30 Best Sites to Download Free Icons

The search for icons for our websites has increased considerably in recent years, and we want the design of our page to be very visual and to attract attention. Obviously, this is achieved with high resolution images (perhaps you may be interested in our post of 15 free image banks in HD ), but we will also need to download free quality icons that help to immediately recognize an idea or message that we want to highlight.

Today, as in almost everything, there is a great offer of icon pages. The problem is that most are websites that offer poor quality content; For this reason, I have decided to make this compilation of the 10 best pages to download free icons. In this selection you will find websites that offer free icons of different sizes, colors or textures, as well as different icon formats, such as: SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS, ICO, ISO, etc.

Best pages to download free icons

#1 Iconfinder


It is one of the most popular pages to find and download icons. It has more than 3,200,000 icons distributed in an infinity of packages. This platform offers both free and paid icons; Also, if you are interested in premium packs, you have a monthly subscription. Its search engine allows you to filter the price, the type of license and the size in pixels.

#2 Flaticon


Another of the best known websites, due to the great variety and quality of its icons. It is a site created by Freepik and has 34,426 icon packs available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats.

#3 Icons8


On this page you can download minimalist icons with a very careful design. It is one of the most recent pages to download free icons.

#4 IconArchive


This site has more than 735,802 icons and 2,458 packs distributed in categories. In addition, we can search by color, size or background color. The icons are available in various formats, such as PNG, ICO, and ICNS.

#5 Icon-icons


Here we can find icon packs for pc, for a web page or for your social networks among its more than 100,000 professional-looking icons.

#6 DryIcons


DryIcons has a list of about 6,700 icons with which to enrich your projects in PNG, SVG or PSD formats, among others.

#7 FindIcons


FindIcons is available in several languages, including Spanish, and has an icon library of more than 475,000 icons. Its search engine is very useful and allows you to search for icons by color, size, keyword, background, etc.

#8 Iconmonstr


This bank of icons contains more than 4,432 icons and 307 collections to download in different formats, such as SVG, PNG, IA or PSD.

#9 777 Icons

download_iconos_gratis_777 Icons

777 Icons lets you choose from over 38,746 icons or 1,196 free icon packs. You can download them in various sizes and in different formats.

#10 Mr. Icons

download_iconos_gratis_Mr. Icons

This site has more than 100,000 icons, with the possibility of choosing between various sizes and saving the icons in PNG, ICO, GIF, ICNS or JPEG

#11 Pixel Icons

Some really polished icons that come in 3 different versions: color, lines and solid. The collection includes a total of 300 icons in each version, although in this case it must be clarified that in order to download them it is necessary to subscribe to the Pixel Icons newsletter (which of course is completely free, it would be more). | Download Pixel Icons

#12 Eva Icons

Eva Icons is a pack with more than 480 Open Source icons for actions and common elements. Compatible with Eva Design System , you can download these icons for free for your digital web products, iOS and Android. | Download Eva Icons

#13 Gradient Freebie Icons

Gradient Pack with 100 flat vector icons. They make great use of gradient colors in shades of orange and blue to create beautiful effects that add a modern touch to our design. | Download Gradient Freebie Icons

#14 Feather

Set of 282 free Open Source icons of minimalist cut. Each icon is designed on a 24 × 24 grid with an emphasis on simplicity, consistency, and usability. Created by Cole Bemis. | Download Feather Icons

#15 Hand drawn doodle icons

Free icon pack with hand drawn drawings, as if they were small doodles or squiggles. A good collection of icons if we need something that is a little more casual and fun. | Download Hand drawn doodle icons

#16 Adrien Coquet Icon Pack

Adrien Coquet’s profile on the Nouns Project website includes a lot of icons with Creative Commons license that we can download for free by logging in with Facebook or creating an account. If you are looking for an icon that serves to express an abstract idea, you should definitely visit this collection. | Download Adrien Coquet icons

#17 Drip Icons V2

Version 2 of Drip Icons comes with 200 free icons to download, simple and minimalist, with popular categories such as arrows, computers, mobiles, bells, pins, battery, light bulbs and many other classic symbols in blue. Designed by Amit Jakhu. | Download Drip Icons V2

#18 FlatFlow Icons

Pack of 15 icons that is great to represent user avatars for a product. Available in SVG and Sketch formats, designed by Anna Litviniuk. | Download FlatFlow Icons

#19 Facebook Emoji Freebie

The classic Facebook emojis in vector format (Sketch, SVG) designed by Tobia Crivellari. The pack includes a total of 7 icons. | Download Facebook Emoji Freebie

#20 Bikini 60s

The two-tone effect adds a special depth to these icons. An interesting alternative if we are thinking of creating a toolbar or control panel that is visually attractive. 60 vector icons available in PSD, SVG and AI formats. Designed by Sebastiano Guerriero. | Download Bikini 60s

#21 D-point

D-pointdpoint.jpg is a site for Apple users where they can find various collections of related icons. Collections include series for the MAC OS X operating system and the entire family of models from iMac, MacBook Pro, MacPro and MacMini, up to iPod.

There are also two themes: Keynote MWSF and Apple boot, in the best minimalist style. All are zipped and their weight does not exceed 500 KB, so the download is fast.

#22 Yukei

In Yukei you will yukey.jpgfind icons for your blog, from XML syndication indicators to RSS , or icons for quick reading of posts .

Although the design is not as minimalist as those of Mac, which to my taste have an exquisite aesthetic, they are valid to stand out and facilitate the movement of users in a blog, yes. Also on the web you have a link to an online icon creation tool.

#23 Icon Factory

icofactory.jpgIcon Factory is a website dedicated exclusively to the design of iconography for desktop computers, websites and blogs. Here you can find everything that your imagination can fable in terms of icons.

The collections are classified into: Basic for desktop, Database, specialized in databases, Multimedia for websites, blogs and Finance, for financial applications.

In turn, we can find icons in each category according to the aesthetic style that we want: Flexible, Traditional, for Windows , Mac and Linux; Sophisticated and Simple, one-bit stylized design for fast communication.

Unfortunately many of this series of icons have royalties and a cost, which depends on the taste of each one, the price varies, but the truth is that acquiring them is worth it because their design is successful.

There is also a huge collection of freeware desktops, where you can get Japanese anime characters or your favorite cartoons.

#24 From Guate

desdeguate.jpgAt DesdeGuate , its creator went to the trouble of recommending some cool icon and theme sites for your WordPress blog .

The recommended series of icons is to display your blog with the best online services, such as Flickr, Youtube, FeedBurner, Del.icio.us and Technorati. There are two resolutions to choose from and download them directly from the author’s website.

#25 Websiteicons

The Websiteicons site website icons.jpgis dedicated to icon design, but best of all, these clever collections are freeware.

There is everything for desktop, websites and blogs. The best designs for me are the Butterfly Folders, MiniBrushed and Garter-belts collections. They are all in .png format and the download is fast because they are in compressed folders.

#26 Iconaholic

Iconaholic iconaholic.jpgwas created by an icon addict in which we can find a series of icons with different themes.

But beware that its creator has a warning, the icons are freeware for personal use on the desktop of the computer, if you want to use them for your website or personal blog you must first notify the author, by the email that appears there.

There are icons for Windows, Mac, and Pixadex iContainer. Among the most beautiful series for my taste are the BitTorrent series, the CDR Software series and the XP folders. There are also nationalist wallpapers and themes to download.

#27 Vistaicons

vistaicons.jpgIt’s a collection of more than 2000 free Vista icons in .png and .ico formats. With the icons you can graph programs, objects, actions and concepts to easily navigate your computer or a website.

They have a maximum size of 256 × 256 pixels, usable for high DPI displays. As its name says, the icons have the graphical appearance of the Windows Vista system in 3D, built in glass. They can be used in all types of applications: multimedia, accounting, email.

#28 Zyotism

zyotism.jpgIt is a website more dedicated to icon design . Here you can find collections for everything: Windows, Mac, Linux and Pixadex, embodied in four collections.

The stars of the iconography on this website are two for me: the Ngā Tāonga or Aotearoa collection, which are five icons of New Zealand culture on your desktop; or the 16-icon version of 2001’s A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick’s famous movie, and that every good fan must have.

#29 FamFamFam

famfam.jpgIt is a laboratory where you can find three collections with more than 700 basic icons and freeware to spice up your website or blog.

The first collection is Silk, where we have icons that can be used for any objective: shortening routes, speed reading, index of folders, shopping or audio.

The second collection is Flags, where you can find the flag of your country to communicate your nationality or that of the products and collaborators on your website.

In the third, which is Mini, you have 140 pixelated icons to use on the desktop or web, in gif format. Although these icons are not characterized by their elaborate design like the others, they are an economical and functional proposal.

#30 Publispain

publispain.jpgIt is a website dedicated to leisure and entertainment , but it also has a considerable collection of basic icons to be used as gif images in work that one has to present.

Along with many of the other recommended websites, the design of these icons is very rudimentary but I consider it a valid option for those who are just starting out in the world of iconography.