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If there is one commendable attribute about AR 15, it will surely be linked down to the accessories available for it. Since it plays a vital role in tactical weapon, and as well as self-defense, there is a regular necessity for lights when it comes to this. This should be useful enough for a carbine or a rifle. With this, the existence of best AR 15 flashlight is not surprising at all. There is a chance to stumble upon a list of best Lumen flashlight for Ar 15 guns.

Most of the time, patrol rifle and home defense are suited with lights. These would be common as far as tactical application is concerned. As a matter of fact, there are arguments assuming that if AR 15 is to be utilized for reasons such as home defense, or even law enforcement duties, a loaded magazine will always ask for light. This is for certain. It does not matter if the weapon is too old already because of years used. The light selected for it may definitely change the deal. What are the various types of flashlight for AR 15which may be utilized?

Top Picks : 5 Best Lumen Flashlight for ar15

The Best Flashlight for AR 15

1. Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL: The Best Tactical Weapon Mount Light

Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL 1000-Lumen Tactical Weapon Mount Light With Rail Locating Keys & Lithium Batteries, Black – Box Packaged

Something that many flashlights for AR-15s do not specialize in is the ability to be compatible with more than one weapon. This can be inconvenient for those who have different kinds of weapons, as it can be troublesome to attach different flashlights to different weapons.

Containing dimensions measuring 3.39 long by 1.47 wide by 1.44 high, Steamlight’s tactical flashlight is designed for many different weapons. This makes it an obvious choice for those who have different weapons who do not want to deal with the inconvenience of having different flashlights for different weapons.

Taking both hands to put on and take off an AR-15 flashlight is also inconvenient and troublesome. Streamlight also addresses this issue by containing an interface that snaps on and tightens. This makes it just as easy to put it on and take it off with one hand as it does with both. Anybody who values quick flashlight changes on their rifle will enjoy this feature.

There is one thing that Streamlight’s tactical flashlight needs to improve on. First, it only lasts a little less than 2 hours continuously on its batteries. These batteries are not rechargeable either, which is much less than optimal for anybody who is intending on using their rifle or handgun for a long time. This is especially true in situations where you are hunting in the dark.

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2. Streamlight 88066 Pro: The Best Tac Rail Mount Lumen

Streamlight 88066 Pro Tac Rail Mount HL-X, 1, Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight with High/Low/Strobe Dual Fuel use 2X CR 123A or 1 x 1865 Batteries - 1 Lumens, Black

Brightness is one thing that is always in high demand for a tactical AR-15 flashlight. Containing 1000 lumens, Streamlight’s ProTac is much brighter than most other tactical AR-15 flashlights. 

You’ll be able to see a lot more things in the dark with the ProTac than with other tactical AR-15 flashlights. It also contains light adjustments in case you do not need so much light. The lower light settings also use less battery power.

Being able to clip onto the rail, the ProTac can attach to any firearm containing a MIL standard 1913 rail. This is very convenient for anybody who owns multiple firearms that contain this kind of rail. Owning and switching different flashlights can be troublesome and inconvenient.Something else that sets the ProTac apart from other tactical AR-15 flashlights is the fact that it uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery. This battery is sold separately, but it is incredibly useful if you plan on using the ProTac a lot and don’t care for changing batteries constantly, which is a reality if you use any tactical AR-15 flashlight on a regular basis.

Because the ProTac puts out so much light, it can get very hot to the touch. This can be troublesome when using the different light settings, as the knob that adjusts the light settings is close to the light itself.

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3. Feyachi FL11-MB: The Best Matte Black LED Light

Feyachi FL11-MB Tactical Flashlight 1200 Lumen Matte Black LED Weapon Light with Picatinny Mount, Rechargeable Batteries and Pressure Switch Included

Not many AR-15 tactical flashlights are made for nearly all conditions. They are generally designed for a handful of conditions, but very few are designed for extreme conditions.

You will not need to worry about said extreme conditions when using Feyachi’s AR-15 tactical flashlight. Being IP-65 water resistant, it will continue to work even in rain, hail, or other kinds of conditions that entail precipitation.

Feyachi’s flashlight also yields a massive amount of light, well north of 1000 lumens. It can reach light levels upwards of 1300 lumens. There is no way that you’ll struggle in any kind of darkness with Feyachi’s tactical flashlight.

Another nice thing about Feyachi’s AR-15 flashlight is that it uses a rechargeable lithium battery that is included. This is perfect for those who use AR-15 flashlights for long periods who worry about changing batteries. You won’t have any battery concerns when using Feyachi’s tactical flashlight at all. You also will not need to worry about the battery running out of energy, since it lasts around 4 hours.

Feyachi’s AR-15 flashlight gets extremely hot to the touch because of its impressive light levels. When used on its highest levels, it can be dangerous to take it off and place it on a different firearm if you are not willing to let it cool down after turning it off.

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4. Monstrum 90 Lumens LED Flashlight : The Best Remote Pressure Switch

Monstrum Tactical 90 Lumens LED Flashlight with Rail Mount and Detachable Remote Pressure Switch

It can be very difficult to find a tactical firearm flashlight that can attach to a handgun or a shotgun.

Most of these tactical flashlights fit AR-15s and firearms that are in that family of firearms only. It can be difficult to find a flashlight for firearms with the weaver and picatinny rails that smaller firearms contain. Monstrum Tactical’s rail flashlight solves this problem by being a much smaller frame than most other flashlights.

The picatinny style rail in particular makes Monstrum Tactical’s flashlight very easy to install and attach. The rail connects very easily and the light itself snaps right onto the rail. This is much better than other rails and flashlights of its kind, which can be difficult to connect because of their size. Although Monstum Tactical’s flashlight is designed for smaller firearms, it attaches and connects like the ones that are designed for larger firearms.

A lot of firearm flashlights cannot be used as stand-alone flashlights. This is not the case with Monstrum Tactical’s flashlight, as it can be removed from the rail mount and used as a normal flashlight. This is a fantastic feature that virtually no other firearm flashlight contains.

The only thing that can be improved with Monstrum Tactical’s firearm flashlight can improve on is the amount of light that it generates. Although it is a smaller flashlight and is not really designed for long distance vision, the 90 lumen light capacity can be greatly improved upon.

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5. Nitecore MH12: The Best Long Throw Tactical Flashlight

Nitecore MH12 1000 Lumens CREE LED long throw tactical flashlight, rechargeable Li-ion battery, Holster, RSW1 Pressure Switch and GM02 Weapon Mount with 2X EdisonBright CR123A Batteries bundle

Most tactical flashlights for AR-15s and other firearms either do not come with batteries or they come with one battery that can be recharged. Usually they only take one type of battery, which can be inconvenient.

Nitecore addresses this issue in more ways than one with its tactical flashlight. Not only does it come with a rechargeable battery, but it also comes with 2 other batteries. You can choose between the two kinds of batteries to use the flashlight. This is much better than other tactical flashlights that usually only use one kind of battery.

Another thing that makes Nitecore’s tactical flashlight better than others is that it can be used as a regular flashlight and it also comes with a holster that can connect to AR-15 type firearms. This makes it much more versatile than most other tactical flashlights, which are either only handheld or can only clip onto a firearm.

However, this versatility comes at a price. And that price is the efficiency of how Nitecore’s flashlight actually connects to the rail. Because it uses a clip instead of solid ridges that fit into your rail of choice, the probability of it falling off is very high.

Using the charge station is also very complicated, as it needs to be turned on before charging. It charges by turning it on then connecting it to the charger. This will then turn the light off while on the charging station. However, while it is in the charging station, Nitecore’s flashlight will remain on. This is not an impressive design.

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6. SureFire M Series Scout Light: The Best Tumbscrew Mount

SureFire M600 Ultra Scout Light, Includes Z68 click-type tailcap pushbutton switch , Black

Something that a lot of AR-15 tactical flashlights lack is the ability to provide light for peripheral vision. Even if they are powerful and contain a lot of lumens, the width of these light beams is hardly ever accounted for.

SureFire solves this issue by equipping their lights with what they call a “total internal reflection” (TIR) lens. The TIR lens does two things. First, it creates an amount of surrounding light that is matched by few tactical flashlights. Second, the beam it creates will match most other lights from other tactical flashlights in terms of total brightness.

The switch of SureFire’s tactical flashlight is also very easy to use. It contains a tailcap click switch that controls how long you want it on for. This is very good for those who don’t need their tactical flashlight to be on all of the time. SureFire’s tactical flashlight also contains a lockout feature that prevents the light from accidentally being turned on.

There are a couple of things that prevent SureFire’s tactical flashlight from being perfect. First, it only produces about 500 lumens of light. This is because it has the capacity to produce a wider beam, but 500 lumens is a little worse than the average of most flashlights for an AR-15.

Second, SureFire’s tactical flashlight only fits one kind of rail: Picatinny rails. Most other tactical AR-15 flashlights can now fit other kinds of rails and not just Picatinny rails so in this aspect, SureFire’s light does not measure up.

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7. Inforce WMLX Weapon Mounted Light: The Best Multifunction Flashlight

Inforce WMLX Multifunction White LED 500 lm Weapon Mounted Light, Black Body

All tactical flashlights that connect to an AR-15 or any other firearm generally get hot to the touch. This can be very troublesome because of the proximity between the light and the users hands.

To counter this, InForce released its WMLX tactical flashlight, which contain heat dissipating vents all around the flashlight. These vents greatly improve the thermal management in the LED itself and give whoever uses it in conjunction with the firearm they are using it with a much easier time.

The WMLX is also water and impact resistant. This is useful if you are using it in the rain or around bodies of water, where most tactical flashlights that are mounted onto a firearm can get wet. The impact resistance is very helpful when you are around dirt, gravel, and other solid objects.

There are a couple of things that the WMLX needs to improve upon. The first of these is the light itself. With most other tactical flashlights being able to reach light levels of 1000 lumens, the WMLX’s light capacity of 500 lumens falls a little short.

A lot of other tactical flashlights for firearms have the capacity to fit multiple rails. This is not the case with the WMLX, which is only compatible with Picatinny rails. Not only that, but while the light itself is not hot to the touch, it has a tough time handling heat from some of the firearms that it is connected to.

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8. SureFire X300: The Best LED WeaponLights

SureFire X300 Ultra LED Handgun or Long Gun WeaponLight with Rail-Lock Mount, Tan

The Surefire X300 Ultra is designed with high-performing LED which is dominant in the yellow-green part of the spectrum. This is what the eyes of humans are quite sensitive of. Basically, the mixture of optimized off-white light color and extreme output are all responsible in increasing the light perceived by most users. This is a way for brighter beam to be created.

  • Bundled with Cree XM-L U2 500 lumens LED.
  • Equipped with a button switch for tactical needs.

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9. Orion H40-W LED Tactical Flashlight: The Best Rifle Mount

Orion H40-W LED Tactical Flashlight with Pressure Switch and Rifle Mount
  • Bundled with Cree XM-L U2 500 lumens LED.
  • Equipped with a button switch for tactical needs.

Orion H40-W 500 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight with Pressure Switch and Rifle Mount is designed for a peak performance which may be realized whatever the environment is. This light has always been compact, and even recoil-proof. This takes place because of the emitter of indestructible LED. This can be mounted to the rifle without a struggle at all.

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10. LiteXpress SET-KOMBI89: The Best Picatinny Rail Mount and Screwdriver

LiteXpress SET-KOMBI89: LXL448001B Led Aluminium Flashlight X-Tactical 105 with 2X CR123A/ 550 Lumens (ANSI) + LXA101 X-Fire Remote Pressure Switch incl. Picatinny Rail Mount and Screwdriver
  • High performing light output with Cree LED which may reach 440 lumen.
  • Comes with 3 detachable colour lenses including blue, green and red.

LiteXpress flashlights are meant to meet whatever virtual need that may arise in the future of rifle owners. This would give users the chance to select from small, but energy-efficient keychain lights and even flashlights possible. There is nothing to worry because upon purchase, there is a five-year warranty that will also be bestowed to the user. As many know, no one is ever exempted from defects in bulbs, batteries, LED modules and wearing parts. While there is a little chance of this occurring, the provider would take responsibility.

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What are the benefits of an AR-15 flashlight?

  • Whether you are in combat, training for combat, or hunting, you will benefit greatly from an AR-15 flashlight.
  • These flashlights are obviously used in the night time, but they can, and should also be used in other kinds of conditions.
  • For example, if the weather is not so much dark as it is foggy or overcast, an AR-15 flashlight will help you see things that you normally might not have seen.
  • That is the main benefit of an AR-15 flashlight: Making things not only much more visible so that you can target them easier, but also to see things in greater detail. 
  • This is incredibly useful not just in overly dark conditions, but also in conditions with limited visibility in general.
  • An AR-15 flashlight will also make yourself more visible. This is useful in situations where you are part of a battalion, where other members will need quick ways to locate each other.
  • Some AR-15 flashlights have strobe features. These strobe features can also function as a distress signal without needing to make any noise.

There are other features of AR-15 flashlights that are also useful. For example, if your flashlight of choice is equipped with a beam that is wider, this will improve vision in a different way than a narrow but brighter light.

Sometimes you need to see everything around you in greater detail, and not just things that are far away in greater detail. Possessing an AR-15 flashlight with a wider beam will accomplish this.

Anybody who owns an AR-15 or a similar firearm should own a flashlight for it. You’ll never encounter a situation where one is not needed.

Why consider using flashlight for AR 15?

best tactical flashlight for ar15

Today, it is not impossible to stumble upon maneuverable firearm. This usually goes with a light attached. This would help if the shooter is intended to work on a dark, rural place. Imagine how simple it would be to identify a target with light. This is a way to really think prior to pressing the trigger. It is not a secret to anyone how the pistol might be needed. It would not choose what time of the day it is. What if it is 2am? What if there are creepy barks and growls heard outside the house? This should not be scary then since the attachable light is around. This may be a powerful illumination which would run the beam from its barrel. This can be of great assistance.

With the aforementioned, extending the field of view of the user may also occur. If there is a rule of thumb in the use of firearms, it will always be related to safety. Of course, there is a vital call to assure that the target is properly acknowledged. The same is also true for what is behind it. With the best AR 15 flashlight, the target may be properly tracked. The recoil will be the answer in kicking the gup up to the sight of line. This will block the view for a while, but it would definitely point on the target. This is a chance to find the threat without losing the user’s sight. At the end, finishing the shot is going to occur.

Needless to say, there are tons of light options for everyone. The idea of having an attachable flashlight would depend upon the preference of the user of course. There are techniques that even users themselves may incorporate if they would prefer to. At least, with the idea of owning a flashlight, the other hand will not have to be occupied in shooting. This is one of the best parts.

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