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by Linea Lorenzo

Table lamp or desk lamp is a versatile piece of lighting technology for both home and office. Whether you are a student and need to concentrate on your studies along with eye protection or need to maintain smooth workflow at office or home, a good table lamp is a must. Along with this, table lamps also serve the purpose of interior décor of home or office. I know, you love to get a best desk lamp recommended by wirecutter.

Keep reading to know about some of the popular lamp offering on the market today.

In recent time, table or desk lamps have been upgraded from a traditional, solid stand, one bulb to various attractive designs, supporting more than one bulb. Offering numerous benefits, these table lamps come in several compact sizes, designed to be placed upon desk, table or side table. Because of their portability, energy efficiency, easy maintenance and attractive appearance, this very form of the lamp has secured its position in almost every house.

However, due to increasing popularity, dozens of manufacturer are producing hundreds of table or desk lamp models. Therefore it's not that much simple to pick the perfect piece according to your requirements. Hence, we have compiled a list of 5 best table lamps where you will find eye caring, bright and attractive pieces to keep your workflow smooth. These table lamps are budget friendly too.

Top 5 Best Table lamp for study

Top 5 Best Table lamp for study
Top 5 Best Table lamp for study

1. Tenergy 11W Dimmable Table Lamp with USB Charging port

If you are looking for a quality table lamp within a stiff budget, then this one might be the perfect one for you. Though this table lamp is made with plastic, its glossy black color and sleek modern look will make up for that very well. Its stylish appearance will match with every desk and table.

The light quality of the lamp is something very impressive. 11W dimmable bulb offers a soothing non-flickering light that is also easy on eyes. 530 lumen ensures a bright and stress-free environment for you. From 5 different dimming levels, you can go with the perfect brightness as per your requirements. You can also choose a preferable color from four. So, now your working hours will be more enjoyable. The arms of the lamp are flexibly adjustable and you can spin the base up to 180 degrees.

Easy to use feature is another attraction of this table lamp. The lamp will serve you just with finger touch in the buttons. As the lamp comes with a built-in USB port, you can charge all your USB compatible devices while studying or working. Again, for longevity and energy saving, the lamp includes a 60-minute timer option where the lamp will shut off automatically after 60 minutes.

Overall, this portable table lamp is just everything you can expect from it, that too in an incredibly affordable price tag.

2. LEPOWER Desk Lamp

Lepower Desk Lamp is another great piece for the office or home use. With a stylish look and helpful features, the lamp comes at a fairly affordable price.

The lamp comes with eye protection technology that will ensure the least visual fatigue while studying or working by producing soft and flicker-free lighting.

If we talk about the outer look of the lamp, it's simple, classic and uniquely curved gooseneck design will definitely win you. Its lightweight feature is very helpful if you want to move it from room to room or to office. Adjustable gooseneck lamp arm aids in easy carrying.

The lamp is very easy to operate. Just touch the power button to turn the light on. You are allowed to choose the temperature from 3 different option and brightness from 5 different option as per your needs. So, whatever you want to do, you will get the perfect brightness and temperature.

As the light includes energy efficient and eco-friendly LED bulbs, you can enjoy the same brightness and up to 75% energy saving compared to traditional bright light bulbs. And saving energy is equal to saving the currency.

To win your confidence, the manufacturer is offering 60-days money back and 12 months service warranty. What more can anyone expect?

3. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Here presents another great piece of table lamp by TaoTronics that will provide all the benefits you would expect from a high-end table lamp. With modern design, eye-caring technology, different color modes, and USB charging port- the lamp is just everything you need.

Eye-caring flicker-free technology is the main feature that has made this lamp so popular. As most other low-priced lamps flicker too fast that takes a toll on our eyes, this flicker-free and budget-friendly lamp is just the perfect combination of excellence and affordability.

As the table lamp is LED bulb supported, you can cut your electricity bill up to 75% than conventional ones. This energy-efficient lamp comes impressively with five different brightness levels and four lighting modes. So, you can choose the perfect brightness according to the task you are going to perform.

The lamp is compact and you can carry easily anywhere you wish to. With an intensity of 530 lumens, the lamp will serve you around 50,000 hours.

To achieve the ultimate lighting coverage, you can rotate the lamp from head to the arm to the base. Again, it's easily accessible touch controls and USB charging ports add convenience.

4. Aovok LED Desk Lamp

If brightness and clean light of a table are the main concern for you, Aovok Desk Lamp is the one to match perfectly your preference. The brightness of the lamp is rated at over 900 I'm whereas the light emitting angle is 320 degrees. Here you are allowed to adjust the brightness and color mode as per your activity demands. When you wish to study or work, switch cool white, for casual reading, go for natural light, for relaxing, choose warm white and for sleeping peacefully, turn on warm yellow.

The sleek and stylish look of the lamp makes it ideal for office, home, bedroom or dorm room use.

Being manufactured from high quality LED chips, this desk lamp is able to save energy up to 75% than traditional ones. The lifespan of these LED bulbs is way longer too.

The lamp is easy on human eyes also. Used with BIT lampshade, this table lamp produces soft and flicker-free natural light. Therefore, you shouldn't worry about eye-fatigue or myopia at all.

The product has been made with a high-quality silver aluminum alloy that ensures better heat dissipation and ultimate longevity of the lamp. You can enjoy lighting service for hours at a stretch and the head will not get hot.

Super flexible head and arm of the lamp are the things to ensure numerous adjustment capabilities. You can achieve almost every lighting angle you could have imagined ever. These head and arm of the lamp are also foldable that helps in transportability and storage system. You can just fold it and put it away.

5. Ominilight Dimmable Table Lamp

Ominilight Dimmable Table Lamp is another budget-friendly table lamp that comes with numerous beneficial features like multi-brightness levels and color modes, USB charging port, portability, and most importantly eye-care technology.

The lamp features a simple and elegant appearance that makes it compatible in every desk or table.

For ultimate convenience, this table lamp includes 7 brightness levels and 5 color modes from which you can adjust brightness and lighting as per the mode of your task. All these tasks are to be done with just pressing the buttons.

Eye-care technology is another great feature of this table lamp. It's flicker-free and non-glare light ensures comfortable study time with least eye fatigue.

As the lamp has a USB charging port, you won't have to go anywhere for charging other devices like phone, tablet pc, power bank and so on.

You are allowed to rotate the lamp in almost every angle. And you can fold it after use also. The folding option makes transportation easier. So, you can carry it anywhere you go.

How to choose the right table lamp for study

Best Table Lamp For Study
Best Table Lamp For Study

People who spend a lot of time at their desk for study or working purpose need to be extra careful while choosing one for the same. Perfect lighting is of crucial importance for eyesight. It might end up harming your eyes. Though we have already discussed some of the best table lamps which will protect your eyes at an affordable price, here we will make clear exactly which features you should check while purchasing one.

The proper size of the lamp

The proper size of the lamp is very much important for a smoother experience. Clip-on lamps or those with small bases are best suited for a smaller desk as they don't require much space of desktop.

And for a larger desk try to select a lamp with extra reach. Or you can use additional light sources so that the whole desk area gets adequate light.

The material of the lamp

The material of the lamp is important to know the durability of the same. Perfect material also enhances the look of your desk. You will find options here like metal, wood, plastic, and a combination of two.

Metal is very good as the material of a desk lamp. You will see this material in high-end models usually. Metal adds elegance towards your desk and it's durable also.

Then, wood is another option here which adds a contemporary look. There are some models that use wood and metal combination.

Use of plastic material in a desk lamp is a recent addition. If you want a table lamp within a low budget, you can go with plastic table lamps. These lamps include high-end features, yet the cost remains within reach.


Adjustability is a helpful feature that you should check out before purchasing a table lamp. This very feature allows to adjust the placement of the beam for certain task and reduce glare. Swiveling head, swing arms, boom arms, and gooseneck- are the most common types.

Light type

Incandescent bulbs are great for bright and clear light. And LED bulbs are very energy-efficient and versatile. So, choose according to your taste and necessities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why should one choose LED bulbs in a table lamp?


LEDs offer versatile features and a longer life span. LEDs usually serve for more than 20000 hours smoothly. And LED bulbs save energy up to 75% compared to traditional ones. This very feature makes LED bulbs so popular.

Is white or yellow light better for studying?


White light is more suitable than yellow light while studying. A bulb similar to sunlight is better for eyesight. Many people think that yellow color matches sunlight more than white. This is a completely wrong perception.

Actually, sunlight is closer to the cool scale of white to bluish-white.

What is the standard watt bulb for LEDs in the table lamp?

Ans: Table lamps for studying purpose, needs to be very bright with cool lighting. In general, for LEDs, 15 watts would be a standard amount.

In a nutshell, though table lamps primarily serve the purpose of lighting for study, they work as decorative piece also. Producing an adequate amount of light, a table lamp ensures completing a task effectively. Reducing strain and eye fatigue, a table lamp safeguards our eyes too. The models we have reviewed here meet all these beneficial criteria. Pick anyone that suits your situation and enjoy study time too.

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