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Best Commercial Mop Reviews 2021

A traditional, everyday mop will not be enough if you need one for cleaning spills and messes that are substantial.

This is especially true if you need a mop for an establishment or any other kind of environment where you know you will need to clean your floors frequently.

You will need a best commercial mop for environments such as these.

Commercial mops do a very good job of making sure that you can clean up any spill or mess of any size and of any substance without any fear of streaking or any other after effect that might not be pleasant.

Any kind of cleanliness concerns for your floor that you could possibly have will be mostly eliminated when you have the right commercial mop in your possession.

Our Favorite Commercial Mop

5 Best Commercial Mops Reviews

1. Looped end Mop Head with Aluminum Extension Handle and Flip Grip Clamp By Nine Forty

Nine Forty Commercial USA Looped End Wet Mop Head with Aluminum Extension Handle and Flip Grip Clamp

There are two things that nobody likes about commercial mops. The first has to do with the fraying and lint that develops after using it. Another thing has to do with replacing the mop head. Replacing the heads of most of these commercial mops can take a lot more time and effort than they should.

Nine Forty’s commercial mop addresses both of these with two specific features. The first of these is its looped end. This looped end will reduce most fraying and it will prevent lint from developing. The flip grip clamp will allow you to replace the head very easily, much easier than any other kind of commercial mop.

Even though Nine Forty’s mop head will prevent lint from developing and will not fray as much as other mop heads, it also absorbs water a little too much. Prepare to take a very long time to wring it out before using it.

2. Looped-end Commercial Grade String Mop By O-Cedar

O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-End String Mop, Pack - 1, Commercial-Grade

Most commercial grade mops absorb fluids and liquids far too much than you could possibly want. It can take whole minutes to wring out such mops and dealing with this is very frustrating. Most commercial grade mops are also very heavy, which can make them a little difficult to use as well.

One of the best things about O-Cedar’s commercial grade mop is that the head of the mop isn’t overly absorbent. This makes it very easy for you to wring it out very quickly, streamlining your floor cleaning process. The aluminum handle also makes it very light to use.

O-Cedar’s commercial grade mop suffers from something that is extremely common to other mops of its kind, and that is the way that the head secures to the handle. It will come loose when you use it, and it will come loose a lot. You’ll want a different mop if you want one where you will not struggle with attaching and removing the head to the handle.

3. Heavy-Duty Commercial and Industrial Grade Cotton Mop with Iron Handle and Jaw Clamp By Yocada

Yocada Looped-End String Wet Mop Heavy Duty Cotton Mop Commercial Industrial Grade Iron Pole Jaw Clamp Floor Cleaning 52in Long

The handles of most mops tend to be too flimsy. If they are made of wood the wear and tear that they develop can cause splinters and if they are made of steel or aluminum there is a chance that they can bend, causing you to replace it. This is more common than you think, especially if you know you need to use your mop frequently.

You will not need to worry about this at all when using Yocada’s industrial mop. Its handle is made of iron, which means that it is built to last. You’ll be able to use it for a very long time in nearly any kind of environment with confidence. Consider Yocada’s industrial mop if you need one that will last a long time.

Yocada’s industrial mop utilizes a pole clamp to hold its mop head, and this has proven to not be nearly as effective in keeping the head in place compared to other devices that hold mop heads in place. 

4. 3 Pack Commercial Mop Head Replacement Set By Kleen Handler

KLEEN HANDLER General Cleaning Mop Heavy Duty Commercial Replacement, Wet Industrial Blue Cotton Looped End String Head Refill (Pack of 3)

Probably the single most frustrating thing about owning any given mop is dealing with the often compromised longevity of most mop heads. Most expect any new mop head to last only 10 or so uses at most before they need to be replaced. Finding proper mop head replacements is also frustrating in that you’ll never seem to find one that perfectly fits your mop handle.

Kleen Handler has solved all of these issues with its pack of commercial mop head replacements. First, you get 3 mop heads in the pack. This will extend the longevity of any given mop by leaps and bounds.

Another thing that you’ll enjoy about Kleen Handler’s mop heads is that they are washable. You can wash each head in the set 100 times. They will also fit nearly any given commercial or industrial style mop handle. You will not need to worry about replacing your mop heads for a very long time because of this.

As obvious as this may seem, Kleen Handler’s mop head set only comes with mop heads. You will need your own handle to place them on. 

5. Commercial Cut End 4-ply Cotton Mop By Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid Commercial Cut End Cotton Mop, FGF11600WH00

Most mop heads are only made with cotton. This is true even with mop heads that are designed for industrial or commercial use. This not only reduces their effectiveness, but will lead you to replace or wash them more than you would ever want to.

Rubbermaid has created a mop head that is so powerful and durable that you will not notice any of the dirt that gets on it after using it. You will appreciate its durability if you are tasked with cleaning a very large area with it because even though it is very absorbent, you’ll be able to wring it out easily. This is because of the 4-ply cotton thar Rubbermaid uses in its mop head.

The one thing that prevents Rubbermaid’s mop head from being perfect is the fact that cleaning it is a very complicated process. It is not machine washable and this could turn some off. You’ll be able to wash it, but you’ll need to do so in a method that isn’t conventional.

Commercial Mops – A Buying Guide

commercial dust mops

As simple as a cleaning device that a commercial mop is, different ones are suitable for different environments.

Keep this observation in mind as you consider the following things before buying one.

What Kind Of Environment Do You Need The Commercial Mop For?

As mentioned earlier, different industrial mops specialize in different environments.

The mop that you use for a restaurant or store should not be the same one that you use for a warehouse and the one that you use for a warehouse.

Knowing this will allow you to choose a mop properly.

Do You Prefer To Wash Or Replace Mop Heads?

Most modern commercial mops contain heads that can be washed, but something you should know about these kinds of mop heads is that they are not nearly as effective in cleaning surfaces as mop heads that you need to replace outright.

One of the best things you can do is see which one would be more effective for your situation and choose accordingly.

What Kind Of Handle Do You Prefer?

As negligible as this may appear, the handle of your mop is important in your selection.

While all mop handles used to be made of wood, this is not the case with modern commercial mops.

Some of these modern mops have handles that are made of aluminum, or even iron.

Mops with wooden handles or aluminum or steel handles can actually affect what the mop head absorbs and this is why you need to consider such a thing.


As simple as they may seem, there are a lot more to commercial mops than you could possibly realize.

Mops themselves have actually evolved more than you might think, and if you have the right one in your possession, you’ll be able to keep just one commercial mop in your possession for a very long time.

When you consider all the aspects of your environment before selecting a commercial mop, you won’t face the frustrations that most face with the mops they own.

Taking your selection of commercial mop seriously will take you a very long way when it comes to the materials that you use to clean your floor.