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Finding the best watt meter can be a difficult task if you can’t find your true requirements. For meeting the solutions of supply rate and electrical energy, watt meters play a great role in reserve. And for that reason, I am here to show you how amazing products the market is availing for their customers.

Are you one of those who are fed up with their old meters? Then this is the place which can help you in it. I have mentioned some top-ranking watt meters in the whole concept, which will be among your favorites surely. So let us not falter the topic and go to the point directly.

Have a quick peek at the products through a description chart

Product Description
HTRC 150A High Precision RC Watt Meter


  • Gets an extraordinary estimation of cash
  • Gives nonstop record of waveforms
  • Dependable R/C battery
  • ESC fills in as a friend in need
  • Thickness is sufficient
DROK DC Power Meter


  • LCD records precisely
  • Gives an information assurance of force off capacity capacities
  • Has climate amicable attributes
  • The energy is stable when fueled off
  • Possesses estimation of cash
Ateny Micro Watt Meter


  • Energy productivity finishes the item
  • Highlights simple Accuracy
  • The Best hotspot for home devices
  • Unit is sufficient little and versatile
  • Electrical line gives simple position
Greatlong 150A Power analyzer


  • Claims the genuine incentive for cash
  • Thickness and Accuracy are sufficient
  • Gives responsive information in adjusting loads
  •  Adequate working voltage
  • Incorporates high accuracy
Rcharlance 150A RC Watt Meter
  • Handle volts up to 60
  • The OV guarantees high battery limit
  • LCD gives an unmistakable number of readings
  • Forestalls top flows from harms
  • Affirms adjusting in singular cells
RGBZONE High Precision RC Watt Meter
  • The Bestapparatus for sunlight based board check
  • Can convey up to 200A current
  • Checks adequate voltage
  •  Simple to utilize
  • The LCD gives clear fresh number readings
  • Shields from top flows
FPVDrone RC Watt Meter
  • Can quantify from 0 volts to 60 volts
  • Key for breaking down, testing and investigating
  • LCD shows clear fresh number
  • Serves taking all things together potential ways
  • Phenomenal for RC pastimes
Crazepony ToolkitRC WM150 Watt Meter
  • Shows high accuracy in battery
  • The manual supports the utilization of force
  • Heartbeat width is variable
  • Programmed changes in LCD
  • USB wire gives quicker information move
  • An unquestionable requirement for RC aeronautics
Actmei Digital Volt Watt Power Meter
  • Measures numerous current qualities
  • Rations genuine incentive for cash
  • Material current and voltage range
  • LCD eliminates human understanding blunders
  • Gives relentless force transmission
YoungRC Digital 150A RC Watt Meter
  • High exactness in battery voltage
  • Ideal for examining, testing and investigating
  • Merits all the incentive for cash
  • Measures force and energy utilization precisely
  • Simple to peruse on the LCD screen
  • Fills in as a multi-practical device

Top 10 Best Watt Meter Reviews: 2021

Top 10 Best Watt Meter Reviews- 2021
Top 10 Best Watt Meter Reviews- 2021

1. Best Overall: HTRC 150A High Precision RC Watt Meter

HTRC 150A High Precision RC Watt Meter Power Analyzer Battery Voltage Amp Meter
HTRC 150A High Precision RC Watt Meter Power Analyzer Battery Voltage Amp Meter

Are you looking for the best rc watt meter? Then HTRC brand has just covered you in a high precision manner as an RC watt meter. They also have a power analyzer which gives the advantage of continuous recording of waveforms. Your device will give a justifiable record of where the power flows in an electrical system.

The amp meter will help measure the magnitude of the electric current inside your electric circuit. Undoubtedly, it will be a great value of money after purchase, especially in considering the thickness.


You will get a long-lasting R/C battery that evaluates the efficiency of charging. It can measure the power and energy consumption of any powered devices within a few moments.


If you are on the go for the most efficient watt meter, there is nothing to miss on this product as it can predict model airplane flight time by ensuring peak currents. Thus, you get safety in your motor.


Be tension free about crashes, dryness or wetness because the ESC installation will work as a savior for your meter in wiring and connectors.

Package list

The package includes one 150A watt meter, which gives an accurate recording of electric power. And a power analyzer inside will show every data about the power supply


  • Procures a great value of money
  • Gives continuous record of waveforms
  • Long-lasting R/C battery
  • ESC works as a savior
  • Thickness is up to the mark


  • Does not have a bright display

2. Best LCD DisplayWattmeter Panel: DROK DC Power Meter

DC Power Meter, DROK 6.5-100V 100A 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V Volt Amp Watt Meter, LCD Display Multimeter Voltage Current Energy RV Battery Monitor Voltmeter Ammeter Wattmeter Panel With 100A Shunt
DC Power Meter, DROK 6.5-100V 100A 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V Volt Amp Watt Meter, LCD Display Multimeter Voltage Current Energy RV Battery Monitor Voltmeter Ammeter Wattmeter Panel With 100A Shunt

DROK store comes up with qualitative and commendable features with an easy installation and easy use. The volt amp meter comprises 6.5-100V 100A 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V. You will find an LCD multimeter that records more accurately than analogue multimeters. Monitoring battery bank status, such as RV solar panel system and travel trailer, will be easier for you.

There is a data guarantee of power off storage function where all parameters will be stored when powered off. Moreover, it can reset the accumulated energy data at the exact time. And if you talk about thickness, that’s nonetheless on a required standard.

Overvoltage alarm and settable alarm voltage

Backlight and power ensures a long lifespan and utilizes a low voltage power supply. It flashes like an indicator in an easy control environment-friendly characteristic.

Large screen LCD

The display voltage current enables it to read accurately, and the current gives easy management with power and energy. Also, the action is enough giant in providing an improved power factor.

Switchable backlight

You can turn on/off the backlight manually without any involvement of grudges.

Convenient button

The energy is storable when powered off and combines overloaded alarm functions. What makes the product more beneficial is the value of money and Accuracy in a good sheerness.


  • LCD records accurately
  • Gives a data guarantee of power off storage functions
  • Has environment-friendly characteristics
  • The energy is storable when powered off
  • Owns value of money


  • Malfunctions often

3. Best Compact Power Meter: Ateny Micro Watt Meter

Micro Watt Meter - Double Pack - Simple, Easy To Use, And Compact Power Meter - Easily Monitor Electricity Usage
Micro Watt Meter - Double Pack - Simple, Easy To Use, And Compact Power Meter - Easily Monitor Electricity Usage

A watt up meter with energy efficiency completes it in all aspects with a value of money. Ateny makes it easy for us to use a simple use of their product, including the essential measurements.

You don’t have to worry about your household power use and cost. This wattmeter does a great job within easy features accuracy estimation. Monitoring your electric usage precisely is like a cakewalk for this device.

Good for appliances

If you think of connecting your device with household appliances, the Ateny’s meter is just for you. The assessment of efficiency gives an easy measurement of quality power. Mainly, monitoring Watts, KWh, and Price after inputting Cost per KWh show firm reliability.

Small and portable unit

The compact unit is sufficiently small so that you can carry it in your pocket and take it anywhere. With a 3.75 x 2.1 x 3.1 inches dimension, you can fit your meter even at small places.

Extension cord

You can place your meter with the help of a heavy-duty 14AWG extension cord, especially in those places where it is easy to read in tight areas.

Package includes

There are two power usage monitors to increase consumer’s awareness with a user manual for a procedure guideline. And one Ft. Extension Cord is there to benefit you in powering your device.


  • Energy efficiency completes the product
  • Features easy Accuracy
  • Best source for household appliances
  • Unit is enough small and portable
  • Extension cord gives easy placement


  • Clutters frequently

4. Best High Precision RC: Greatlong 150A Power analyzer

Watt Meter Power Analyzer - Greatlong 150A Power Analyzer
Watt Meter Power Analyzer - Greatlong 150A Power Analyzer

While looking for appliance watt meters, Greatlong 150A Power Analyzer leaves no stone unturned in value for money. There is a digital LCD screen display where the clear digital device allows easy reading. Furthermore, you will get real-time amperes, volts and watts within a good connection.

And talking about the convenience, that’s great mostly when calculating the effectiveness of multi-axis aircraft. Also, the thickness and Accuracy are up to the marks, so you should have a second thought on this product.

Provides eight electrical readings

The machine provides eight electrical readings. Like- Current (A), Voltage (V), Watts (W), Amp-hours (Ah), Watt-hours (Wh), Peak Amps (Ap), Minimum Volts (Vm), Peak Watts (Wp). In this way, you can have responsive data for balancing electric loads.

High precision

This meter measures 0-150 Amps in a resolution of 0.001Ah. 0 – 6554Wh in 0.1Wh resolution. And 0-60 volts in 0.01 resolutions within 0.1Wh. So, you get clarity on a high precision here.

Multi-functional tool

You will get sufficient working voltage under load, which will prevent peak currents from damaging batteries. Such as ESC, motors, wiring and connectors. All you need is to do is verify the correct battery charger operation. Here, the individual cells are balanced, helping you in connecting battery and chargers.


  • Owns the true value for money
  • Thickness and Accuracy are up to the mark
  • Gives responsive data in balancing loads
  • Sufficient working voltage
  • Includes high precision


  • Takes time in reading

5. Best Power Analyzer High Precision: Rcharlance 150A RC Watt Meter

Rcharlance 150A RC Watt Meter Power Analyzer High Precision FT08 Battery Voltage Amp Meter With Backlight LCD Balancer 60V Model Tester
Rcharlance 150A RC Watt Meter Power Analyzer High Precision FT08 Battery Voltage Amp Meter With Backlight LCD Balancer 60V Model Tester

Are you looking for an efficient digital watt meter? Then Rcharlance’s product will be the right choice for you. Their device evaluates RC battery charging efficiency, which can measure power and energy consumption. Any battery power device forms nice compatibility with this meter.

You don’t have to stress about volts’ handling, as it can do so in a range of 0 to 60 volts. This watt meter can work on 12/24/36/48 volt battery bank systems very smoothly. And the OV in the optional auxiliary battery ensures a high battery capacity.

Easy to read

The LCD, which comes with this product, provides a clear number of readings with a lot more clearness. You will get real-time readings continuously by the watt meter of amps, volts, watts and ah after connection.

Extremely low power consumption

Here, the power consumption of 6 mA gives more efficiency than any LED meters. It can handle up to 150 amps intermittently and 75 amps continuous duty.

Multifunction tool

There is sufficient operating voltage which verifies under load and prevents the peak currents. As a result, your battery, ESC, motors, wiring and connectors will stay away from damages. And the best thing is, it confirms battery charger operation with a balance in individual cells.


  • Handle volts up to 60
  • The OV ensures high battery capacity
  • LCD provides a clear number of readings
  • Prevents peak currents from damages
  • Confirms balancing in individual cells


  • Installation is complexing

6. Best Power Analyzer: RGBZONE 200A Amps Watt Meter

RGBZONE 200A Amps High Precision G.T. Power RC Watt Meter And Power Analyzer With Digital LCD Screen
RGBZONE 200A Amps High Precision G.T. Power RC Watt Meter And Power Analyzer With Digital LCD Screen

Considering the best tool for solar panel, check RGBZONE conforms to be the accurate one. This watt meter can carry current up to 200 A in a safe set up. And you will be more interested in its purchase hearing that it uses a voltage of less than 60 V.

There are three pins you will find with this package which are a great source for auxiliary power. If you are thinking about the thickness, that acquires outstanding features with quality.


We can’t afford our peak currents to waste horribly. While thinking about such circumstances, this product will not let your battery damage and prevent peak currents. Moreover, it doesn’t ignore motor control, motors, wiring and connectors and safely keep them.


The verifying mode is completely sufficient, involving the operating voltage under load.


In this meter, you won’t find any grudges with operating battery chargers. It is very easy to use; connect your battery with the charger, and you are good to go.


There is a 30* 1-inch backlight LCD screen, which gives clear, crisp number readings. And the cable length of 6 cm+7 cm=13cm provides a large and limpid view.


  • Best tool for solar panel check
  • Can carry up to 200A current
  • Verifies sufficient voltage
  • Easy to use
  • The LCD gives clear crisp number readings
  • Protects from peak currents


  • Wires are too short
  • Not good for RC cars

7. Best Voltage Checker: FPVDrone RC Watt Meter

RC Watt Meter DC 60V/100A Power Analyzer Digital LCD Balance Battery Voltage Checker Watt Volt Amp Meter
RC Watt Meter DC 60V/100A Power Analyzer Digital LCD Balance Battery Voltage Checker Watt Volt Amp Meter

FPVDrone manufactured one of the best appliance watt meter as a full proof DC 60V/100A Power Analyzer. It means the device can measure from 0 volts to 60 volts easily. Again, it consumes 12, 24, 36, and 48-volt battery bank systems with perfect Accuracy on the side of working.

And especially we think of readability which is most of the time missing on some meters. But when you buy this product, those problems won’t find you.


The Alu-Chrom current sensing resistor gives enough stability without any external sources. There are 0.001 Ohms resistance and circuitry, which draws only seven mA.

Perfect troubleshooting tool

This product is indispensable for analyzing, testing and troubleshooting. If you have any DIY DC project power, you must keep this meter on your top preferences.

Professional RC Watt Meter

Do you want an excellent addition to your RC hobby? Then FPVDrone will be your best acquisition for that. Moreover, RC hobby, DC circuits, Solar system, Boat/RV & Battery Backup systems can adapt appropriately.

All-in-one meter

Be it a power meter, voltmeter, ammeter, energy meter or amp-hour meter, this product serves in all possible ways. Also, you will get clear, crisp number readings through the digital LCD.


  • Can measure from 0 volts to 60 volts
  • Indispensable for analyzing, testing and troubleshooting
  • LCD shows clear crisp number
  • Serves in all possible ways
  • Excellent for RC hobbies


  • Sometimes load doesn’t function properly

8. Best signal Output Tester: Crazepony ToolkitRC WM150 Watt Meter

ToolkitRC WM150 Watt Meter Power Analyzer 150A 50V LCD Display High Precision Digital Current Voltage PPM Signal Output Tester Suitable For Servo ESC Racing Drone Battery
ToolkitRC WM150 Watt Meter Power Analyzer 150A 50V LCD Display High Precision Digital Current Voltage PPM Signal Output Tester Suitable For Servo ESC Racing Drone Battery

ToolkitRC WM150 is another best watt meter with a 150A power analyzer showing high precision in the battery. And the 50V LCD works suitably for Digital Current Voltage PPM Signal Output Tester. You can test the voltage, power and current data of the electric equipment.

Hence, the servo, ESC battery will give you no bad vibes while featuring its quality. A USB wire inside the package will give you the advantage to carry more pieces of information. And one manual will encourage the use of power resource with efficiency.

Excellent performance

With a 1-50V power supply, your device will merge with simplicity and reliability. And the maximum current it can conserve is up to 150A. The Accuracy is also commendable in a range of 10mA as a balanced method.

Special design

Pulse width is changeable due to the PWM signal’s support and 1us precision by adjusting the button.


This wattmeter supports to display of working hours which automatically changes the unit of capacity. Especially when it is lower than 1A, the unit display is MA. But when the meter ranges higher than 1A, the unit display will change to A only.


Here is a USB wire inside the package dispensing faster data transfer which ensures easy upgrading firmware.


  • Shows high precision in battery
  • The manual encourages the use of power
  • Pulse width is changeable
  • Automatic changes in LCD
  • USB wire gives faster data transfer
  • A must for RC aviation


  • Not capable of easy reading

9. Best Voltage Power Multimeter: Actmei Digital Volt Watt Power Meter

100A AC 80-260V LCD Digital Volt Watt Power Meter Ammeter Voltmeter Voltage Power Multimeter With Current Transformer CT
100A AC 80-260V LCD Digital Volt Watt Power Meter Ammeter Voltmeter Voltage Power Multimeter With Current Transformer CT

Actmein has bought a real combination of Digital Volt Watt Power Meter, Ammeter Voltmeter and Voltage Power Multimeter. With the help of a current transformer, you can measure numerous current values. The dual measurement of AC voltage offers correct information in measuring the resistance.

And the AC transformer will help to isolate high voltage transmitting non-stop power. If you consider the true value for money, then I would suggest you go for this meter.

Voltage measuring range

Here the current measuring range is AC 0 ~ 100A, and the voltage measuring range is AC 80 ~ 260V. Therefore, an applicable range is under your grip.

Power measuring range

With 0 ~ 22kW of power measuring range, you will get adequate energy efficiency within 0 ~ 9999 kWh.

Temperature and humidity

This device works at a temperature of -10 oC ~65 Oc with 35~85% RH acceptable humidity. With a simultaneous temperature, you can assure of having a long-lasting usage of this product.

Package includes

The digital LCD voltmeter inside the package eliminates human reading errors conserving stability and reliability; as I mentioned before, you will get non-stop power transmission with the current transformer. And the manual will increase power efficiency and monitor real-time electric systems.


  • Measures many current values
  • Conserves true value for money
  • Applicable current and voltage range
  • LCD removes human reading errors
  • Gives non-stop power transmission


  • Specs are not good
  • Accuracy is compromisable

10. Best Voltage Amp Meter with Backlight: YoungRC Digital 150A RC Watt Meter

YoungRC Digital 150A RC Watt Meter Power Analyzer High Precision Battery Voltage Amp Meter With Backlight LCD Screen
YoungRC Digital 150A RC Watt Meter Power Analyzer High Precision Battery Voltage Amp Meter With Backlight LCD Screen

YoungRC launches a High Precision Battery Voltage Amp Meter where the power analyzer shows a continuous record of waveforms. So be sure that you are going to have a precise measurement of power in your electric system.

You don’t have to worry about the size as it can measure up to 60V and 150A. And the backlight LCD screen hives excellent brightness uniformity utilizing a low voltage power supply.

All in one feature

This product is accountable for analyzing, testing and troubleshooting any other DIY DC power project as an indispensable device. It deserves all the value of money in a solution of Accuracy and thickness.

Multi functional

If you are looking for a perfect troubleshooting multi-functional tool, then you can choose this product without any doubt.


This wattmeter measures power and energy consumption so precisely that you won’t find any objection. Moreover, your battery-powered device will remain entirely secured from any damage.

Easy to read

There is a big LCD screen which comes with this meter. You will see every point allowing you to read easily.

Inside the box

You will get a continuous record of a waveform by the * 0-60V 150A Watt Meter Power Analyzer. And one manual inside will monitor your whole electric system.


  • High precision in battery voltage
  • Perfect for analyzing, testing and troubleshooting
  • Deserves all the value for money
  • Measures power and energy consumption accurately
  • Easy to read on the LCD screen
  • Works as a multi-functional tool


  • Battery disturbs frequently

Buying guide for the best watt meter

Before you think of buying a watt meter, make a list of everything you want in your product. It’s high time you should choose the best item for your convenience. So let us affiliate with some traits that are important in an efficient meter.


There is a saying, “Accuracy is not like consistency “. If your power data is not accurate, then what’s the point of buying one? That is why manufacturers take a lot of time explaining to their customers how accurate their meters are. One more important thing is the consistent workload from day to day that your meter must take on.

Single leg Vs Double leg measurements

There are strain gauges in a variety of places where the innovative companies put on. If your power meter can measure strain on the crank spider, that will be great. Again, some meters measure the strain directly from the whole pedal stroke. Contrastingly, some pedal-based systems combine the data to deliver overall output by measuring power. You are to censure which possibility suits you the best.

Zero offset

In zero offset power meters, they measure the sensor value at the time of no torque in strain gauges. As a result, you will get a baseline to measure the workload accurately above zero.


Whenever you buy a watt meter and don’t find good compatibility with accessories, that becomes the most frustrating experience. So check everything, especially the pedals and current transformers come of top quality or not.

Head unit

Changeable head units are the best options to extend battery life and manage data storage. The more you get data points, the more you get Accuracy.

How do you read a watt meter?

Reading a watt meter is as simple as water. You just need to know basic techniques which will help you to read your meter quickly.

  • There are five dials inside a watt meter where each dial views like a pointer. It means the machine is indicating the number to read.
  • Then the pointers will turn clockwise and counterclockwise. In Dial A, the system completes one revolution from 0 back to 0 before. And it does so before the pointer of Dial A is equivalent to the point of Dial B.
  • And Dial B and Dial C follow the same procedure, and the same goes for Dial D and Dial E.
  • When you start reading, make sure to do that from the right side and ending to the side. It means you will start from Dial A and end to Dial E.
  • Then you are to read the numbers with the help of the pointer in the dial. When you see the pointer is between two numbers, it means the lower number has been recorded.
  • Now it’s time to compute your electric consumption. For that, you will need to subtract your previous reading from the present reading.
  • It is better to read your meter every day at the same hour. By this, you can effectively check your electric consumption and determine the average position.
  • For example, you read your meter today at 7 p.m. So read it again at 7 p.m. on every other day. As you can know your daily consumption, it will help you manage your electric fixtures.
  • Also, you can control your appliances which will yield the amount of kWh consumption.

What is a watt meter used for?

Since now we have found numerous splendid products of wattmeters. But now we must gain knowledge about the purpose of using a wattmeter.

  • In our homes and industrial issues, we face many problems in supply rates and electrical energy. If they are not in a handed feature, everything seems so unpredictably horrible.
  • While considering such circumstances, wattmeters came up in meeting such hindrances with a fantastic solution. They measure the electric power in watts where it is connected with any circuits.
  • You must have seen the electromagnetic watt meters conquering good technology. They are used mostly to measure the utility frequency and audio frequency power.
  • Again, the other types of wattmeters are convenient to measure radio frequencies.
  • If you have any normal product, watt meters can read their average value in v(t)i(t) = p(t). Here, v(t) means the voltage gives a reference polarity in a ± terminal of the potential coil. And i(t) means current with reference direction, which flows into the ± terminal of the current coil. And at the end, p(t) means the period of T by an angle of current lags.

Frequently Asked Question

How does a wattmeter work?

Watt meters usually work using three oils. They are two fixed in series within electric loads and a parallel moving coil. Series coils help to measure the current flowing through the circuit. On the other side, a parallel coil works in measuring voltage.

What is a Kill A Watt meter?

Kill A Watt Meter also means put on kilowatt. It is an electricity usage monitor which Pro digit Electronics has manufactured whereas P3 International sells it. This device measures it directly into the meter and opposes home energy up to what energy you are using. The entire household displays such recordings.

Can we use a wattmeter at home?

Generally, we use a watt meter for measuring the power of an electric circuit. You can also determine the power rating of your home and industry appliances. On a note, you can use a wattmeter for measuring the total power consumed by the load. So there is nothing uncertain about using it for your home.

What are the advantages of two wattmeter methods?

The advantages you can get from two wattmeter methods are –

  • You can balance both balanced and unbalanced loads
  • It is optional for you to connect the neutral point in star connected load
  • If you have a delta, you don’t have to open the connected load connections
  • You can measure three-phase power using two wattmeters

What is the two wattmeter method?

In two wattmeter methods, they use two voltage measurements that reference the same phase or line. And two currents flow into that phase with an assumption of three-phase system balance. It is the summation of all voltages, i.e. O V and the summation of all currents are O A

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you got your best watt meter from the given reviews. Till now, customers have been giving so praiseworthy comments that make the product flawless. But going on a high-pitched note, YoungRC and Actmei are merging in a high state at the market. So on which product your eyes go, you can take these two brands as you catch a shot.

Nonetheless, what matters ultimately is your convenience and requirements. If you can’t find enough satisfaction, there’s no point in being a high-end product. So choose your special watt meter wisely and make sure that it doesn’t lack behind in your expectations.

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