Best Brightest Rechargeable Spotlight Reviews- Top Picks for 2021

One of the most useful tools that you can have at your disposal when you are navigating the dark is a best rechargeable spotlight or battery operated spot light.

Coming in all shapes, sizes, and light levels, it can be difficult to find a rechargeable spotlight that meets your needs perfectly.

Cycling through the different kinds of spotlights can be very overwhelming and it can be difficult to detect exactly what you might need.

Fortunately, the coming list of featured rechargeable spotlights will help you find one that is just right for you and just right for what you need it for.

There are a lot of things that you should probably consider when it comes to rechargeable spotlights as well, and these will also be explored.

Editors’ Pick: Top 5 Rechargeable Spotlight

10 Battery Operated Spotlights Reviews

1. 18 watt rechargeable flashlight by NoCry

Best Rechargeable Spotlight

A lot of rechargeable spotlights do not have much to offer when it comes to versatility: They often do not have enough light settings and they also usually charge from the wall only. This can make it difficult for you to carry it around with you whenever you need it.

Fortunately, NoCry’s spotlight solves a few of these issues. Very few rechargeable spotlights are more versatile than NoCry’s spotlight is. It contains three different light settings, being as dim as 100 lumens to as bright as 1000 lumens. This is one thing that speaks to its utility.

Another thing that makes NoCry’s spotlight better than some others is that it has charging ports for the wall as well as for the car. This combined with its extremely compact size makes it a solid choice for a rechargeable spotlight for nearly any situation. You can use it practically anywhere that doesn’t require more than 1000 lumens of light.

The only thing about NoCry’s spotlight that sets it back is that it doesn’t get any brighter than 1000 lumens, and there are plenty of rechargeable spotlights that are just as petite as NoCry’s but are also brighter than 1000 lumens.


2. LED rechargeable flashlight with side floodlight by Bigsun

BIGSUN Super Bright Rechargeable Flashlight Handheld LED Spotlight, High Lumen Waterproof Searchlight, Outdoor Camping Accessories, Emergency Flashlights with USB Output Function

If you are looking for a spotlight that will allow you to see for miles as well as one that is practically designed for water travel at night, you should consider Bigsun’s spotlight. It has nearly everything you need to make sure that you have something to guide you.

First, Bigsun’s light is extremely bright: it can yield up to 6000 lumens, which will allow you to see anything in front of you for miles even if it is completely dark. It also contains warning lights on the side, so if something happens to you, others will notice.

You also do not need to charge Bigsun’s spotlight by plugging it into the wall. It uses a USB charger similar to any given device that you possess. This makes charging Bigsun’s flashlight much easier than charging other spotlights of its kind.

Bigsun’s spotlight also contains a side floodlight, making it even more useful in a setting where you are on the water and it is dark.

The only thing about Bigsun’s spotlight that makes it less than perfect is that it is not small at all. Being a little bigger than a smartphone, you might have a tough time carrying Bigsun’s spotlight around. It is also not hands-free which is also a minor inconvenience.


3. Handheld rechargeable spotlight by Yierblue

YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight, Super Bright 6000 Lumen LED Flashlight Handheld spotlight 10000mAh Long Lasting Large Flashlight Searchlight and Flood Camping Flashlight with Foldable Tripod (Black)

Most spotlights that yield any more than 1000 lumens of brightness are difficult to carry around when compared to most of their counterparts. They contain a searchlight type design which can make it a little more difficult to switch the light on and off compared to their counterparts that follow a pistol grip design.

Yierblue’s rechargeable spotlight solves this issue by containing a pistol grip design. It also yields 6000 lumens, making it perfect for any kind of situation where a lot of light is needed. The light settings can also be adjusted down if you need a lower light setting.

Another good thing about Yierblue’s spotlight are its side light. This is something that is commonly found in any spotlight, especially those that possess a pistol grip design. This side light also contains red and blue emergency lights as well. This makes it hands-free as well.

There is one thing about Yierblue’s spotlight that takes away from its quality. The first is its battery life. While it does last 20 hours, that is only on its lowest setting. Turn it onto its highest setting and the battery life will be reduced drastically.


4. Rechargeable spotlight and flashlight by Csndice

Best Rechargeable Spotlight

If you need a spotlight that yields a lot of light that can also stand the test of time, you will want to pay attention to what Csndice’s spotlight has to offer. It has everything you need for camping trips or being out on the water overnight.

Csndice’s spotlight can yield 6000 lumens of brightness and interestingly enough, it offers two “levels” of 6000 lumen brightness. The first level can reach as long as 800 miles and the lower level can reach 400 feet. This makes it ideal for very wide spaces where you need a lot of light.

Unlike most other spotlights of its kind, you will not need to worry about issues about carrying Csndice’s spotlight, either. It contains a strap that makes it very convenient to carry. Given the size of the spotlight, this is a very welcome part of it.

The final good thing about Csndice’s spotlight is its very impressive battery life. It will last 8 hours on its high setting and it will last 24 hours on its low setting. You will not need to worry about it running out of energy at all.

If you are looking for a spotlight that doesn’t illuminate an entire body of water, you will need to look elsewhere. 6000 lumens is the only level of brightness that Csndice’s spotlight operates on.


5. Outdoor handheld portable flashlight by Eornmor

Eornmor Outdoor Powerful Large Flashlights Rechargeable 6000 Lumens Super Bright LED spotlight Handheld Portable Torch Searchlight 9000mah 35W (Black 1)

Any and all of your issues when navigating the darkness outdoors are going to be solved with Eornmor’s portable spotlight. It is designed for the outdoors in every way and does not disappoint when it comes to illuminating anything in the dead of night.

Offering 6000 lumens of brightness, you will not go wrong with Eornmor’s spotlight if you need a spotlight for dark and open spaces. You will be able to see for any kind of distance with Eonmor’s spotlight on 6000 lumens, but if you need to tone it down, you can as it has a lower setting at 2500 lumens.

Not only is Eornmor’s spotlight itself rechargeable, it also acts as a power bank which will allow you to charge other devices as well. This is very rare for rechargeable spotlights to possess. Most of them just utilize a wall charger.

The only real thing that takes away from Eornmor’s spotlight is that it seems to be designed for high distance bright lighting only. You cannot go any lower than 2500 lumens within its settings so if you need a spotlight that can provide just a little bit of brightness, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


6. “SL5HS” rechargeable spotlight flashlight by Stanley

STANLEY SL5HS Rechargeable 1200 Lumen Lithium Ion Ultra Bright LED Spotlight Flashlight

A lot of handheld spotlights leave a bit to be desired when it comes to light settings. If you are lucky, they will contain three settings, but most of them only contain two settings. This can be troublesome for anybody who needs a handheld spotlight for multiple uses.

Fortunately, the SL5HS by Stanley solves this issue decisively by containing five modes of lighting to help you micromanage the light levels so that you can do different things. One of these settings produces a halo effect, which can be useful if you want the beam to be wide.

Like most handheld spotlights that contain a pistol grip, the SL5HS can be mounted to provide a hands-free experience. This is incredibly useful if you need it to be stationary while you work on things in the dark in greater detail.

The SL5HS also contains a powerful and versatile battery as well. It lasts 10 hours on a full charge and it contains both AC and DC charging adapters, meaning it can be charged practically anywhere.

The only thing that could be improved with the SL5HS is that it is a little bigger than most other spotlights that use a pistol grip. The lens itself is quite wide and there is no real way to narrow the beam. The SL5HS is not for you if you struggle with wide beams.


7. High lumen rechargeable spotlight by Geprosma

GEPROSMA High 6000 Lumen Powerful Rechargeable Flashlight Handheld Spotlight CREE LED Super Bright Large 4 Batteries 10000mah Ultra Long Lasting Portable Searchlight for Emergency Camping

A lot of handheld spotlights only shine a single white light in one direction. While this is negligible for most, some are looking for something additional for when they are camping or on a boat at night where something different is in demand.

For these types, Geprosma’s spotlight is ideal and has a lot to offer. One of its best features that make it necessary for campers or boaters at night are the side flood light lanterns on the side of the spotlight. This contains a red/blue strobe light mode that will show others around you that there is an emergency.

Another good thing about Geprosma’s spotlight is that it can be mounted onto a tripod. While this seems negligible, it proves very useful if you need the light to be stationary and do not want to hold it. Even better, it contains side lights when it is mounted, turning it into a convenient stationary light.

There are two things that could be improved with Geprosma’s spotlight: The battery and the power of the light. The battery only lasts about ten hours on a full charge, which is a lot shorter than the battery life of other handheld spotlights. The highest light setting of Geprosma’s spotlight shines for 800 yards. This cannot be adjusted and it can be pretty inconvenient.


8. Rechargeable spotlight with stand by Mo Tools Rechargeable spotlight,Super Bright 6000 Lumens LED Searchlight Handheld,Foldable Tripod and Storage Bag,Flashlight Power Bank Function Outdoor spotlight flashlight Camping Flood searchlight

It is very rare that a spotlight that yields 6000 lumens contains a pistol grip design as well as a stand so it can be hands-free. Most of them come in the searchlight design that are usually not hands-free, or at least not in the sense that you can use the main light without your hands.

Mo Tools’ spotlight solves this issue and that is what makes it one of the best spotlights that contains 6000 lumens of light. It comes with an adjustable stand that you can use to place it on, this way you do not need to keep holding it if you want something decisively illuminated. Add this to the red and blue strobe lights on the side and you have a really effective spotlight.

The battery of Mo Tools’ spotlight also lasts a long time. Being able to last nearly 24 hours on a full battery, you will be able to use it for a very long time and this is something you are going to want if you intend to use Mo Tools’ spotlight for something like a camping trip or if you are boating outside in the dark.

However, Mo Tools’ spotlight can be too bright. Although it has three different settings, these settings all revolve around the light being extremely bright. If you are looking for a spotlight that is not extremely bright, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


9. “Fatmax” by Stanley

STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Rechargeable 2200 Lumen Lithium Ion Ultra Bright LED Spotlight Flashlight with USB Power Charger

A lot of rechargeable spotlights are not hands-free, requiring you to press a button or hold down a trigger to turn most of them on. While this is negligible for most, it can be a minor inconvenience for some who desire a handheld spotlight that is hands-free.

Something that sets the Fatmax by Stanley apart from other handheld spotlights is that it is indeed hands-free. This feature seems negligible but you would be surprised to find that very few handheld spotlights possess this and that’s what makes it a little better than others.

The pistol grip design of the Fatmax also makes it better than other handheld spotlights. The searchlight design of the typical handheld spotlight doesn’t usually lend itself to being too comfortable when you need to hold it and shine it on something for long periods of time. The Fatmax’s design makes it easy to use if you need a handheld spotlight for something like fixing something in the dark.

Battery life is something that the Fatmax struggles with. While it is a lot brighter than other spotlights of its kind, this comes at the expense of its battery life, only being able to be on for 7 hours on its maximum setting on a full charge.


10. Handheld rechargeable spotlight with tactical torch by Ikaama

Super Bright LED Spotlight Flashlight Rechargeable 10000mAh 6000 High Lumens Long Lasting Spot Light CREE Waterproof Tactical Torch, 5 Light Modes Side Floodlight, Handheld Flashlights with USB Output

It can be very difficult to find spotlights that contain a lot of light modes. The most common spotlight usually only has at most three different modes that you can work with. This can affect the versatility of the spotlight and at worst, it can create inconveniences.

Ikaama’s spotlight solves this issue by coming with four different light modes. It has a high mode, a low mode, you can just leave the side floodlights on, and the side floodlights have a red and blue strobe function which is something that many spotlights surprisingly do not possess.

Being designed like a large searchlight, Ikaama’s spotlight is a little heavier than a few other spotlights. Fortunately, it contains a strap that makes carrying it much easier. Another really good thing about Ikaama’s spotlight that makes it much better than other spotlights of its kind is that it can mount onto things. It can mount onto bicycle holders and tripods providing a definitive hands-free experience.

The only thing that possibly sets Ikaama’s spotlight back is that it is too bright even with the different settings. It yields 6000 lumens of brightness but the different modes seem to represent different forms of these 6000 lumens of brightness.


Rechargeable Spotlights: A Buying Guide

best rechargeable spotlight

Going out and buying the most popular or the most powerful rechargeable spotlight may not be the best idea.

It is a much better idea to consider a few things before buying one.

Fortunately, this list of considerations does not need to be terribly long and it can be simple.

How bright do you need the light to be?

The first thing you need to consider is how bright you need the light to be.

While this seems obvious, there are a lot of different situations that call for different kinds of brightness when it comes to rechargeable spotlights.

You will need a certain brightness level when using your spotlight for camping, boating, and other different situations.

Do you need a spotlight or a floodlight?

There is a difference between these two and not many are aware of it.

While spotlights and floodlights are equally bright, they accomplish different things.

Floodlights are designed for environments where there is a lot of water. They contain an effect that will allow you to see in even greater detail than you would with a spotlight.

Will you need a rechargeable spotlight for work?

Working outside at night can be quite dangerous and using a flashlight or the flashlight in your phone are often not enough when it comes to illuminating things.

Fortunately, there exist a lot of spotlights that are very compact and can serve you well when you are working outside, no matter what you are doing.

Do you need a spotlight to detect things or be detected?

Certain rechargeable spotlights specialize in detection and the differences are what makes this something to consider.

Spotlights that specialize in detection are a little different from other spotlights in that they usually have different features that allow the one holding it to be detected as well as detect things themselves.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the brightest spotlight on the market?

A: Most of the brightest spotlights yield 6000 lumens of brightness. To put this in perspective, 6000 lumens will allow you to see at least 400 meters ahead of you. If there are spotlights that are brighter, they are usually just modified past the 6000 lumen mark. But you will never see a spotlight that goes beyond 6000 lumens.

Q: How many watts is a spotlight?

A: The most powerful spotlights operate on about 30 watts. This is the amount of watts that large searchlight design spotlights use. Smaller spotlights that use a pistol grip design typically tend to be a little less powerful so they operate on 10 to 15 watts. Something you need to understand that the more power a spotlight operates on, the hotter it will get. Keep this in mind when using the big searchlights.

Q: What is the most powerful handheld spotlight?

A: The most powerful spotlights typically contain 30 watts and yield 6000 lumens of brightness. However, there is a difference between spotlights that are powerful and spotlights that are effective. The most effective spotlights have an ergonomic design and have a lot of different modes.

Q: What are spotlights used for?

A: Spotlights are used for a few things. Of course they provide light, but it really depends on where you are using the spotlight. People who go boating and camping at night use spotlights, spotlights can be used if you are working in the dark, and they even have everyday uses such as venturing outside in the dark. Each of these uses call for a different spotlight.

Q: What are spotlights on a car?

A: Spotlights that are mounted onto a car serve a different purpose than regular headlights. While both of these do provide light to guide you, spotlights typically provide a much more concentrated light beam that will allow you to see things in much greater detail. These are necessary if you are driving, there is no light around you, and you need to see things in great detail.

Q: What is the difference between a floodlight and a spotlight?

A: While they are usually both part of the same contraption, floodlights and spotlights are different. Spotlights allow you to shine light on something in front of you and floodlights produce light on the side of the spotlight. The most common use for floodlights is to tell others around you that there is an emergency. Most floodlights contain red and blue strobes that show this.


Spotlights come in different shapes and sizes, but they are also designed for many more purposes than we think.

There seems to be a different spotlight for any given situation and it can be difficult to find one that solves all your problems, but fortunately finding the best rechargeable spotlight out there is a lot easier to do.

All you need to do to find a rechargeable spotlight that is best for you is to see if it has different modes, see if it is designed for the situation you need it for, and understand what kind of brightness levels will satisfy you.

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