Difference Between Carpet Extractors And Carpet Cleaners

Anybody who is interested in maintaining their carpet for as long as possible knows the difference between carpet extractors and carpet cleaners.

While both of these are very useful when it comes to maintaining a carpet for as long as possible, there is a world of difference between the two.

Carpet extractors and carpet cleaners play different roles in maintaining a carpet, and knowing when to use what is also very useful.

While both machines are designed to improve the aesthetics of carpets by clearing out stains and removing particles, they are each optimal in different situations.

Some situations call for a carpet cleaner, and some situations call for a carpet extractor. Knowing which of these to use in what situation is much better than using a carpet extractor for everything or using a carpet cleaner for everything.

The issue here is that it is easy to confuse a carpet cleaner for a carpet extractor, and thus it is necessary to explore the differences between these two machines. Some carpet cleaners actually resemble carpet extractors and vice versa. This is what makes it easy to confuse the two.

If you care about how your carpet looks as well as its long term sustainability, you’ll want to know the difference between carpet extractors and carpet cleaners. You’ll also want to know which situation is ideal for each machine.

What is a carpet cleaner and what does it do?

The term “carpet cleaner” is actually pretty common. Ask anybody what a carpet cleaner is and you’ll get a pretty accurate description.

Anybody who has cleaned a carpet in a home or any kind of establishment probably knows what a carpet cleaner is and what it can do, or at least they have an idea of what it can do.

To be specific, a carpet cleaner can do two things for a carpet: Clean them with solution and the heating technology within its brushes, or vacuum the carpet and then dry clean it.

Carpet cleaners vary in terms of power as well as their processes of how they clean. Some of them are suitable for small carpet stains and spots, and some are suitable for deep and tough carpet stains and spots.

In most cases, carpet cleaners will clean the surface of a carpet and nothing else. They have their place in carpet maintenance, but for carpets that need to be cleaned much deeper, a different kind of machine is required.

What is a carpet extractor and what does it do?

Carpet cleaners are very useful in their own right when it comes to cleaning the surface of a carpet very quickly.

If you struggle with small carpet stains and other forms of dirt that can easily be removed, you’ll get a lot out of a carpet cleaner.

But sometimes, a carpet cleaner is not enough to remove tough stains or even the buildup of certain substances and other forms of dirt where the inner layers of the carpet can be affected.

This is where a carpet extractor comes in.

True to their name, carpet extractors go one step above most carpet cleaners. While a lot of carpet cleaners will extract dirt and other substances or particles from a carpet, carpet extractors spray cleaner and solution to where they reach the inner part of the carpet.

While something like a carpet extractor will remove the toughest stains and dirt particles that can seriously affect carpets, it takes a very, very long time for them to do this.

Now that you know what carpet cleaners and what carpet extractors do, here are a few examples of situations where they would be the most ideal.

Suitable situations for carpet extractors and carpet cleaners

The main difference between carpet cleaners and carpet extractors ultimately has to do with how efficiently they clean any given carpet.

Both machines will clean a carpet, that much has been established.The only question is how long they take and how efficient they are.

If you are cleaning a carpet that does not see a lot of stains, traffic, or dirt, you’ll want to probably go for a carpet cleaner. They will save you a lot of time to do something that you should not really spend a lot of time on.You do not need a massive carpet extractor for the occasional carpet stain caused by something that spilled or some dirt that has been tracked into the carpet. For these situations, a carpet cleaner will do just fine.

A carpet cleaner will also do just fine for pet stains as well. Pet stains can be intimidating and can cause one to reach for a carpet extractor. This is very rarely necessary, as the right carpet cleaner with the right kind of power settings can easily take care of most pet stains.

So why even turn to carpet extractors at all if carpet cleaners can accomplish practically any kind of carpet cleaning that needs to be done?

Carpet cleaners can only do so much when it comes to dirt and stains that have remained on a carpet for so long that they have worked their way into the carpet, affecting the inner portions of it.If you have been ignoring cleaning your carpet for a significant amount of time, you’ll want to use a carpet extractor. The extractor will remove anything that has been building up in your carpet permanently, which is something that a carpet cleaner just cannot do.

Carpet extractors are also useful if you want to clean your carpet only once every so often. While carpet cleaners promise shorter cleaning sessions, it is carpet extractors that will ensure that your carpet is maintained for very long periods of time.

Choosing the right machine for maintaining your carpet does not need to be a difficult task. If you understand the difference between a carpet extractor and a carpet cleaner, you’ll have a very easy time maintaining your carpet.

Do not forget that there exist short term methods of maintaining carpets and long term methods of maintaining carpets. Carpet cleaners are optimized for the former. Carpet extractors are designed for the latter.

Another thing that you need to remember is that carpet extractors are ideal for carpets that have not been cleaned in a very long time. Carpet cleaners are designed for carpets that are either regularly cleaned or are do not need to be cleaned very often.

The difference between a carpet cleaner and a carpet extractor hangs on whether you want to take your time cleaning your carpet or not. Now that you know the specific differences, you should know exactly which one you need for your carpet.

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