Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright Reviews

by Liz Gonzales

This Shark Rocket Ultra-Light is an upright vacuum that easily converts into a hand vacuum. This vac is all about flexibility and ease of use. But does it have the proper suction power to suck up all the messes that accumulate in your home? Well, let's find out in this Shark Rocket Ultra Light Review.

Why Shark Rocket?

Why Shark Rocket?
Why Shark Rocket?

First of all, it's for convenience. This device has a long power cord and if you are someone that doesn't want to spend $400 on a cordless stick vacuum, but also at the same time don't want to lose the freedom of mobility, this is your best bet.

If you have a pet hair problem, if you have laminate floors, if you have problem grass/debris getting in your house and want to quick cleanup solution, this is the vacuum to go for. It is versatile, powerful and also easy to put away. You can use it on hardwood floors as well as carpeted living room area.


  • It has great suction and cleaning power.
  • The long power cord to reach every corner of your house.
  • A lot of cleaning attachments. You probably won't use them all.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Very easy swivel maneuver.
  • You can lay the head flat and get under furniture.

You won't have any issue with navigating this vac. The vacuum works great and gets under fairly low furniture quite easily. The whole unit is lightweight and works well on carpet too.

"According to J.D Power Vacuum Satisfaction Study, Shark ranks highest in customer satisfaction with upright vacuums."

Shark Rocket Ultra Light Review

Shark Rocket Ultra Light Review
Shark Rocket Ultra Light Review

Over the years, Shark has been gaining popularity because of its quality products. Let's not forget the fact that they used a lot of marketing tactics to come where they are now today. From TV shows to infomercials, they have been busy.

Now, I don't agree to all of the stuff they say on their marketing campaign, but this particular model has got me excited. They are pretty close to their claim and this one is no gimmick. It's a perfect vacuum, but it is certainly better than what other manufacturers have to offer at a similar price point.

Let's dig down on all of the features that the Shark Rocket has to offer.

Suction Power

Every vac needs a good amount of suction power. This is the only feature that separates the best from the good ones. In terms of power, this Shark Vac is a clear winner in my book. It is also the first thing that I love about this product and it will surely impress you. The suction on this unit is powerful enough to clean whatever you are dealing on a single pass.

Low Power Consumption

With only 500 watts of input, this unit is amazingly powerful. This low consumption will save you electricity and I can see this unit being the go-to vac for environmentalists.


This little upright is very versatile. First of all, you can lay the head flat and get under some really low spots. It comes with a lot of attachments and power cord is so long that you can literally plug it into any power outlet and clean the entire space in your room.

For laminate floors, you can use the brush roll to easily vac over your laminate and living room carpet. You can even vacuum your kitchen floor, get under the edge of the cabinets and in all the corners.

The parts are easy to attach and detach and the unit is super simple to operate. It is even easy for your kids to operate because of how lightweight this is. The dustbin hatch is easy to open and empty.

When you get onto the carpet, you can really feel the pull of the motorized cleaning wheels. It feels like the vacuum is dragging you. Thanks to that motor, you don't have to apply much force to push the vac across the floor. You will also get tons of accessories so it's a great value for your money.

Lightweight & Extended Reach

You will get all the power you need with none of the weight. Under 7.5 pounds, this is probably the lightest vacuum Shark has ever made. You can configure it for above the floor cleaning by attaching the extension wand and crevice tool.

Above the floor cleaning has never been this easier. You can get to those places you normally wouldn't be able to get. The reach is like 15 feet for an average height person.

Multi-Surface Cleaning

The best of this is that not only can you clean above the floor, but you can also clean carpets and bare floor. With just a flick of a wrist, you can take out the extension wand and attachment and attach it right into the power head.

Now you got two motors. A motor for suction and a motor for the brush roll. Normally, you do not want to turn the brush roll on for bare floor cleaning. You should turn it on when cleaning carpets.

But the Shark Rocket has something unique to offer. The brush roll is designed to go especially slow for laminate and bare floors. So, if you turn it on, you can suck up substances like coffee and really clean and get that mess off the floor.

Dust Capacity

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

The large dust holding storage is enough to hold the total dirt of 2 to 3 rooms. Which is an average-to-low capacity, but I think this would be more than enough for most users. You could just empty it when it gets full.

Swivel Steering

This vac also features swivel steering. It's pretty common nowadays to see swivel steering on most modern upright vacuums. Gone are the days when you would only see swivel steering on expensive vacs.

Now, you can do bare floors, carpets, you name and just by the flick of the wrist you can turn the motor head right and left. The advanced swivel steering mechanism allows you to turn the cleaning head with minimal movement.

You can reach different areas by just standing at a certain angle. This feature makes the entire cleaning process really easy.


With this upright, you will get every cleaning attachment for every cleaning job. Let's talk about them. First of all, you will get a dusting brush that you can use to dust debris out from tight spot and allow the vacuum to suck them up. A 15-inch crevice tool that you can attach to clean tight spaces.

A special upholstery brush that you can use to clean curtains, throw pillows and even on your drapes. It is also great for pet hair. A motorized brush, this is a phenomenal piece. This is actually not an air driven brush. This is an electronically driven brush.

Finally, you will get Shark's patented Dust-Away. This is a patented attachment that no other company makes. It has straighter suction for larger particles followed up with a microfiber pad. You can throw the pad in the washing machine, which means it is reusable, washable and you don't have to replace it.

The key feature of this attachment is that you are polishing, dusting and vacuuming all in the same motion. Unlike other vacs where you have to bring all the attachments wherever you go throughout the house, you can carry all on its onboard storage and the long cords will definitely assist in cleaning the floors conveniently.

Brand Reputation

They are also certified as the highest in customer satisfaction by J.D power associates. You might know them for automobiles. It means that when customers bought this vac, they were very pleased with the product.

Shark lived up to their name. Now, not every unit is perfect and as with all electronic machines, some will have faults. So, to do this, they also have a pretty decent warranty period.

Who Is This Vac For?

If you have an outdated vac and want a new one that is light and portable, has longer lasting time and good suction, then this is the one. This is a versatile upright vac that you can use to clean different spaces around the house and also suitable for above the floor cleaning.

This vac is capable of providing continuous power without losing suction even if you use it for extended hours. So, if you want a portable and powerful unit, this is the one for you.

Product Summary

The Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright is a lightweight product that has managed to stand up to its name. It's powerful, portable, it comes with a good set of accessories and has a lot of valuable key features.

Final Thoughts

This upright is lightweight, powerful, easy to steel, has great suction, in fact, it has the no-loss suction capacity. This is everything you need from a 3-in-1 upright vac. That's it for this Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright Review.

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