10 things you ALWAYS forget when packing

10 things you ALWAYS forget when packing

Have you ever stepped off a long-haul flight only to realize you’ve left an important item at home? From toiletries to travel documents, certain items are vital for travel but seem to constantly escape our minds when it’s time to pack.

Read on to discover the 10 items everyone forgets when packing and learn how to make sure you’ve got them packed and ready for your next holiday.


Make sure you’ve packed these easily forgettable world travel items. Image © Depositphotos.com/Barbara Szentmarjay

  • Toiletries

From toothbrushes to shaving products, it’s easy to forget small toiletries that make travel bearable. Keep your toiletry bag on your bathroom counter and check you’ve packed everything before you store it in your carry-on luggage.

  • Sunglasses

Nothing’s worse than arriving at a summer destination without sunglasses. Check that you’ve packed your sunglasses before you zip up your carry-on bag, and don’t forget to include a protective case to stop them from getting scratched while you travel.

  • Notebook charger

Can’t part with your notebook when you travel? Double-check that you’ve included your notebook charger with the rest of your carry-on gear and make sure you have an AC adapter to make it usable in your destination.

  • Travel documents

Have you ever arrived at the airport without your passport? Before you leave your home, check that your passport is at the top of your carry-on bag so that you don’t need to panic when you reach the airport.

  • Laundry bag

Don’t let your dirty laundry stink up the rest of your suitcase. Pack a laundry bag to store your worn clothes in and keep them separate from the rest of your favorite travel outfits.

  • Headphones

Don’t make yourself use the uncomfortable, low-quality headphones they hand out on the plane. Check that you’ve packed your headphones before you leave to make sure you can listen to your iPod in peace during the flight.

  • Medications

Do you take prescription medication? Make sure you’ve packed your medication in its original bottles before you fly. If you’re traveling to another country, check the local regulations to see if you need to pack a doctor’s note or prescription copy.

  • Local cash

Avoid having to withdraw cash after you arrive at your destination by converting at least a day’s worth of local currency before you leave. Make sure you don’t convert all of your money at home – the rates are almost always better at your destination.

  • Addresses

Do you know where your hotel is located? Can you remember which train to catch from the airport? Print addresses and write down public transport instructions so there’s no confusion once you pass through customs and immigration.

  • Itineraries

Do you have a printed copy of your return ticket? Many countries don’t allow people to pass through immigration without proof that they’ll leave the country when their trip comes to an end. Avoid customs issues by packing a copy of your flight itinerary.

Ready to travel?

Even the best-prepared travelers forget something when they pack. Before you zip up your bag and close your travel padlock, check the items on this list to make sure you’re really prepared for your trip.