted in the article, I am sure they will help you to get the best print server that will meet your office or home needs.

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TP-LINK TL-PS110U Single USB2.0 port fast ethernet Print Server, supports E-mail Alert, - Walmart Link 1 Port RS232 to Ethernet IP Converter / Device Server - Aluminum - Serial - Walmart Link

TP-LINK Tl-Ps110U Single Usb2.0 Port Fast Ethernet Print Server - Walmart Link

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TP-LINK TL-PS110U Single USB2.0 port fast ethernet Print Server, supports E-mail Alert, - eBay Link 1 Port RS232 to Ethernet IP Converter / Device Server - Aluminum - Serial - eBay Link

TP-LINK Tl-Ps110U Single Usb2.0 Port Fast Ethernet Print Server - eBay Link

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