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The most common complaint that anybody has about any kind of vacuum is that they require a cord to use.

This can lead to some very unconventional ways to clean bigger rooms with these kinds of vacuums, and you can find yourself doing anything to make the cord longer.

You’ll do all you can to make sure that the vacuum can clean as much of the room as possible. You’ll attach the vacuum to extension cords, you’ll look all around the room for an outlet that lets you cover as much of the area as possible, among other things.

And then there is getting around the cord while using the vacuum. Nearly anybody who uses any vacuum cleaner knows how troublesome this can be.

The solution to this?

Cordless, rechargeable vacuums.

It seems like everything can be charged in our current age. Whether they are phones, PCs, or even TV sets, nearly everything can run on an internal battery that can be recharged on the fly.

Six featured rechargeable vacuums will be featured later on. These represent good examples of rechargeable vacuums. Keep these in mind when you are searching for one.

Editor’s Picks : 5 Best Rechargeable Vacuums

Rechargeable vacuums: A buying guide

Buying a rechargeable vacuum sight unseen is not a good idea.

Even though the concept of any vacuum appears simple, there are still a lot of factors that you need to consider and things that you should think about before getting one.

Not every rechargeable vacuum is the same, and only those who possess a solid knowledge of the details about each one will be able to make a quality purchase that they will be happy with for years to come.

Considering the following things will ensure that you will be happy with your rechargeable vacuum for a long time to come.

Would a rechargeable vacuum be just as valuable as a common corded vacuum?

One of the biggest mistakes some make in buying a rechargeable vacuum is that they do it for no reason other than cheap convenience.

While there are similarities in between a cordless vacuum and their corded counterparts, you shouldn’t just buy a cordless vacuum for the sake of it.

There needs to be a solid reason why you need a rechargeable vacuum. 

Buying one for any shallow reason such as them being in-style for your environment or because you are too lazy to work around cords are not good reasons. You should be coming up with better reasons for why you need a rechargeable vacuum.

Do you need a vacuum for many rooms of your home or establishment?

Staying on the subject of solid reasons for owning a rechargeable vacuum, determining if you need one for many rooms of your home or establishment is a good reason.

The problem with corded vacuums is that they can be very troublesome to carry around. You need to either wrap or retract the cord that comes with it, and that can make it even more heavy and difficult to carry around even more.

This can be very difficult for anybody who needs to bring a vacuum to many ones. It can be made worse if your home or establishment contains two floors.

However, if you are only vacuuming two rooms that are next to each other or a similar environment, you may not need a cordless vacuum.

Determine if a rechargeable vacuum will save you more time and effort than a corded one if you need to vacuum different rooms.

How long are you willing to wait for a vacuum to charge?

Cordless vacuums can save a lot of time. You don’t need to unplug them and plug them back in when cleaning different areas, they are usually very easy to carry, and they are also very easy to empty when compared to their corded counterparts.

However, corded vacuums do not need to charge. They don’t run on batteries and you can plug it in and vacuum things with them whenever you want.

This is a major consideration, especially if you intend to take on a long vacuum session when using a rechargeable vacuum.

These tasks can take an unusually long time because you will need to go back and recharge your vacuum right away.

This does not mean that it is impossible for cordless vacuums to be utilized in long vacuum sessions, it’s just that you will need to understand that batteries can run out of energy and this might happen in the middle of a vacuuming session. This can be inconvenient. 

Fortunately, different cordless vacuums charge faster than others, so you do have some kind of options in that aspect.

5 featured rechargeable vacuums

#1 “V8 Absolute” cordless stick vacuum cleaner by Dyson

You’ll get a lot out of Dyson’s V8 Absolute cordless vacuum if you need a cordless vacuum that is easy to carry around and can also clean floors, walls, and even ceilings. The V8 Absolute weighs only a little over five pounds and its stick design makes it as easy to carry around as a broom.

It does not take very long to charge the V8 Absolute, either. Requiring four hours to charge right out of the box, it will take even less time to charge after this first initial charge, meaning it is possible to use it many times over the course of a day.

The V8 Absolute is also versatile in terms of its power. It has a non-motorized mode, a fade free power mode, and a maximum power mode. This is great if you regularly encounter different kinds of floors that require different kinds of suction power. You can also use the lower power settings if you want to save power.

Do not expect the V8 Absolute to clean for prolonged lengths of time, however. It only lasts about forty minutes on its lowest power setting and a scant eight minutes in its maximum power mode before it requires a full charge again. Because of this, you’ll need to get cleaning jobs done quick with the V8 Absolute.

#2 “Linx” cordless 18v lithium ion powered stick cordless vacuum by Hoover

A lot of cordless vacuums can depart so much from traditional vacuum cleaners, that the different designs of them alone can turn some potential buyers off. This uncomfortable transition can lead to some frustrations.

The Linx by Hoover is a solid cordless vacuum choice for anybody who wants to replace their corded traditional vacuum cleaner for a rechargeable one. It looks like any given traditional vacuum cleaner, making your transition from owning a corded vacuum cleaner to a cordless one as smooth as it can possibly be.

Some cordless vacuums have compromised power, and those that can operate at similar power to traditional vacuum cleaners often do not last long before needing to be recharged. The Linx addresses this issue by containing an extra battery which you can use in case you are faced with a longer cleaning session.

Power in and of itself is not sacrificed with the Linx, either. Containing the same kind of windtunnel technology as any modern standard vacuum cleaner, it does not sacrifice any power like some other cordless vacuums do.

The only thing that could possibly make the Linx worse than other cordless vacuums is that it only cleans floors. While most other cordless stick vacuums are able to clean walls and even ceilings, the Linx is only really able to clean floors and floors only.

#3 2 in 1 stick cordless vacuum by Goovi

Cordless and rechargeable vacuums do come with charging stations, but a good majority of them also require you to mount a charging station to the wall. Although it is easy to mount a charging station for a cordless vacuum battery, it can be inconvenient.

Coming with its charging base inside of the vacuum instead of an outside charging base, it is easy to charge Goovi’s cordless vacuum wherever there is an outlet. This makes it much more convenient to charge it than other cordless vacuums that require you to mount a charging station.

The battery is very powerful as well. It lasts about an hour on a full charge on its regular mode, which makes Goovi’s rechargeable vacuum effective for longer sessions. Most other cordless vacuums do not last quite as long on a full charge, and it is nice that this is not an issue with Goovi’s cordless vacuum.

Just like with common corded vacuum cleaners, you can clean many surfaces with Goovi’s rechargeable vacuum. It contains a 2 in 1 dusting brush, a brush for carpets, and an electric power brush that can perform safe but effective suction on solid flooring.

The only thing about Goovi’s cordless vacuum that some could have issues with is the process of changing the brushes. Changing the brushes require you to take apart more of the vacuum than you might want, and this can be troublesome.

#4 “Ion” lightweight cordless stick vacuum with hand vacuum mode by Shark

A lot of cordless vacuums only come with one battery. When it needs to be charged, you’ll need to let the battery charge for a little bit before using it again.

This can bring a longer cleaning session to a grinding halt, and it can be very inconvenient for anybody who needs to take any longer than 40 minutes per cleaning session with their cordless vacuum.

The Ion, by Shark, solves this by coming with two batteries. If one battery runs out of power, all you need to do is switch batteries and you’ll be able to prolong whatever cleaning session you have started. This is very useful if you want to use it for longer cleaning sessions that demand a lot of time. Most cordless vacuums last about 40 minutes when in use. Because you get two batteries with the Ion, this is doubled.

You will not need to worry about mounting a charge station for the Ion’s batteries, either. The charge station for its batteries simply plug into the wall.

There are two issues with the Ion. First, it is not as powerful as other cordless vacuums of its kind. Even though you can make the Ion last as long as you need by using one battery and charging another, you’ll either need all of the battery power you can get or you’ll need to use a different vacuum with better suction power.

The other issues with the Ion is that while it is every bit as light as any other rechargeable cordless vacuum, it is a little more top heavy. This means it cannot stand perfectly upright. To solve this, you’ll either need to lean it against a wall or lay it down on the floor.

#5 Rechargeable 2 in 1 stick and handheld cordless vacuum by Hikeren

When cordless vacuums adopt the same kind of design as corded vacuum cleaners, they often do this job of adopting too well. It can be just as difficult for the cordless vacuums to maneuver into certain places as their corded counterparts.

You will not face this anomaly with Hikeren’s rechargeable vacuum. Containing a very similar design as their larger, corded counterparts but also containing a swivel design, it is much easier to get under furniture. Very few cordless vacuums that look like corded vacuums are capable of doing something like this.

It is also possible to use Hikeren’s rechargeable vacuum as a hand vacuum as well. The hand vacuum comes right off of the base and you will not need to take the vacuum apart in order to use the hand vacuum. It is much easier to access than with other cordless vacuums.

Corded or no, there are very few vacuum cleaners that have lighting effective enough to clean in the dark. Hikeren also fixes this problem with its cordless vacuum by containing LED lights on the head. Combine this with the fact that it is also quiet, and it is possible to use it at night when everybody else around the home is asleep.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably need to empty the dust bin and clean the filter of Hikeren’s cordless vacuum quite a bit. It stores everything it suctions into the compartment of the detachable hand vacuum, meaning it only has the capacity of the common hand vacuum. Hikeren’s rechargeable vacuum is really only designed to clean small areas and nothing more than that.

How exactly are corded and cordless vacuums different?

Although the answer to this question may seem obvious, there is a lot more to unpack here in terms of power, how effective the units clean, and how long the units can clean for.

Corded vacuums have been the industry standard for removing dust and small objects from floors for a reason. They tend to be much more powerful than their cordless counterparts, often containing brushes that dig deep into the floor.

However, this power comes at a price, as they need to be plugged in. And if you need to clean a larger room with a corded vacuum, good luck moving it around the room. Unless you are willing to use extension cords, you’ll need to carry it around this room and plug it into different outlets.

Because they use so much power, corded vacuums are also much heavier than their cordless counterparts. With the lightest ones weighing 20 pounds, Carrying a corded vacuum around can be physically stressful.

However, corded vacuums do not run on batteries and will never run out of power. If you are taking on a very long cleaning session and do not mind using extension cords or carrying around a heavy vacuum, use a corded vacuum.

Cordless vacuums are totally optimized when it comes to cleaning smaller areas. A lot of them are similar to their corded counterparts in terms of power, but are usually much easier to carry around.

With the heaviest rechargeable vacuums weighing about 15 pounds, it is very easy to carry them around from room to room. This makes them much more preferable to corded vacuums, where you will need to take out the cord, wrap it around the unit, then drag it from room to room.

One of the best things about cordless vacuums is that they run on batteries. This will save a lot of power when being used. However, the average cordless vacuum only lasts 40 or so minutes when running on batteries before the batteries need to be recharged. This makes longer cleaning sessions tricky.

While you can take your time cleaning with a corded vacuum if you are not worried about running up your energy bill at the same time, you’ll need to get the job done fast with cordless vacuums.

These are just a few of the fundamental differences between cordless and corded vacuums. Being well aware of these differences will help you one ounce more in your decision to buy a corded vacuum or a corded one.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Who needs a rechargeable vacuum?

A: The answer to this doesn’t have as much to do with who needs a rechargeable vacuum but rather who would benefit best from one. You’ll benefit the most from a rechargeable vacuum if you need to clean multiple rooms in multiple floors of your home or establishment. Also, if you are conscious about your energy, use vacuums regularly, and want to save energy, you’ll also benefit a lot from cordless vacuums. They do save much more energy than their corded counterparts.

Q: Are cordless vacuums as good as corded vacuums?

A: The answer to this question depends on what you use each for. You will not be able to conduct a longer cleaning session with a cordless vacuum. They only last 40 or so minutes on batteries and oftentimes this is on their lowest settings. However, if you want to use a corded vacuum to clean multiple rooms, it will be quite a chore to carry it around. All things considered, corded vacuums are just as useful as cordless vacuums relative to the situation you are using them in.

Q: Do rechargeable batteries die?

A: The short answer is that they do. The long answer is that they do, but it takes a very long time. What many do not know about rechargeable batteries is that they use energy even when they are charging. Something that can contribute to a rechargeable battery dying is leaving it in the charger even when it is fully charged. When you do this, you’ll inadvertently lower the life of the battery. Instead, take out the battery after it is fully charged, then before you begin using your cordless vacuum, put it back in the charger for a bit before using the vacuum.

Q: How long does a cordless vacuum last on batteries?

A: The answer to this depends on what kinds of modes the cordless vacuum is in. When a cordless vacuum is operating at its lowest power setting, it typically lasts about 40 minutes before the battery needs to be recharged. This low power setting is often just enough to lightly clean any surface. The higher the power settings of the cordless vacuum, the less time it has. Because of this, you’ll need to clean very quickly.


For a very long time, corded vacuum cleaners have been the industry standard for all vacuum cleaners.

However, the developments of cordless vacuums are quickly matching the cleaning ability of their corded counterparts to where they can do very similar things that corded vacuums can do while being easy to carry around and much easier to maneuver.

While they are battery powered and will require you to finish some cleaning sessions quickly, rechargeable vacuums make vacuuming floors much more convenient than it is with corded vacuums.

If you need a vacuum for a home or an establishment that contains multiple rooms, you will get much more out of a cordless vacuum than a corded vacuum. It will make things much more convenient for you.

And because of increasingly better battery capabilities, you’ll be able to clean large areas with cordless vacuums in some aspect as well. This is especially true if you have multiple batteries.

Consider replacing your corded vacuum with a rechargeable one if you can. You won’t be disappointed.

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