Lumens vs. Candlepower: What’s Their Difference and Role?

by Liz Gonzales

Lumens are one of the typical units of light measurement. The measurement of the overall surface that the light reaches is what we call lumens. Nowadays, lumens can be seen on labels of flashlights and incandescent lamps. Unlike before, we normally base the brightness of light by checking its watt.

The very reason why lamp, flashlight and bulb producers have put the lumens on the label of their products is to inform customers that they are getting more light output than before. An average 40-watt bulb has a corresponding 450-500 lumen output. You can watch this video to feed you more on how lumens contribute to a brighter output of light.

Basically, if you want to have a substantial light that can fill wide venues, you need to pick higher lumens. According to www.ledlight com, a light bulb with lower watt but has high lumens consumes lower amount of electricity which helps you save money.

If you are thinking of buying the brightest flashlight, you need to choose and compare their lumens. You might be using a flashlight that has low lumens and is not satisfied with its brightness. The next time you go to the market to buy a flashlight, consider first the measurement of lumens.

What Are the Definition of Candlepower and its Role?

What Are the Definition of Candlepower and its Role?
What Are the Definition of Candlepower and its Role?

Candlepower is also known as Candela. It was defined at www.reference com as the fundamental unit of photometry that measures the light intensity or the brightest spot of the light.  A strong beam of light has a high number of Candelas. Its unit of measurement is inspired by foot-candle light.

The problem in candlepower is the measurement of light it brings outside the beam. The amount of light decreases because the amount of light inside the beam cannot be the same with the amount of light it produces externally. Try to light a candle and share the light to your book. As you move the candle away from the book it becomes dimmer and it cannot produce the same amount of light.

What Are the Difference Between Lumens and Candlepower?

After knowing the definition of lumens and candlepower, we get to understand their differences. One best example cited at flashlightuniversity com to validate their differences is the laser. Lasers have a very high candlepower but they have low lumens value because the light is not scattered but it’s focused into a single point.

If there is no electricity, the first thing to come up on your mind is to get a flashlight. A flashlight has low lumens but has a high candlepower value because it does not give off a substantial amount of light. While bulbs and incandescent lamps have high lumens because it can generate light that illuminates a large area. Another best example of high candlepower value is the spotlight that is commonly used in theaters and cinemas.

There are flashlights that have low candlepower so it does not give the same amount of light from its main source. The amount of light has decreased because the candlepower is not high enough to combine the light in a single straight beam. To know the rating of a flashlight or bulb you are buying, try converting its candlepower to lumens where 1 candlepower is equal to 12.57 lumens.

Lumens and candlepower are both important in checking the intensity of brightness of any light products you are buying. Check the labels of the product and try converting its candlepower to lumens so you would know how to classify which light product will fit you. Understanding the difference between lumens and candlepower makes you one smart consumer.

Rapidtables com is one of the free website converters you can use to effortlessly convert lumens to candlepower and vice versa. What you need to keep in mind is to consider how and where you will use the light source you are purchasing. In this way, you can compare different light products that will outfit to your needs.

If you are thinking of buying a light that illuminates a large area, check lighting with a high lumen value. Nonetheless, if you are thinking of buying a light that gives intense and focused light, check lighting with a high candlepower.

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