heavy duty floor scraper

10 Best Floor Scrapers

Floor scrapers are great tools for removing residuals on the floors and other surfaces. The floor lifters come with sharp edges for easy and effortless removal of adhesives from the surface. They feature longer handles to allow you to work on the walls and other areas such as windows. The scrapers should be constructed from …

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best vacuum cleaner for home

Best Vacuum For Furniture

Although it is easy to find vacuums for floors and even upholstery, it can be very difficult to find a vacuum that specializes in cleaning furniture. Even though nobody knows your home but you, you are probably not aware of the dozens of kinds of furniture that your home contains and how much they are …

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upholstery vacuum cleaner

Best Vacuum For Upholstery

There is one thing that most common vacuums cannot even touch unless you are using some sort of side tool. That one thing is upholstery. Whether it is stairs, furniture, or other areas that common vacuums cannot reach, it can be very challenging to find a vacuum that performs well on upholstery. It can be …

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