10 Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

One of the most antiquated yet necessary features of any vacuum is the bag where all of the particles that it vacuums up is deposited in.

For decades, vacuum cleaners have operated on this model to make sure that everything it picks up is properly filtered.

Filter bags in vacuums are antiquated for the simple reason that developers have discovered ways to equip vacuum cleaners with compartments that resemble filter bags, but are not a filter bag in and of themselves.

A filter that can be emptied easily is necessary to every vacuum, but because of all the advances they have encountered, said compartment no longer needs to be a massive unattractive bag.

Bagless vacuums are now common and are in high demand, and it is easier than ever to get your hands on one.

But which ones are best for your situation? Which ones are optimal in their floor cleaning properties?

This guide will help you answer that question.

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Things to consider when looking for a bagless vacuum

There is no sense in just buying the “most popular” bagless vacuum on the market, or even the cheapest.

Like with anything you use to clean your home or office, you need to consider a number of things when choosing your bagless vacuum.

The size of your home or apartment is one of these things. A larger home or apartment will obviously call for a much larger vacuum, but this may not decisively be the case, especially if you are only using your bagless vacuum to clean one room in the house.

This leads into the next thing to consider: Are you using the bagless vacuum to clean just one room in your house, apartment or office, or the entire house, apartment or office? The answer to this question will almost directly determine the size of the vacuum you will need.

It can be pretty inconvenient to carry a vacuum with a cord into multiple floors of your home if you live in a place that contains a townhome like setting. Something else you should consider is if you need a vacuum that is cordless as well as bagless

If you live in a place or own an office with multiple floors, you will probably want your bagless vacuum to be cordless as well. This might mean that you need to get a smaller vacuum, but these are sacrifices that you need to analyze.

Do you need a vacuum to clean carpets, hard flooring, or both? This is yet another thing that you need to consider when deciding on a bagless vacuum. While most bagless vacuums can clean both types of floors, certain ones specialize in one or the other. You need to decide on what kinds of floors need the most attention before making your decision.

Use these considerations and combine them with the following list of vacuums below to determine which one you think is best for you.

Top 10 Best Bagless Vacuums Reviews

1. Simpli stick 3-in-1 by Dirt Devil

Dirt devil has always been a household name in cleaning supplies, and it’s Simpli Stick continues its tradition of having something for every situation.

Being able to detach into a hand vac and its on-board crevice tool are the two things that set it apart from other bagless vacuums. If you are using this for a small home or office and need something that is lightweight and easy to carry around, go with the Simpli Stick. You won’t be disappointed.

There are a couple of things that you need to watch out for with the Simpli Stick, however. First, it is very small, meaning you will need to look for something else if you want a bagless vacuum that will clean a large space. The Simpli Stick is designed for small spaces only.

Another thing that the Simpli Stick struggles with is the fact that it can only clean hard floors and light carpets. You will not be able to use the Simpli Stick on a common carpet. It is almost strictly designed for cleaning hard floors.

You won’t be able to clean for long periods of time with the Simpli Stick, either. It’s capacity is much smaller than average, and this can make cleaning even a kitchen a challenge. Prepare to clean out the filter constantly when using the Simpli Stick.

2. The CleanView by Bissell

Anybody who needs a vacuum for a large house or office will get a lot out of Bissell’s CleanView. It contains something called “onepass” technology which uses a cyclonic system that digs deep into any surface that it encounters. This is perfect for carpets that require a lot of cleaning, and the CleanView will guarantee that your carpets get cleaned perfectly every time.

There is no doubt that the CleanView will pick up a lot of dirt. This means its dirt bin will get very full very fast. Fortunately, it is very easy to empty the CleanView’s dirt bin. Everything empties with the push of a button.

Another good thing about the CleanView is that the filter is also easy to clean. This is very important since it is designed to perform deep vacuum cleaning. The filter is washable and comes off very easily, making both cleaning the dirt bin and the filter very easy.

Something else that comes with the CleanView is a “turbotouch” tool that functions as an upholstery cleaner. It contains the same technology as the main suction device of the CleanView.

If you need a bagless vacuum that is easy to carry, you are out of luck. The CleanView is very big and not very easy to carry around at all. It is designed to clean massive houses or offices with only one floor.

Do not expect to do any hard or shallow carpet floor cleaning with the CleanView, either. Given the size of its suction device, there is no way you’ll be able to clean anything other than a deep carpet with it.

3. Navigator Deluxe by Shark

It can be rare to find a deep cleaning vacuum that is also easy to carry, weighing only 15 pounds. While it does not come with as many attachments as the common bagless vacuum, the Navigator deluxe does a good job of cleaning almost any surface. 

Whether you need it for a deep carpet, shallow carpet, or a hard floor, the Navigator deluxe will be able to clean anything well. The suction base allows it to go over shallow carpets and hard floors without a problem. If you are looking for a well rounded bagless vacuum that can clean any area of your home or office, you’ll get a lot out of the Navigator deluxe.

The dust cup of the Navigator deluxe is easy to empty and is pretty large, even for bigger bagless vacuums such as this one. This will make it easy for you to clean floors with it without interruptions.

Although the Navigator deluxe has a crevice tool and a dust brush, the way these are utilized will leave you wanting more. The crevice tool can only stretch so far and can be a little difficult to use.

If you are using the Navigator deluxe for a deeper carpet and not a shallow carpet or hard flooring, you’ll need to spend a lot of time. The Navigator deluxe is not nearly as good as other bagless vacuums when it comes to deep cleaning.

4. “Orange” CleanView by Bissell

It can be pretty rare to find a bagless vacuum that contains the cleaning power of a vacuum that still uses a bag. Bissell’s Orange CleanView does a really good job of picking up dirt that is embedded deep in your carpet, effectively eliminating everything except stains.

This is done by way of the orange CleanView’s “one pass” technology, which generates a cyclone in its base which improves the suction action of the vacuum greatly. If you are looking for a bagless vacuum that can perform well in deep cleaning carpets, you’ll want Bissell’s orange CleanView vacuum.

Given all of its power, the orange CleanView is not terribly heavy, either. You should have no problem carrying it around even if you are using it to clean multiple floors, seeing as it only weighs 15 pounds.

The dirt pin of the orange CleanView is not only very large, but also very easy to empty and clean. You should have no problem cleaning anything continuously with it at all.

Aside from its turbobrush that can somewhat function as a crevice tool, the orange CleanView does not have too much to offer when it comes to cleaning small spaces. It is designed to clean very large spaces, and that is practically its only purpose.

5. WindTunnel rewind by Hoover

Hoover has been a staple for vacuums for a very long time, so it would make sense that they have a lot to offer in the realm of bagless vacuums as well.

True to its name, the WindTunnel is equipped with a filter that allows for consistent suction. This makes it really powerful and you will have no problem cleaning any surface with it. This suction technology ensures a carpet or hard floor that is free of debris every time.

Something else that makes the WindTunnel stand out is its carpet height adjustments. Very few vacuums contain this feature, and the height adjustments make the WindTunnel one of the most versatile bagless vacuums that you can acquire.

Most vacuums, whether they have a bag or not, contain cords that you need to wrap around a part of the vacuum. This can be very troublesome. The WindTunnel solves this problem with its retractable cord.

The WindTunnel also has several attachments that can be used. It’s crevice tool, dusting tool, and turbo tool all attach to an 8 foot hose.

The only thing that negatively stands out about the WindTunnel is that it is a little heavier than most other bagless vacuums. Most other bagless vacuums weigh a little bit under 15 pounds. The WindTunnel weighs around 17. It is not as easy to carry around as it should be.

6. 2 in 1 stick and handheld vacuum by VonHaus

It’s always nice to come across a bagless vacuum that can also double as a handheld vacuum, and VonHaus’ vacuum is one type of vacuum that you can take anywhere.

One of the best things about VonHaus’ vacuum is that it can be carried around easily. Weighing only around 6 pounds, it can be taken anywhere without any trouble at all. With most other bagless vacuums weighing around 15 pounds, VonHaus’ vacuum is better than the vast majority when it comes to mobility.

Using VonHaus’ vacuum as a handheld vacuum is very easy. All you need to do is detach the extender handle and all of a sudden it becomes a handheld vacuum. And given the fact that it is only 6 pounds, this makes VonHaus’s vacuum perfect for cleaning off dust from tables and walls.

If you need something that can clean thicker carpets, you will need to look elsewhere. VonHaus’ vacuum is not designed for anything more than very thin carpets and hard floors.

Another thing that could possibly turn you aware from VonHaus’ bagless vacuum is the fact that even when it is used as a handheld vacuum, it is still bound by a cord. The cord also wraps precariously around the vacuum which can make things complicated and disorganized.

7. Zing rewind canister vacuum by Bissell

In a world where most vacuum cleaners are upright, the Zing is designed a little differently. Being a canister vacuum, the Zing provides a reasonable alternative to the common upright bagless vacuum.

Canister vacuums work similar to shop vacs, where a hose extends out of the can and then operates the same way an upright vacuum would. This gives you much more freedom to move your vacuum around in ways that are impossible to do with an upright vacuum.

This is perfect if you need a vacuum that you can move around freely while cleaning a small room. The Zing will do things that an upright vacuum will never be able to do. Because you do not need to turn the Zing around to clean behind or to the side of you like you need to with upright vacuums. You will save a lot of time using the Zing.

Unfortunately, these things are more or less the only good things about the Zing. There is no way it will be able to clean anything thicker than a very thin carpet or a hard floor. Small rooms are more or less the only thing you will be able to clean with the Zing.

In order to move the Zing anywhere, you’ll need to use the foot pedal on the top of the canister, which can be very inconvenient. The dirt cup is also much smaller than most other bagless vacuums.

8. CleanView 1330 bagless vacuum by Bissell

Bissell’s CleanView is second to none when it comes to deep cleaning really thick carpets and making sure that no debris is left behind at all.

The cyclonic one-pass technology that it is equipped with ensures continuous, powerful suction that has nearly no match. If you need a bagless vacuum for a very large space, the CleanView 1330 is what you will want.

You will also be able to use the CleanView 1330 on any kind of surface. It has settings for any surface: Carpet, upholstery, hard floors, and even countertops. This is a bit of an improvement over other CleanView models 

Something else that the CleanView 1330 has improved over its other models is that it has a multi-level filtration system that will eliminate allergens in any surface it cleans. This is fantastic for anybody who is looking for a vacuum that will not only remove debris but also significantly clean surfaces.

There are two things that make the CleanView 1330 less than perfect. First, it suffers from a serious lack of attachments. Most vacuums have attachments that let you vacuum small spaces. The only thing that the CleanView 1330 has is their brush roll.

Although the CleanView 1330 works on all surfaces, it is still less than optimal when used on surfaces that are not thin carpet or solid flooring. The base is well over a foot in length and you will need to maneuver with it quite a bit if you are expecting to clean a small room or kitchen floor with it.

9. Rotator TruePet by Shark

The problem with a lot of upright vacuums is that you need to move them around to get into hard-to-reach areas. 

This can even be almost impossible to do with some of the bigger upright vacuums. It can be very troublesome to not be able to vacuum a certain area of any room because you cannot reach it.

The Rotator TruePet by Shark has decisively solved this problem, and in a very unique way. It’s “lift-a-way” canister allows you to clean any space with it. The canister separates from the body of the Rotator TruePet and allows you to walk around with it, transforming the former upright vacuum into a stick vacuum.

This is incredibly useful for cleaning underneath couches and on stairs. If you have trouble vacuuming underneath anything, the Rotator TruePet is a must.

A lot of vacuums claim that they can pick up pet hair and dander, but rarely do a good job of it. This is not the case with the Rotator TruePet. Being equipped with special motors that use different suction methods than most other vacuums, the Rotator TruePet has no problems in picking up pet hair.

Carrying the Rotator TruePet from room to room will be a challenge. It weighs right around 17 pounds, which is a bit heavier than the average bagless vacuum. Also, the lift-a-way canister can be a little difficult to take off and put back on.

#10 Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Your complete solution to rid your home of dust, dirt and anything that causes your allergies to act up is found in the Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Vacuum Cleaner. Not only should you expect to remove even the most stubborn dirt with this useful tool, but also expect to cover every hard to reach crevice and corner. It doesn’t matter that your carpet is a deep and fluffy one, or that your floor is wood or tile, the Eureka has you covered. Even delicate surfaces like satin curtains an

d embroidered pillows can be vacuumed without damage with this versatile cleaning tool. You also don’t have to deal with vacuum bags as the dirt holder provided can be easily detached, emptied, and cleaned.

The good thing about the Eureka PowerSpeed is that you get a wide selection of accessories such as an extra-large dust cup, wide nozzle, and filters that can be washed again and again. Yes, it is also lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around.  Although, when you attach the extension hose and other stuff, the vacuum will tip over if you try to leave it standing. Otherwise, this is a powerful cleaning solution that is suitable for your home and budget.


  • Versatile and effective vacuum cleaner that allows adjustments to five height settings to clean area rugs, carpets, floors, walls, and ceilings;
  • Its wide 12. 6 inches nozzle covers more areas in each stroke;
  • It’s not difficult to carry and move this lightweight vacuum around (it weighs only 10 lbs.), so even your stairs will get attention;
  • Expect a strong and powerful suction from the Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner;
  • It holds more debris and is easy to empty;
  • Assembly and maintenance are easy to achieve with this vacuum cleaner.


  • None

Bagless Vacuum Buying Guide- Consideration Factors



One of the most attractive parameters of a bagless vacuum cleaner would no doubt be its weight. Namely, thanks to its easy-to-empty out canister mechanism, canister vacuums can be designed to be as compact as possible, which tends to make them fall into the lightweight category of contraptions more often than not.

That said, bagless vacuum cleaners still come in all shapes and sizes, so when looking for a model, make sure to take into consideration its overall weight.

Noise Levels

As you already know, vacuum cleaners represent one of the loudest home appliances, so ensuring a model doesn’t produce too much noise as you push it about can be quite an important parameter to take into consideration when buying one. Well, it depends, to be more precise.

For example, some people don’t mind the noise, but then again some do – so depending on which category of folks you belong, you may want to look into or not look into a product’s noise level rating.

Pet Hair Removal

If you’re a proud pet owner, but you do get upset when your beloved four-legged friendos keep shedding their soft fur all over your brand new carpet what you need is a powerful vacuum cleaner to take care of the job.

Now, bagless vacuum cleaners perform just as well as the ones with a bag, but the bagless may have a slight advantage because they are easier to empty once the canister has been filled with a sufficient amount of pet hair. 

Power Rating

The more powerful a vacuum cleaner, the easier it will be able to pick up various pieces of debris and dust off your floors and less time you’ll have to spend cleaning up.

For this reason, whether you’re opting to buy a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner, try to get the most powerful model possible. (If you can afford it, of course. If not, try to find the most powerful model for the money you do have, obviously.)


Ensuring you don’t contaminate the room more than clean it during a vacuuming session is of the utmost importance when it comes to calling that session successful. This is why filters are important in a vacuum cleaner.

For example, vacuum cleaners with a bad filter will spew out the dust and allergens you’ve just vacuumed straight out of their backside, pardon our French. On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner with a strong HEPA filter, for example, will sort through different pieces of dirt and other pollutants and so protect you from inhaling them after you’ve done with your cleaning.

Why Bagless Vacuum?

Bagless vacuum cleaners differ from their ‘bagged’ counterparts in one very important aspect. The bagless models have a canister instead of a bag, which means they don’t require bag changes every time it fills up.

So, the main advantage that bagless vacuums have over their bagged counterparts would be the fact that these don’t require you to buy new bags every couple of months or so. Instead, what you do when the canister gets full is simply empty it, clean it up a bit, stick it back onto the vacuum cleaner, and Bob’s your uncle!

Bagless Cleaner Benefits

Suction Power – Bagless vacuum cleaners tend to be powerful motors, which grants them excellent suction.

Easy-to-Empty Canister – As we already mentioned above, bagless vacuum cleaners don’t have bags, but removable canisters instead. This makes them quite easy to use and empty once they get full. 

Not Having to Buy New Bags – … is an advantage of bagless models that the vacuum cleaners that do use bags simply cannot boast, so to speak.

They Clog Less – Thanks to their canister dust cup design, bagless vacuum cleaners are less prone to clogging than their ‘bagged’ counterparts.

Emptying Them Up is Quick – And it doesn’t require too much work, either. Simply press a button to eject the canister, whip it up and empty it. Pop it back on, once you’ve emptied it and that’s it! (Of course, different bagless vacuum models may have different open & close mechanisms.)

How Do Bagless Vacuums Work?

Bagless vacuum cleaners aren’t all that different from their bag-using counterparts. The thing is, since the main point of differentiation comes from the fact that bagless vacuum cleaners use a dust canister rather than a replaceable bag, their function will be different only regarding this feature of theirs, in particular. 

So, here’s the deal.

With bagged vacuum cleaners, the air suction is produced by the motor and is then ‘transported’ to the vacuuming head via the hose. When the bag fills up, you need to get rid of it and put a new one in its stead if you mean to vacuum on. This is the part where your vacuum-cleaning expenses tend to grow, because every time you fill-up the bag with the dust and the other allergens from the floor, you’ll need to throw it away. Over the years, this can amount to quite a few bags.

On the other hand, the bagless models have a canister and a powerful filter that captures the majority of allergens and dust particles before they can ever be released back into the room you’re cleaning in, so to speak.

The great thing about these is that they don’t require any bags and additional expenses, because you can use them whenever you like, and then just empty the canister once it fills up with debris and other dodgy matter. 

Also, the fact that these models rely so heavily on their filters makes the manufacturers of these bagless contraptions install the most powerful filter models in their devices. So, in buying a bagless vacuum cleaner, not only will you be able to save some money on the bags you won’t buy, but you will also have an excellent filter onboard, which will ensure your house is protected from nasty dust particles!

Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners


  • Hygienic Dust Disposal – Even though bagged vacuum cleaners do tend to cost more in the long run due to their bag consumption thing, they are also much better versed in disposing of these bags, so to speak. Namely, once you throw the bag away, you’ve also thrown away any allergens and dust that was inside it all the while keeping your hands clean.
  • Less Maintenance than Bagless Models – … because once you get rid of the bag, you don’t need to clean anything up. The filter itself will remain as it was, and the only time you’d need to worry about it is when the time comes for it to be changed – which is a task you must take care of annually more often than not. (Well, depending on the manufacturer.)
  • Great for People with Allergies – Folks who tend to start sneezing every time a cat enters a room should probably opt for bagged vacuum cleaners. Since these cleaners don’t require you to come into contact with the dust in the canister or clean it, someone with an allergy can appreciate the bagged models more than the ones without a bag.


  • Constantly Purchasing New Bags – Although vacuum cleaner bags aren’t the most expensive items in the world, the money you spend on them can still stack up sky high if you’re not careful enough, so to speak. So, the biggest downside of bagged vacuum cleaner models would be the fact that you have to purchase new bags all the time, which can prove to be quite expensive in the long run.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners


  • Eco-Friendly – If you’re a type of person who gets upset about the state of polar bear cubs and baby seals on the North Pole, you may have an easier time buying a bagless vacuum cleaner than a bagged one. The reason for this is quite simple – bagless vacuum cleaners don’t use bags, which makes them more eco-friendly than their bagged models that use plenty of these during their ‘lifetimes’.
  • Less Expensive Than Bagged Models – As you’ve seen above, bagged models suffer from the fact that they have to have new bags ready for changing every time you pick up your vacuum cleaner. This can bring up the costs of using this contraption over the years by quite a lot. With bagless models, on the other hand, the deal is quite straightforward. No bags to change – no additional expenses.
  • See-Through Canister – … makes it easier to figure out when you need to empty your bagless vacuum cleaner companion. The thing is because you can see the dust and debris in the canister, you can figure out when the thing will need to be emptied.


  • High Maintenance – Possibly the biggest turn off for many potential buyers of canister vacuum cleaners would be the fact that you need to clean the canister of these models as soon as you’ve finished using them. This may appear too dirty a job for some folks, so they may veer away from the thought of buying such a model in the first place. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better? Bagged or Bagless?

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for in a vacuum cleaner.

  • If you have an allergy and need an option that will address this, a bagged model may be a better option for you. On the other hand, a bagless model could be a better option for the folks who tend to not be too excited about spending too much money on endless replacement bags. So, both models can do a good cleaning job – it’s up to you what sort of secondary options you are looking for.

Are bagless vacuums better for allergies?

Not really.

  • Bagged models tend to be better for allergies because all the dust and allergens tend to get trapped in the bag itself, while some of it may escape the canister as you’re emptying it. That said, if you buy a model with a powerful HEPA filter, then it wouldn’t matter whether you have a bagged or bagless model.

Do bagless vacuums have more suction?

Not necessarily.

  • When it comes to suction, bagless vacuum cleaners do tend to fare fairly well, because their manufacturers install powerful motors in their bodies. On the other hand, it needs to be understood that bagged models also come with powerful motors, so just because a vacuum cleaner is bagged doesn’t mean it has poor suction.

Can fleas live in a bagless vacuum?

They can if you haven’t emptied the canister properly after having sucked in the flea larvae. 

  • So, to get rid of the flea situation, so to speak, you will need to thoroughly clean the dust canister of your bagless vacuum cleaner after every use.


As you can see, not all bagless vacuum is the same.

Some are good at cleaning large areas and some specialize in cleaning in small spaces.

Because of this, you will need to understand that there is no “perfect” bagless vacuum.

One way to determine which kind you need is to check and see which rooms in your home or office encounter the most traffic. From there, you can see what kind of bagless vacuum is right for you.

The most optimized bagless vacuum for small rooms are ones with plenty of attachments. These attachments are great for cleaning countertops and even walls or ceilings.

The bagless vacuums that specialize in cleaning larger rooms with deep carpets usually sacrifice having a lot of attachments and instead having one very strong suction device.

Armed with all of this information, you should be able to make a solid decision on a bagless vacuum that is just right for you.

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