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Best Screen Printing Squeegee – Guide to Choose the Right

The art of screen printing entails a lot of different techniques.

One of these techniques is the ability to properly scratch ink on the screen in order to leak it onto the substrate, which will create the pattern you want.

This is done by way of a screen printing squeegee.

Just like screen printing kits come in many forms, screen printing squeegees also come in many forms, and it can be very easy to come across a squeegee that isn’t optimal.

Making sure that you have the right screen printing squeegee in your hand will not only streamline any screen printing process, but it will also improve the overall quality of any design that you intend to create via screen printing.

Our Favorite Screen Printing Squeegee

Top 5 Best Screen Printing Squeegees Reviews- 2021

1. Best Overall: Screen printing squeegee rack by Screen Printing Equipment

Techtongda 6 Layers Desktop Screen Printing Squeegee Rack Silk Screen Squeegee Scraper Spatula Steel Holder Organizer

Screen printing squeegees are very delicate tools. Their overall usefulness will be compromised if you store them in a place that exposes them to certain elements. Finding a good place to store your squeegees is difficult and frustrating, especially if you own and use more than one of them.

These concerns are a thing of the past thanks to Screen Printing Equipment’s squeegee rack. You can set your squeegees on them at any angle with it and it holds up to 6 squeegees, giving you all the storage space you’ll ever need.

The non-slip mats of Screen Printing Equipment’s squeegee rack also prevents it from moving around too much. This is incredibly useful, especially if your screen printing studio is crowded and you know that the place you store your squeegees will be moved around a lot.

You’ll be out of luck if your squeegees for screen printing measure any bigger than 3.1 inches by 7.8 inches, since that is the biggest size of squeegee it will hold. This is the only thing about Screen Printing Equipment’s squeegee that you’ll need to watch for.

2. Best Screen Ink Scraper: Flyup Screen Printing Squeegee

Screen Printing Squeegee,2 PCS 75 Durometer Flat Wood Screen Ink Scraper for Screen Printing 9.8 in and 5.5 in

Most screen printing squeegees that come in packs tend to only come in one size. While this is not a major issue for the majority of those who do screen printing, it is a very frustrating thing to deal with if screen printing is more than just a hobby of yours. You know that you’ll be using different screens if screen printing is a profession of yours, which means you’ll need different sizes of squeegees.

Flyup has solved this problem with their squeegee pack. You’ll get a big scraper for screens that measure 9.8 inches and a small scraper for screens that measure 5.5 inches. This kind of variety will ensure that you have the right squeegee on hand for most situations.

Screen printing squeegees that contain plastic handles tend to slip, and this can have a very adverse effect on your screen printing projects. Thankfully, Flyup’s squeegees contain wooden handles, which means that you’ll be able to hold it as firm as you need to as you remove ink.

The ability to replace the blade on screen printing squeegees is also at a premium if screen printing is your profession. Unfortunately, the blades on Flyup’s squeegees are not replaceable. That is the only thing that you’ll need to worry about.

3. Best Scratch Board: Ving Screen Printing Squeegee

4 pcs Silk Screen Printing Squeegee Ink Scraper 6.3' / 9.4' / 13' / 18' Scratch Board 75 Durometer

Using only screen size for screen printing projects is not recommended if you are tasked with creating a design for a customer or client. Those who do screen printing for a living know that they will need to use different sizes of screens. However, most packs of screen printing scrapers do not come with different sizes of scrapers.

Ving has decisively solved this issue with its pack of screen printing squeegees. Coming with scrapers for screens as small as 6.3 inches to as big as 18 inches, you’ll have everything you need with the four scrapers that come in Ving’s pack. This makes Ving’s screen printing squeegee pack a solid choice for anyone who does screen printing for a living.

Those who do screen printing as a hobby will probably want to look for a different set of screen printing squeegees, however. Ving’s scrapers have rubber blades, which require a different kind of precision to use properly. This makes them designed for professional screen printers and not many others.

4. Best Dual-Edge for Fabric: Speedball Red Baron Squeegee

Speedball Red Baron Squeegee, Dual-Edge for Fabric and Graphic Printing, 9-Inch

Most screen printing scapers are suitable for only fabric printing but not graphic printing, or graphic printing but not fabric printing. Squeegees that have two different edges to accommodate both of these practically do not exist. searching for such a squeegee is nearly impossible and this is extremely frustrating.

Speedball’s Red Baron squeegee is your solution if you need a screen printing squeegee for both graphic and fabric printing. It contains blades for both surfaces, easily making it one of the most versatile screen printing squeegees you’ll ever come across.

While most screen scrapers contain a wooden or plastic handle, the Red Baron can be used directly. It contains grips on the top of it that let you do this, practically guaranteeing that it will not slip. This makes the Red Baron perfect for anybody who is new to screen printing.

Both edges of the Red Baron are not nearly sharp enough to do any heavy duty scraping. You’ll need to look for a different squeegee if you are looking for one that has dual blades but also has a shaper edge.

5. Best Comfortable Grip: Speedball Craft Paper Squeegee

Speedball Craft Paper Squeegee, 9-Inch

Screen printing squeegees that you can use on multiple surfaces are difficult to come by. You’ll be able to find one that you can use on paper or cardboard, but not wood. You’ll find one that you can use on cardboard and wood, but not paper. Finding a scraper that can transfer ink on all three surfaces is nearly impossible.

You’ll want Speedball’s 9 inch squeegee if you are looking for one that you can use on paper, cardboard, and wood. It can be used on all three surfaces and this easily makes it one of the most versatile screen printing squeegees you’ll ever come across.

There are two things that set Speedball’s squeegee back. First, it is 9 inches long. You literally won’t be able to use it on surfaces that are smaller than 9 inches no matter what you do. The blade also buckles under pressure. This is something that isn’t usually expected with rubber blades but unfortunately, Speedball’s scraper does this.

Screen Printing Squeegees – A Buying Guide

Selecting the right kind of screen printing squeegee for you will require you to consider a number of things.

Fail to consider these things, and you’ll be very frustrated as you look for the right squeegee.

Is screen printing a hobby or a profession for you?

This is the first and most important thing to consider.

There are screen printing squeegees that are designed for hobbyists and there are screen printing squeegees that are designed for professionals.

Typically, the ones that are designed for professionals tend to have stronger handles and stronger blades that allow you to scrape as much ink from your screen as possible.

How big is your screen?

Just like there are different sizes of screens, there are also different sizes of squeegees.

While you can get away with a very small screen scraper, you need to know that using such a scraper will take a lot of time to accomplish what you need to accomplish.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to err on the side of going too small, but don’t select a squeegee that is too small. Aim for a squeegee that is roughly 3 or so inches smaller than your screen.

What surfaces are you screen printing on?

Screen printing can be performed on nearly any kind of surface.

Because of this, there exist squeegees that are also designed for different kinds of surfaces.

It is up to you to determine if you need such squeegees, or if you can get away with a squeegee that can be used for all surfaces.


Screen printing is one of the most enjoyable hobbies or professions that you can explore, but it can also be one of the most stressful hobbies or professions that you can explore.

One of the reasons why it can be so stressful has to do with the available squeegees that you have at your disposal.

When it comes to choosing a proper screen printing squeegee or scraper, one of the best things you can do is know exactly what kind of scraper you will need as well as what kinds of screens and what kinds of surface you intend to print on.

Combine the information of all three of these, and you will have a much easier time with screen printing.