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by Linea Lorenzo

Fountain pens contribute to our happiness when we scribble down our thoughts. These pens deserve high-quality ink to make them magical. There is a comprehensive stack of fountain pens ink in the market. It might be daunting to identify the most remarkable ones for your pens.

These inks have differing features, designs, and pricing options. The article has come in handy to provide you with the most helpful fountain pen ink review. It will detail out in-depth information of the best ink for fountain pens you need to have in your work or home desk. Stay along for insightful information.

Top 10 Best Ink For Fountain Pens Reviews (2021)

Top 10 Best Ink For Fountain Pens Reviews- 2021
Top 10 Best Ink For Fountain Pens Reviews- 2021

1. Waterman 50ml Ink Bottle

Waterman 50ml Ink Bottle For Fountain Pens, Intense Black Ink (S0110710)
Waterman 50ml Ink Bottle For Fountain Pens, Intense Black Ink (S0110710)

Waterman is a Paris product that has been meeting the needs of millions of individuals since its inception multiple years ago. Its fountain pen has a unique design that enables you to utilize interchangeably different colors.

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Its increased quality will not disappoint you. You can monitor your ink level with this well-known ink product. Have you met one of its products called Waterman Paris Encre Noir, Intense Black, ink? Its features include the following.

Features & Benefits:

Incredible ink production: The Watermark 50ml Ink bottle allows you to establish distinctive colors as your write down. This magical piece motivates you when it comes to completing your tasks.

Ink filling: With this Watermark product, you can comfortably refill ink once it runs out. It boosts the experience of using classic fountain pen ink.

Multiple options: It is available in cartridges, bottles, and packs for refilling. The cartridges make work more manageable when your refill your fountain pens.

A wide range of colors: It comes along with multiple color inks. You might go for your favorite color and let those strong ideas flow smoothly. It works brilliantly on most of the working surfaces.

Mechanical leads: The Waterman 50ml ink bottle has a lead with a mechanical design. It contributes to superb precision. They are worthwhile for your creative projects.


  • Water-resistant
  • High-quality product.
  • No bleeding effects.
  • Simple to clean your pens.
  • Well-behaving.


  • Ink might leak.

2. Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink

PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink, Take-Sumi, Bamboo Charcoal (Black) 50ml Bottle (69224)
PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink, Take-Sumi, Bamboo Charcoal (Black) 50ml Bottle (69224)

Are you a fanatic of Japanese products? Then the Pilot Iroshizuku Bottles Fountain pen ink is the right one for you. It comes with a unique high-standard design that adds beauty to your stationery space. The ink name comes from natural plants and landscapes present in Japan.

The names are a combination of Iro which means coloring, and the other part of the name, Shizuku, means droplet. So, this "coloring droplet" product is budget-friendly for economy users. You need to grab this bottle to enjoy the magnificent Japan colors as you write down your powerful words. Let us check on some of the features, limitations, and advantages of utilizing this 10.9-ounce product.

Features & Benefits:

Best Quality: The bottled fountain pen ink has been providing incredible services for multiple years. The Pilot product is undoubtedly worthwhile your dollars. Whether you are purchasing inventory for your institution or scribbling down notes, this Pilot ink is ideal for you.

Adds power to your pen: The Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled fountain pen ink makes writing enjoyable and meets all your needs.

Varying writing styles: The product comes with a ballpoint, fountain, retractable, and gel inks. You might pick the option that works best for you. Also, it is suitable for markers to use on the whiteboard, only to mention a few.


  • It has a piston-like cartridge to refill your ink.
  • Simple refilling.
  • Vibrant colors and properties.
  • Ink dries out quickly.
  • Perfect saturation and shading.


  • Not waterproof.

3. Pelikan 4001 Bottled Ink for Fountain Pens

Pelikan 4001 Bottled Ink For Fountain Pens, Brilliant Black, 62.5ml, 1 Each (329144)
Pelikan 4001 Bottled Ink For Fountain Pens, Brilliant Black, 62.5ml, 1 Each (329144)

If you desire ink that produces clear lines, the Pelikan 4001 bottled ink for fountain pens might be your cup of tea. Its bottle design has a brilliant black color with estimated dimensions of 3 by 1.63 by 2.75 inches.

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The ink formula was established over a century ago and worked significantly for both fountain pens and nibs. The German-made ink bottle is comfortable to use in your writing tasks.

Features and Benefits:

High-quality product for office use: The Pelikan 4001 Bottled Ink for Fountain pens is ideal for your work tasks. It enhances perfect working on your pens, writing, and everything else. You need not worry when you have this coolest fountain pen ink.

Has an outstanding ink: The product has an excellent ink solution that dries as fast as possible when used on office paper. With it, you get sharp and fantastic lines when used even on crummy office paper. There is no product similar to this German product.

Compatible with many products: You can use this best ink in the world in your calligraphy pens. Its thickness design makes it this multi-purpose.


  • The ink does have a bleeding effect.
  • Worthwhile your money.
  • Beautiful writing on paper.
  • Suitable for both writing and drawing.
  • Compatible with drawing paints


  • Slow to dry.

4. Pelikan 4001 Historical Bottled Ink for Fountain Pens

Pelikan 4001 Historical Bottled Ink For Fountain Pens, Royal Blue, 62.5ml, 1 Each (340299)
Pelikan 4001 Historical Bottled Ink For Fountain Pens, Royal Blue, 62.5ml, 1 Each (340299)

The Pelikan 4001 Historical Bottles Ink for fountain pens manufacturing is from Germany. It has been in the market for over 125 years. Most individuals go for this product to enjoy its satisfying features and designs.

The product estimates around three by 1.63 by 2.75 inches. The ink also safeguards your fountain pens and nibs while doing what you love.

Features & Benefits:

Ink refilling: The Pelikan 4001 Historical bottled ink allows you to refill the ink by yourself once it is complete. You only need to fill the bottle on the side to add suitable drops of ink to your fountain pen.

Incredible ink color: The ink that comes along with this Deutsch bottle has quite a bold color. It assures you with brilliant colors with a smooth flow when put down on paper.

Works perfectly with multiple options: The Pelikan 4001 Historical bottled ink is compatible with various options, including piston filler, vacumatic, or converter fountain pens. It is the most versatile ink to get in the market.

Bleeding effect: The fountain ink's bleeding effect relies heavily on several factors, including the writing paper's weight and its finishing. The pen and the nib of the ink also contribute to the bleeding. A broad nib might have a wet flow when put on paper. Conversely, an extra-nib for an accountant might be dry with less thickness.

High customer satisfaction: Once you get your hands on this fountain pen ink, you will never go back. You might stick with this product for multiple years. It allows you to flow with ease when doing your school or office work.


  • Superb quality.
  • Its ink never goes dry.
  • Beautiful design and service.
  • Minimal bleeding.
  • Friendly to low-quality papers.
  • High-quality ink.


  • Ink might fade under the influence of UV radiation.

5. Parker 1950375 Quink Ink Bottle

Parker 1950375 Quink Ink Bottle, Black, 57 Ml
Parker 1950375 Quink Ink Bottle, Black, 57 Ml

The Parker 1950375 Quink Ink Bottle comes in a 75ml size and a black color. The bottle estimates around 2.68 by 2.68 by 1.73 inches. It has a glass material that brings out the unique design in the market.

Features & Benefits:

Ink Refilling: The Parker 1950375 Quink Ink bottle allows you to refill ink for Parker fountain pens or any other luxurious brand pens. You might purchase the Parker converter differently when doing your shopping. You will enjoy the refilling process when using this well-known remarkable product.

Best bottled ink: The product has high-quality ink with extra lubricity. It enhances smooth flow when you put words on paper using your favorite pen. The rich black and smooth ink make your paper appealing after its use.

Exceptional bottle design: The Parker 1950375 Quink ink bottle has an elegant structure. Its base is more expansive, and the lid has a tighter screw that allows you to have an easy performance while at the office.

Varying quinks: The product has multiple quinks, including black, blue, and blue-black. The first initial quinks are washable. Meaning, if your shirt or skirt gets in contact with them, you can easily wash them out. You might use a shampoo to eradicate the ink that might come in contact with your fingers.

The blue-black quink tends to be a permanent ink. For this case, you might experience struggles when your cloth contacts this permanent ink.

Compatible with most papers quality: The masterpiece fountain pen ink works best in different papers, including notebook paper or brown papers. It brings out the lines perfectly and makes your workflow unique.


  • The ink dries quickly.
  • No bleeding effect.
  • It dries out fast.
  • Cheaper.
  • Rick ink color.


  • The slim neck makes it difficult to fill in the cartridges.

6. J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Inks - Gold Sheen 50 ml Bottled

J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Inks - Gold Sheen 50 Ml Bottled - Emerald Of Chivor (Emerald Green-Blue Ink)
J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Inks - Gold Sheen 50 Ml Bottled - Emerald Of Chivor (Emerald Green-Blue Ink)

The J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary inks is a bottled fountain ink bottle manufactured by Herbin. The product estimates around 2.36 by 2.36 by 2.95 inches. It has an emerald of chivor color that makes its design look lovely.

It comes with a 50ml size and an average weight of 7 ounces.

Features & Benefits:

Best ink for fountain pens: The J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary inks is one of the great inks you can have. It comes with multiple color variations. It has a solid green base that shines prominently and a maroon-red color along the edges. When held at different angles, you might notice a professional sight of a gold or silver flake.

The emerald chivor ink turns out perfectly on coated papers. The color variations depend on the width of the pen.

Water-resistant: The J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary ink does not allow water to pass through. It does not clog when filled with a piston. No issues emerge from it. The wet ink has an extreme buttery smooth feeling.

Controlled drying: The bottled ink has an effective drying approximate duration of 20 seconds. There is minimal feathering on your work paper.


  • Eye-catching and smooth ink flow.
  • The bottled ink has a unique design on its decoration and lid.
  • The ink has an excellent focus on the details.


  • Its ink is overpriced

7. Pilot Namiki Standard Fountain Pen Ink

PILOT Namiki Standard Fountain Pen Ink, Black, 60ml Bottle (69200)
PILOT Namiki Standard Fountain Pen Ink, Black, 60ml Bottle (69200)

The Pilot Namiki Standard fountain pen ink has higher color standards. The bottle, which is of plastic material, is easy to use. You will have much fun enjoying its hues and saturation.

Features & Benefits:

High ink quality: The Pilot Namiki Standard fountain pen ink has trusted products and services. It has been providing its fans with remarkable performance for over a century. If you are piling up stocks, making notes, or doing your writing, this is the effective pen for you.

High-performance writing: The ink will work best with your pen for exceptional writing. It works fine for fountain, ballpoint, gel ink pens, and markers for your whiteboard.

Giftable product: Many of these writing instruments come packaged in special gift boxes. Therefore, you can use this product to award your best colleague, friend, or close family member. Its writing quality makes it the best pick for most individuals in the professional space.

Brilliant product design: Its engineering structure is well refined. The Pilot Naniki Standard fountain pen ink marks the first global well-appointed retractable fountain pen. When not in use, its inside mechanism enables the 18-karat golden nib to retract into the barrel completely.

Ink Refilling: You might refill your Pilot Namiki Standard fountain pen ink with the Iroshizuku ink solutions. As we have seen earlier, this Japanese ink assures you of a beautiful impression, just like its product name meanings.


  • High-quality ink.
  • Pleasing ink color.
  • Easy and clean to use.
  • The ink dries out quickly.
  • Smooth flow.
  • No bleeding effect.


  • The ink might have less opacity.

8. J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 3oml Bottled Poussiere de Lune

J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 30 Ml Bottled - Poussiere De Lune
J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 30 Ml Bottled - Poussiere De Lune

The J. Herbin fountain pen ink is a 30-ml bottle with estimated dimensions of 2.17 by 1.97 by 1.97 inches. It has a Poussiere de Lune coloring with all-natural dyes.

Features & Benefits:

Smooth flow: The J. Herbin Fountain Pen ink has an easy flow after loading it into your office or school pen. It has a smooth experience with no feathering or bleeding while on most standard or luxurious paper fibers. However, there might be minimal bleeding on copy or plain papers.

Superb ink quality: The ink from this bottle looks fine on a stack of papers.

Less friction during writing: There are no struggles when using the J.Herbin fountain pen ink.

Multi-purpose bottled ink: You can use this fountain pen ink in multiple ways, including drawing, writing, painting, and even sketching. You can consider purchasing this item for your art activities.


  • Easy to read.
  • Suitable for those fascinated with the purple color.
  • It portrays its color effectively.
  • Every ink drop is luscious.
  • Offer writing inspirations.
  • Quick dry.


  • It might look less clean on low-quality papers.

9. Montblanc Ink Bottle Royal Blue 105192 For Fountain Pens

Montblanc Ink Bottle Royal Blue 105192 - Premium-Quality Refill Ink In Deep Blue For Fountain Pens, Quills, And Calligraphy Pens - 60ml Inkwell
Montblanc Ink Bottle Royal Blue 105192 - Premium-Quality Refill Ink In Deep Blue For Fountain Pens, Quills, And Calligraphy Pens - 60ml Inkwell

The Montblanc Ink Bottle royal blue 105192 is one of the best inks for fountain pens.

Features & Benefits:

Elegant Styles: The fountain pen ink provides an exclusive style to any drawing or writing task. The product item is ideal for calligraphy. Or, you can use it to sign off certificates and contracts in your professional field.

Beautiful color: The Montblanc ink has an attractive blue color that refines any writing serenity. The ink will be perfect for organizational business practices and taking into account insightful stories.

Functional product design: The bottle structure allows the ink to settle down directly at the bottom section for convenient refilling. The vintage view of the product leads to an exclusive design of your office desk.

High-quality ink: The product under review has an extraordinary permanent ink that takes less time to dry. Also, it minimizes the bleeding effect. Therefore, it assures you of a distinctive writing style. The blue ink flows smoothly. The Montblanc Ink bottle has rare cases of clogging happening at the pen tip.


  • The ink does not bleed even on cheap papers.
  • Solvent-resistant.
  • Sensational ink.
  • No ink feathering on pages.
  • The bottle design is top-notch.
  • Satisfactory experience.
  • High-quality writing.
  • Smooth flow ink.


  • Not waterproof.

10. Hongdian Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Black Color

Hongdian Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Black Color, Set Of 30 Refill Ink Cartridges, 3.4 Mm Bore Diameter
Hongdian Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Black Color, Set Of 30 Refill Ink Cartridges, 3.4 Mm Bore Diameter

The Hongdian Fountain pen ink is one of the best fountain pen ink cartridges. It comes with a suite of at least 30 refill ink cartridges in black color.

The bottled ink comes with a well-known best brand name, Asvine, that showcases the higher performance that awaits you. Its quality has a higher customer satisfaction which ranks its top in the customer ratings.

Features & Benefits:

Smooth ink flow: The ink from this bottle flows elegantly smooth with no breaks. It contributes to an enjoyable writing experience as you hold the pen down the paper.

Non-toxic ink: The Hongdian Fountain pen ink design keeps you safe from toxic substances. Only natural dyes are present in its design. Therefore, it constitutes neutral and non-toxic PH.

The ink dries rapidly: The Hongdian ink takes few seconds to dry when on a paper fiber. It ensures no ruins occur from smears during writing.

Item dimension: The Hongdian fountain pen ink cartridges have length dimensions that approximate 51mm. Its cartridge diameter ranges from 4 to 7mm, while its bore diameter is estimated to be around 3.4mm.


  • Ink color is vibrant and well saturated.
  • Its cartridge has an excellent fit in the fountain pen.
  • Portable.


  • The cartridge's size might be small.

Buying Guide

Our fountain pens need to have excellent contents to produce maximum results. Picking an ink for your fountain pen might not be a walk in the park for beginners. However, with this buying guide, you have nothing to worry about.

When purchasing a fountain pen ink for your home or office use, you need to consider the below factors for a perfect purchase.


Do not be in a rush when selecting ink for your fountain pen. Take adequate time to go through the varying colors. Make the purchase when you see the color that excites your eyes. There are various tools online that you can use to check the colors in detail.

Others might pick a fountain pen ink of their favorite color that has even fewer quirks.

Waterproof nature

The waterproof concept when it comes to fountain pen inks is a crucial concern. There are several inks in the physical or online outlets that might cause smears when not used appropriately.

If you want an ink that would still make your writing legible when wet, there are various existing options you can pick. Most of the standard inks have an average water-resistance that might smear your writing.

Your paper quality

Even though this characteristic does not root from the ink property, it would be best to consider the paper quality you are dealing with before purchasing a fountain pen ink.

If it involves scribbling on your paper, you have various options to select the best fit. Otherwise, you might pay attention to well-behaving inks that will minimize cases of feathering and bleeding impacts.

For instance, Waterman inks tend to perform well on standards paper fiber.

Ink composition

Fountain inks constitute colorants and water. These colorants differ in their quality and performance while on paper. If you are a beginner, a dye-based colorant will work perfectly for you. They are easy to clean and maintain, unlike the bulletproof inks.

Ink flow

The flow of a fountain pen ink generally points to its speed. A wetter ink tends to flow quickly and puts more ink onto the paper. Their flow nature is often smooth. However, they have a higher likelihood of causing feathering and bleeding.

Shading and saturation

The saturation of a fountain pen ink relates to the content size. A highly saturated fountain ink tends to be darker and vibrant. It takes much time to dry. On the other hand, the less saturated ones might appear to be pale. Their drying effect is fast and has less prone to smears.

Ink shading explains the concentration of colors in different writing parts. Papers with smooth fibers have more shading. They have more minutes to settle around highly and concentrated parts on the paper when drying up.

How to write with fountain pens

Individuals have different tastes and preferences. Some might prefer a ballpoint pen, while others might feel comfortable while writing with fountain pens.

If you are interested in knowing how to write with a fountain pen, this is the guideline.

Holding the fountain pen

Before kicking off with the writing, you might consider whether to have the pen cap or not. There is a balance when the cap is on the pen. However, if you have smaller hands, you might consider not having the cap. It is all up to you.

Place the pen between the thumb and the index finger. Place your fingers gently against the paper surface to maximize stability. It would be best to create an approximate 30 to 45 degrees angle with the paper surface.

Writing moves

Writing using your lower arm is the go-to technique. It shuns from strains and exhaustion because you primarily utilize your larger muscles rather than smaller muscles on your fingers.

It would be helpful to relax when writing with a fountain pen. Most individuals who are fond of ballpoint pens use much pressure while taking notes. You need to take the pen through the surface, and the ink will undoubtedly pour out.

Grip the fountain pen

Picking a fountain pen relies on several variables such as your hand size, the font, or the writing size. Big hands work perfectly with thicker pens. Conversely, smaller hands work well with thinner pens.

Western letters do not need much lifting from the papers, unlike the Japanese and Chinese characters.

How to use a fountain pen for the first time

Unlike ballpoints, fountain pens require skills to flourish. Fear not if you have never had an experience with a fountain pen. Here are what to do to use the fountain for the first time.


The best way to begin using a fountain pen for the first time is to inspect its condition. Check on its nibs and the overall structure. If everything is all set and looks good, you are ready for the excellent feeling. Otherwise, consider contacting the manufacturer or seller for an exchange or refund.

Ink installation

The modern fountain pens come with cartridges. You might take out this feature and fill in your ink to get started.

Practice how to hold the pen

Like how you did it in pre-school, you need to hold the fountain pen for the writing to happen. However, this time, you need to ensure to attain a 45-degree against the paper. It will prevent the ink from clogging onto the nib.

Use the correct pressure

Fountain pens, as earlier mentioned, require minimal pressure. Gently press it on the paper surface and initiate the writing.

Consider the Cap

If you are not using the pen, it would be best to keep the cap still on. It will prevent the fountain pen ink from drying out. The latest pens might come with retractable nibs.

Reach for the paper

Get the right paper that will perform well with the ink of choice. Some papers might cause uneven saturation or worse effects like bleeding.

How to fill a fountain pen

Filling a fountain pen is easy. If you are having trouble, you might follow the steps below for guidance.

  • Hold the grip and let the barrel screw loose. Then, place the insert the cartridge into the ink section.
  • Put the sealed cartridge inside the grid and slide it until it releases a clicking sound. Do not get it out; the ink might leak.
  • Assemble the pen, followed by tightening the screw. In case you have difficulties with closing the pen, consider looking for a cartridge that is compatible with the pen.


Can I use any ink in my fountain pen ?

Most fountain pens utilize either bottled ink with converters or cartridges. Some manufacturers might provide you with piston reservoirs that hold the ink. It will depend on your product features and design.

Why is fountain pen ink so expensive?

Fountain pen ink is so costly due to the higher material and manufacturing costs. A component such as a nib material is expensive to manufacture.

Is it difficult to write with a fountain pen?

I might surprise that writing with a fountain pen might be easier than the ballpoint. It does not require excessive pressure while jotting down your thoughts. It lets you flow as your write.

What is the best paper to write on with a fountain pen?

The best paper for your fountain pen might be Midori paper. It has a smooth fiber material. It brings out the shading and vibrancy quite well.


The guide above has outlined the top 10 fountain pen inks to look for in the market. They ensure smooth and diligent writing with little to no smears. They vary with different designs and prices. The Waterman and the Pelikan bottled inks have top ranks as the most special solvents for both luxurious and standard papers.

It would be best to consider the vital factors when purchasing your fountain pen ink. Also, the step-by-step guidelines on refilling the ink, besides writing and using the pens, might help beginners.

When you bear all this in mind, you will have fewer hurdles when engaging with a fountain pen.

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